Title: To Become the Sun
Author: Shadow/Phantomness
Pairing: None
Fandom: Pokémon

Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Shogakukan Comics. This non-profit, non-copyright infringing fanfiction belongs to me under international copyright laws and taking it is plagiarism. Thank you. Phantomness bows
Notes: for telepathy, for thoughts,
italics if a pokemon talks
Warnings: Original Character, fanon

Dusky sunlight spilled through the half-drawn blinds, pooling on the floor. A few moments later, an alarm clock began to beep shrilly. The occupant of the bed groaned, before reaching over and smacking the off button.

A few minutes later, she groggily climbed out of bed, tripping over her stack of manga before she made it to the bathroom.

Charlotte flicked the light switch on and reached for her toothbrush. Was it that time of year already?

Every year for the past four years, Professor Oak had sent her a postcard, none-too-tactfully reminding her that most children left at age ten on their pokemon journey. Of course, there were some late bloomers, and others who simply did not wish to train pokemon, but Charlotte was a different story.

When she was eight, her father had died in a wild pokemon attack, a shocking but not altogether unheard-of-occurrence. Silph Co. had paid off her family handsomely to evade a lawsuit, but Charlotte was more interested in books and studying than in pokemon anyway.

Still, the issue of grief, counterfeit as it may have been, had worked to keep Oak's letters at bay for two years. After that, her mother had found a better job offer and moved to the Johto Region to work for a small law firm.

It was not right for a child to live at home alone. Journeying alone was one thing, but rattling around in a house? Unthinkable!

She pulled on a pair of black jeans that were relatively clean, before hunting around for her backpack. She had packed it a week in advance, but it seemed to have vanished. As Charlotte began rooting around in her room, the doorbell rang.

"Great. Just bloody great."

She stood and walked downstairs, before peering through the peephole in the door to see a man in a blue uniform with a Ponyta. Ah. The mail.

"There's a postcard for you from Pallet Town." The mailman said, as Charlotte opened the door.

"Oh, thanks." She said, stuffing it into a pocket.

"No problem. Good day." With that, the mailman walked away. Charlotte went back upstairs and continued digging through the mess. Finally, she found her sneakers and her backpack buried underneath a pile of old homework assignments and strewn clothing.

"Well, I guess this is it." She said, checking her wallet to make sure she had her bus pass. After making a quick breakfast of milk and cereal, she hoisted her pack onto her shoulders and walked down the street until she reached the bus stop.

The bus ride to Pallet Town took about half an hour, and when she reached Professor Oak's lab, there was already a line of children clamoring to get their starter pokemon. Charlotte joined the line, ignoring the stares from ten-year olds who thought they were hot stuff, and dug out one of her romance novels from her backpack.

The line snaked along until finally, it was her turn. The good Professor looked haggard already, but handed over a poke ball containing Charmander, and a starter pack with two potions, five poke balls, and a Pokedex, before shooing her out and calling the next child in.

Charlotte found an empty bench nearby and released her Charmander.

The Charmander studied his new trainer. She was female, and tall. He sniffed at the air, and sneezed.

Charlotte blinked. "Hi?"

Are you my new trainer?

Charlotte smiled at the Charmander, even though she had no clue what it was saying. It looked excited.

"Do you want to battle already?"

You smell nice.

Charlotte picked Charmander up, setting him on her lap. "Wow, you're cute. I'm glad I got a Charmander. I like fire types."

Charmander could not understand anything except for fire and his name. He wagged his tail.

"Well, come on! Let's go catch some more pokemon!"

The two of them headed into the tall grass outside Pallet Town with Charmander trotting at Charlotte's heels. The small fire lizard sniffed the air.

It didn't seem dangerous.

He wasn't hungry yet. Maybe later…

A small purple rodent poked its head out of the grass. Charlotte's eyes lit up.

"A Rattata! All right! Charmander, use Scratch!"

Charmander ran towards the little rat, which easily dodged out of the way, and then brought its tail down on Charmander's back.

Tail whip…

Charmander shivered and tried to throw the Rattata off, but failed. That was when Charlotte ran over.

"Get off of my Charmander!" She yelled, trying to pry the Rattata off, but it held firm, digging its teeth into Charmander's neck.

Charmander yelled and waved his tail, managing to set the Rattata on fire. The rat angrily ran off.

"Are you okay now?" Phantomness asked.

Charmander shook himself, before nodding.

"Hmm. Maybe next time if we see a pokemon, you can just shoot Ember at it from a distance. Oh! I probably should have tried to catch that Rattata."

The two of them walked on, and soon encountered several Pidgey. Pointing at one, Charlotte nodded.

Charmander used Ember, setting the bird aflame. While it was still squawking, Charlotte threw a poke ball.

It shook once, before the Pidgey burst out.

Charmander quickly leered, trying to stop the Pidgey from coming closer. Charlotte threw another poke ball, and this time, the Pidgey did not escape.

"All right! I've got a Pidgey!" Charlotte cheered, hugging Charmander.

Maybe she could stick with this Trainer bit for a while…

End Chapter

Started 8/15/07

Completed 8/16/07

I know, I know. Charlotte is an OC. But guess what? She's my OC, and I like her, and I can damn well write about her pokemon journey – or separate lives if I want to! Yes, she's a Mary-Sue, but hopefully not as obnoxious.

Cosmos was created by Charlotte – so it's not going to exist until she finishes her journey in Kanto

Charlotte's starter was mentioned as Charmander several times

I'm making Charlotte 16, since frankly, I'm not too good at writing younger children cough though come on, not all teenagers are neat-freaks…

I will try very hard not to be too Mary-Sue!