Supposedly A Secret

By Uenki

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Summary: She barged into my life without permission and she left silently. Fifteen years later, 'Makoto' was an internationally known actor. Then she entered his life again. He catches her, hoping that she doesn't leave him…again. Dark!M x Ito


Chapter 5: Her starting point


It was almost too intimidating, for a person such as Miura Ito to actually hesitate to take a step forward. She could almost feel her heart thumping like mad as she picked up her feet to walk, with the strength of her grasp tightening, crumpling the name card in her palm.

It really felt like she had nobody to depend on now.


It happened a few days back, right after the audition ended, when Mako told her that shocking news.

They were seated in the cafeteria, with both ladies sitting across each other. Mako was sipping on a cup of coffee, before she placed the porcelain down on the plate with a slight clatter. Ito could almost feel her honey orbs piercing through hers as she stared at her, a comfortable smile on her beautiful face.

"Ito, I'm not going to take on the role of Doll House. I declined the offer." She spoke with ease and utmost confidence, as if she was asking whether if she wanted sugar or milk in her coffee. The news was too sudden, and Ito shot up from her seat, both palms pressed on the table, her eyes wide as she questioned the blonde beauty.

"Why!" It was no longer a question, which she intended it to be. Her tone made it felt like she was demanding for an answer – and perhaps, she was actually demanding for an answer.

"It was not my original intention… to actually take part in this audition."

Ito could not understand. She could not seem to understand the reason pertaining to the blonde beauty's train of thoughts. She gave up a chance, so very easily, where a lot of other people fought for. Ito started to think backwards, and realized that it was actually her who dragged her in the whole mess. However, it was also Mako who actually accepted her invitation.

"Are you…" Ito's voice was shaky with a hint of anger, "are you implying that it's my fault for dragging you in? Because I assumed that you were taking part in the audition?"

Ito regretted as soon as the words came out from her mouth. She meant no harm, though her words were menacing, it was also something that was being blurt out during her heat of the moment.

The blonde beauty was appalled by her words, her mouth opened to spoke, but then she closed it after some thought, and silence hence followed.

"I…" Ito was interrupted swiftly by Mako.

"No." Mako spoke sharply, her eyes diverting away from Ito's accusing ones, and wavered on the cup. "It was just a decision that went wrong."

There was this little fire called regret in her that burned brighter and bigger. She sat back onto the chair, as she waited for a chance for an explanation.

But there was none due to the overwhelming silence.

They simply stared, eye to eye, level to level.

It was Mako who gave in. She picked up the purse on her lap and pulled out a name card, and pushed it to Ito's side on the table.

"What's this?"

Outside the cafeteria, a black Mercedes Benz pulled over, and waited along the pavement.

The blonde beauty inched closer towards Ito and gave her an endearing pat on the head, a small smile on her lips. Her hand then stopped at her cheek. The slightly intimate move caused Ito to focus onto the beauty, her face flushed red with both anger and embarrassment.

"You're a diamond, Ito." The sudden compliment caused her to redden even further, she was about to retort when she saw Mako's smile deepened, "but this audition is not your starting point." She paused for a moment and picked up the name card on the table, "this," she gestured at the name card, "is where you must start."

The blonde beauty pulled her hand back from the tender contact and stood up from her seat.

"I… have to go now," the blonde lady looked out of the window as she spoke, "and," her face softened, a melancholic smile on her lips, "I am sorry… for everything."

Ito never really understood the reason behind Mako's apology. Ito felt that she was the one who needed to say sorry instead of Mako.

Several moments later, it finally dawned on Ito that Mako was leaving. She scrambled up from her seat and chased for the beauty who was already in the car. She sped out of the café and saw the sleek black car sweeping past her, right in her face.

The next moment, Ito almost broke down when she became conscious of a very important fact.

She realized that their friendship was like threading on a thin, fine line. Other than the card in her hands, she had absolutely no other ways to contact Mako.

She stood there, immobilized, her eyes glistening with unshed tears until someone pulled her back from her reverie.

"I am pretty amazed," his voice was soft, husky, yet held a penetrating sharp edge, "that Ms. Mako actually gave you this." Ito turned back sharply, a look of bewilderment etched on her face as she saw Leon, who was ever so elegantly standing behind her. However, upon seeing the item that was in his hand, Ito gritted her teeth in resentment.

"You! Give it back!"

The card was the only medium to be able to reach Mako. Seeing the card in Leon's hand, Ito had the urge to pull it out. The man's smiled deepened as he saw the female, who was very much like a feline, ready to strike. However, as he took a step forward, the feline actually pulled herself back as an act of caution.

"This," Leon gestured towards the card, "is like a one-way-ticket to the entertainment industry." The man passed the card back to the woman who snatched it off from his hand. Ito saw the readings on the card, which stated the information of a modeling agency and a person's name.

Narita Tsubaki

"Why…?" Ito murmured, her eyes wide. She had heard of the modeling agency. It was a renowned agency, the name of 'Efflorescence' were almost anywhere and everywhere on the streets, from something as small as a magazine to a large scale billboard advert.

"It was as if she was trying to tell you," Leon chuckled as he spoke, "the first lesson you must learn is that, to get into the entertainment industry, the first thing you'll need is connections." His small chuckle grew louder and it soon developed into a sister cackle.

"I really couldn't seem to understand, why would she want to help someone like you?" The insult left a deep cut in Ito's face. Ito glared at the man, the fury in her growing.

"What do you mean by that?" She growled, her voice low and almost dangerous.

"Do you really need me to explain, amateur?" The man's lips curled upwards into a defying smirk, "Did you know? Just from the one second blank out from the audition, I could actually fail you, despite how wonderful your partner managed to salvage the skit." His orbs darkened as he spoke, like a snake baring its poison fangs. As he ended his sentence, the man simply turned and walked away without a single word, leaving an infuriated and equally beaten Ito behind.

The word amateur hurts.

Ito soon found her cheeks warm with tears. Yet she knew that she could not stop now, not with a single setback. She still needed to apologize to Mako and she still wanted to stay by that person that gave her such warmth.

Even if they only knew each other for a mere single day, it felt like Mako was her family.


She wanted Mako back.

Ito glanced up at the large corporate building, took a deep breath and strode in, the card in her palm was being grasped on tightly. She knew, to have Mako back, this would be her starting point.


Leon was seated on a couch, his eyes fixated on a paper. It was an information particular of a blonde beauty. However, other than the name that is being filled in, all the other slots were left blank.

"An enigma, aren't you, Ms. Mako?" Leon murmured, a whimsical smile on his lips. His index finger was tracing the contour of the beauty's face.

"But I wonder why…" Leon's voice dropped to a whisper, "did you push that diamond of yours into a pit hole filled with venomous snakes? Indeed, Effloresce is a famous and successful agency, very much like the ticket to the entertainment industry… yet it's very much like a survival game in there…"

A survival game of wits and treachery.

It's getting interesting, without a doubt, the stage that Ms. Mako have laid out.


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Did Leon knew that Mako is a male?
The answer is no. What Leon realized was the fact that Makoto was a professional actor (actress).

Yes, Leon always thought of Makoto as a female.

Is Leon getting more sick/twisted/perverse?
Oh yes, definitely. ;)

Did Ito (Mako) have Mako (Ito)'s phone number?
Unfortunately, no. :)

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This story is going to be AU soon (with canons having canon-tic personalities.)

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