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It was the day before the gennin test and this was Narutos third and final time to take the test, pass or fail. It was currently 5 am and he was asleep in his bed with a pair of frog boxers, a white t-shirt and his nightcap. He stirred whe he felt a sensation go through his body.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw a pair of brown eyes and a blond hair girl wearing a white shirt with fishnet underneath and a pair of red shorts about his age was smiling at him and had her hands in his boxers and she said "Hello Narukun."

Naruto blinked and squinted his eyes and then she moved her hand and that feeling went through him agian and he asked "What are you doing and who are you."

The girl smiled and said "As of right now Im your fiance and I need to make sure you listen to me about everything I say without freaking out so I am using a woman best jutsu." with a smile on her face and then Naruto groaned involuntary as she stopped and he whimpered a little and then she started agian.

She asked "You going to listen now."

Naruto nodded as he leaned on his elbows and then she said "first I want to tell you about your father. His name was Arashi Kazama and he was the Yondaime Hokage." Naruto eyes got big and he started to say something when the girl started to go faster with her hand making him stop trying to speak.

She then said "Ok, now that you know who your dad is its time to tell you why almost everyone in this village hates you. You remember the Kyuubi attack. Well your dad did defeat the Kyuubi but not the way the children were told. Your dad gave his life to seal Kyuubi in you so that you could save this village but people are stupid and dont want to believe it and thats why they blame you for holding Kyuubi prisoner." at this point Naruto was panting from what this girl was doing and she smiled seeing the reaction she was having on him.

She sighed and said "Your mother is alive and is with my mother right now but she was told that you had died durring the Kyuubis attack or she would have been here for you but I will get word to my mom and have her bring your mom here."

Naruto gasped out "Who...is...she."

The girl smiled and said "Her name is Shizune and my mothers name is Tsunade and so is mine but I want you to call me Tsu-hime, ok Narukun."

Naruto closed his eyes and said as he exploded "Yyyyeeessss Tsuhime." as he fell back on the bed.

Tsunade smile as she pulled her hand away and put the creme in a small tube before opening a scroll and placing it on the scroll and sealing it and leaned forward and kissed Naruto on the lips and he asked weakly "Do you hate me."

Tsunade pulled him into a light hug for her and said while looking into his eyes "No, I love you and I would do anything for you. In a few hours after we get some sleep we are going to see the Hokage and your moving into my family home with me and then I am going to help you get ready for the exams so we can be on the same team. Also a friend of mine wanted me to give you a message and said your furry friend should hear it also. In time of hardship the old have to sacrafice themselfs for the young so that the pack may live on"

Inside Naruto, Kyuubis eyes grew bigger and then he sensed out with Naruto senses and thought "I since my chakra in her, so, she was made a part of the pact by me. If I believe her message then I have to die. I must speek to the boy first."

Naruto smiled a small real smile and said "I love you Tsuhime." and leaned agianst her neck and fell asleep.

Tsunade smiled a small smile as a tear fell down her cheek before she fell asleep and whispered "Thank you Narukun."

Tsunade dreamed about what happen before she arrived in Naruto appartment today.


Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage was on her knees crying as the village of Konoha laid burning around her but it was not for the village that she was crying. It was the 20 year old man that she had fallen in love with over the past 6 years. He was currently laying lifeless with the sword that had been stabbed into his heart by his friend Sakura.

Sakura had only used Naruto and was nice to him long enough to try and rescue Sasuke but once Sasuke was killed last week she blamed Naruto for it and had somehow gotten a hold on the Grasscutter sword of Orochimarus

Naruto had been in the Hospital still recovering from the injuries he got in the final battle with Atasuki in which Sasuke was killed. Sakura had studied about how to stop Kyuubi power after the incedent with it at the bridge and learned the 5 star seal. She walked up to his sleeping form and said "Its your fault Naruto. If you had not failed your promise back then and brought him back he would be alive and if it had not been for you having Kyuubi in you then Itachi would not have been with Atasuki and then Sasuke would have not faced them."

She then slammed a fivestar seal over the Kyuubi seal waking Naruto up and pulled out the grasscutter before stabbing it into his heart.

