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Chapter Thirty Nine

"Ah! Kyo-kun! You're finally here! We just started dinner." Tohru smiled, running to greet Kyo as he walked through the front door. "Are you hungry? I cooked plenty enough for everyone!"

"...Tohru, are Uotani, Hanajima, Hatsuharu, Kagura, and Ayame back yet?" The Cat asked the Onigiri. "Eh? Why yes, they are. I was going to ask you if you knew where Rena-chan - Kyo-kun? Is something wrong?" Tohru blinked as she watched Kyo wordlessly walk into the dining room. She followed.

"Oi! Hey, Kyon-Kyon, what's with the serious face? Lighten up some! The food's delicious! You should join us!" Uotani grinned, enjoying herself with everyone. "Yah, Kyo! Tohru, Yuki, and I slaved over a hot stove for hours! Eat, eat, eat!" Momiji encouraged.

"No, that's alright... I have something important to say." Kyo shook his head, turning down the plates of food Momiji urged him to eat. "I have an announcement to make, everyone. Please listen to me."

"My, my, my! This mustbe important - Kyo said the word 'please'! I didn't even think that was in his limited vocabulary!" Shigure gasped, fake shock layered across his face. "Haha, very funny." Kyo rolled his eyes sardonically.

"Listen. Akito has kidnapped Rena. I think he plans to hold her hostage. I have no idea what he's plotting... But he took our most valuable fighter. I think... I think Rena's pretty much down for the counting."

-Long Silence-

"...You're kidding, right?..." Uotani whispered. "Akito-san took Rena-chan? But then... That only leaves... Me, Haru, Rin, Arisa-chan, Saki-chan, Hari, Aya, and Shii-chan..." Momiji trailed off.

"That bastard... None of us can even touch him or permanently destroy the akuryous besides Tsuji-chan. She is Light, and only Light can vanquish the Dark." Uotani cursed under her breath.

"There's no way we can win without her, and Akito-san knows that. The Supreme Princess of Light is vital to our victory. All we'll manage to do is tire ourselves..." Hanajima murmured.

"You're right... He could always just put up a Field of Darkness, and the akuryous will regenerate." Ayame agreed with Hanajima dismally.

"Regardless, we have to fight, with or without Rena-hime. We have no choice - It's fight or die." Hatsuharu said bluntly. "I agree with Haru. And besides - We can hold out on our own without the Royal Pain." Isuzu snickered with crossed arms.

"Hatsuharu and I will work together to think of a battle strategy. I'm sure Rena-chan left Hatsuharu and myself in charge of that." Hatori sighed. "She did. It was one of the last things she said before Akito kidnapped her and vanished into thin air." Kyo nodded.

"...Hm. Well, this cerainly is turning out to be truly troublesome..." Shire pursed his lips. "I know. This just keeps getting more and more wonderful by the second..." Shigure muttered sarcastically. "Well... Where could Rena-chan be? Where might Akito-san have taken her?"

"She's not anywhere." Yuki suddenly spoke up, both surprising and confusing everyone. "Usually... I can usually sense Tsujitani-san's spiritual pressure, her reiatsu signature, but now... I can't feel her prescence or aura or anything."

Seeing the confused look on the Present Time peoples' faces, he continued. "In her spare time, Tsujitani-san would briefly teach me a few things, like being familar with and detecting spiritual pressures and reiatsu signatures. That basically means being able to feel someone's aura, prescence, and extent of power, even if they're somewhere else.

"I am very familar with Tsujitani-san's powerful reiatsu signature. I should be able to feel her, no matter where she is. The stronger her life force is, or the closer she is, the stronger I can feel her, and this opposite is also true

"However, I can't... I can't sense Tsujitani-san at all, no matter how hard I try. As long as she's alive, I should be able to feel something. There's this strange feeling... She's not dead... But it's almost as though she vanished from the face of Earth."

"That's... That's strange... IF she's not on Earth... Where could Rena-chan be? Is she... Is she okay?..." Momiji trailed off, worried. "Don't worry, Momiji-kun. We'll find Rena-chan, I'm sure of it. I know she's alright." Tohru smiled assuringly at the Rabbit of the Juunishi.

"...My god... Could he really have..." Yuki's eyes suddenly snapped open. "...It is as you think, Yuki. Like you, Ayame, Hatori, and I are also familiar with the princess' reiatsu signature. Very familiar, since she's our responsiblity, and we are her legal guardians. " Shire nodded.

