Here's chapter 3, enjoy!

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Chapter 3

When Brandy first noticed the strange rabbit walk through the door, her first thought was that it was very odd that another rabbit was in the Amazon. But then again, there were other dogs in the Amazon at one time or other, and there had been at least one other rabbit, so maybe Whiskers' and her species weren't as rare in the jungle as she'd thought. Her second thought was on just how much of a hunk that rabbit was. She had no idea rabbits could even be that good looking. But then again, her only real example of a rabbit had been Mr. Whiskers so far.

She stared at the rabbit, as did nearly everyone else in the Purple Pit, for a few moments, but she decided to turn her attention away along with the others. She soon found other things to occupy her time, when she met a couple of cute elk boys and began chatting with them. They had all sat at a table together, and she was beginning to enjoy herself, when out of the corner of her eye she noticed the Rabbit stroll up to her and smile.

"Hey, Baby," he said, in a voice just a little too silky smooth for Brandy. Something about him seemed… off. "What say you ditch these guys and grace me with the honor of a dance?"

"Hey buddy," the first elk protested, "she's with us."

"Yeah, so buzz off!" the second added.

The rabbit just grinned and shook his head. "Excuse me a sec, will ya, Sweetie?" he asked Brandy, and helped her out of her seat. He then sat down and looked the elks right in the eye. "Now look, fellas," he said calmly, "How's about you just cool your jets, huh? Wouldn't want me to talk to my close, personal friend Gaspar LeGecko and have him ban you from his upcoming birthday bash, would ya? Or better yet, you wouldn't wanna get thrown down a waterfall, cause trust me when I say it ain't fun. So cool it, and if you're nice boys maybe later I'll let you both have a gumball." Both elks were rendered speechless for a moment, and the rabbit stood up and offered his arm to Brandy. "Shall we?"

It was against Brandy's better judgment—she still thought there was something fishy about this rabbit, and the fact he seemed to be a huge jerk didn't help matters. But, oddly enough, she found herself taking his arm and walking onto the dance floor with him. He took her left paw in his right, and put his other arm around her waist. He held their hands close to his chest, and they began to dance to the slow tune. All the while, Brandy looked into his eyes, wondering just what it was about them she was so fascinated by.

"I know what you're thinking," he said.

"Oh, do you?" Brandy replied flatly.

"Yeah. You're thinking 'where has he been all my life?'"

Brandy scoffed, but grinned nonetheless. "Not exactly."

"And," the rabbit continued, "you're thinking about how glad you are I got rid of those goons for ya." Brandy rolled her eyes in annoyance. True, those elks weren't the greatest conversationalists, but still… "You know, normally I would have just trashed guys like that, but I didn't wanna muss myself up and make you dance with a slob, you know?"

"Oh, so… you restrained yourself for little old me?"

"I knew you'd appreciate it. I'm always doing nice things like that."

"I see. Is that really the case or is this line 27-A for picking up girls?"

The rabbit shook his head and sighed, as if hurt. "Aw, now you see? You went and done it. For one of the rare times in my life when I dig down into the soul, you doubt my veracity. Well, that hurts."

"Well, it's not your veracity that I doubt." The two paused a moment, and the rabbit stared intently at Brandy, looking into her eyes as though he could see right through her. And, though she hated to admit it, Brandy found herself gazing back into his eyes. She finally turned away, and noticed the other dancers begin to move back to their seats. "The music stopped," she noted.

"Yeah, I heard," the rabbit replied, and took her by the hand and led her to the stage where the live band was performing. The rabbit shooed away the lemur playing the piano, telling him to take a break, and took a seat on the bench. He motioned for Brandy to sit down close by. "No, no," he said, as he flexed his arms, "this'll never do. The mood's all wrong. Hey, innkeeper! Got any sexy lights?" The lights were dimmed, and a spotlight was shown on the rabbit. He nodded in satisfaction and began to play "That Old Black Magic."

He is pretty good, Brandy admitted to herself as she listened to the music. She noticed she wasn't the only one to think so, as a crowd began to gathered to hear the rabbit play. He stroked the keys like a master musician, and everyone was amazed with how skillfully he played, while the other musicians decided to join in. But they were even more impressed when he began to sing.

