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Pairing: MelloxMatt

Credit and special thanks: phoenix of hell who kindly edited this story (and helped me to make the ending :)), and readers. Plz R&R

Mello sat on the cushion with a bar of milk chocolate filling his mouth. He munched it bit by bit and was surprised that it didn't make him feel better like it always did.

He thought that one bar of chocolate will stop him from thinking about the voice he associated with video games, the voice that had sometimes made him feel stranded. He thought it would stop him from missing the cigarettes' smoke that always lingered in the room, after the redhead had smoked his minimum ratio of half a package. However, he had been wrong. The chocolate wasn't doing any good.

The blond put his already half-eaten chocolate on the table, and he was greeted with the sight of cigarettes, a lighter and an ashtray. He used to tell Matt that both of them would die from lung cancer and it was the saddest way to die. Mello laughed at himself. Maybe he had been wrong. Maybe it would have been good if both of them had suffered cancer together and had died sadly inside a hospital room.

He remembered how he complained about the smoke that smelled bad. Mello had never liked the smell of cigarettes or their taste; but now, he wouldn't mind them. He even wished that he could smell that certain aroma he had always hated once more.

The boy's hand reached for a pack of cigarettes.

"Stupid…" he thought, pretending to be disappointed. "That stupid mate of mine died leaving me his rubbish. He knew I hated cigarettes."

He opened one pack.

The scent of tobacco spread.

Mello lit up the lighter, burned the end of a cigar, and forced it into his mouth. Just one little inhale before he threw it to the bin. Not because it had tasted foul. That wasn't the problem. But it had also tasted of Matt, and of memories that will remain just that: memories, and of actions and small-talks and heated arguments which would be no more.