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- - -

'Hey Michael.'

The angel turned around slowly, he looked at the woman. 'What is it?'

'I want to ask you something.'

'Yeah… what is it?'

'Are you really going to go through with this despite the decision given by the other angels?'

'Well, pretty much yeah. I gotta do this someone has to get Verily back.'

'Fine, fine, just convince him with words ok; try not to kill him or anything.'

'Crap.' Michael nearly swore. 'Uh… nothing, sorry 'bout that. See ya then!' A hole appeared on the clouds below him, he gave a smile as he descended down to earth.

Katherine Pumps stood there, puzzled. 'I hope I know what you're doing buddy, just try not to hurt my brother too much.'

- - -

Pete enjoyed his time with Tazusa a lot but as their relationship progressed Tazusa began to understand more about Pete, about his love for flying. She eventually gave the conclusion that Pete wants to fly again so she let him go, well not exactly they're still a couple but she let him go in the meaning that Pete can fly again, he's going back, he's going back to being one of the world's youngest stunt pilots.

A heat wave roared through Montreal as the plane landed on the concrete runway. The plane lowers its landing gears as it slowly lands on the ground, it then slows as it taxis to park.

'HELLO CANADA!!' Pete shouted as he kicked the plane's doors open, he closed his eyes as he feels the cold wind on his face. But then moments later he is met with hundreds if not thousands of flashing cameras. He gets blinded by this and this causes him stumble, or more like roll down the plane's stairway.

Katherine, his sister, peered out and she saw his twitching body on the ground. 'You ok there kiddo?'

d(X.X) – Pete

'Mr. Pumps are ok sir!?' a man in a black tuxedo comes running through the crowd of Canadian reporters. He kicks through them as he goes for Pete.

Pete tries to move his head but it hurts too much. He recognizes the tall dark man. 'Hey there Gunny.'

'It's nice to see that you're still well sir.' the man helped him up.

Katherine walks off the plane; she pats the bald guy and Pete with her hands. 'Let's go.'

'No wait!' the reporters try to follow but a single glare from Katherine symbolizes pain, suffering and more pain. So they just back off slowly from her terrifying glare of pain, suffering and more pain AND suffering.

- - -

Gunny's a favorite butler of a friend of mine, Zack. Even though he looks pretty demanding and scary, he's a pretty nice guy once you get to know him. He's also always worried about me; I wonder how he reacted when I left the hospital without telling him… Pete imagined Gunny crying his heart on Pete's empty bed. Pete then LOL'd later.

'Something wrong sir?' Gunny said as he looked at him through the car's mirror.

'Oh nothing. Hey what's the haps with Zack? Is he still as short as always?' Pete joked.

'Hah, hah, I think you'll find it surprising that he's grown a foot since you were in your coma. Or was it, in your yearlong stay in Japan… I wonder…'

'A whole foot!?' Pete laid back as he imagined Zack towering over him. 'That's a little creepy… does that guy take steroids?'

Gunny laughed at Pete's peculiar joke, Katherine soon joined in and Pete laughed as well later. Pete looked out the window and he jumped forward, 'Wow nice! Is that where he lives now?'

'A lot has happened since you were gone see.' Gunny drives through the large golden-arched gates.

- - -

Gunny opened the door for Pete and Pete walked out, while holding his sister's hand of course as a sign of being a "gentleman".

'Wow, Zack got… a lot.' Katherine commented as they walked in. Gunny opened the gigantic redwood doors for Katherine and Pete and inside they saw a large mansion. But what was more surprising was the crowd of lined up French maids. They were all cute as they smiled at Pete.

Katherine clapped at their cuteness but Pete saw something else. For a blink of an eye he saw Tazusa in the maid costume. But his fantasy ended when Katherine stomped on his foot, Pete screamed in pain as Katherine said, 'You're thinking of her aren't you?'

'Well maybe I am… maybe I'm not…' Pete shifted his eyes around.

'PETER PUMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

'What the…' Pete turned around to see his best friend, a guy with black hair and blue eyes come to him... ON A FERRARI!! He drives the large muscle car through a long large hall in the house as he screams. 'HOW'S IT GOING BUDDY!!?'

'Hey there Zack…' Pete walked back slowly. '…you're not actually planning to…' Pete began running. 'HIT ME WITH THAT CAR ARE YOU!!!?'

'What? It's like you don't know me Pete… OF COURSE I WILL!!!' Zack steps on the gas as he drives the red Ferrari towards Pete. Pete goes flying around the house… anime style.

Moments later…

'Guess that was a little too harsh for a greeting eh?' Zack took a sip of his tea.

