Dr. Belman came to confirm what Boone already knew to be true. She confirmed that Kayeight had died. Even though she had been dead for some time, Will still held her, unwilling to say goodbye to her...

Dr. Belman gently touched him...

"Will, you should get some sleep now."

"I can't." he replied.

"Consider it doctor's orders. Come on in the living room and lie down. I'll give you a sedative to help you sleep." she said. Finally he stirred and she watched as he laid Kayeight's body back on the bed. She gazed into his eyes and clearly saw the signs that he had been weeping...

He allowed her to lead him to the front part of the house and he literally almost fell upon the couch. Dr. Belman gave him a shot of a sedative wanting it to take effect on him as soon as possible. As she watched he quickly fell asleep. After covering him with a blanket she took out her global and punched in a number.

"He's asleep. I want you to know that I don't approve of this in the slightest, Jonathan." she said.

"It has to be done. I'm sorry. The team is on its way."

She snapped the link shut and looked back to Boone.

"I'm sorry, Will."

Sandoval's men did the job that they were trained to do well. However they still found no clues as to where to locate Jonathan Doors or the Liberation Movement...

One day, Mr. Doors. One day, he vowed mentally as though Doors could hear him.
Now he stood before Da'an giving an account of their find. Da'an stood up from his chair and stepped down walking passed his attaché. He kept walking. Sandoval followed wordlessly as Da'an headed to where Kayeight's body was being examined by Mi'har and Dr. Belman...

"What are your findings?" Da'an inquired as he gazed at the clone of Kate Boone. Dr. Belman looked at him.

"She's been dead for at least several hours."

"The cause of her death, doctor?"

"I have still yet to perform the autopsy. Until I do I won't know what she died of."

Da'an nodded. "Continue please. Agent Sandoval, rejoin me in my chamber in ten minutes." Da'an said.

"Yes, Da'an."

When Sandoval entered Da'an's chamber, Da'an was looking at something over the datastream. It was a recording of a private conversation that the Synod had shared with Sandoval over a year ago...

Sandoval instantly had a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Da'an's displeasure with him was apparent as he came to a stop before the Companion. Da'an discontinued the datastream projection with a wave of his hand before looking down to his implant. The Companion's look cut through Sandoval like a hot knife through butter and Sandoval found himself wishing he could escape Da'an at that very moment...

"Why?" Da'an asked in a quiet voice. He noted that Sandoval's gaze was not meeting his own. But Sandoval was not someone who feared the consequences of his actions if it served the Companions...

"When the Synod ask me to fulfill the wishes of Ne'eg and Mi'har, they did not wish for me to reveal any information regarding-"

'Agent Sandoval, the Synod did not order you to keep your participation in this experiment from me." Da'an cut him off, his tone cold. "I should be able to trust my own attaché but your actions in this matter have breached this trust..." Sandoval up at him. "...I am disappointed in your actions, Agent Sandoval." Da'an finished.

"Da'an, I-" the implant began.

"Until further notice another shall serve as my attaché."

Sandoval was clearly stunned by this.

"You will receive your new assignment by tomorrow morning. Until that time, you are dismissed from your duties to the companions." Da'an finished.

It was clear that Sandoval wanted to speak but he did not as Da'an turned his chair away from Sandoval. The implant quickly left. If Da'an had chosen to meet his gaze just then he would have just how deeply his words had stung Sandoval.

After Will returned to the service of the Companions, Da'an noticed that he did not seem himself. He was hiding something, something which had hurt him deeply. After everyone had left the embassy that night, Da'an called Will to his office.

"I am sorry to summon you at this hour." Da'an began.

"How may I be of use to you, Da'an?"

Da'an looked at Boone as though a stranger had spoken to him. Da'an turned to face night time Washington DC, struggling to find the right words to say to Boone.

"You are as you were, Boone, after the death of your wife." he said.

Boone hid his feelings well.

"I am concerned after our discovery of the cloning project." Da'an paused and when he resumed he spoke quietly in his native tongue.

I understand your sorrow. he said quietly.

"Da'an, this is not something I wish to share or discuss. This something I have to deal with alone." Will replied.

The Companion looked into Boone's eyes and saw the pain there.

"You may leave, Boone." he resumed his speech in English. Boone nodded and quickly left the room. Da'an turned himself back towards Washington DC and spoke an ancient Taelon prayer for the healing of his human friend...