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- - -

Ok, breathe... ah... ah... what am I talking about I don't have a body anymore... AAAAAAAAA!!

'Tazusa, can you stop spacing out please?' Pete said as he unconsciously took a bite off some more oyster. This sends an impulse through his body and into Tazusa's spirit.

Stop that please! It's gross!

'ZOMG.' Pete slowly lowered the last bits of oyster he had on his plate. He shifted his eyes as he slowly made his way into a chair. He sat down, taping his fingers lightly on the table. 'Now...' he said with a huff. 'Let's be calm and concise Tazusa... let's think of...'

Oh calm and concise my ass Pete! I'm not the one who's dead in you!

'What are you talking about? You're not dead. You're still alive.'

'Tazusa? Tazusa? Did you just leave my body or something? TAZUSAAAAAAA!!!'


'Oh... what just happened?'

I was thinking dummy. Man if only I could hit you.

'Ah, but you can't, as of this moment I'm the dominant one. So you just have to sit tight in there missy while I get help from...' Pete was caught off guard.

Oh, get help from who Petie?

'Uh... Glide! He should be able to shed some light into this right? Right? Hey, answer back.'

How am I supposed to answer back if you don't even give me time to speak. Hmph.

'This is seriously stressing you out. Let's go.'

- - -

As of several hours after the initial events of this 3rd chapter Pete made his way to the hospital where Tazusa was kept, hoping to find Glide there. But to his surprise his arrival into Sakurano's room, he found Glide nowhere. 'Where could he be?'

Hey, did you leave him here to look after me?

'Yep. Now let's get to looking for him...' Pete was about to walk back out of the room when Tazusa suddenly shouted.

Wait... I... I want you to get closer to my body...

'Why what...' Pete then stopped himself, Tazusa probably just wanted to see herself. And so he thought to himself that he should just go ahead and do this. For Tazusa. He thought. He knew the feeling of being alone, of being incomplete and having possessing a person that completes you.

He makes his way to the bed, staring down on her motionless, sleeping body. Inside, he could feel Tazusa breaking. This feeling was all too familiar except he's experiencing this from a different perspective now. When he possessed Tazusa, he felt as if she completed him. His happy, slightly uncaring attitude complemented and contradicted her overly serious attitude. Together they were whole. And when he finally returned to his old body they became complete again, as a normal couple.

Then, after Tazusa's accident he was back to being alone and incomplete. But now that they're together in one body again... And with this comes the shared feeling of hurt.

Hey Petie... can I ask you something... Tazusa was biting her lip. Pete could hear it in her voice that she was somewhat holding back her tears.

'What is it Tazusa...' He felt his right hand warm.

Can, can you please hold my heart. I... I... I want to feel my old heartbeat again.

'Ok...' Pete nodded slowly. Slowly, he raised his hand, feeling as if Tazusa was controlling him. He lowered it and he touched Tazusa's chest gently. He closed his eyes and Tazusa did the same, he could feel her heartbeat. It came slowly, warmly and lovingly that the both of them felt as if they were in a trance. They felt whole again.


O.O - Pete and Tazusa.

The woman, who looked to be 37 was attractive and beautiful. 'What are you doing with her!!?' She shouted panicking on the hospital door as she saw Pete er... holding Tazusa's chest.

Pete quickly got his hand off Tazusa as he waddled backward panicked. 'Wait! I can explain!! I can explain!!!'

That's my mom. Tazusa said, smiling inside Pete. This was so sudden, could it be that her mother is here, actually worried about her? For the first time in years her mother is here to show her that she cares...

'Honey what's wrong...?' a man said from behind the door.

Could it be dad... Tazusa was anxious and Pete was a little too but instead...

A talk dark haired man dressed richly walks into the room. He didn't look Japanese nor did he look Canadian. More likely or not, he's American. He had an instinctive aura around him, a type of aura that would make you follow his every whim. He sounded charismatic and powerful, and he had the looks to complement all of that.

'Rhys!' Tazusa's mother, Haruno (I don't remember her name getting mentioned in the anime) calls out to her new husband. 'This man has been molesting my daughter! And while she's in a coma!! Shameful! Get him!'

