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Chapter One

A Rock And A Hard Place

You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.

Charles Bukowski

He was up on his knees, bent legs spread wide beneath him. Rough hands were clutching his hips gently, another pair teasing his peaked nipples. Tony moaned against the mouth that was avidly devouring this own, foreign tongue sliding over the roof of his mouth, his toes clenching in delight.

There's a soft kiss pressed to the base of his neck and it takes more than a second for Tony to realize that it's from a different mouth to the one that's been fitted to his own, the dead give away is the tongue that's still slick inside his mouth.

Now that he's actually paying attention it's pretty hard to not notice that there's two people in the bed other than himself, which would be strange in and of itself- since usually he doesn't do multiple partners, hasn't since his last year of college- but the fact that he's in bed with two guys, kind of overshadows the latter. He was in bed with a pair of cheerleader's last time- female cheerleaders; he's never even been in bed with a guy and a girl before, some of his frat buddies had shared girls, but quite frankly, Tony's of the opinion there's some things one just shouldn't ever share with their friends.

There's no mistaking it though, the hands against his hips and chest definitely belong to guys, as do the shoulder's he's clutching… the chest pressed against his back.

Tony tenses reflexively, even though he isn't enjoying what's happening any less than he was two minutes ago. Whoever's behind him presses closer and Tony feels the brush of a naked hip across his lower back before the body settles against the curves of his own. Tony, blanching when he realizes that the hot hard thing resting snuggly against his arse is another guys pride and joy… and okay he may have been a little slow on the uptake on that one, but its not like he has a lot of experience in this department.

He struggles out of, what is admitted still a pretty hot kiss, since, recently developed gay tendencies or not, being in bed with two complete strangers is still several football fields out of his comfort zone… Only that's not what's going on, he pants lightly and glares at the guy in front of him and realizes after a hazy moment that he's bed with Ari, which is a little more puzzling then finding himself in bed with two guys in the first place.

Ari doesn't bother asking if anything's wrong, just smirks and dips his head, mouth latching onto Tony's neck, a moan wrenching itself from Tony's throat when Ari's teeth graze a sensitive spot behind his ear. It takes Tony a second afterward to pull himself back together and remember that despite recent revelations he still has a few problems with this. They seem less significant though when Ari catches his earlobe between his teeth, fingers brushing over Tony's nipples again.

The dick pressed against his arse though is enough to keep him mostly… well a little focused and he moves to push Ari away again, gets as far as bracing his shoulders, and receives a light smack across the back of his head for his trouble. The blow might send him reeling angrily- just on principal, but there's a voice to go with it and it settles him as it always has.

"Relax Tony." He'd know the voice anywhere, yet twists around as best he can given his current position and makes sure that he's assumed right. He must looked as freaked out as he feels because Gibbs smiles warmly at him, slides his hand from Tony's hip to his belly, rubbing gently.

"Boss?" His voice hitches just a little, fear, and desire setting him on edge.

"Jethro." Tony might snicker at the mention of his boss' first name (he usually does) however being invited to call him that because they're in bed together, just seems to take all the funny out of the situation. It also brings the interesting question of how they all got like this, back to mind… along with the new one, inquiring just when it was that Gibbs and Ari decided they could stand being in the same state as each other- let-a-lone the same bed.

"Jethro-" His voice hitches again, partially because he's not at all use to calling him that and mostly because he's still ill at ease with this.

Gibbs grins faintly, perfectly calm and confident as always and Tony half wants to punch him for it.

"Relax Tony…" Tony has no idea what it is exactly, about Gibbs that inspires a kind of blind trust in him, but something does and he feels a little of the tension drain from his body, just because Gibbs has told him to relax.

"We both want you to enjoy this Tony." He says quietly, mouth against Tony's ear and the hand on Tony's stomach slides up, pulls one of his hands from Ari's shoulders. Gibbs cradled Tony's palm in his own, placing a light kiss at the base of his thumb, before dragging his teeth over the pad.

"Nothings gonna be put anywhere you don't want." It actually makes him feel a little better, because as much as his pride would like him to believe otherwise, he knows he can't take Gibbs. Well actually, he's never gone all out with him before, their matches in the ring are all about technique and quite seriously Tony's never actually been able to take them- well seriously. Also during sparring matches, it's generally frowned upon to pick up the hardest thing one can find and crown your opponent with it. So maybe with the right motivation he'd be able to hold his own, but he's not just in bed with Gibbs and he has no clue as to weather he could handle Ari alone. Knows he hasn't the faintest hope in hell of stopping the two of them from doing whatever they want to him, which should fucking terrify him, but doesn't. It unnerves him just the slightest little bit and Gibbs manages to settle that with a single reassurance and a soft touch.

"Jeth-ro." His voice doesn't just hitch this time, it trembles as well, thumb having disappeared inside Gibbs' mouth. The warm suction, the fact that its Jethro's tongue that he can feel moving around the digit in slow circles sends a shiver tracking down his spine and the heated look he gets for how desperate the name sounded coming from his mouth sends another shiver racing.

"Smug idiot." He hears Ari snort, Tony's attention falling back to him when Gibbs lets his finger slip free.

