Two identical somber faces greeted the remaining male members of the Ouran High Host Club later that evening, nearly an hour after Fujioka Haruhi had left earlier than usual for the third time that week. The ceiling high doors to the room cracked open to allow the twin figures passage to the domain their talents helped run, but there was something different about their approach this time. The lack of miscellaneous banter that usually began to fill the room when the twins entered was missing, leaving a strange quiet in the large room that seemed to yearn for their voices to fill a void. As they walked toward their school mates, their unusual silence made the other members glance back to look toward the two discontented brothers. Haninozuka Mitsukuni tilted his head at their odd behavior and began to approach the two, his cornflower blue eyes wide with slight interest at the fact that their silence was causing such discomfort. Mori carefully put down the pink, upholstered chair he was stacking upon another and carefully watched his charge.

Canary yellow velvet curtains were drawn back to expose the large music room's holy grandeur to the canvas of colours painting the sky with summer pastels. This small artistic touch was lost on the artistically educated sons of the wealthy as their self proclaimed king approached the Hitachiins with a curious gleam in his eyes. Kyouya sat within hearing distance of the group, his slender fingers caressing his Pineapple powerbook as he assessed the coming weeks monetary funds, paying little attention to subtle commotion the twins were causing within their club.

And despite all their repeated exposure to the twins' uncanny observations, their next words surprised them all.

"Haruhi is wearing something unusual," glowered one of the pair, as an unfamiliar spark alight within his eyes.

At the simple mention of Haruhi's name, Tamaki Suoh was instantly held in rapt audience.

"Unusual? Why, our dearest daughter is honor bound to hold all semblance to 'normalcy' as she is our beloved 'normal type.'"

The calmer of the twins added his own two cents. "It's strange because it's red."

Kaoru's voice lifted deviously as he mentioned the word, savoring its syllable.

And with that, Tamaki's eyes opened in clear wonder as his mind ran off to a world unknown, his mind innocently blind to the twist the twin placed on the color. "Red? The color of passion? Love? Sweet romance? My dearest Haruhi has discovered a beautiful color! That's not unusual at all! My darling daughter has found a place in her peasant world for a royal color! Rouge is a tint held in only the most aromatic of flowers, among the most famous a single crimson rose!" With that, a sporadic tangle of words began to flow from his mouth in almost a loving caress, before he was halted mid-word with Hikaru's next statement.

"It was a lacy red La Perla A34 brassier."

"And it was padded," Kaoru inserted, with the return of their trademarked leery grins replacing their previous somber visages.

Hikaru gleefully continued. "And she was wearing the entire set. With the matching thong."

With that, Tamaki Suoh gaped mid-word, held his breath, and with a startled opened eyed glance around the room, promptly collapsed on the ground, twitching ever so slightly. No one noticed the small drop of blood that hovered within his nose, threatening to become a full fledged nosebleed.

Hunni and Mori were lost in the simple feminine language of the designer bred children until one of the twins uttered the word "thong". They were considerably silent as they did not truly understand the impact such undergarments on their female companion were having upon the rest of their friends.

A pair of twin lenses gleamed in the early evening sunset, as his ears carefully picked up on their conversation. But at the mention of the Italian branded undergarment set, a certain pounding rhythm had instead filled his senses.

Kyouya's finger slipped as he was typing a letter of formal request to his brother's company and because of his unusual mistake, spelled a word incorrectly. A thin red underline appeared in the Word document under the letters spelling 'bra--ther.' Brother. He had meant to type brother. Kyoya Ootori swallowed harder than he would have liked to admit, as an unwanted image bombarded his mind, pushing back all restraints of mental self control he usually had in place while he was doing his work.

As his imagination began to run away, he found himself being remarkably constrained in his nether regions as visions of red lacy undergarments being unclasped by his deft, well manicured fingers filled his vision. Which grew further into a scenario of chocolate coloured hair being splayed haphazardly on his blue silk covered pillows as said clothing made its way onto his bedroom floor. His fingers then gently slid down the dip between her breasts as they traced a feather light line all the way down to the brilliantly colored thong covering her --

It was Tamaki's whine that startled him out of his unexpected fantasy, as Kyouya found his throat quite dry due to a vision of a certain brunette beauty -- naked in his bed.


End prologue.