'Gee, ya think?' Pete wiped his head with a towel. He lowered it and he looked at Zack.

'Yeah, yeah…' Zack waved his hand. 'I know what you're asking me, and the answer is sure. Just stay here for a while 'til you get all of your fortunes back ok? Don't worry about a thing man, I've got your back covered.'


'But remember about the air show.'

'Yeah, yeah don't worry I'll give you the best performance I'll ever give!'

'But first you have to practice, doorknob. Oh never mind, first you have to go and take a bath first.' Zack snapped his fingers and immediately three maids came and appeared behind Pete.

They begin tugging on Pete's shirt as they drag him to the baths. 'Wait! Wait! Zack don't do this man!' Then he turned to the maids. 'Er… girls I'm perfectly capable of taking a bath on my own and…' they begin undressing him. 'WAIT!!!' They remove his pants. 'TAZUSA!!!!!!' the door to the bathroom shuts closed.

Katherine and Zack sweat drop. 'What a wimp, he's about to take a bath and he calls out to his girlfriend for help.' Katherine commented.

'Yeah…' Zack took another sip of his British tea.

- - -

Several agonizing minutes for Pete later...

Pete appears wearing a new pair of pants, complemented with one of Zack's shirts! Anyway, he appears slouching back on a chair as he talks to his sister and Zack. 'So Zack, what ever happened to your sister?'

'Oh you mean Iris?' Zack asked.

'Yeah whatever happened to--'

'OH PETE!!!' a little girl screamed from the distance.

'I had to open my mouth.' Pete slowly turned his head at the closed wooden door behind Zack. The ground began to shake and this door would be his only shield against... the evil...

'PETE!! PETE!! PETE!! PETE!! PETE!!' the door exploded open as an 11 year old girl bursts through it with her knees. But she quickly loses her footing on the landing causing her to face plant on the floor. She quickly get up while rubbing her nose and she proceeds to running to Pete with her arms open.

She hugs him as she rubs her face on his face. This freaks Pete out a bit so he slowly moves away.

'Oh Pete, did you miss me so? I thought that I'd lose you forever but luckily you're back...' she rubs her face faster which causes more friction, Pete's face now feels like the side of an oven. 'Was it my love that made you come back!!?'

No it was Tazusa's love now please get away! You're grossing me out!! Twitch. Twitch. Collapse.

'Pete? Pete? PETE!!!!!!!!!!'

'Ok...' Zack rolled his eyes as he took another sip of his tea. Seriously, it's been minutes and he still hasn't finished that cup? 'Hey Pete, you better get some sleep man, tomorrow you're goin' back to school.'

'Wait? What about the air show?' Pete asked as he continued to try and pry Iris off his face.

'Oh don't worry about it, it's in a couple of days. That's why I want you to chill for a while.' Zack gave a thumbs up.

Pete gave a smile. 'Thanks, you're a good friend.'

- - -

The school at which Pete studies is a highly prestigious university which has a rich variety of students from different cultures. They're all pretty friggin rich and smart. Now, the next morning Pete comes to school dressed in his old uniform.

Normally Canadian schools don't require students to wear uniforms but since this is a highly regarded universtiy Pete has to wear a white long sleeved polo with blue pants. He appears wearing a pair of black leather shoes along with his signature cross around his neck.

He took a deep breath as he stood in front of his old classroom door. He then finally got the nerve to open it. 'Hey there.'

The class was staring at him, there was a rich group of rich kids who were sons and daughters of aristocrats, CEOs and other high level people. They were all looking at him silently as if they don't know him. Then suddenly...

'PETE!!!!!' they jump off their seats and they come running to hug him. Some just decide to stay at the back but they still bother to stand to show him respect. Some laugh, some cry and some just freak out. But nothing will ever change the fact that Pete was surrounded with nice people before his "death", and now those good people are surrounding him, smoldering him with their love.

'Pete! We thought that we lost you! Thank God that you're still alive...' a girl tries to hold back her tears while holding on to Pete's arm.

'You have no idea how silent the classroom was without you.' a boy comments while he brings Pete's head down with a heavy pat. Wait... is that even possible?

'Pete you jerk! Why did you chose to run away with a girl before going to us eh? Your old friends...' another girl says with her tears pouring out.

Pete still appears as jolly as ever as he pats his friends' heads. 'I missed you guys...'

'Pete are you crying man?' Zack said as he came from the back door.

'No! No! Ok... fine maybe I am.' Pete said with a slightly trembling voice. 'I'm just so happy.'

'And so are we.' Zack, and the other boys who were at the back all gave him a thumbs up. AT THE SAME TIME!!