Unfortinately Sakura never knew about the special seal Jaraiya had placed on Naruto. It was designed as a suicide seal if he was ever captured by Atasuki. It gave Kyuubi 1 hour of freedom after Naruto was dead. Long enough for him to kill whoever it was that killed naruto. Once he was freed he saw people cheering Sakura for killing the demon but thier cheers ended when Kyuubi leveled Konoha with the exception of Tsunade. The rest of his friends had been out of the village on missions at the time.

Kyuubi stood over her and said "Human, the kit cared for you and you never betrayed him so I have no feelings of hatred for you. The kit thought of you as part of his pack and so do I. Do you love him."

Tsunade blinked with tears on her face and looked at the Kyuubi in all his glory and said "Yes. At first it was like a mother, then a sister and then it became more, I wanted him to be happy and I was afraid over our age so I never told him."

Kyuubi smiled and said "He knew none the less so that is why I am offering you a deal. How would you like to be with him and be young agian."

Tsunade looked up with hope in her eyes and asked "How."

Kyuubi sighed and said "There is a way but you will have to give up mortality to do it. You would have to become a demon. Your appearance will change to that of you at the same age as the kit, 14, but your chakra will be yours and not demonic and you will have improved healing like the kit but thats it. You wont transform or anything like the kit did when he got my chakra. He would not have if it had not been for the seal. After he becomes a demon you have him mark you by biting you on the neck and channel his chakra into you and you do the same and you both will have the same life then and until you are killed or thousands of years pass by you will live just like him. I can give you my power and make you one and send you back but you must tell the kit this so I will hear it once he knows about me. In time of hardship the old have to sacrafice themselfs for the young so that the pack may live on. If you give that message to him then he will do it and he will become like you."

Tsunade asked "why are you doing this."

Kyuubi said "My reasons are my own but I do it because I think of him as my Kit that was killed and caused me to attack. Call it making us even. So do you accept."

end flashback.

Tsunade stirred and blinked and looked into the sky blue eyes of Naruto and she asked "What time is it Narukun."

Naruto glances at the clock and said "8 oclock and Im late for the accademy."

Tsunade said "Your not going today. We have to train you so you will pass and see the hokage." as she laid on his arm.

Naruto asked "Why."

Tsunade looked confused and asked "Why what."

Naruto said "Why did you come back for me."

Tsunades eyes got big for a moment and asked "How."

Naruto said "Kyuubi, he said you were a demon now but said you were made one by him and he said that the only way that could be is if you were from the future but he said my changes would take time because of the seal and he would be gone then but I just want to know why."

Tsunade smiled a sad smile and pulled him into a hug and started to cry and said "I fell in love with you but did not think we could work out because I was older and then you died and kyuubi gave me a chance to come back and after loosing everyone I love I agreed."

Naruto said "Promise me."

Tsunade looked at him and he said "Promise me that you will tell me the truth always, please. I have been lied to so much I dont want to be lied to by someone who said shes my fiance. Is that real."

Tsunade said "Its real if you will have me but I can only promise you that I will tell you what I can. I wont tell you how you died or whats going to happen because its all going to change with me by your side."

Naruto smiled and said "Fair enough and I accept tsuhime." and leaned forward and kissed her and she returned the kiss and when they broke apart Tsunade leaned down and whispered "I want to be yours forever and only yours."

Naruto smiles and said "So, what do we do about the old man."

Tsunade had a twitch and said "Thank god im not the only Hokage that you called old." before her eyes got wide realising what she said and Naruto had his eyes also wide hearing it.

Naruto sighed and said "So I never reached my dream huh."

Tsunade said "You were to be Rokadiame before you were killed if that helps but you wont be killed this time so get up and take a shower. You smell of sex."

Naruto eyes bulged out and he asked "are you a pervert."

Tsunade chuckled and said "No, its not perverted if it with someone you are either married, engaged or dating so we are good and besides, that was only a warm up for what we will do later." as she winked and walked to the bathroom leaving a red faced naruto.

Naruto sighed and got up out of bed and started to get his cloths and noticed that he was leaner now and also his sensed were a little sharper then they were before and also most of his baby fat was gone but when Tsunade came out of the bathroom she looked at his closet and said "After I have sensie give us your dads money we are getting you some new cloths."

