Author's note: This is my 1st Fanfic. It's kind of related to the manga, but more stretched. Please no Flames, but comments are appreciated. Warning: Most characters could be ooc later on.

P.S. Everybody is around 15, and it's after when sasuke killed orochimaru. Enjoy.

P.S.S. Shizuku ni means two heavens.

A light tint of red headed girl awoke from her sweet dream. It was morning and she, the current hokage Tsunade's pupil had to go train and do some work for her gambling shishou. She arose lazily out of her bed and the sun ray shined at her face directly, revealing her bright jade eyes and her large forehead. The girl rubbed her eyes to make it come to focus and yawned. As she looked around her room, a picture caught her eyes, a picture of her teammates, her sensei, and pink-headed girl herself three years ago. But especially, she penetrated on the boy with raven black hair and dark eyes that she could gaze into forever.

"Sasuke-kun" she whispered out loud.

Sakura desperately missed him, a lot. And she would do anything to get him back no matter what. Everybody in Konoha tried. Naruto, Neji, Chouji, Shikamaru, Kiba, and Rock Lee fought with the sound ninjas to bring sasuke back. And the only thing Sakura did was watch the crew leave Konoha and come back half-dead. The pink girl still remembered the words that Kyubi said before he left.

"Sakura-chan. I will bring Sasuke back. It's a promise!"

She was determined; she'll ask the hokage to let her go on a mission to retrieve sasuke, alone. She shouldn't pull naruto, kakashi-sensei, or anyone who's close and important to her into this life or death mission.

"hn" The girl said.

Sakura quickly pulled up her green shorts along with a white skirt, zipped up her red top, and headed toward the hokage's building.

On the way, the pink-headed girl met old sensei. Now, he had another group of 3, just like Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto.

"Kakashi-sensei!" sakura greeted and waved her hand as she approached them.

"oh, Sakura!"

"I see you have a new team, sensei."

"Well, they're quite troublesome." whispered Kakashi.

"We heard that!" said Moegi!

"yeah! We'll prove that we're not troublesome. Let's go, Moegi! Udon!" protested konohamaru as they transformed.

Hange Jutsu!

They turned into three women, apparently naked and the smoke around them was transparent.

"ooh" said the three girls, flirtly.

"kak!!" said Kakashi-sensei as blood came out of his nose and went flyinig.

"Ha, you see!" said konohamaru proudly. " THIS is our new jutsu, way better than that Naruto dobe-san!"

Sakura smiled sweetly as her fist tightened and punched the three of them on the head.

"See you soon!" said Sakura as she walked away towards the hokage's building.

"Serves them right!" snarled the inner Sakura.

"owww..." said the three of them as they watched Sakura disappear.

When the kunoichi finally arrived and was about to enter the office, she walked into someone taller with sea blue eyes.

"Oi, Sakura-chan!"

"Naruto! It's been such a long time!"


"And you grew taller than me! How's the training with Jiraiya-sama?"

"All he talks about is Icha Icha Paradise and he's off to 'gather some informations' "



"He worse than Kakashi-sensei."



"Well, he IS a baka.. Wait! Sakura-chan, that is mean! Callling me a BAKA!!"

"Anyway, what are you doing here?"

"I got a A-rank mission, hehe. This is the first mission as a chunin. How about celebrating at Ichirukas? My treat, but we'll call it a date."

"Naruto! Not now. I have something important to do. But perhaps when you come back?"

"Really, Sakura-chan?"

"If you don't call it a date."

"Sakura-chan, you're always stubborn."

"I promise."

"Okay! See you after the mission! It's a promise! yelled naruto as he ran off.

'but naruto, I might not be here' thought Sakura as she turned around and faced the hokage.

"oh, Sakura-can you run me some errands? I'm pretty busy" said the Tsunade.

Sakura saw sweepstakes coupons covering her desk saying 'You Lose.'

"Tsunade-sama, I want to request something for a mission." Sakura uttered.

"What is it?" asked Tsunade without looking up and continued to dig for a winning coupon, apparently not listening.

"I want to retrieve sasuke-kun myself," she answered.

The blonde suddenly stood up with WTF look in her face.


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