- - -

After classes were over Pete now appears with his old friends. We have Zack; the self proclaimed leader of the group, then we have Cedric; the silent guy who's a rifle maniac, and lastly we have Robert, the 17 year old who's a little too perverted for comfort. But deep down they're all nice guys, well maybe only to Pete. But the point here is that they're still nice!

Pete stretched his hands as they walked around the campus grounds. 'It's nice to be back.'

'Yep.' Zack... surprisingly has another cup of ice tea, he drinks it... again. Wait, the cup looks the same, holy God! Is that the same cup of tea from yesterday!?

'Hey Pete you're really lucky huh?' Robert says as he peers over Zack's shoulder.

'Why is that?' Pete had asked.

'Doorknob, do you want me to list it out for you? You survived a 100 day coma, which I find nearly impossible, and you came home with to a cute JAPANESE GIRL!! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE ASIAN CHICKS DON'T YOU!!!?' Robert shouted as he began to shake Pete through his shoulders.

Pete sweat dropped.

'Hey! Hey! Do you have a picture of her!?' Robert said with his mouth foaming.

'...' then it hit Pete. 'ZOMG! I FORGOT!! To bring a picture of her in my wallet... T.T'

'Don't worry about it man, things like this happen to me all the time.' Robert said as he put his arm over Pete's shoulder.

'Oh yeah, listen to the guy who's been single since... forever.' Zack said sarcastically.

'SHUT UP TEA-BAG BOY!!' Robert raised his fist. 'But still, you have to discuss what she's like with us.'

'But why?'


'Alright! Alright! Now can you please stop screaming in my ear!' Pete says as he pushes Robert back.

'Ok then, let the interview begin!!' Robert shouted and as he did a large stage appeared below their feet. A couch, some lights, a director dude and an audience appears around them. The three boys sit on the couch while Pete is left sitting on a comfy chair.

'What? Where did all of this come from!?' Pete panicked as he looked around him.

'It's fanfiction, it doesn't have to make sense.' Zack commented just before he took his last sip of his tea before putting it on the table. 'Now... our first question is... can you describe her in three words?'

'Let's see... she's cute, cunning and annoying!' Pete raised a finger.

'CCA... hmmm...' Zack began writing down on a sheet of paper.

'What... are... you doing?' Pete asked.

'Don't worry, don't worry, now, next question guys.' Zack placed the paper down and he began drinking the tea again, when will he finish that damn cup?

'Ok, my question is...' Cedric moved forward and he stared coldly into Pete's eyes. But for some reason he wasn't actually doing anything, he was just staring at Pete.

'Hey... you ok?'

'Yes...' Cedric moved back, but he was still staring. Creepy. 'Peter... if you were to compare her with an insect... what would it be?'

'What kind of question is that!?' asked Pete as he moved to the edge of the chair.

'Just answer the question.'

Pete sank into his chair. 'Let's see... what kind of insect can I compare Tazusa with... A SCORPION!!'

'No seriously! Think of it this way, on the outside a scorpion may appear deadly and venomous, and a scorpion IS deadly and venomous but only to her enemies! Once you befriend a scorpion they're pretty much harmless and adorable to look at.' Just like Tazusa. Pete said as he nodded slowly.

'Ok, he's lost it, he thinks that scorpions are cute.' Robert whispered to the others.

'I'm not kidding!!' Pete flailed his arms around like a child.

'Ok, ok, now for the last question.' Rob looked around and the audience felt more nervous. 'You're engaged right?'

'Yep, pretty much. Wait, how'd you find out about that?'


'You read the newspaper!?'

'Fine. Magazines. Anyway back on topic, so you're engaged...' Robert took out a pen and notepad. 'Now... Tazusa Sakurano... that's her name right?'


Robert took a deep breath before he finally asked, 'If Tazusa wanted children how'd you react to that?'

Pete sat there silently thinking and as he did the three boys and the imaginary audience moved forward, awaiting his answer. Pete finished his thoughts moment later.

'If Tazusa wanted children... I would totally say yes to it to! I mean, can you imagine what would happen if the genes of an Olympian skater merged with the genes of a world renowned Canadian stunt pilot!!? Imagine that! The speed and coordination of a pilot combined with the skill and style of a skater... the ultimate athlete...' Pete had his eyes closed as he was shaking his fist.

'Answer seriously.' the three boys said.

'Fine!' Pete crossed his arms. 'I would say yes to that. If it's her decision to have kids then I'd say yes to it because that would bring us closer to each other, and in fact I always wanted to be a dad. That would bring on my legacy AND hers too, so yeah I think that it'll be nice having kids with Tazusa. She's perfect for me anyway.'

