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Sakura's heart pounded heavily as his eyes pierced through her.

"How?" she whispered. Then everything made sense. The injured akasukis fought him and got wounded badly. He was that strong. They probably didn't have enough chakara or even energy to care to cover their trails and hide their headquarter, so he must've followed them here. And the good bye from Itachi… that means…

"NOOO!!" she flung the door open and sprinted to Itachi's room. He probably knew this all along. His chakara! He must have sensed it. His brother's chakara… She banged on his door.

"Nooo!" she screamed. The last thing she wanted to see was Sasuke get hurt.

The pink-haired girl wailed. "Open up. Please, Itachi-san! Don't go out there." She leaned on the door and banged. Suddenly, the door opened and she lost her balance, falling.

"Itai" she rubbed her head, but after tensed.

"Sakura, your nickname must be clumsy klutz. A impatient clumsy klutz. Even Uchihas are more patient than you..minus my ototou. He was impatient as ever. But can I at least take some time to put some clothes?" he chuckled.

"What?!" she covered her eyes as Itachi sat beside her. He was only wearing his black pants and nothing else. Her eyes flew back to his body, but she squeezed it tight. Does every Uchiha have to have an awesome body? She gritted her teeth for a few second before blinking her eyes open. She reminded her reason for barging in here rushedly and spoke.

"Please, Itachi! Please don't hurt him."

Itachi gave her a suspicious look and asked. "Why do you still believe in him after what he has done to you? He's the most foolish and pathetic ototou. That fowlish brother of mine abandoned you."

"I told you before. We help our friends in Konoha and he is a special friend that I would always help even if he doesn't help me." Itachi gave her a disgusted look and passed by, ready for the battle. He briefly stopped and whispered harshly.

"This is destiny. He'll find me until he found me. It's going to happen sooner or later and I rather deal with it sooner. You just have to get over it." Then brushing her side, he disappeared. The kunoichi broke down on the floor, shedding tears.

"I'm a baka. It's just as what he said. It's going to happen and I just have to get over it." She tried hard to gulp back a sob and hurried to the battle ground, hiding behind a tree covered in tall grass. Scrunching down, she peeked through gaps of grasses.

"So you finally found me." Itachi smirked gruesomely.

"And this is the last time we're going to meet together." Sasuke's eyes glittered hungrily and dangerously.

"Little ototou, you're the most foolish, pathetic, and weakest thing I've still came across in years. Well, except for the pinky over there." Sasuke glanced at the direction Itachi pointed.

"Shit, he had to say." She rose unsteadily.

Expanding her guts, she pleaded once again. " Sasuke-kun, please stop."

His glare didn't change. "Do not interfere or I'll kill even you." He snarled and focused back on Itachi. Sakura gasped as tears glided down. He said it so resentfully that Sakura for a second hesitate if he was the Sasuke she knew.

'Sasuke-kun…' she tried to persuade herself that this wasn't happening, but it was hopeless.

'This is Sasuke's dream and I shoudn't ruin it.' She zipped her mouth quiet and kneeled.

"I've gotten stronger, Itachi. I had detested and despited you since you killed our family. I gave up everything and hated you for life. I have lived up to this moment. My past, present, and future was and is you." Sasuke growled.

"hn, ototou, that's not enough. You don't know what's going to happen in the future, whether you'll survive or you'll be lying here dead." The elder taunted him.

"My sharigan can clearly see your future."

"Then what do you see?" he amusedly said.

"I see you dead." Sasuke's face lighted up by the blue lightning chidori, so powerful that the ground rumbled. He ran toward Itachi and slammed it into his lower left stomach, ripping his shirt, skin, organs, and making a hallow hole. Itachi spitted out blood.

"Not so confident of yourself now, huh?" the younger Uchiha grinned evilly. But soon, Itachi dispersed into crows, flying away. His chidori smoked out.

"Impressive" a distant voice of Itachi said. "But not enough. I wouldn't fall for a straight attack like that, stupid ototou."

"I know that, too." Soon, Itachi was visible with a kunai struck in his thigh.

"I'm not the Sasuke you used to live with. Nostalgic?" he said.

"Never' Itachi hissed, pulling out the kunai easily like a tiny splinter as he blinked, revealing his mangekyou sharigan.

"Looks more like twins, aren't we?" Sasuke laughed out loud as he revealed his mangekyou sharigan.

"Seeing that the kyubi's alive, you obtained mangekyou sharigan in another way." Itachi said, inquisitive. "How?"

