Supposedly A Secret

By Uenki

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Summary: She was just like the wind. She barged into my life without permission and she left silently. Fifteen years later, 'Makoto' was an internationally known actor. Then she entered his life again. He catches her, hoping that she doesn't leave him…again. MakoIto


Chapter 1: Fifteen years before (Part A)


He could see her trembling fists and her look of reluctance on her face the very moment she entered the class. Her long hair was tied up into two ponytails and her lips were pursed into a straight, firm line. Hiding his face behind a book, he wore that expressionless mask that he always held during the times when he was with his father, but deep down, he was actually slightly interested in that transfer student. It was all due to the fact that he had liked her eyes. The brown eyes that blazed with unfaltering determination. It was the pair of eyes he could always see in himself, yet his was held with the will to rebel.

She took her deep breath and bowed deeply. Then she stood up tall and straight, her eyes scanning through the class, barely missing his gaze. Her brows knitted in unwavering will and the clench she held on her fists tightened.

"My name is Miura Ito!" She shouted at the top of her voice to the class, her eyes shut tightly, bracing herself for the reaction of the class. Silence followed on, and the form teacher, who decided to finally break the silence, clapped her hands once and diverted the class' attention from the girl. The teacher, a supposed trainee, plastered a smile on her face and introduced the girl whose legs were shivering slightly.

"Class, class! This is Miura-chan who'll be with us from today onwards, due to the fact that her mother's working in this town! Would you little boys and girls, put your hands to welcome Miura-chan?" As if on cue, the children applauded for the girl, and he followed suit. That girl has courage, he thought, hiding a smirk behind the book. The teacher gestured her to the seat, the seat right behind him, and she marched to the seat, nervy, with her weird posture. She carried the chair out from the table and flopped onto the chair, grabbing onto the sides of the table tightly.

"You're cool out there! I've never introduced myself when I first came!" A girl commended, a bright smile on her face. Ito nodded and smiled shyly, before grinning cheekily. She gave a word of appreciation and faced the teacher. Several students at the back introduced themselves, whereas some girls in the class whispered to her silently. Despite with her sitting just behind him, he simply ignored her. He was not someone who was meant to have friends, because he was raised up to be an heir for the dojo. He could not lose his focus on the dojo, hence having friends for him was strictly not allowed.

He listened to their conversation, perhaps more of eavesdropping then listening, and once in a while, he could chuckle inwardly. Expectedly, the girl was very much welcomed by the class, and he wondered, secretly, whether if he would be that welcomed if he opened up to others. It was a simple thing which others could have done easily, but it wasn't for him, it just wasn't for him. Being an heir makes him yearn a lot of things. Being an heir makes one highly envious of everything. He wondered if other heirs in the world felt the same thing as he felt at that moment.

The lesson went on, the children restless, and he was continuing on with the book that he was reading. The bell rang, it was their break time. He snapped his book closed and stood up from his chair systematically, pushed in his chair and with the book in his hands, he strode out of the classroom, ignoring the lines of sight and murmurs that enveloped him. She was looking at the boy who sat right in front of her. The first thing she noticed about him was the fact that he held very beautiful colors.

The light blonde locks were what attracted her at first, and before she knew it, she saw that his eyes were the same shade of his locks. It was a wonderful thing, she thought, as the boy was a very alluring person. He seemed to attract people's attention with much effort, because he has a highly unique aura. A one of a kind. She tilted her head to the girl sitting beside her when the boy disappeared from her sight.

"Who is he?" She questioned with perked interest. The girl smiled slyly, and held her mouth close to Ito's ear and whispered to her.

"Narita Makoto, hates talking, hates playing and hates to be bothered. But he's smart; hence the teacher often let his actions slip." The girl told Ito, whereas Ito nodded vigorously. To sum it all up, he is an eccentric person. The girl lead Ito out of the classroom, and when she walked out, she saw Narita Mako, sitting on a bench, laid back and slack. Though he covered his face with the book, his light golden hair revealed his existence. Bidding a quick goodbye to the girl, Ito ran out of the hallway and headed towards the aloof individual.

