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Chapter 2

They fought a few more Pidgeys and Rattata that night – from a safe distance, and then Charlotte set up her tent and sleeping bag.

It was awfully dark, and Charmander shivered as they huddled by the small campfire they had built. It was lucky she had chosen a fire pokemon – the matches wouldn't start! Of course, that might have been because she had fallen in a pond earlier but…

Charlotte stirred her instant macaroni and cheese. "Want some?" She asked.

Charmander gave the yellow greasy mess a disgusted look and shook his head.

"Suit yourself." The trainer said, and began to eat.

The next day passed relatively easy, and they made it to the outskirts of Viridian City on the third day. Charmander enjoyed his rest at the Pokemon Center, while Charlotte spotted a used bookstore and made a beeline for it. She was walking down the street with Pidgey perched on her shoulder when she heard a wolf-whistle.

Spinning around, she saw a group of boys leering at her.

"What?" Charlotte snapped.

"Hey hot stuff!" One yelled. "Want to go on a date with me?"

"As if!"

"Oh yeah? Well, I'm the best trainer in this city! You're making a mistake, lady!"


The boy leered, before releasing a Sandslash. Charlotte was reaching for Charmander's poke ball, before she remembered he was still at the Center. Darn!

"Pidgey, go!"

"Sandslash, Sand-Attack!" The boy commanded.

Pidgey hovered in the air, watching as the Sandslash kicked up sand. She flapped her stubby wings, and dove at the Sandslash with a Wing Attack.

The Sandslash ducked underground, as Pidgey crashed.

"Ah! Pidgey! Get up!"

"Sandslash, Slash now!"

The Sandslash popped out of its hole like a jack in the box, sending Pidgey flying into a nearby bush.

"Pidgey!" Charlotte shouted, running to the bush. After fishing around in it for a few minutes, she dragged out a battered Pidgey.

"Pidgey, Return." She said morosely, recalling her to a poke ball.

"All right! I won!" Rupert shouted. "That means you have to go on a date with me tonight! Unless you have another pokemon to battle with?"

Unfortunately, she didn't, since she hadn't caught any other pokemon…

"Woohoo!" Rupert crowed, dancing around for a moment. "This is great!"

Charlotte gaped at him, before sighing.

"You won't have to pay." He said, trying to sweeten the pot.

Charlotte flushed in embarrassment. She most certainly did not want to date an eight-year-old kid, but she had lost the battle. How humiliating…

"So, what's your name?"

"Charlotte." She sighed.

"Cool name. Well, I'm sure you'll become a better trainer soon!" He said, trying to be encouraging.

Charlotte said nothing, inwardly seething. How could this have happened?

Was she that bad of a trainer?

"So anyways, we can totally go to a dance they're holding at the Town Hall." Rupert said. "So! Is this your first time in Viridian City?"

"… Yes." Charlotte said flatly.

"I'll show you around! Hey Brian! George! Look!"

Two other boys came running, stopping when they saw Rupert and Charlotte.

"Woah, who's the babe, Rupert?"

"She's my date tonight!"

"And where are you from? Pallet?" George asked.

"Saffron." Charlotte said tightly.

"Oh cool! My father works for Silph there."

After making small talk with Rupert and his inane friends for half an hour, Charlotte was well neigh ready to explode. Luckily, they were close to the Pokemon Center, so she said she had to heal her Pidgey. Rupert yelled that he'd pick her up in an hour for their date.

Charlotte sighed as she had Nurse Joy heal her Pidgey. She collected Charmander from where he was playing in the garden behind the Center, and then went upstairs to the room she had rented out.

What a mess!

"I hate my life." Charlotte muttered.

Charmander cocked his head to one side, while Pidgey began pecking at blueberry pattern on the sheets.

"I don't want to go on a date with some kid!"

Charlotte got up and went to her pack. She had a few changes of clothes, but nothing fancy. If Rupert wanted a hottie, it certainly wasn't going to be her!

She went to the bathroom and took a long, hot shower, felt marginally better, and then put on her black pleated skirt and a clean white blouse. After she toweled her hair dry, she found Rupert waiting.

"Wow, you look nice."

"… Thanks." Charlotte muttered.

She followed him to a hamburger stand, managed to choke down two burgers with ketchup, and then suffered through two hours of walking around Viridian as he boasted about all the battles he had won. By the time Rupert said goodnight, Charlotte ran back to the Center as fast as she could without bothering to give him a goodnight kiss.

"That was one of the worst nights of my life." The trainer muttered, back in her room. "Little swine. I think he pinched my butt at least twice too…"

She would leave Viridian City first thing the next morning! Screw sleeping in a regular bed, if this was what she had to put up with in cities she was much better off camping in a forest!

And she'd try to make Charmander and Pidgey stronger too!

End Chapter

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