Narutos look darkened and Tsunade said "Dont worry, today is going to start a new life for you and you can drop the mask you wear also. I know the real you and nobody wants to pissoff the great grandaughter of the first Hokage."

Naruto asked "Are you really the great grandauughter of the first."

Tsunade sighed and said "for everyone else I am but for you since you know the truth I am actually the grandaughter and the third was my sensie when I was a gennin but because of kyuubi I am the same age as you now so dont even think im old."

Naruto thought for a moment and said "How are you going to explain to everyone."

Tsunade got an evil look on her face that Naruto would soon learn meant someone was about to meet the Hokage mountian and said "Simple. I will tell everyone that I am the daughter of Tsunade the slug sannin and my father is Jaraiya the toad sannin and when Jaraiya comes to confront me about it I will tell him the truth and have him find the other me and your mom. He is a pervert though but he was your dads sensie so treat him like a pervert, call him erosannin." with a grin that Naruto was liking.

Naruto said "Your a prankster, arent you."

Tsunade said "Not till I met you but go take a shower."

Naruto sighed and went to the bathroom and he stopped for a moment and he asked "What does a fiance do anyways, Until this morning I hadve never even had a kiss and whatever that was you did to make me feel good."

Tsunade said "Well we hold hands, kiss, and go from there as long as we both want it but since Im more experienced in love I will let you go at your own pace."

Naruto said "Can we do that thing agian sometime." embarresed a little.

Tsunade chuckled and then went into full blown laughter and said "I think I created a monster, oh well. Yeah, we will do that and more that is even better. Trust me."

Naruto smiled and said "I already do." and walked into the bathroom taking a shower quickly because Tsunade had turned the water on for him already.

After getting out and dressed he came out and asked "How did you get the hot water knob to turn. It was rusted shut and I could never even budge it."

Tsunade look darkened for a moment knowing how bad he had it and said "Watch." and walked over to a chair and tapped it with her finger and it flew across the room and shattered into several pieces.

Naruto eyes were ready to bulge out of his head and Tsunade said "Lets go."

Naruto only nodded and followed Tsunade out the door and they walked toward the hokage office holding hands and getting a few stares from people as they made it through town.

A man walked up and said "get away from her you dem..." his words echoed across the village as he was sent flying by a fist from Tsunade. Everyone was in shock by the display of power and backed away from the girl.

In the Hokage office the third looked out the window and saw a man flying toward the Hokage mountian and thought "only one person could do that. I wonder what he did to piss her off."

He was about to have an ABNU find her when the door was busted off it henges and a blond hair girl came in about 14 years old and was with Naruto. The third blinked and Naruto said "Hey old man."

The third smiled and looked at the girl having a flash of his gennin team appear in his head and said "Hello Naruto and who is this young lady."

Tsunade said "Hello Hokagesama, mom said to tell you to stop looking at woman with that crystal ball or she will give you a matching scar." with a smile on her face.

The third blinked and paled as only one person knew of that and he asked "Who is your mother and what is your name."

Tsunade said "Cant you guess, my mom is Tsunade and that is also my name. Shes currently with my fiances mom right now but as soon as I see dad I will have him go get her. I arrived in Konoha last night and spent the night at narukuns. Isnt that right Narukun." as she kissed him on the lips quickly.

The third who was floored a moment ago said "And who is your dad and how do you know who Naruto mom is when I dont."

Tsunade was looking at her fingernails and said "my dad is Jaraiya and as for how I know its easy to figure out considering his dad was the Yondaime who was married to shizune. Besides I ran the test myself on his blood and found it matched hers." as she looked up at the third who was looking scared and watching Naruto reaction or the lack of.

Tsunade said "Dont worry, I told him all about fluffy and his parents as well as his real name last night and Narukun, you got to return the favor tonight." favor was said seductively causing the third to fly back with a nosebleed and Naruto to start laughing.

After a moment the third recovered and tried to think of something to say when Naruto said "Hey old man, since I know who my dad is and I am moving in with Tsuhime, can I have access to my money so I can get some stuff."