"Does he really have the power to do that?"

"If he has the unbelievably immense power necessary to summon Kuro-kamisama. Only Kuro-kamisama and Shiroi-kamisama have such power, because they are the Deities."

"So they are basically the Gods of the Gods of Eternal Power... But why would Kuro-kamisama allow Akito to..."

"You've been doing some studying, haven't you? The Protectors - or rather, Gods - cannot disobey their masters. You guys basically have the power within you to control a specific God."

"Well, this is good and dandy, but what does this have to do with where Rena is?" Kyo demanded. Ayame shook his head and stood up, his gold eyes piercing.

"Not where. When." He corrected the Cat of the Juunishi. "We believe... We believe that Akito has taken Rena-chan to the Destined Future."

Change in POV

"Akito-san, what is the one thing you want most in this world?"

"What do you mean?"

"Aren't you tired of being condemned to your bedroom by your frail and sickly nature?"

"Yes... But Rena-chan and Yuki-kun come and visit me all the time."

"And yet, you're still lonely, aren't you? Even Yuki, who is seperated from most of the Sohma Family and other people, sees more of everyone than you do - And you are the Juunishi God."

"It's good for Yuki to get outside every now and again... I make him and Rena-chan keep me company a lot. I knowthey'd rather be around Tohru-san, or someone."

"Still, is that fair? For everyone to have so much fun together, but not you? Doesn't it sicken you to watch them all while you are basically confined in here, tortured by your mother's cruelty?"


"And what about Rena-chan? You always watch her with so much love in your eyes. You want to be able to be with her all the time, don't you? and I'm willing to bet that her close friendship with Yuki makes you jeaous, too. You think she has a crush on him, don't you? And it irritates you deeply."


"I'll ask you again, Akito-san. What does your heart desire?"

"...Rena-chan. Ever since she met and got to know Yuki, Kyo, Kagura, Hatsuharu Momiji, Uotani, Hanajima, and Tohru, I feel like we've grown distant. She hasn't come to see me nearly as much. And she's always with Yuki... They share such a mutual understanding... I want to be able to go outside and have fun with everyone without feeling weak or getting sick. I want to grow strong so that I can protect myself and everyone I care about. I want to become better to prove my mother wrong. And... I want... To win Rena-chan over."

"If you do as I say, all these things will become yours, and more. Strength... Mobility... Power... If you resign yourself to the Darkness, I swear to you, you will have the ability to do the things you desire."

"If I agree to this... Then I can be like everyone else? I can join them? I can have Rena-chan?"

"And you'll no longer feel lonely or be left out. You'll have everything you could possibly wish for... Including Rena always staying by your side. Those are things you desire, correct?"


"Then do not resist me. Give yourself to the Darkness... And your wishes shall become true."

"Nothing happened as you had hoped it would, did it, Akito-san? This was not the future you were aiming for, was it? This was not the 'you'... That you were hoping to become."

"What do you want, Inami Tsujitani? I believe this is the first time we've ever spoken directly. You must be draining Rena's life force, since I can hear you so clearly. I assume she's still unconscious?" Akito responded to Tsujitani's intrusion.

"Yes. She is. But what do you hope to accomplish by bringing her here?" Inami demanded. Akito shrugged."Itachi wanted something with her. Because I am her God, he cannot do anything to her without my consent, just as I couldn't do anything to you without his consent. I decided to go fetch her for him."

"...Akito-san, you don't have to go through with this, you know. You can still fight the Darkness. If you do not, it will soon consume you... Mind, Soul, and Body... Just as it did in this Destined Future."

"That was a mistake. It was foolish of me to be so rash and hasty with the Six Internal Powers and Heart of Purity in my possession."

"Do you plan to try that again? You cannot control all six Gods. No one can. Not even you or Itachi. Didn't you learn your lesson the last time?"

"Enough. I'm sick of you. Begone."

"...This is proof, Akito-san. Proof of how powerful the Darkness n our own hearts can be. You don't even realize... How corrupt and twisted you have become."

"What the hell?... Why have you brough us here?" Hiro Sohma demanded. "Kureno-san... Where are we? What's with that menacing look in your eyes?..." Kisa Sohma asked, trying to hide her fear." Kureno-kun... What are you g-going to do to us?" Ritsu trembling.

The three Juunishi members were chaired up at their wrists and ankles to the brick wall by long chain shackles in a dimly lit dungeon. It was cold, unpleasant, and dirty. The air was dusty, and smelled of blood and death.