The audience then fell into crying along with the three boys. 'That... was... awesome...'

The audience then went. 'Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... X3'

Pete blushed as the camera came closer to him. 'Just don't tell Tazusa that ok, she'll probably freak out.'

'Tell Tazusa? WE'RE GOING TO TELL THE WORLD MAN!!!!' Robert said as he jumped off the stage and as he did everything disappearead, the couch, the chairs, the lights, the director dude and the audience.

'Wait! What are you talking about!?'

'We're gonna sell this to the press man! That's gonna make us millionaires!!' Zack shouted as he came after Robert.

'But YOU GUYS ARE ALREADY MILLIONAIRES!!' Pete chased after them, he just left Cedric on his own because he knows that Cedric won't do anything as harsh as the other two.

'THEN WE'LL BE BILLIONAIRES!!' Zack and Robert shouted together.

Pete eventually gave up because he knew that he wasn't going to catch up with the two fastest people in the school. He tried to catch his breath as he said, 'I... can't... believe... that... they're... doing... this... to... me... again...' He stood straight. But I have to admit, I kinda missed them. I'm happy to be back.

- - -

Later that night Pete and Katherine were eating with Zack.

'Hey Zack, don't tell me that you live here alone. Where's your mom and dad?' Katherine asked.

'They're in Italy right now.' Zack said, I don't need to point out what he's drinking.

'Oh ok.' Katherine went back to eating.

'Hey sis, where were you all day?' Pete asked her.

'Oh... uh.. I was at a friend's place... yeah that's it. I didn't do anything suspicious bro.' Katherine said as she trembled slightly. She then went back to eating.

Pete and Zack both raised an eyebrow after she said this. Somethin's up...

'Master.' a maid says as she walks into the room. She walks over to Zack as she offers him a small cordless phone. She then began whispering something to Zack and Zack nodded. He then dismissed the maid as he offered Pete the phone.

'Hey Pete, someone wants to talk to you.'

Pete took the phone from Zack and he placed the phone to his ear. 'Hello?' A young girl was on the other line and this caused Pete to get up on his feet quickly. He covered the phone as he excused himself from Katherine and Zack. He ran off to the balcony moments later.

Katherine looks over to Zack. 'Hey, do you think he suspects?'

'Of course not.' Zack, finally, finally, FINALLY finished the cup of tea. He puts it on the table, above a place mat. 'Don't worry I doubt he knows anything about what we're doing. Just live it to me.'

'Fine, you're the boss.' Katherine peeled a banana and afterwards she bit into it.

- - -

Pete stood alone in the balcony, under the starry skies he talked through the phone. 'Hey I'm back, let's talk.'

'Yeah sure!' Tazusa said as she rolled around on her bed. She was had her pillow over her legs as she talked to Pete who was half a world away. 'So...'

'Hey Tazusa, why'd you call so suddenly?'

'Oh nothing, I just wanted to hear your voice.'


'Hey don't get any ideas mister!'

'Ok, ok. So what do you want to talk about?'

'I dunno. Oh yeah, how's putting your old life back?'

'It's ok I guess. Everybody in my class nearly cried when I came through the door and to tell you the truth I kinda cried a bit myself.'

'Wow, they must have missed you Pete.'

'Guess they did. Also, I have a feeling that my three best friends are after my blood...' Pete slouched over the balcony.

'Oh...' Tazusa wanted to discuss something else with him but she couldn't find the nerve to ask him the question. But luckily...!

'HEY PETE!!' Glide shouted over the receiver.

'Aaack!' Tazusa, surprised as hell, fell over her bed, sending the phone flying through the air. Glide catches it and he listens in for Pete's answer.

'Glide is that you?' Pete asked.

'Yes. Hey, Tazusa wanted to tell you something but I'm afraid she's a little too shy to ask it to you right now.' Glide said with a clear smirk on his face.

'Gimme the phone back!!' Tazusa struggled to get to Glide but since Glide was taller, he just pushed her face back with his palm.

'Oh really?' Pete stared into the half crescent moon. 'What is that she wanted to tell me?'

'She wants to know if she could visit you for the week.' Glide said as he dodged Tazusa's blows.

'Oh! That would be...'

Glide quickly threw the receiver back to Tazusa and she caught it just in time for Pete to finish his sentence. '...great!'

'Huh? What's great?' Tazusa asked.

'The fact that you're going to visit me for a while. I really like the way that you think Tazusa!' Pete said, he was so happy he felt giddy inside.