'What!!? Wait!! Wait!!' Pete shouted as he held his hands up in self defense. He was panicking a lot, or more like he's panicking like hell. 'Tazusa...' he whispered. '...help me out here!'




What's going on here... who is this man... he... is he mom's new...

'What? No...' Rhys McTiernan, said as he looked at Pete. Almost immediately has he recognized this person. He turned to Haruno and he placed his hands on her shoulders comfortingly. 'Don't worry Haruno, this boy is Pete Pumps. Don't you know who he is? He's a Canadian Stunt pilot who's also in a relationship with your daughter.'

'W00t! Somebody recognizes me!' Pete said as he raised his fists into the air.

'Of course I do, after all I'm one of your sponsors.' Rhys said as he walked to Pete to offer a handshake.

Pete looked down on Rhys' hand, he then took a glance at Rhys' face. This guy looks wa-y too young. 'Uhm... hey, it's an honor.' Pete then shook his hand.

'No, no it's more of an honor to me actually...' Rhys let out a laugh and soon enough Pete was laughing with him.

'Tazusa...' Haruno's voice sounded broken and rattled as she made her way to Tazusa's body. She knelt beside her as she took Tazusa's hand into her. She had her eyes closed and she was whispering words to herself. 'I shouldn't have left you... don't worry honey I'm here...'

Rhys and Pete then looked at the woman. 'Hey Tazusa, it looks like your mom still cares about you despite all of these years.'

Pete waited for an answer but it never came. He began to wonder if going to the hospital in the first place was a good idea. Pete then began to wonder who was this "Rhys" guy, and why did he just call Tazusa's mom "Honey". 'Hey, can I ask you a question?'

'Yes, what is it?' Rhys asked.

'Are... are you...' Pete swallowed. '...what I mean is, what's your relationship with Mrs. Sakurano?'

Without hesitation Rhys spoke, 'Actually, she's Mrs. McTiernan now. We just got married a year ago and, I thought that bringing Haruno back to her daughter was a good anniversary gift...' his voice became shallow. '...But then this happened.'

'Oh...' Pete looked down, knowing full well that this man is feeling a pain similar to what he's feeling. 'Well, it was still nice of the both of you to come here, you make a lovely couple...'

Let's go!!

'What's wrong? You suddenly turned quiet?' Rhys asked, concerned.

'Oh nothing I just...'

Pete, let's go. I don't want to see this man.

Pete then thought of his two options. He can either stay here and force Tazusa to understand and listen to her mother's new husbandor he can do the right thing. 'I'm sorry sir.' he said to the man. 'But I have to get going now, I'm sorry.'

'Oh...' the sound of disappointment was very obvious in Rhys' voice. 'Well... I guess I'll just be seeing you around.'

'Yeah.' Pete took one last glance at Tazusa's mother crying her heart out. She looked too broken down so he just left without a word to her.

- - -

'Hey sis I'm home!!' Pete shouted as he entered Zack's old mansion. The whole place was for some reason deserted. 'Hello...' his voice echoed. He walked around, never has his footsteps sounded so loud. The mansion's quietness almost made it feel haunted and eerie. The Canadian could feel his heart beating faster and faster.

'Yo.' Glide said from behind Pete.

Obviously, this would startle anyone and it did so with Pete. The moment he heard Glide he came running forward, hiding behind the nearby stairwell. Glide's smile faded as he made his way to the jittery pilot. 'What happened to you?'

'What... what... WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU!!!?' Pete said as he leaped forward at Glide, pointing his finger at his nose in the process. 'Where were you man? I wanted to talk to you about something really important!!' Pete wiggled his finger annoyingly.

Glide looked at Pete's finger then moments later he took a step back. 'I was out shopping with Iris.'

'Oh... well you could have at least told me!'

'Why is that? Are you jealous Petie!!' Iris said as she came running into the mansion escorted by a butler. The little girl ran pass Glide and into Pete's legs. She hugged them as tightly as her little hands could.

Petie? Hey! That's my nickname for him!! Freakin' brat!

'Hey Petie since Tazusa's practically dead now, do you want to go out with me...' -.-

Glide then immediately pulled the girl back. He turned her around and he knelt down to scold her, 'You don't say things like that young lady!'