A tall, handsome, young man with short dark chestnut brown hair and cold, apathetic bronze eyes stood before Hiro, Kisa, and Ritsu.

Kureno Sohma.

He was dressed in a fancy, mostly black armor with under armor, silver and white embrodiers, designs, and outlines carved into the black armor, and a long black cape. (FE peeps, he's the Black Knight!!! Haha, no, not really)

"I am not going to kill you, if that is what you are implying." Kureno replied. "Then why did you bring us here? Where is here? And why are you dressed in that armor?" Hiro again demanded.

The whites of Kurenos years flashed red and his pupil flashed a shade of robin blue simultaneously. "Cease." He murmured.

"You will see very soon."

"Ughhh... Where the hell am I?" Rena groaned. She sat up, looking at and feeling her surroundings. The dark was mostly dark, very dimly lit.

It was their that she realized she was in a fancy king sized canopy bed, the curtain-like material engulfing her, for it hung from all sides of the bed. Like the canopy, the sheets and pillow cases were satin red, along with the covering of the big, thick satin red quilt.

Rena poked her head out to look into the large, fancy, and expensive room.

"What the hell... What the hell am I wearing?!"

Rena was now wearing a white corset with black strings that tied it together and intertwined the front and back, black lacey designs, and ruffling black outlines. Along with this she wore billowing, ruffled up white skirts with a visible thin black silk skirt in between the four thin layers, seperating them - two and two. The ruffle skirts were out lined and trimmed with black lace.

Adding on to the outfit, Rena had on white platform legging hells that came up to her mid thighs (revealing an inch or two of her glowing chocolate brown skin between the legging hells and the ruffle skirts) and tied together from ankle up.

The light hime also wore silky white lace gloves that ran the way ip to her fore arm, where it was then decorated by black lacy fishnet designs. She wore silver hoop earrings, red lipstick, and smelled of wonderful sweetness. Her long, wavy black hair bad been combed straight down her back, and she wore a white headband with a bid white bow on the right side of it.

Rena knew perfectly well what she must've looked like - A cross between a french maid, a porcelain doll, and a gorgeous lolita. And she fully intended to make whoever dressed her in this outfit (which she found ridiculous and embarrassing) pay.

"UGHHH! What's up with these clothes?! Just who the hell did this?! Come on out so that I can kick your ass, you bastard! I'll kill you for this!!!" Rena threatened aloud, getting back into bed and under the blankets to conceal herself.

"Oh? So you're going to kill me, are you? How amusing."

Rena turned to see Itachi suddenly crouched over her. Her eyes widened in fear. Before she could scream, Itachi's lips caught Rena's, kissing her roughly.

"...You're wearing a family heirloom, you know. It originally was Inami's, and it eventually came into your mother's possession. Your mother also looked beautiful... In this. SHe, after all, was a true Tsujitani, like your father, who also cam from the Tsujitani Clam. What were they - Extremely distant cousins, or something?" Itachi pulled away from Rena, who had been silenced by his sudden intrusion.

"You look so much... Like her. Like Inami. Your mother was her splitting image. You share Inami and your mother's beauty... And your very own unique beauty." Itachi whispered. "Why have you brought me here, Itachi-kamisama? And why am I dressed like this?" Rena demanded, sounding braver than she felt.

"You are dressed the way you are simply because dressing you gave me something to do while you were unconscious. I thought it'd look good on you, and it b rough back old memories." Itachi began.

"You are in the Supreme Kingdom, Rena. This is the Supreme Palace of Darkness - Akito's palace. I have brought you here... Because on this night, the Seventh Anniversary of the Tsujitani Massacre... I plan to show you the truth."

"The truth? What do you mean?"

"Come now, Rena. If you stop and think about it, do you honestly believe that Akito-san is as evil as you have made him out ot be?"

"...I... I don't understand."

"My god, how easy it was... To rip the two of you apart. You and Akito, I mean. And to twist your memories... Into something cruel and painful."

"...What are you talking about?"

"Up until the day of the Tsujitani Massacre, Rena... You and Akito had actually been clos friends. You shared a powerful bond. But on that day, Akito lost his soul to the Darkness, and became nothing more than my living chess piece, trumping my moves into play.