Tsunade said "Dont worry narukun, we need to go practice Kagebunshin no jutsu so we can pass the test tomorrow and be on the same team."

Naruto asked "and how do you know we are going to be on the same team anyways."

Tsunade said "Simple, A, were engaged, B since I know you will get stuck with Kakashi he wont train you since hes got the Uchiha, C, if were not I will have dad and mom come and get both of us and make us thier apprentaces and have to cause the third here more paperwork rearranging teams and D, if he does put us on the same team I will give him a jutsu that can do all of his paperwork in a fraction of the time." smiling as the third went from currious to unsure to questionable to scared and then excited.

The third said "And how do you know you both will pass the test anyways."

Tsunade said "Simple, replacement, henge and a bunshin and since narukun cant do regular bunshins because of furball Im going to teach him Kagebunshin which will let him pass but I think you should come and make sure everything is fair at the test tomorrow."

The third said "but your not registered as a accademy student."

Tsunade flicked a chair out the window and said "really, and here I was sure you would jump at a chance to get mom to come back to the village agian, oh well, come on Narukun, since you have not actually passed the test your still a villager, and cant be classified as a missing nin and I am not even a student yet so cya." and turned toward the door dragging Naruto.

The third sighed and said "Wait, fine you win."

Tsunade said "But I didn't gamble." mocking him.

The third said "At least you dont have your mothers bad habbits or luck." with a smile and Tsunade had a vein appear and she said "Yeah" softly.

The third said "Tomorrow, 8 am both of you are to report to the accademy and if you both pass then you can be on the same team. As for your fathers money you cant claim it until your a chunnin or go by your real name until then or your mother comes back and actually takes your fathers name and you."

Tsunade saw the scared look on Naruto face and said "I almost forgot, If dad shows up before I see him he will deny knowing about me because he was kind of drunk when it happened and mom did not want to have him currupt me while I was little. I have a scroll for him to read to explain everything. Cya." and closed the door behind her and walked outside with Naruto.

Naruto sighed and said "You had this all thought out didnt you though we did not get the money."

Tsunade sighed looking around and whispered "Yes, When Kyuubi sent me back I was in a void of darkness for what seemed like forever as my body changed until I appeared on the Hokage mountian at dusk yesterday and went to my home and got some cloths that fit me since I am younger and my body is a little different and a few things and then broke into your apartment and found you in your bed this morning so I had thought about a back story while I was waiting to arrive back here an then last night deciding on what to do. As for money, Its not a problem as even without your money I do have some in a safe at my family home incase I ever decided to return and so I would not spend it on gambling or sake. Now lets go practice and maybe I can find some cloths of my little brothers that might fit you."

Naruto asked "Your bro..."

Tsunade interupted him and said "Died durring the last great war. I have no family and you mom and Jaraiya were the only real friends I had until I met you. We did not know you were her son until you were injured and had to find blood donars. Anyways lets not talk about the past and start living for now and the future. We both hated our past so lets forget it. Deal."

Naruto said "Deal." and continued to walk until Iruka appeared in front of Naruto and said "Found you Naruto, what have I told..."

He was stopped when Tsunade wrapped her arms around Naruto and kissed him more passionately then ever and also walking him backwards toward and ally and leaned him agianst a wall and finally after a few moment Tsunade put one of naruto hands on her breast and Iruka went flying backwards with a nosebleed and the noise caused both of them to stop and look at him and both said "pervert." and Naruto noticed where his hand was a quickly moved it away and Tsunade said "If I put it there at times like that its ok. If not then no."

Naruto could only nod and then both left in a swirl of leaves and Naruto blinked finding himself in a back yard of a huge mansion.

Tsunade said "Welcome to your new home Naruto. This is my family estates but like I said, since I dont have any family its all mine. Ok these are the handseals for Kagebunshin no Jutsu." showing Naruto the signs and said "To do it you must channel large amount of chakra into it and do what you normally do for a regular bunshin."

Naruto nodded and Tsunade said "I have a bet for you" causing Naruto to stop before starting and she continued "I have 5 bowls ramen for you to eat, however after each hour you dont finish learning this jutsu I will eat one bowl. If after 5 hours you dont learn it then you have to give up ramen for a week. However if you can get this jutsu in less then 2 hours I will give you another one of those deals I gave you this morning. Deal."