She crept behind the boy but before she could raise her hand sneakily to alert the boy by patting on his shoulder, he had already caught her hand and picked up the book from his face. Seeing her face, he dropped the grip on her hand and placed the book back on his face, showing a gesture of absolute disregard. Ito felt insulted by that simple act, and she gritted her teeth, her fists clenched and her brows knitted in fury. She grabbed the book on his face and tossed it on the ground.

She grinned triumphantly when the boy faced her directly, his gaze meeting hers. Her haughty smile faded when she saw honey colored orbs staring at her. She then went over to the book, picked it up and returned to the boy. He accepted without a word, and when she sat beside him on the bench, he did not seem to mind. He continued to read his book, while she sat there, facing the silence they both held.

"I'm… sorry," she uttered finally, her body tensing up. She knew exactly what he was going to do, he was going to walk off and ignore her, causing her to make a joke out of herself. However, his actions faltered her. He shook his head, and with his eyes on the book, he replied her.

"It's okay," his voice was like those of a girl's, she realized, soft and gentle, reassuring words. Then, Ito knew, this boy, he was different from the rest.


It took quite a lot out of Ito to get him to talk. They continued to sit on the bench during recess time, and days slowly become weeks. They seldom exchanged conversations, but perhaps to Ito, Makoto was the only one who could really be her 'friend' in the school. It was a special thing. She also discovered the fact that, Makoto was actually not an eccentric person, but he was someone with principles.

"Even if I'm half-dead, I'll still come to school," it was some of the common phrases he have used recently, Ito noticed, as he began to converse with her. It was a little conversation, but it was meaningful nonetheless. She was glad, because she was the only one who knew about Makoto's matters, it was a privilege that only friends could have, and she was joyful because she could be that friend whom he could trust and talk to. She laughed, causing the boy to stare at her weirdly.

"Did I mention to you before? My family owns a dojo too, but they are the exact opposite of your father's." The topic caused Ito to have Makoto's full attention. The boy put down his book, and listened to her. "My family always… told me that girls should be girls. My father and my brothers, they all dote on me very much. But they couldn't understand…" She paused slightly as she turned to the boy who seemed to know everything.

"They couldn't understand that you wanted to train together with them too?" Makoto interrupted. Ito affirmed with a nod, and then a smile slipped onto her face.

"Then, there was mother. She is a strong woman! She told me that I could do anything I want!" Ito said brightly, her eyes were like diamonds that sparkled. The boy smiled, as he too, have a mother who rooted for him when he rebelled against his father. Ito jumped up from the seat, and turned back, facing the boy who held a joyful expression on his face. Her eyes widened when she saw Makoto, and then her expression softened and she grinned boyishly.

"It was the first time I've seen you smile!" Startled slightly by her sudden words, Makoto's surprised look faded, replaced by an innocent, yet genuine smile. It had been ages since he smiled like that. He looked at the girl with his mask taken off from his face; she was bursting with limitless energy like an ember that burned brightly. It was highly influencing. She was a friend, he realized, someone like him could have a friend he could call of his own. An unknown wave of happiness surged through him. He was glad.

Several minutes later, Ito was looking and observing the boy who had finally broken up to her. She raised out a hand while caused the boy to return a look of confusion. She gestured for him to do the same, and he gladly obliged.

"My name is Miura Ito!" She introduced shaking Makoto's hand vigorously.

"My name is… Narita Makoto." The boy said softly. The girl simply smiled widely, bobbing her head approvingly. Makoto kept his silence, yet his smile never fading from his lips. The bright light she held had struck though the unfathomable darkness he has held in him since his sister left the house. The hatred, the will to defy his father seemed to dissipate away bit by bit. If he were to be together with her, perhaps he could receive more of the happiness she did not knew that she had given him.

It was a blessing, to have the first friend he had to call his own. To lead an ordinary life and be any other six year old out on the street. It was undeniably a blessing indeed.


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