"Yes, in the seven years that you have been a slave to Akito, he has been cruel to you. But he did it, for he was a Slave of Darkness. And, also... If he were ever to disobey me... In a fraction of a second, I could kill his Juunishi, Honda Tohru, Uotani Arisa, Hanajima Saki, and you. I could also trap him alone in a deep dark abyss for all of eternity. SO you see, Akito did what he did because he had no choice but to listen to me and obey the Darkness, whether he agreed or disagreed."

"Are you trying to tell me that Akito is a Slave of Darkness, and that you're only using him to reach your own selfish goals?"

"Akito's soul is lost in a Sea of Eternal Darkness. I am the Dark Lord. He is also my direct reincarnation. So yeah, using him as a puppet and information attainer were my only uses for him, besides him being a tool and host."

"Why should I believe you?" Rena inched away from Itachi. "You will see." Itachi bore into Rena's lovely black eyes with his very own grey ones. "I will show you the truth. I will return to you your true memories, and stop controlling and manipulating your feelings. I will remind you of the honest truth... For better or for worse."

Itachi grabbed Rena's bangs roughly and pulled her towards him, pressing the palm of his hand against her eyes. "I'm only doing this... Because Akito requested it. He wanted you to remember a few things... Before he ends your life tonight."

"What does... Akito want me... To remember?" Rena trailed off, feeling herself slip away.

Beginning of Flashback

"Ryo, do I have to go see him? Five year old Rena Tsujitani pulled at sixteen year old Ryo Tsujitani's hand. Her short hair was in a low bun with her band brushed to the right. She wore an adorable sleeveless, red silk Chiniese shirt outlines in black, black dress pants, and black sandals.

"Of course. Why wouldn't you? Akito-san is the most important person in your life!" Ryo replied, dragging Rena on, which forced her to trot after him to keep up.

"Really?" Rena blinked. "Yup. You're both very, very important to each other. And I want for you to get along with Akito-san. It's very important that you're nice to him - no matter what he says or does.

"Can you do that for me?" Ryo stopped and kneeled down to Rena to look at his baby sister in her eyes. Rena looked at her biological brother - The person she admired the most. Clad in black, he was extremely intelligent, mature, handsome, tall, funny, and just amazing.

She would do anything for that beloved person.

"...Hai, Onii-sama." Rena smiled. "I'll be good. I promise." "Good. Now, let's go in. Akito-san's waiting anxiously to meet you." Ryo stood up. "Do... Do I have to open the door and go in first?" Rena asked, nervous.

"...Okay, okay. Please just don't be rude and shy in front of Akito-san." Ryo opened the sliding door. I nthe middle of the room was a young, eight year old boy with short black hair, a cute face, and childish black eyes.

"Yes, Ryo? Come in." Akito acknowledged the prescence of the Tsujitani descendant. "Akito-san... I introduce to you, Rena Mimiru Tsujitani." Ryo bowed respectfully. Rena peeked out from her hiding place behind Ryo's leg to see AKito smiling at her.

"Hello, Rena-chan. How are you? Won't you come and join me?" Akito called out to the young girl. "...!!!" Rena hid behind Ryo again. "Rena, go greet Akito-san. You're being rude." Ryo glared. "It's alright. She's shy. It's cute. As cute as her - extremely." Akito stood up.

"Come out so that I can see you better, Rena-chan."

Almost as if she was unable to defy Akito, Rena reluctantly stepped out from behind Ryo, looking curiously at Akito. Akito smiled sweetly and extended a hand towards Rena.

"Come on, Rena. Come to me."

At that moment, a wave of jumbled, inexplicible emotions hit Rena, who was too young to understand them. These emotions were completely new to the littlegirl. It was at this moment, her etes locked on Akito, that another 'her', a more cryptic and profound side, awoken within her.

She wanted to hold him

She wanted to hit him

She wanted to come closer

She wanted to run away

She wanted to see him more

She wanted to hide

She loved

And hated

She desired

And detested


And rejected...

Tears began to roll down Rena's cheeks as she stared at Akito, wide eyed and immobilized. The signt of him made her scared, yet estatic. It was like her heart was swelling and ripping into two.

"You're finally her. We're finally together." Akito came towards Rena with outstretched arms, enclosing her in a tight embrace. Rena tensed before succumbing to his embrace, her tears flowing freely and silently.

It was clear to her now - What was happening was not a choice; she could not fight it. It did not matter if she liked it or not, because she had no control. Her meeting Akito was destined and inevitable.