Naruto thought quickly and said "Deal" and he began working on it. Tsunade went into her home and started to look in her brothers room for cloths that might fit Naruto. After looking she found a pair of black pants and a black shirt as well as some fishnet armor that should fit him and then went outside with one bowl of ramen that she had made while inside and looked at her watch and asked "So how are you doing."

Naruto was panting a little from trying it for an hour and he said "Im still working on it." and tried agian but it was only half of one.

Tsunade nods and said "Thats one bowl down." and starts to eat it in front of Naruto who had fake anime tears going down his cheeks.

Naruto started to try it agian more desperate then ever. Tsunade watched him and thought "come on Naruto, you only took 3 hours from the record I read about the scroll incedent. You can do this, I know it." and she got up and started going through some Katas of her medical tiajutsu.

Naruto stops to catch his breath and watches her and she catched the look of amazement from his face and said "Just 20 more minutes before you lose your reward and I eat another bowl of Ramen." and smirked as he renewed his work to master the jutsu.

Naruto was getting closer when Tsunade said "Stop." causing Naruto to look at her.

She walks over to him and said "I want you to go and close your eyes and put your hand in the ram seal and gather as much chakra as you can to make as many as you can and then do the seals for it and try one more time. Fail and this will blow up and hurt you." placing an exploding tag on his chest and his eyes got big as a silver dollar.

Naruto closed his eyes and thought "Fox, I dont know if you can hear me but I need help or she is going to kill me"

A booming laughter filled his head and then he felt a burning sensation go through his body and then he shouted out as he did the handseals "Kagebunshin no jutsu." and suddenly 200 Kagebunshins appeared and Naruto slowly open his eyes and saw a warm smile on Tsunade face and she said "I knew you could do it. Now I want you to have them all pull out a kunia and walk to a tree and put thier hands in a ram sign and walk up a tree like this. To much chakra and you blow off, to little and you dont stick, take it slow so some of them might not die from hitting the ground." and she demonstrated it by going up and then down the tree.

Naruto who was a little tired said "You heard her, lets go." and they all started trying it and most of the Kagebunshins went up in smoke after the first try and Naruto felt a little daze for a moment.

Tsunade smirked at this and pointed to one Kagebunshin and said "You, come with me. The rest of you and the real Naruto stay out here and try what I showed you." and walked into the house with the Kagebunshin following her.

As she got inside the house she turned and said "I want you to dispell yourself after I tell you something, free ramen, dispell all the Kagebunshin and come and get it. Now dispell." and smirked as a shout of free ramen came from outside and then several puffing sounds and Naruto running into the house.

He blinked and looked around and asked "Weres the ramen."

Tsunade asked "How do you know I said that."

Naruto said "You told me, remember." looking confused.

Tsunade said "But I told you to stay outside and brought a Kagebunshin in with me and told him."

Naruto was thinking and said "Yeah, but how did I know what you said."

Tsunade reached under the counter and handed him a bowl of ramen and said "Thats the secret of Kagebunshins, they think and act just as you would but if they dispell themselfs you learn what they did like Chakra control, jutsu, as well as anything you read or see. The only thing it cant help you on is your physical strength but I know how to fix that with the right training. Do you understand what I was talking about Kagebunshins."

Naruto who had noddles in his mouth said "Yes," with noodles sticking out of his mouth.

Tsunade sighed and said "We got alot of work to do. You need to learn table manors."

Naruto blinked and asked "What do you mean."

Tsunade smiled and put her arms across her chest and said "Simple. I want to get you as strong as possible as fast as possible so that way we both will have more time together without training later and I want you to be able to impress your mom when you finally meet her so she knows what a good person you are."

Naruto thought for a moment and said "Ok."

Tsunade saw him finish his ramen she said "Ok, try Kagebunshin agian."

Naruto put his hand in the sign and said "Kagebunshin no jutsu" and 5 appeared perfect.

Tsunade nods and said "Good, now lets work on your chakra control for the rest of the day so you wont have any trouble. Are you ready."

