Me: 'Ello peoples of Fruits Basket! My name's ElementalGuardianProtector and I shall be the host of this new story!

Tohru: Does that also make you the authoress?

Me: Yep.

Kyo: (groans) Why are we here?

Yuki: Stupid cat, we're here because we're the main characters!

Kyo: Don't call me stupid, ya damn rat!

Yuki: Then stop acting stupid.

Me: (sighs and hugs Kyo, transforming him into a cat)

Kyo: (hissed) Why'd you do that?! And why didn't you hug Yuki too?

Me: Don't fight with Yuki. You'll get your butt kick again.

Yuki: This "ElementalGuardianProtector" girl now knows our secret. We must erase her memory at once.

Me: Silly! You can't erase my memory! This is MY world! (Towers Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru while they shrink) You do as I say when I say.

Kyo: You must be damned to think I'll listen to a stupid little girl.

Me: (growls and stomps on Kyo's tail)


Me: Now, what were you saying about not listening?

Kyo: I said I ain't listenin' to a girl!

Yuki/Tohru: (sweat drop) Oh brother…

Kyo: (transforms back into his human form)


Kyo: Ah, shaddup. (Quickly pulled clothes on)

Yuki: (sighs) We've gotta work on the no clothes issue.

Me: No kiddin'.

Tohru: ElementalGuardianProtector owns nothing.

Chapter One

"Wakey – wakey everyone!" Tohru Honda began to shake Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure Sohma violently. "It's time to wake up!"

The three boys were sleeping on the living room floor, due to the ridiculous contest they participated in last night…

"Wake up? For what?" Kyo groaned crankily. He obviously wasn't ready to wake up yet. "Today's Saturday Tohru, which means no school, and no school means kick back and relax." Kyo sat up and scratched his short orange hair.

"And why are we on the living room floor?"

"You, Yuki-kun, and Shigure-san were having a contest to see who could stay up the longest and last night, before the three of you started your contest, I came in here with pillows and blankets just in case you'd need them. Remember?" Tohru asked the neko

Kyo woke up immediately. "Oh yeah! We were competing to see who would stay up the longest! And I won! I went to sleep 6:36 in the morning!" Kyo exclaimed.

"Ha-ha girly-boy, I beat you! Ya damn rat!" Kyo taunted the nezumi. "No you didn't, you stupid cat. I went to sleep 10 minutes ago." Yuki retorted.

"Tohru, what time is it?" Shigure asked. "8:46 in the morning." Tohru answered. "WHAT??" Kyo anime fell.

"How? How could that damn Yuki beat me? How? Grrrrr…NOT AGAIN!" Kyo thought, angry that he had never once beat Yuki.

"Wow Kyo, Yuki beat you by 2 whole entire hours!" Shigure teased Kyo. "Shut up you bastard." Kyo growled.

"Awww, someone's crawkie!" Shigure began to baby talk Kyo, humiliation Kyo even more.

"No I'm not Shigure!" Kyo insisted, clearly lying."Awww, are you upset that you lost to Yuki? Again?" Shigure continued taunting Kyo.

"I SAID SHUT UP DAMMIT!" Kyo jumped up and yelled at Shigure. "I didn't lose to that damn Yuki! I can beat him! And I'm not mad or upset!"

"Then why are you yelling Kyo?" Yuki inquired, finally fully awake. "Listen here you little rat, you and your girly looks are pissing me off." Kyo tried to calm down.

He didn't want to do anything too rash or stupid while Tohru was watching him. He could never forgive himself if his temper caused her to get hurt again.

"The sound of your voice aggravates me." Yuki snorted."What did you just say?!" Kyo demanded, his cat ears popping out of his head.

"You heard me, stupid cat. Or are those stupid cat ears of yours not working correctly?" Yuki retorted.

"Damned rat! Don't call me stupid!" Kyo hissed. "Then stop acting stupid." Yuki said bluntly.

"I'm not acting stupid!"

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not!"

"NO. I'M. NOT!


Tohru sweat dropped as she watched the two boys argue. "Oh great. They're at it again. Why do they always have to argue? Why can't they just get along? Why won't they even try to get along? " Tohru wondered.

"I know that they can do anything if they try and put their minds to it. Just because Kyo-kun's a cat and Yuki'-kun's a mouse doesn't mean they can't be friends."

"Oh, I hope that one day they can put aside their differences and get along."

"You wanna fight? I'll give you a fight Yuki!" Kyo got in a fighting stance. "Just try me." Yuki stood up.

"But I can see now that that's not gonna happen for a VERY, VERY LONG time." Tohru sighed to herself.

"Um, Yuki-kun, Kyo-kun, do you guys want to eat the breakfast I made for you guys earlier? Before it gets cold?" Tohru asked.

"Why yes Honda-san, I would very much like to eat some of the delicious food you made for us." Yuki turned all of his attention to Tohru and sat down.

Kyo scoffed and sat down as well, grumbling under his breath. "I wouldn't call it delicious. I mean, I'm not that great of a cook." Tohru insisted.