"Rena-chan... I've been waiting for you. I have a present for you." Akito wiped away Rena's tears. He pulled out a small red rose and showed it to her. "Here. I'll put it in your hair - It matches your outfit perfectly."

"We'll be together forever, Rena-chan. We're special. We're important. We're necessary. And we need each other. I need you in the same way that you need me. I care about you more than I care about anyone else. " Akito stroked Rena's hair before moving away.

Without realizing it, Rena grabbed Akito's arm, keeping him where he was. SHe looked up at him with tear filled eyes, crying. She was wordless - She couldn't speak. All she could do was cry. Akito smiled sadly before stroking Rena's cheek.

Though they were both so young, they somehow knew what the sensation running through their bodies, through their viens was.

It was the sensation that tragic lovers have... When they are finally reunited - for better or for worse

Ripple In Time

"Would you shut up?! You're getting on my nerves!" Eleven year old Akito Sohma snapped at eight year old Rena Tsujitani. The Dark Prince was sitting in a corner of his dark bedroom, his back facing Rena.

"I'm getting on your nerves? You're getting on my nerves! You have such a bad temper! Why are you so mad anyway?!" Rena snapped back.

Arguments and quarrels were not uncommon for Rena and Akito - they were often told that they argued like a married old could. But this definitely had to be the longest and biggest fight they had ever had.

"Will you just shut up and leave me alone?!?! Get out!!!"

"Don't yell at me!"

"I'm yelling! You stupid girl! I don't need you or anyone else! Get out of my sight!"

"Will you turn around and talk to me? Don't dismiss me! Tell me what's wrong, Akii-kun!"

"What is it with you? You're so annoying! Why don't you go somewhere?! Go play with Yuki, Momiji, and Tohru, or something! Leave me the hell alone!"

"Ugh! Akito Sohma, you are absolutely, unbelievably IMPOSSIBLE! You listen here, you - " Rena began to scold akito as she marched up to him, grabbed his should, and turning him around angrily, but stopped.

Akito's glaring eyes were reddish and swollen, his lips set in a scowl, and his face was pale. He looked weak and sick, his face portraying pain. Rena gasped and pulled her hand away gently as her face softened.

"Akito... Akii-kun... You're gravely ill..." Rena whispered. The tall, handsome, and lean preteen focused his gaze on the wall again, his right leg propped up with his right arm resting on his knee and his left arm holding him up.

"Yeah, no dip, sherlock." Akito mumbled as Rena got on her knees and sat Japanese-style beside of him. "Why are your eyes so red and swolllen? You're in pain... But why else are you - " Rena stopped, remembering Akito's words.

"I don't need you or anyone else! Why don't you go somewhere?! Go play with Yuki, Momiji and Tohru, or something!"

Rena's eyes widened in realization. "Oh my goodness... Akii-kun... Were you crying... Because you missed me? Because I haven't been around lately? I've been so busy with Yuki-kun, Momiji-kun, and Tohru-chan... You thought I forgot all about you... Didn't you?"

"..." Akito said nothing, shrugging Rena tears forming in her eyes, Rena flung herself on akito and clung to his neck in a tight embace. I'm so sorry, Akii-kun...!!! I wasn't here when you needed me, and because of that, you paid the price." She murmured, tears running down her cheeks.

"You must have been in so much pain... You suffered all alone... I bet there wasn't much Tori-nii could do about the pain, either... You must have been so lonely... I'm... I'm so terrible...!!! I'm so very sorry... Can you ever forgive me, Akii-kun?"

"...Will you stop crying, you idiot?"

Rena looked up at Akito. His long black bangs veiled her eyes. "...I'm okay. It's okay. So don't cry, okay? You're here now, and that's all that matters..." He wrapped his arms around Rena and hugged her.

"You're here... You came... And you didn't leave, despite all the nasty things I said to you."

"Because, Akii-kun... I love you."

"I love you too, Rena. I know i don't act like I care about you, but please believe me... I do. A lot."

"I believe you."

Ripple In Time


"Tsujitani-san?!" Ten year old Yuki Sohma busted into Akito Sohma's room. They were in the Sohma Estate, and it was noontime. Standing in the doorway, he saw nine year old Rena Tsujitani on the floor with tears and twelve year old Akito Sohma standing over her.

In AKito's hands were a paint brush and a jar of black paint, and on his walls were black streaks and scribbles everywhere. There was even a little paint on his face.