Naruto nods yes and follows her outside and Tsunade said "I want you to try and make as many clones as you can agian and ask Kyuubi for some chakra also since I notice that you did before."

Naruto closed his eyes and thought "Kyuubi, I dont know if you heard her or not but she wants me to use your power agian."

A voice in the back if his head said "Tell her that I am busy getting your body ready for the changes and cant give anymore right now. Damn woman, I see now why I chose her to become part of the pact."

Naruto said "Kyuubis said he cant give any more chakra right now because hes doing soemthing to my body." and then put his fingers in the handsign and shouted "Kagebunshin no Jutsu." and then 25 appeared.

Tsunade nods counting them and said "Thats good. I want the real Naruto to go and try the tree climbing and mark where you get on the tree with a kunia before you fall and I want the Kagebunshin to get in groups of 5 and I will instruct them each on what to do."

The clones divided up into 5 groups and tsunade said "Group 1,2,3,4,5" pointing to each group "Group one, go and get a leaf and put it on your head and try and make it float like this with your chakra." and put a leaf on her forehead and had it float a few inches off her head and spinned a few moments before she snatched it "Do it until your almost out of chakra then dispell yourself."

A chorus of "Hias" were heard and they speed off to work.

Tsunade looks at the next group and said "Ok Group 2, I want you to go inside my home and look in the library and start reading the books that say basic anatomy and start to read as much as you can on the subject. I know you hate to read but its important and I will tell you why. If you learn anatomy you can not only learn to heal your fellow ninja but also to defeat someone quicker by knowing where to do the most damage. Keep going until Naruto dispels you or you are almost out of chakra, then dispell yourself. Now go."

The group headed off quickly.

Tsunade looked at the third group and said "Remember how I showed you to do the tree climbing. Theres a pond on the side of the house. Put your hands in the ram seal and try to walk on water the same way. Heres a tip, stay in the shallows until you get it by standind then try walking. Dispell before you run out. Now go."

The group left quickly and Tsunade looked at the last two group and said "Group 4, I want you to go inside and look in the library for strategy as well as Shogi and Go. I want you to learn to play both games to help you learn battle strategy. Same rules for you."

The group left and Naruto cursed as he fell out of the tree only 10 ft off the ground. Tsunade then looked at the last group and said "I want you all to watch my movements through my Katas and try and copy them as best you can. I will only go through the first 10 Katas but that should be enough for today. Same rules as the others so when you see enough to try it go ahead and start and I will correct you." and she started to move in her tiajutsu pattern.

After 15 minutes of moving in the same pattern she stopped and looked at the clones who had been watching and starting to do the same kata. She walked around for the 30 minutes and started correcting them and telling them whats wrong. She then looked at Naruto who was looking pale and said "Enough. Dispell all the clones. Your about to pass out and I still want to talk to you about something. Dispell them one group at a time."

Naruto nodded and looked at the tree and saw he made it about 30 ft up before falling and thought to each group and dispelled them and getting a little dazed as each group of info came in. Naruto looked at Tsunade and said "Whats do you want to talk to me about Tsuhime."

As he slowly walked over to her. She put his arm around her shoulder and lead him inside the house so he would not fall and when they made it inside She sat him on the couch and sat down beside him and said "I want to talk about us." as she looked at him.

He looked back and asked "What about us."

Tsunade said "I know that you have a crush on Sakura but I want to know if you actually love her or is it just that you wanted attention and thought if you could get it from her since she only cares for Sasuke who always got everything handed to him that you wanted." as she held her head down and waited paitiantly.

Naruto thought for a moment and said "Truth is, I dont know. I never actually know what love is. I heard Sakura always talk about how great Sasuke is and how hes perfect and I guess I always thought if she could fall in love with me then she would say that about me and then I would not feel so alone. But that was before today. Today you have showed more for me then anyone else in this village and I dont have to pretend to be something Im not. You have actually defended me from the villagers and then you told me I could live with you and made me feel special and actually tried to teach me something instead of telling me to give up and..." he was stopped by a pair of lips pressed agianst his and he looked at Tsunade who had her lips agianst his and then she slowly pulled back and smiled.