"Since you're going to die, I'll tell you." Sasuke explained. "The difference betweent the sharingan and the mangekyou sharigan is simple. More channels are opened and connected in mangekyou sharigan. But regular eyes to mangekyou sharigan is rather more complex. So only sharigan users can develop it. There are hardcore traingings known to very few ancient people that will force chakara to flow through the unused channels. Regular ninjas die while trying this. You need extreme skills, sense, stamina, patience, balance, and strength. Also, this trainging will burn your soul and shorted your lifespan."

"Too bad the Uchihas didn't know this. We could've ruled all the countries."

"Don't pity our family; you don't even have rights to, a bastard like you."

"hn, I can pity whenever and whoever I want, little ototou." The fire that was small grew into an enormous flame between the Uchihas. It has started: mangekyou sharigan vs. mangekyou sharigan. Sasuke dropped his head down, not to look into Itachi's eyes and pulled out his katana. Itachi gripped onto a shorter katana and awaited. Then, both ninjas leaped forward and their weapons clanged. Trying not to look directly into each others' eyes, they stared at the ground and followed the motions of the opponents' feet. Soon, the Uchihas panted.

"You're pretty bad at this." Itachi said.

"You aren't doing any better so shut up!" Sasuke snapped at him. Once again,k Sasuke sprinted towards Itachi and slashed his katana over head. The enemy blocked it, forming a cross. Then twisting his arms, the elder one dropped him onto the dirt, their eyes meeting. Using the chance, Uchiha brothers locked each other in escape-proof genjutsu.

You'll be tortured for 72hrs and 59 min., starting now. The words rang in both minds.

Itachi smirked, 'So this is how the Uchihas end… Suicide."

Sasuke, tied in the cross in a crimson room thought the same thing. (Uchihas has telepathy?) 'At least I can say I killed him…' The agony traveled through his body.

This is the end…

Sakura watched intensely as the Uchihas collapsed onto their knees. Their faces suddenly wrinkled in pain.

'No, it must be the genjutsu!' she thought. The kunoichi ran over to the sharigan users.

"Noo! Sasuke-kun!" she sobbed. "Itachi! Stop this please! I'll do anything. I'll die instead! Just stop it."

Itachi could hear a mumble from Sakura, but the feminine voice was soon faltered away.

She cried, " kai, kai! Why won't you work?" She knew kai would never work on mangekyou sharigan, but kept trying anyway and released chakara.

"Kai, kai!" Sasuke coughed some blood, dripping into Sakura's palm.

"Sasuke-kun…" she stared at him and trembled in fear.

"Please" she wished. Then, with all the strength and hope she yelled, "KAI!" A ripple of chakara blew out , making a circular dent in the ground and the genjutsu shattered into pieces like a broken mirror, unleashing both Uchihas from the painful burden. The Uchihas gazed at Sakura in awe and fear. Shock struck all three of them.

"What am I?" she even questioned herself. Sakura looked at her shivering hand, covered in Sasuke's dry brown blood. The roseate girl was even surprised that they were still attached to her arm as the powerful force occurred right in her small hands. Not a word came out of her mouth except a protesting grunt.

'This couldn't have been me… This never happened before. Not even once. It must be an illusion." She told herself, but the excuse was lame. It had happened, and it happened right in her hands. Nothing could change the fact. She felt dreadful to possess of such immense power. Then, Sasuke pushed chidori into Itachi's heart directly.

"It's over" he closed his eyes as Itachi fell backward, his throat gasping for breath. Blood trickled down at the corner of his mouth as Sakura walked over and touched his cold hand.

"No, Itachi…"

"I don't know what you are," he paused. "But you're the greatest medic and kunoichi I've ever seen." He prasied her, unlikely of him. Was his mind out of control?

"You did this on purpose. You expected his chidori. Why didn't you block it?"

"Sakura…" was his last word as the eyelids closed for sleep forever. A tear droplet trailed down her face, followed by more tears.

"Itachi…" She was knowledgeable that he died on purpose. Maybe he wanted this to end. She didn't know what he was thinking, but Sakura knew that she was indebted to him for taking care of her. As kisame appeared, hidden behind trees, she nodded a signal to him and a grateful look. Then turning around, she tried to click the view into her head as a everlasting imprint.

"Bye" she mouthed the words. This was the future, the fate. The girl sadly buried herself into Sasuke's arms. He was covered in sweat and blood, but she didn't care. The pinky sniffled and tried to choke back a sob, but failed to. Waters formed in her red swollen eyes. She rested her head in his shoulder and cried. Sasuke held her tighter and stroke her hair in consolement. Then, he planted a light, unnoticable kiss in the back of her head.

"It's okay…"

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