Author: just-slummin

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters.

Rating: PG13

Summary: Just a tiny piece of Mal/River fluff to start the week on a happy note.


Malcolm Reynolds admitted to himself that he was an addict. Sure as he was born, River Tam Reynolds was a powerful drug he needed with startling regularity. He had always assumed that as time went by, familiarity with his wife would at some point naturally cause his interest to wane, but somehow his appetite for her was only increasing as time went on. He did not really understand how such a thing could be so, but he was nevertheless delighted with the results.

Right now, she lay writhing under him, eyes closed and lips slightly parted as she arched upward in ecstasy. Mal felt his own climax building low in his belly, and he quickened the pace and deepened his thrusts, sending them both spiraling over the edge. He covered her mouth was his own, swallowing her cry of release. Holding her as she rode out the waves of pleasure rolling through her body, Mal drank in the intimacy she offered, both with her body and her mind. In these most private of their moments, he could close his eyes and feel her mind penetrating his own, her thoughts open and vulnerable to him as his were to her. He recognized it for the gift it was, knowing that, while she could read his thoughts any time she wished, she was offering him a precious opportunity to do the same. Not sure exactly how such a thing was even possible, he was nonetheless thoroughly consumed by it.

He could see the love she felt for him permeating her mind, shining like the blinding light of a thousand suns. And she did not hide from him the dark areas, touched with tones of blue like the gloves of her former tormentors. He saw the soft glow of Sam like lamplight tinged with tones of sepia, and her love for Adam, full of the reds, yellows, and oranges of a bonfire. And through all the other thoughts and emotions she offered up to him, he saw the fierceness of her feelings finely honed like the flash of silver on the edge of her blades.

He wondered dimly what she saw when she looked as deeply into his soul, and was convinced that it could never be as brightly beautiful as what she gave him. Opening his eyes as he gently pulled his spent length from the warmth of her body, he looked down to see her huge brown eyes shining in the dim light of their bunk. "You are more beautiful than you can imagine, ai ren," she whispered softly, touching his brow in a benediction. "Much more."