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The boat skimmed the water so easily heading away from it all. Jordan stood watching the waves laps at the sides of the boat mesmerized, the wind whipped at her hair. She still found some things difficult to grasp after living under strict conditions for four years, the only four years of her entire life that she sometimes found this new free life overwhelming. She felt Lincoln approach she turned to face him. 'Its beautiful' she breathed. He nodded enthusiastically

'Its just like in my dream, except this time its real' He took her hands in his own. They stood in companionable silence looking at the sparkling water and the surrounding cliffs.

The institute had been destroyed and made into a safe place for the agnates to live in freedom under the watchful eye of volunteers. This was unanimous decided by the government and backed by the sponsors, activists and the general public. Many sponsors felt uneasy at the thought of another one of them lurking about but thought it cruel and unethical to kill them so this new institute was born. However Lincoln and Jordan had requested since both their sponsors were now dead that they may go and live far away on a remote dwelling. After months of discussion it was agreed and now they made their way there on the Renovatio. It would be a quiet, lonely existence but after the shocks of the past couple of years both Lincoln and Jordan were quite happily looking forward to living there, together.