"Tsujitani-san! Daijoubu desu ka?!" Yuki rushed to Rena's side. "...Akito-san? What... What happened to you? What did you do to her? Why is she crying?" He asked, confused, but also aware that Akito wasn't acting his normal self.

"I... I don't know what's wrong with him... Earlier, he was in here alone, all by himself... But when I walked in, he was writhing in pain and muttering about darkness and souls... To no one in particular, as far as I could see. He kept screaming for someone named Itachi, and it ran chills down my spine..." Rena told Yuki.

"Something was sad, maybe? Or frightening? It all just happened so suddenly... But... Akii-kun, he... He just lost it."

Akito turned back to his walls. "...You see this?" He began to paint on the walls again. "My world is black place, Yuki. I have to make my room match."

"Akito...? What are you...?" Yuki watched the Juunishi God scribble in paint, out of control. "You're pitch black too, Yuki. And Rena is, also. We're always together, so you have to be black, too. We have to be the same to be fair, right? Ah ha... Aha ha ha!"

Suddenly, Akito stopped. Something snapped in him. "...No, we can't be the same. That would make me unnecessary." Akito started towards Yuki. "Akito-" Yuki took a step back. "But I'm chosen. I'm needed!" Akito splashed the black paint everywhere. "I'm here because I have to be! I'M NOT THE SAME AS YOU!" Akito yelled at the Rat of the Juunishi.

"You're just my toy. Your mother gave you to me. Ha ha ha! That's as good as getting abandoned! Your mother's never coming back for you! You'll always be by my side! Everyone hates the rat, stupid!" Akito pushed Yuki down.

"Nobody cares! Nobody cares about you! Think about it, stupid! You've never spoken a word to any of the Juunishi, not even wehn Rena occassionally brought around them! The closest you've come to speaking to any of them is Kyo's declaration of hatred against you! That stupid Honda girl would talk to a wall if we drew a face on it, and Rena's no better than you - She's just a toy of mine, too!"

"Your own brother won't acknowledge you, and yet he welcomes Rena with outstretched arms! Because everyone hates you, Yuki! You need me. If I didn't care about you... There'd be no reason for you to be alive!"

I'll never... Forgive you. DO you hear me? I'll never forgive you! It's all your fault, Rat! Everything's your fault! It's all because you exist! SOmeone as rotten as you... Oughta do us all a favor and just disappear!"

Yuki's eyes widened. Something snapped in him as he shrunk back. "Yuki-kun... No..." Rena turned to Yuki and tried to comfort him, wiping his tears away. "Akii-kun... How could you say such cruel things to Yuki-kun...?!?!"

"Because the same goes for you, rena. I've already told you. If not for me, you'd have no reason to exist. You're both just my play things. No one really cares about little freaks like the two of you. No one but me." Akito sneered.

"Don't misunderstand, my vengeful little spirits... This world is black. Just like your lives. There are no possibilities, no hopes. You'll soon live on a pitch-black path. So don't misunderstand... And think either of you pathetic cretins will be saved.

"Darkness rules everything around me. And soon, that same Darkness will engulf you, drown you... And there will be nothing left."

End of Flashback

"It was because of that incident that you and Yuki were brought even closer, wasn't it? That was the same day the Tsujitani Massacre took place... The same day you and Yuki were finally put in your places... In your seperate, dark rooms, confined.

"The mental, physical, and emotional torture... You both understood those pains. That's why no one knows either of you the way the two of you know each other. How cute." Itachi sneered mockingly.

"Once Akito sold his soul to the Darkness, everything about him became twisted and warped. I guess you can say I tricked him, because I knew very well this would happen. He wanted to be less sickly so that he could be with you. He wanted to grow stronger so that he could protect you. And he wanted to better himself so that you would love him.

"He sold his soul to me for you, Rena. Because he loved you. I granted his wish - Strength, mobility, and power. But you see, the vengeful darkness that filled his existence in place of his soul only wanted to cause pain and suffering.

"Akito fought with every fiber in his body, but the Darkness won and took him over, and he went into insanity. He lost his soul and humanity. I... Am the Keeper of his Soul. Similar to a game of chess, as I have mentioned before, I use him to trump my plans into play."

Itachi's grip on Rena's bangs loosened. Rena laid limp against the Juunishi God. She could still remember and see numerous flashbacks deluging her mind.

She was being drowned by her lost memories

And her body was destroying itself, inside out.

"There is one last thing I must show you... Before this night is over, Miss Tsujitani."

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