'What's wrong? I'm just keeping the facts straight.' the girl turned her face away from him, just in time for her to see Pete's sorry reaction to what she said. He immediately walked out on her, without turning back.


'See, I told you.' Glide said as he patted Iris' head. He then watched his friend walk off. We better give him some time to gather himself... otherwise...

- - -

'So what do we do now Tazusa?' Pete said to his girlfriend.

I don't know...

'C'mon you have to have a plan, you are the million dollar beaut after all right?' Pete said as he scanned through the large cabinet in his room.


'Aha!' Pete said as he pulled out a pair of beach shorts.

I guess... we could go and try to talk to... WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!?

'Mmmm?' Pete had his handkerchief on his mouth so he couldn't talk properly. He was unzipping his pants when he realized that everything he sees, Tazusa sees as well. His jaw dropped as he began to "re-zip" his pants. But oh my God! The zipper was stuck! He tried to look down to fix it but each time he did so Tazusa would let out a loud shriek.

'I'm sorry! I'm sorry!' Pete ran around the room confusedly and in a panic. Then after a while more of running and arguing with himself, he stumbles on a clumsily placed pair of rubber shoes on the ground. Pete then rolls all over the floor, taking down half of the room with him. He eventually stops near the ringing phone with the back part of his pants ripped open.

The receiver falls on his head. 'Awawwww... Hell-ooh...?'

'Pete? Are you alright man?' Zack said on the other side of the line. 'Hey, you better not trash my house!'

'Uh well...' Pete stumbled his way on the bed. He tried to sit on the bed but he immediately fell lying. '...don't worry about it I didn't do much damage.' Pete said looking at the destroyed room around him.

'I didn't do much damage!!? What...' Pete heard Zack give out a sigh in the background. 'Nevermind that... I want you to do something for me. Are you say, free tomorrow night?'


'Rhys McTiernan, a representative of one of our major sponsors wants you to have dinner with him tomorrow. He's bringing his wife and I'm sorry that you couldn't bring Tazusa...'

Oh I don't know about that... Pete thought to himself.

'...but I really need you to attend. If you don't he might misjudge this and he just might cancel his sponsorship. Ok?'

'Ok.' Pete then replaced the receiver. 'See, Tazusa! There is hope for you to make peace with whoever that guy is and your mother.'

No way Pete. I'm not goin'...

'Uh... why? Why don't you want to talk to him!?'

Because... just because...

'Oh I know...' Pete said as he tried to reconstruct a broken vase near him.'You're scared aren't you?'

No, it's not that...

'What is it then?' Pete placed the flowers, beautiful and rare blue roses, in the vase. They looked beautiful and perfect and this made him smile.

I just don't want to see my mother with another man. I mean, I'm really happy that she's back and all but I just don't want to accept it that my mother has fallen in love with a guy I barely know. I mean, she just left me and now she's back to what? Show off her new boyfriend!? It's pointless Pete. I don't want to go.

'Wow, and you called me selfish.' Pete looked at the mirror, and he could almost feel Tazusa staring into his eyes. He could feel himself staring into her eyes. 'Tazusa, your mother probably just wanted to talk to you again. She probably came here, feeling happy, feeling excited, that she can see her daughter again. She came back to you because she wanted to be part of your life again... Everybody has to move on, she moved on from your father because it never worked out between them... not that I'm saying that their divorce was a good thing... but if they didn't separate they'd just be living in a world of lies towards each other...

'She's probably regretting wildly that she left you in the first place. So that's why she's here again, to see you, to talk to you, to understand you. So please, don't fight it. She wants to live her life with you again... and I know, that deep down inside you want to talk to her again, or in our place, you want to at least listen to her again. So what do you say hon? Let's go meet them tomorrow, what could go wrong?' Pete winked at the mirror and in turn winked at Tazusa.



I just gave you a kiss. And yes, let's do this. Tazusa gave Pete a wink through the mirror as well. What could go wrong?

Then the vase with the beautiful roses began to shatter.

- - -

'So what do you think is going on?' Pete asked Glide the next morning. He had to wear a blindfold to change clothes today as requested by Tazusa, but luckily after some hassle he finally got to Tazusa's room in the hospital. As he made his way into the hospital he was blocked by a horde of reporters, Pete fangirls and Tazusa fanboys. But he survived all of them.