"That old black magic has me in its spell, that old black magic that yo-ou weave so well. Those ic-y fingers up and down my spine, the same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine…"

Brandy found herself staring again, and couldn't help but think just how different this rabbit was from Mr. Whiskers. She bet he couldn't play any musical instrument, or sing this good. But then again… she didn't know if he couldn't, either.

"…Baby, down and down and down I go, round, and round and round I go, in a spin… lovin' this spin that I'm in. Under that old black magic called, old black magic called, old black magic called… love… love. Love…"

The music ended, and Brandy realized nearly everyone in the club had gathered to hear the rabbit when they all began to clap.

"Alright," the rabbit called, "that's enough! Back, back! You're all very nice kids, and you've got great taste. If you're very good little boys and girls maybe tomorrow I'll come back and grace you with a little more of this rare talent. Now go on, shoo, shoo!" Everyone grumbled and walked away. "Nice kids," the rabbit repeated, "they've got good ears for music."

"Oh, I'm so glad," Brandy commented sarcastically. "It would be such a shame to waste your talent on common riffraff."

"Well, honey, I always say if you're good and you know it, why beat around the bush? Am I right?"

Brandy just rolled her eyes. "And I always say that to love yourself is the beginning of a life-long romance. Believe me, I Know. And after watching you, I know that you and you will be very happy together." Brandy got up to leave, but the rabbit held her arm and prevented her.

"Just a minute," he said, "I don't remember dismissing you."

Brandy turned and glared down at the rabbit. "Why you rude, discourteous egomaniac!"

The rabbit just grinned in a cocky way. "You're crazy about me, I can tell. And I can understand it. Only this morning I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw so much I couldn't tear myself away." He kissed his own hand and held it up to Brandy. "Have some, Baby?"

Brandy rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. "If I were your baby I'd hang myself from a tree."

"Aw, Brandy, that's not a nice thing to say."

Brandy was about to reply when she blinked in surprise and narrowed her eyes at the rabbit. "How did you know my name?"

The rabbit paused a moment. "Oh, well… we were introduced," he finally managed to stammer.

"No, we weren't. If we were introduced I would have remembered your name. Now, would you mind telling me what it is?"

"Oh, yeah, it's…" The rabbit tried to think of a name, when a manatee crawled past.

"Hey buddy," she said, "you really sang up a storm!"

"Yeah, thanks," the rabbit replied and waved as the manatee crawled away. "There, you see," he said to Brandy, "everybody knows Buddy."

"Buddy?" Brandy asked. "Well, is that it or do you find it difficult remembering two of them?"

"Hey, that's cute! No I don't find it difficult remembering two of them. It's Buddy… Buddy…" he became stuck again, till he heard a song on the speakers repeat the word love. "Love, that's it. Buddy Love."

"Buddy Love?"

The rabbit nodded. "Of the Las Angeles Loves." Brandy raised an eyebrow at the way he introduced himself in an almost identical manner as she did, but he just grinned.

"So, if you're from Las Angeles, what are you doing in the Amazon?"

"Oh, well you know, one minute I was on a flight headed to the zoo—I mean, my family's private resort, when suddenly something goes wrong and I'm dumped out here in the jungle. Crazy, huh?"

"Yeah, kind of, considering that's exactly what happened to me."

"Well, what a coincidence, then."

Brandy was about to say it was too much of a coincidence, but then she remembered Sandy and Mr. Frisky. Now that was a big coincidence. Not to mention the fact that Wolfie, too had fallen from a plane and became stranded in the jungle. And now that she thought of it, that other dog Tiffany had gone through the same thing. Brandy was beginning to think flying wasn't the safest way to travel, after all.

"Know what?" Buddy asked, and stood up. "It's starting to get a little dull around here. Care to join me for a little moonlight stroll?"

Brandy wanted to say no—knew she had every reason to say no—but oddly enough found herself pausing. Then, though she had no idea why, responded, "Sure, I guess. A short walk won't hurt."

"Great. Then let's go." Buddy took her by the paw and led her out of the Purple Pit.

"Hey Brandy," Lola called as they walked past, but Brandy had no time to respond before she and Buddy walked out the door. Lola watched them go with a puzzled look on her face, wondering just who that rabbit was and why Brandy would go with him.