Tsunade said "Naruto, you talk to much and you answered my question. What you felt for Sakura is not love but a form off wanting. You wanted what you were denied and thought if you could get it from the one person you know would never give it to you then you would be happy but I can tell you from experience that the only thing you will find is loneliness."

Naruto looks at her and asked "Is love the felling of being complete and not having to prove yourself to anyone or anything."

Tsunade looks at him and said "Yes, thats real love. Do you feel that way Naruto."

Naruto looks into her eyes and said "Yes, with you."

Tsunade looks at him and said "God, you can always make me feel happy."

Naruto sighed and closed his eyes and asks "Why did you want to know how I felt for Sakura." opening his eyes a little to look at her.

Tsunade leaned back agianst the couch and said "call it jelousy or wanting to know if today is just a dream or if you really felt for me what I feel for you."

Naruto looked at her and said "Theres more to it then that."

Tsunade sighs and said "you were always good at telling when people were not telling the whole truth. The whole truth is that I dont want you to get hurt agian when she never returns your feelings and I want you to know what my feelings are for you."

Naruto watched her closely and then said "You know the pain of loneliness, dont you."

Tsunade nodded slowly and Naruto asked "Want to talk about it. Ive seen eyes like that before every morning of my life when I look at myself in the mirror. The pain of being alone."

Tsunade looked around and said "My parents died durring the 1st great war and my brother died durring the 2nd war. Your great uncle Dan was my fiance also Naruto but he died shortly after he asked me to marry him durring th 2nd war. After that I basically drunk all the time and gave up on the world. I made your mother my apprentice out of respect for Dan since she had noone else at the time. I dont know how her and your dad met and you came to be. Shizune left me for 2 years when I went off the deep end with my depression. It was not until you came into my life that I came out of it and then you gave me something to believe in. You saved my life and gave me a dream and let me know what it was to be happy agian."

Naruto listened to her and asked "Am I just a replacement or someone else or something."

Tsunade snickered and then laughed and said "Thats one thing you will never be Naruto. You are as individual as Kyuubi was to this village. Something that has never been seen before and never will be again. I may know about you from knowing you for over 6 years but every day I learned something new from you. Thats why I did not want to tell you about my past is because I did not want you to think that what I feel for you is not genuine. Let me show you how genuine I mean."

Naruto looked curious and asked "What do you mean."

Tsunade stood up and touched the back of Naruto neck and then he felt wierd as his body would not work and Tsunade got in front of him and said "You completed Kagebunshin before the time was up so I promised you I would pay you and here it is." and she reached her hand up and into his pants agian and started to rub him.

A voice from the other side of the room said "I never imagined Tsunade daughter would be so perverted, or should I say Tsunade herself."

Tsunade leaned her head down and said "Damn you Jaraiya, how much did you here and how long have you been here."

Jaraiya appeared as a cloak fell and said "Ive been here every since you left the Hokages office as I was on the balcony. Tell me, how did you get young agian and what are you doing here and what do you mean 6 years."

Tsunade looked around at Jaraiya and Naruto asked "Tsu-hime, who is he." still unable to move.

Tsunade said "That would be Jaraiya, the toad sannin and the one I told you about."

Naruto thought for a moment and said "Erosannin huh."

Jaraiya facefaulted and Tsunade smirked as she sat down beside Naruto and leaned agianst his arm.

Jaraiya finally got over his disrespect and said "So you going to tell me."

Tsunade asked "Does the third suspect anything yet."

Jaraiya said "No, I backed up your story until I could confront you about it but I never expected to see what I have seen, so tell me exactly whats goings on and why I should not informed him."

Tsunade asked "Did you know who the boys dad was before today Jaraiya."

Jaraiya sat down in a chair and said "No, I suspected but did not know enough about blood to test it."

Tsunade nods and said "furball sent me back, you put a suicide seal on Naruto so incase he was captured and killed Kyuubi got 1 hour of freedom to kill those responsible for his death. After he killed them he knew of my feelings for Naruto here and offered me a chance to come back and change that future and I have already started but this time I am going to be by the man I come to love. However I need your help."

Jaraiya seemed to think it over and said "Do tell, and what is it you need from me."