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Suze Simon's To-Do List:

1. Visit my gorgeous boyfriend's new apartment, not two blocks from my college dorm room.

2. Watch and cringe at Paul Slater's music video - starring me.

3. Live happily ever after.

Curtain Call

-- Three Months Later --

Another boring day at college had ended blissfully in my boyfriend's arms.

I loved having his arms wrapped tightly around me, it made me feel so protected.

A week after Josefina's moving on - which still brings tears to my eyes whenever I think about it - Jesse was released from the hospital, having made a full recovery, quickly. I had had to stay another two days, which was totally unfair to me; I so received less injuries than he did - he was unconscious for way longer.

His family had travelled to the hospital to help discharge him. Seriously. The entire De Silva clan swarmed our hospital room.

I saw instantly that Jesse had his mother's dark curly hair, but his father's features.

His sisters were beautiful. I can't even begin to describe them all.

I was lonely after he'd gone. We'd spent that week together, joking, chatting and flirting and even, occasionally, kissing, whenever we thought we could risk it.

It wasn't long, however, before he was back, having showered - his hair was still wet - and changed his clothes. He smiled widely at me as he pulled up a chair and teased me, mercilessly, about being stuck in a bed.

"But," he sighed, somewhat dramatically. "I suppose, it's better that one of us is a visitor now."

"Really?" I asked uninterestedly - I wasn't much happy with all the teasing. "And why's that?"

"Because it makes it much easier for us to do this."

And he leaned over and placed his lips on top of mine, his large, rough hands cupping my cheeks.

"Do you agree?" He whispered when we'd pulled apart.


I grinned and then twisted my hand behind his neck, pulling him back towards me to kiss some more.

And that, my friends, was the beginning of a be-yoo-tee-full relationship.

Fast forwards three months and we were still together, both in school and both exhausted from a long terms work. Thank God there was a long weekend coming up.

Four whole days off to sit around and eat turkey.

Oh, and, you know, doing the whole family thing.

I love Thanksgiving.

"Hey, querida." Jesse kissed my temple. "Guess what's number one?"

I glanced up at him sharply.


"Yep." He picked up a remote and switched on the television, flicking towards the music channels. "There you are."

"Fish -- That is my favourite dish!"

The cringe-worthy words were being mimed atrociously by the star in question, all whilst Jesse and I danced the steps that were forever engraved into my mind with big smiles on our faces.

"Aww, man." I groaned into his shoulder. "Now everybody is going to see us!"

This song would be Paul Slater's last ever number one. Unless he decided to release more music when he turned fifty … somehow, I didn't see it happening.

He'd been charged with two cases of attempted murder, as well as manslaughter for the death of Josefina de Silva. The jury found him guilty and gave him two life sentences.

That's thirty whole years that I don't have to worry about Paul Slater. And by the time those thirty years are up, I'd most probably have forgotten about him.

The video flashed to Gina and Cole who looked considerably less happy then I did.

Why couldn't I have stayed in Brooklyn? Then I would have the whole 'I'm-not-excited-in-the-least' look perfected.

"It's not so bad, querida." Jesse smiled at the me on the T.V. "I happen to think you look amazing."

"You have to think that, you're my boyfriend." I rolled my eyes at his lack of knowledge.

"Oh, really?" He drawled the last word.

"Yeah-huh." I nodded quickly, making us both laugh.

Jesse stood up quietly, manipulating me into a standing position in front of him.

"Well, how would you feel, if…" He took my hand and fell to one knee, staring at my hand all the while. "… I was to become your fiancé, instead?"

It was on the word 'fiancé' that he finally looked up into my eyes and I was shocked into silence.

For all of a minute.

I mean, look at him, would you have said no?

He stood up and grinned happily, sliding the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen on my finger as he kissed me happily. I wouldn't have been at all surprised if he picked me up and started to spin me around until I was giddy.

I so love this man. Though I cannot believed he proposed to me with Paul Slater singing in the background.

-- Three Years Later --

"May I have this dance?"

I pushed my gaze up the sleeve of the arm that had been presented to me, passing his chest and stopping when I met his eyes. They were practically sparkling as he spoke next. "Mrs De Silva?"

I stood up, smoothing down my white wedding dress, as I smiled up at my husband of two hours and placed my hand in his own.

We'd decided to wait before we got married - I was only eighteen when he'd proposed after all - but by my third year of college when Jesse was just finishing with his degree of doctor hood (okay, so I don't actually know what it is he's studying to get, degree wise. All I know is that someday, my husband will be saving lives - and that is so unbelievably awesome) I decided that we needed something to get our minds off of schooling.

What better than a wedding?

Our wedding.

Gina, my maid of honour, and Jake, Jesse's best man - for reasons I do not want to go into, let's just say it was a drunken stag night decision and his cousin-in-law, Diego isn't on speaking terms with him anymore - were dancing closely near to us on the dance floor.

They'd recently announced their engagement too, after Gina had stayed around California after shooting for the video wrapped making the two of them inseperable ever since.

Cee Cee and Adam were also dancing together, and I sighed at the sight happily, resting my head on my husband's shoulder.

"Happy, querida?" He whispered.

"Ecstatic." I smiled up at him. "Look at everybody together - how close they are. It's nice, you know? Everybody has someone."

"Yeah, I know."

He spinned me out of his arms and pulled me back in close.

"It's like the end of a fairytale. The bad guy is slain and the heroes end up together and kiss, of course."

His lips met mine briefly.

"Of course."

I slapped his chest lightly, leaving my hand there.

"I feel like it's time for our curtain call. We've ended happily and now we get to live -"

"Happily Ever After."

He finished my sentence for me and I poked my tongue out at him playfully.