Chapter 1- Degradation

It all happened so fast. Too fast, in Sam's opinion. It started out so…normally. A year had passed since the war in Mission City, and Sam thought that a reunion of sorts was in order. Everyone who mattered was to come; Mikaela, Optimus, Ratchet, Ironhide—with Captain Lennox, of course—Sgt. Epps, Maggie, and Glen. He made plans a month in advance, and was sure everything was to go as perfectly planned.

…And then, a week before the reunion, Mikaela broke up with him.

It had been a shock for Sam. He stood there with his mouth open for God only knew how long, his brain trying to process what she had said to him. He asked why, and she didn't answer. She just shook her head, said she was sorry, and left him sitting like a retarded rock on his couch. An hour later, he was crying his eyes out on his bed. For the rest of the day, he just stared into a random direction until he fell asleep.

When he woke up the next morning, he pretended nothing happened—aside from barely talking and staring into space. Bumblebee was worried, but when he tried to get Sam to talk, or laugh from something he found via radio, Sam just shook his head, and Bee left him alone. The week passed like a blur, and then the day of the reunion came. Sam snapped out of his slum to greet everyone he hadn't seen in months. He found it amusing that Glen would stare and obsess like a fangirl no matter how many times he saw the Autobots. Maggie immediately went into conversation with Optimus about stuff he didn't have a clue about, and Lennox and Epps retold stories with Ratchet and Ironhide. Bumblebee and Glen talked about geek stuff 'Bee recently got into.

Sam was left to his own device, half dreading Mikaela coming, and half-hoping she would so he would have someone to talk to. But right now, he was actually enjoying his solitude. He looked up at the sky and sighed.


Optimus's voice made him turn around. The Autobot leader bent down closer to Sam, his optics holding a touch of concern. Sam put on a happy face. "Yeah, what's up, Optimus?" he said cheerfully. Optimus blinked, as though confused.

"Where is Mikaela?" he asked. "I thought she was coming with you." Sam's smile faltered slightly.

"Err…" He tripped over his words. "…I don't know…" He frowned. "…If she is coming, Optimus…"

Optimus blinked again. "May I ask why not?" he said with polite curiousness. Sam shook his head without really meaning to, his urge to cry rising. Thankfully, Optimus left it at there and stood back up, deciding to talk to Bumblebee about it.

Unfortunately, the urge to cry did not quell when Optimus left, and the last thing Sam wanted to do at the moment was have a nervous breakdown in front of everyone. Making sure everyone else was occupied, Sam made a break for the road and ran blindly alongside it.

A few moments later, he heard a car behind him, and sighed. "I just want to be alone for awhile, okay, Bee?" he said without turning around. He heard the car's engine rev and continue to follow him. "Bee, please—!"

He was cut off when the car bumped non-too-gently into his legs, making him pitch forward into the gravel. "Bee, what the…!?" He turned around to snap at his friend when he paused. It wasn't Bee.

It was a police car. A very recognizable police car with no one in the driver's seat.


"Oh, shit!" Sam hollered, scrambling up and taking off. The car sped after and past him, then stopped right in front of him, the door popping open. And out sprung the silver bane of Sam's current existence, shrieking and chattering madly. Sam skidded to a halt, and turned to run the other way. He didn't get two steps before the little Decepticon tackled him to the ground and dragged him to the police car. "Shit, shit, shit!" Sam kicked at his abductor, but the little Decepticon dodged all of his attempts and managed to grab Sam by the shirt and hurl him into the car. The door slammed shut and locked, and after the chattering imp hopped in through the open passenger window, Barricade sped off.

"Let me the fuck out of here, you sonofabitch!" Sam shrieked, kicking at Barricade's door. Barricade took a sharp turn, and Sam was hurled to the other side of the car, his head cracking against the window. That gave Barricade about ten seconds of kick-free peace before Sam shook it off and pounded his fists on the window.

The police car let out a growl of anger and revved his engine. "Don't just sit there, Frenzy!" he rumbled at his small partner. "Restrain him; I don't want anymore dents on me!"

Frenzy let out a whirring sound and jumped in the back seats right on top of Sam. Sam yelled out as Frenzy's sharp fingers dug into his skin as he held him down. Sam managed to nudge his leg under the small Transformer and kick him to the other side of the back seat before getting up to pound on the window again. Frenzy shook it off and pounced again, this time pinning Sam facedown in the seats.

Sam struggled for about an hour before exhausting himself and lying still and sobbing on the Decepticon's back seat. Frenzy stopped holding him down, but remained sitting on his back to keep him in place.

The ride lasted for another hour, then Barricade stopped in a remote area well away from any Autobots and turned the engine off. "Alright, Frenzy," he said in Cybertronian, "do what needs to be done." Frenzy nodded, let out a short click, and hopped out the opened door. He hauled the exhausted boy out after him, and dragged him away from Barricade, who transformed and made himself comfortable leaning against a tree.

Sam couldn't fight himself away from Frenzy as the small 'bot found a clear area and dropped the leg he had dragged. Sam didn't move as Frenzy moved over and grabbed his hands. He grabbed something out of his chest and snapped them on Sam's wrists, effectively restraining him. Sam wondered what was going to happen next when Frenzy jerked his pants down and threw them in some random direction. It then sort of occurred to Sam what the little Decepticon had in mind and began to thrash about, trying to get away. Frenzy just grabbed him, pinned him down, and shoved a metal gag in his mouth. Over the his own muffled screams, Sam heard the familiar sound of metal shifting, and felt something against his leg accompany the sound. He screamed again.

Barricade crossed his arms and tuned out the sounds his partner and the human were making with the Earth music he had grown to…appreciate, in a manner of speaking. His thoughts turned to a few days ago, when Starscream had shared with them his idea of torturing 'the human'—i.e., Sam Witwicky. He had looked up something around the lines of 'human degradation', and decided that the smallest—Frenzy—was best suited to carry out the 'degradation'. All that took for preparation was a confiscated 'instructional' videotape out of the evidence locker, and a few scanned 'moderations' for Frenzy's physique.

In all honesty, Barricade wasn't all gung-ho about it; torture wasn't his forte, and he had no interest in it. Turning up Metallica, he waited for Frenzy to finish his job. He wasn't Ladiesman 217's biggest fan, but he wasn't about to get a voyeur's pleasure in seeing him sodomized.

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