"You're just upset he hasn't moaned your name like that." Gibbs certainly has a smug tone down pat.

"Yet." Ari says dismissively, mouth replacing his hand on one of Tony's nipples, the bud already feeling over-sensitive and raw from Ari's fingers. Tony sighs, buries the hand Gibbs doesn't have in Ari's hair as his tongue flattens against his chest, soothing the heated prickle.

"Please-" He's not sure what he's asking for exactly, more- less. Frankly he's quite happy to just stay like this, it's so warm and… easy… Gibbs obviously knows about Ari- hell the two of them are somewhere between colluding and vying for his attention.

"Hm he hasn't begged you for anything yet." Speaking of smug…

"I can change that." Gibbs says against his ear and the hand slips from Tony's belly, closes over his cock, and strokes slow and hard.

"Oh god, yes, please." He definitely wants more of that.


"You put your hand on his dick… doesn't count." He'd been paying attention to both of them up until then, but when Gibbs ceases stroking him, fingers still rest tightly around the delicate flesh, thumb moving to roll over the tip of cock, Tony's head falls back against his broad shoulder and he officially stops caring what their babbling about.


"It's very-" Tony's not sure how best to say what's entirely obvious.

"Pornographic, is the phrase your looking for I believe." Ari says bluntly.

"Yeah." Tony frowns looking at yet another bare hip.

"You have never actually looked at her work before now have you?"

"No so much." Tony admits, crossing his arms, trying to decide whether printing something in black and white makes it art instead of smut.

"Sorry- I know I said this would probably suck, honestly though I didn't think it'd be this scarring."

"Oh, I have sat through worse. Besides, you are here; it doesn't… suck quite so much. I am a little disappointed though, that you were oblivious as to the type of art your friend specializes in creating." Ari says casually looking lazily over the portrait.

"Why?" His eyes fall on Tony then and he gives him that damn smirk.

"Because now there is very little chance of finding an image of you anywhere here."

"There's no chance of finding pictures of me like this anywhere." He says with a glare, feeling sullen when it doesn't have any effect on Ari.

Tony steps around to the next wall, another set of black framed pictures taking up the white surface. One of the middle ones actually makes him blush, three guys piled onto the one bed- it was too soon to be looking at stuff like that, the memories still fresh enough on there own.

It was still a struggle to look Gibbs in the eyes.

Strange how he didn't have that problem with Ari. As embarrassing as it would be though, he knew the man would do little but laugh if he ever found out that Tony'd had dreamt about having sex with the both him and Gibbs. He had no clue how Gibbs would take such a thing.

Actually, he didn't have much of an insight into his boss at all anymore. The man had him firmly at arms length and apparently, that's where he intended to keep him for a good long while. It was a little depressing and maybe his own fault, but it didn't bother him as much as he'd always thought it would.

"Okay I've done my time." Tony said, looking down at his watch, after looking over another photo- this one displaying a colorful array of toys.

"Wanna get something to eat?"

"With you, always."


"And so my mother slips and winds up under the kitchen table… with the hose, waters pouring out over the tiles and if she had caught myself or Aahil…" Dinner was simple fare, hotdogs they'd grabbed from a street vendor and they strolled along the edge of a park as they ate. Tony liked it. Liked that the streets were dim and empty, because with them Ari seemed more like himself, instead of the smoke and mirror pretense he always wore.

"My mother was never terribly impressed with most of the things I did. She was proud though when I was accepted at Edinburgh." The conversation lulled as they stopped on a small bridge, Ari leaning on the rail and looking down at the water.

"Being a Mossad double agent isn't something she approved of is it?" Tony ventured, wondering if he was stepping over a line.

"She never lived to see it- but no- she would not have approved. She had a very… rigid sense of morality; the Hippocratic Oath to her was sacred. She was furious the first time my father dared breathe a word of what he hoped for me." The water bubbled passed slowly beneath them and Tony let go of a breath he hadn't realized he was holding.

"How did she manage to have a son if she wasn't-" He knows the actual mechanics and it's another thing that maybe he shouldn't ask, it's just that, he's heard story's about Arab customs.

"You mean how was she not killed for being a whore?" For the first time ever- Ari's voice is flat- void of any expression. Tony doesn't answer and Ari finally looks back up at him.

"She had no husband, wasn't promised to any man and her father had died years earlier, her only brother Taseen doted on her. Being a member of the royal family of course helped." He explained matter-of-factly.

"Royal family?"

"A princess- once upon a time." He said with a thin-lipped smile.

"Making you a Prince."

"In another life perhaps- one where I am not the bastard son of a Jewish Mossad officer."

"Why are you telling me this?" Tony wants some kind of crude joke… maybe a tease about trying to get into his pants, something frivolous, because- he's just realized that this may be more intimacy than he wants.

Ari stares at him for a long while.

"Why do I answer when you call me Ari… I don't know anymore." For a long while afterwards too.

"It was all chance and opportunity and boredom at first, I had to be there anyway, and you amused me." He finally added, back now against the rail.

"Do you want me to go?" Whether he meant permanently, or was just offering him a chance to sort himself out- Tony doesn't know and really he doesn't need to ask. The answer's the same either way.