"Don't be so modest Tohru!" Shigure laughed. "You're the best cook that I've ever eaten food from!"

"Why thanks Shigure. I'm so glad you think that about my cooking. I'll go get breakfast now." Tohru disappeared into the kitchen.

"I still can't believe Tohru woke us up so early on a Saturday." Kyo grumbled. "We always wake up this early, stupid. If you can't handle losing sleep without complaining, then next time, don't go to sleep so late." Yuki remarked towards Kyo's griping.

Before Kyo could even open his mouth to make a snappy comeback, Tohru returned with trays and bowls of food.

"I'm back with the food!" Tohru announced, giving Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure their breakfast.

"I'll go get the juices!" Tohru disappeared again into the kitchen. "Wow, this food looks so delicious!" Shigure's mouth began to water."I don't know where to start!"

"Yes, I agree. Honda-san's cooking looks very delectable." Yuki agreed with Shigure. "Man, would Tohru hurry up and get back here? I'm starving!" Kyo griped.

"Be quiet. You should be happy Honda-san even made breakfast for us, you ungrateful cat!" Yuki snapped.

"And you should be grateful Tohru's here, otherwise I would've really beat you to a pump by now!" Kyo hissed.

"Likewise." Yuki replied, throwing himself and Kyo into a glaring contest. "Sorry I took so long, I – " Tohru stopped when Shigure held a finger up to his lips and shushed her.

"Shhhh! Kyo and Yuki are having a staring contest, and I wanna see who's gonna win!" Shigure explained to Tohru.

Tohru sighed and sweat dropped. "Mostly likely, Yuki-kun's gonna win. Kyo-kun never beats Yuki in anything. Anything except anger management, arrogance, and stubbornness." Tohru thought.


"See? What did I tell you?" Tohru thought to herself. "Hi guys, I'm back with the drinks!" Tohru handed out the drinks.

"I got everyone's favorites too! Cranberry juice for Yuki, Orange juice for Kyo, and Apple juice for Shigure."

"Arigatou, Honda-san." Yuki thanked Tohru. "Your welcome, Prince Yuki." Tohru smiled, causing Yuki to blushed.

"Didja get any milk?" Kyo asked, his orange cat ears popping out of his head again. If his tail had popped out, it probably would've been wagging eagerly.

"Yes Kyon-Kyon, I know how much you like milk, so I got you a glass of nice warm milk." Tohru handed Kyo the glass.

"Don't call me Kyon-Kyon!" Kyo snatched the glass from Tohru. "Gomen ne Kyo-kun, but you look so much like an adorable little kitten right now! And the way your ears are slightly dropping is just so cute!" Tohru giggled.

"I do not look like a kitten!" Kyo growled, slightly blushing.


"Nuh-uh ."





"Uh-huh Kyon-Kyon! You look just like an orange kitten with those ears and whiskers!"


"Honda-san, aren't you going to eat anything?" Yuki asked Tohru, interrupting her and Kyo's ridiculous argument.

(Probably out of jealousy lol)

"Oh no Yuki-kun, I can't! There was only enough to make breakfast for you, Kyo-kun, and Shigure-san, so I decided to make breakfast for you guys and skip out on it." Tohru explained.

"Oh no…I feel so guilty…Tohru-kun put her heart into making this delicious meal, and while we eat it in front of her face and become filled, she eats nothing and starves! How tragic…" Shigure said dramatically.

"I don't feel guilty." Kyo said while wolfing down his breakfast. "Of course you don't, you greedy, selfish, and inconsiderate cat." Yuki thought.

"Honda-san, we cannot accept this." Yuki began. "If there is not enough for you to eat, then there isn't enough for any of us to eat."

"Slow your roll there Yuki. This food smells so good and looks so yummy, it would be a shame if it had to go to waste.." Shigure tried to trick Yuki into letting them eat their food.

Shigure did feel sorry for Tohru, but he also felt sorry for his grumbling stomach! (So which one do you think he's gonna choose?! I know which one I'd choose!)

"Yeah Yuki, and besides, she made it especially for us, so don't you think we should eat it?" Kyo said while gobbling his food.

"You're already eating it." Yuki said in an irritated manner. "Yuki-kun, please, don't worry about me, I'll be fine. I'm not even hungry!" Tohru insisted.

Suddenly, everyone was silenced and stopped what they were doing when they heard a very loud grumbling noise – coming from Tohru's stomach.

Tohru groaned and sweat dropped, embarrassed that he stomach had grumbled so loudly. Yuki raised an eyebrow. "As you were saying?"

"Oh please Yuki-kun, please, eat breakfast and forget about me. I can't afford to eat anyway. I have so much studying to do for next week's tests, and I have so much cleaning to do, and I have to go to work early today to try and fit in some extra hours." Tohru began to beg Yuki to let her skip.

"Please Yuki-kun? I promise I'll eat when I finish! And I'll do extra chores too!" "No Honda-san, that is not necessary." Yuki replied. "Just make sure you eat something today."