Glide though just flew in from the window to avoid the crowds. 'Well...' Glide examined Tazusa's state with his eyes. He then closed them, rubbed his chin, and thought. After a few minutes he gave a conclusion. 'I can feel that... her soul... is out of her body... and I can feel that... it's almost like she's doing this on purpose...'

'What do you mean? She's possessing me on purpose!?'


'I'm afraid so. Well, unconsciously she's doing this because, unconsciously she probably feels that you need help on your emotional problems or something. It's either that or it's another one of God's wills, like His will to make you possess Tazusa in the first place.' Glide hit Pete with a serious look.

'Oh... ok then. Thanks for your useless help anyway.' Pete's sarcasm filled the whole room.

'Well, excuse me princess but I'm not exactly perfect.' Glide stood up and he walked off. 'Just deal with it for a while.'

Pete looked a little ticked as he watched Glide walk off.

Don't worry about it, we can't do anything about this situation for now I guess. Don't worry! I'll just sit back here and let you talk to my mom and Mr. Rhys!

'Wow, it seems that somebody's enthusiasm is back.'

Got that right Petie! Thanks to you of course!


- - -

Rhys and Pete agreed that they should all meet at the Bruchenelli restaurant. It was a high class restaurant with a very unique theme of dishes. The dishes served in the 5-star restaurant included common Canadian dishes, with complementary German, Italian and French cuisine.

Pete was just about to push the doors open when a waiter inside opens it for him. The waiter greets him then he informs Pete as to where he should sit. Pete looks into the direction of Rhys and Haruno. He walked over to them clad in formal clothing. He couldn't help but stare at Tazusa's mom who looked pretty beautiful tonight.

'Hi there.' Haruno said casually at him.


'I'm sorry that I was a little ecstatic this morning.'

Don't worry about it mom... seeing you just makes me happy.

'Now I asked Rhys for this because I wanted to formally introduce myself to you.' She gave him a smile which was so similar to Tazusa's smile.

'Well, it's nice to meet you mo... er... ma'am.' Pete held back his words too late.

'Oh don't worry, you can call me mom, you're marrying my daughter anyway. Heh, he...'

Pete and Tazusa flushed soon after.

'I'm still sorry that she couldn't make it tonight. But don't worry!' Pete leaned forward. 'Whatever you say to me tonight, I know that she'll know of it herself. We're just that close.' Pete smiled at the couple in front of him.

'That's nice.' Haruno smiled back.

'Well, enough with the formalities, let's order dinner shall we?' Rhys said as he called for a waiter.

- - -

The dinner went as planned by Rhys, it was pretty well done. Pete and Rhys and Haruno all exchanged stories about how they met each other. Pete related how he met Tazusa, of course he made things up on the way because he obviously couldn't say that he died and went back to life with the help of God's Archangel.

Rhys related to Pete that he met Haruno on an icy slope in northern France. He was her ski instructor and because of this they fell in love.Even though he was only 30 years old and Haruno was a couple of years older than him he explained to Pete that to him age didn't matter.

Pete then related to them how Tazusa would have reacted to this situation if she was here, which she is. 'Wow, I'm stuffed.' Pete said as he rubbed his stomach.

I wish you didn't go too strong on the sea food Petie...


'Hey Pete. Can you tell Tazusa something when she's finally back to consciousness? I know that you're going to stay by her side for as long as you need to...' Rhys asked to Pete.

'Oh? But if she's going to come back early can't you guys just tell her yourself?' Pete asked the couple.

'Well... the thing is... we can't stay here any longer...' Haruno said with her head down.

'And why is that?'

'Because... well... this might sound sudden to you but... we're going to leave tonight. We're going to go back to New York soon... because...' Haruno held a little longer to keep the suspense. 'My other daughter is waiting for us in New York... she's only 12, we adopted her and...'

'There's more?' Pete and Tazusa both said, somehow the idea that Tazusa has a younger sister interested them both.

'Yes...' Haruno raised her head and she looked at Pete in the eye. '...I'm also 3 months pregnant...'

To Be Continued...

- - -


- - -

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