. - Tazusa blushing.

'Tazusa? Tazusa, you still there?'

'Yeah! Yeah!' Tazusa quickly shook her head. 'Hey Pete, just give me the address of the place that you're living in and I'll be there by Wednesday!'

'Nice! Well the address is...' Pete looked at the address imprinted on the gate. '213 Heaven's Boulevard.'

'Ok then!' Tazusa hesitated but she eventually blurted out. 'I love you!'

The phone quickly went dead, leaving Pete to stare at it. He closed his eyes and he smiled, 'Ah Tazusa...'

- - -

Two days later as Pete was listening to one of Mr. Issin's boring lectures...

Oh man! I can't contain my excitement, tonight Tazusa's gonna arrive and... Pete said as he had his eyes set on the blackboard.

'Hey, has anyone ever noticed that Pete's been acting a little... off lately?' a boy asked to his classmate.

'Oh he's just happy because his girlfriend's coming to visit him.' the girl answered.

'Oh that's so cute!' another girl added. 'Hey how do you think will they react when they see each other again?'

Begin the Imagination!

'Oh Tazusa...' Pete said as he looked at Tazusa from the far end of the beach. The ocean's breeze hit their faces as the sun began to set.

'Oh Pete...' Tazusa said from the other end.

Then moments later they came running towards each other, their hands spread open. And as they met in the middle they wrapped their arms around each other as they kissed romantically.

'Oh Tazusa...'


'I promise I'll take care of you forever...'

End of Imagination.

'AWWWWWWWWW!!!' the girls shouted as they span their chairs around.

'OR...' a certain male student added.

'Oh Tazusa...' Pete said as he looked at Tazusa from the far end of the hotel room. The air conditioning's breeze hits their faces as the sun began to set.

'Oh Pete...' Tazusa said as she lay on the bed.

'AWWWWW YEEEAAAH!!!' Ero-Robert said as he span around in his chair.

'Get away from us Pervert!' the girls, and some of the guys kicked Robert off his chair.

'Hey what's going on back there?' the teacher stopped and he looked at Robert.


The teacher sighed as he continued writing. But he had to stop again when he heard a knock from the other side of the door. 'What is it now?'

Then suddenly the door slowly came open and a beautiful 17 year old Japanese girl with purple hair and purple eyes walks in. Some of the people in the class recognize her through television. Her name is Tazusa Sakurano.

Tazusa looked around the class slowly until, eventually her eyes met with Pete's. She said with a cute smile, 'Hi there! I made it, as promised of course.'

'Ta... zu.. SAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!' Pete got off and over his desk as he came running to Tazusa. He came to her not to hug or kiss her, damn this cheesyness, but he came to her to scold her. 'What are you doing here!?'

'What? Didn't I tell you that I'd come on Wednesday?'

'Well yeah, but I expected you only tonight.' Pete scratched the back of his head.

'AWWWW YEEEAAH!!' - lol pervert Robert. He gets kicked again moments later.

'Well fine then! If you're not happy to see me then I'll go!' Tazusa tried to stomp her way out of the room but Pete took her hand in his. He pulled her and he lifted her hand and smiled.

'What are you talking about? I'm more than happy to see you here! You're too shy Tazusa.' he gripped her hand.

Tazusa smiled back at him as she gripped his hand back. The whole class, and even Mr. Issin goes 'Awwwww...' at this kawaii sight.

Now, Tazusa and Pete are back to being together and...

'WAIT RIGHT THERE MISSY!!!' Iris shouted as she came through the door.

'Aaaah!' Tazusa quickly hid behind Pete.

'WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!?' her voice was booming for a little girl. 'WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE YOU DOING TO MY PETE!!!?'

'DON'T PLAY DUMB WITH ME!! I KNOW THAT YOU WANT TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND!!' she says as she points at Tazusa's nose. She the wiggles it up and down.

But I'm already his girlfriend... Tazusa found the wiggling really annoying.


Tazusa and Pete sighed in their minds.

This is going to be awkward... Tazusa said to herself.

This is going to be hell... Pete said to himself.

To be Continued...

- - -


Hi there! Tazusa here, well as it seems Pete has a lot of admirers, first was Yui, I thought she was fine but then comes this midget who's younger than my own sister, which I find a little creepy! Ah man, how am I supposed to get out of this problem, she's everywhere calling me her enemy and stuff... sigh...

Oh yeah, who's this Zack guy? He seems pretty nice to me, what's this Pete? You don't want me to go out with other guys? Does this mean you're jealous? Oh well, that's about it, that's the next chapter, are you happy MeLoDy?

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