"Oh, thank you Yuki-kun! You wont regret this, I promise!" Tohru hugged Yuki around his neck.


"Ooops. I'm so sorry. I..I wasn't thinking. Please forgive me." Tohru apologized. "It's okay. Just promise me you'll eat something soon." Yuki accepted Tohru's apology.

"Um, I'll carry you and your clothes to your room. So you can, you know, get dressed in privacy." Tohru picked up the nezumi and carried him to his room.

"Yuki hasn't eaten his food yet…" Shigure looked at Kyo. "What should we do with it?" "Well…Yuki's gone…And the coast is clear…" Kyo trailed off.

Within a fraction of a second, Shigure and Kyo began to gobble down Yuki's breakfast.

5 minutes later

"Ahhhh…That was soooo good…" Kyo used his toothpick, hiccupping. "It was so delicious…" Shigure stretched.

"Hey, I'm back – " Yuki stopped when he saw his empty tray and full "friends" (And I use quotation marks for friends, cause Kyo's not Yuki's friend in the least. Not even close.)

"Kyo…Shigure…Did you eat my breakfast?" Yuki began, his head pulsing with anger. "…Maybe." Shigure answered. "What's it to ya if we did?" Kyo sneered.

A purple flame surrounded Yuki. "What's it to me?" Yuki gritted his teeth, trying to calm down.

"N-Nothing. I wasn't hun-gry, Oh n-o, n-not in the least." Yuki said the best he could through his gritted teeth.

"Really?" Shigure asked. Yuki took a deep breath and smiled. "Really. It doesn't matter. Honda-san didn't eat anything and she's not complaining, so I guess I can do the same too."

"Something's up. I wonder if something happened while he was upstairs with Tohru…Yeah…I mean, why else would Yuki be so cool about this and not beat Kyo to a pump?" Shigure thought. "And me along with him…"

"I'm off Yuki-kun! Bye Kyo-kun, Shigure-san! I'll be back during my third shift hours!" Tohru ran out of the Sohma's house with her backpack.

"Hey, doesn't she have chores? And what about lunch? And dinner?" Shigure asked. "Well, since you and Kyo devoured my breakfast, I guess that was your lunch, and dinner? Well, I guess we could order out." Yuki told Shigure.

"…You had this planned from the very beginning!" Shigure gasped. "No wonder you didn't beat Kyo and me to a pump!"

"Exactly. I thought that if I didn't hit you and let you starve instead, it would be a most enjoyable punishment. For me to watch, that is." Yuki replied with a grin.

"You dirty bastard." Kyo growled. "Oh, and you can starve to death for all I care, but I'm not letting you eat anything until dinner." Yuki chained the cabinets and refrigerator up and used a big ole lock to keep the inu and the neko out of them.

"This is such…A cruel…cruel…punishment…" Shigure said dramatically, pretending to faint . "Yes, and that's why I'm giving it to you." Yuki responded bluntly with a smile.

"Save the drama for your stupid little books Shigure." Kyo muttered.

Change in POV

"I can't believe it's 9:45 already!" Tohru thought. "Boy, time sure does fly!"

Tohru was running to the library. She figured the library would be the best place to study.

So that she would have some peace and silence.

And, she could check out books that she needed to help her study.

"I'm gonna study my hardest and give everything I got into acing those tests next week!" Tohru thought.

"I have to. For…Mom…" Tohru looked at the picture of her mother, Kyoko Honda, in her hands.

"Then after I study, I'll so to the store and buy some more food for tomorrow's dinner, since Yuki-kun said he'll take care of dinner."

"And then, I'll work over time at my job. And I'll work really, really hard, So that I can get an advance in my paycheck this month."

"And when I get home…I be worn out, but I'll still have to do the cleaning…Oh well." Tohru walked into the library.

Tohru sat down at a table, pulled out her notebooks, papers, pencils, and books from her book bag, and put her book bag behind the chair.

"Let's just hope time flies just as fast for this studying thing as it did this morning." Tohru thought with a sigh, but began to study hard.

Me: Ta-da! End of chapter one!

Tohru: But the mysterious girl didn't coming in.

Me: Oh come now, did you actually think I was gonna bring her in right away? I have to give the readers so reason to want to read the next chapter!

Kyo: (sneers) Should've know you wouldn't get down to the point.

Me: Do you have a problem Kyo? Just because you and Yuki are cute doesn't mean I won't transform you and stomp on your tail again.

Kyo: …

Me: Yeah, that what I thought.

Yuki: So. The idiotic cat is smart enough to know when to close his mouth. Impressive. Maybe Kyo's not as stupid as I thought he was.


Me: (sigh) You spoke too soon.

Yuki: (sigh) I take it back.

Tohru: (sigh) Kyo-kun, please calm down.

Kyo: So you're talking his side?! Tohru, why do you always take rat boy's side?

Me/Yuki/Tohru: (sigh)


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