To clear any possible confusion

"Blah blah blah." - Normal Speech

"Blah blah blah." - Naruto and Ryoko speaking from inside the Mindscape and Inner Sakura

"Blah blah blah." - Tsukiyo talking to Naruto and Ryoko without going to the Mindscape

"Blah blah blah." - thoughts

When Tsukiyo and Ino arrived at Himitsuheiki Satoshi's forge, the first thing they noticed was that the place was covered in soot and half completed works lay about the various work benches. As they took in their surroundings, Satoshi was digging in a large chest while grumbling about something. After a couple minutes, a loud 'Ah HA' slightly startled the two girls as he stood up with two black lumps of cloth. Walking over to them, Satoshi had what can only be described as a predatory look. Dropping two lumps of black cloth at their feet, he smiled and a shiver went down their spines. "Put those on. Once they're on, I will tell you what you'll be doing."

As they picked up the black leg and arm bands, they noticed they weighed more than they should. Ino put hers on, but Tsukiyo was talking to her 'inner siblings'. 'Nee-chan, Nii-san, Satoshi-sensei wants me to wear more weights. Should I tell him that I already am weight training? You guys, dad, and jiji said to keep it a secret.'

Before Naruto could even dare say no, Ryoko responded. "Yes, this human means you no harm, and if he's going to be training you for the next two years, he needs to know." Inside the cottage, Ryoko gave Naruto a look that said 'I dare you to disagree'.

Naruto let out a sigh. He'd never met Tenten's father because he had died in the chunin finals invasion, so he didn't know if he could trust him. "You can tell him that you have the chains, but you can't tell him where you got them."

Tsukiyo mentally nodded and looked up at Satoshi. "Satoshi-sensei, I appreciate your help, but I'm already weight training." The massive man gave her a pointed look of disbelief, so she uncovered her wrists. When he saw the seals that they concealed, he was barely able to contain his surprise. Especially when he noticed they were at about a third of a chain. "You see Satoshi-sensei; these seals make me heavier than normal. Right now, I weigh about fifteen pounds more than I should."

Satoshi gave a nod. "Ok, tell me who gave you those." The last person to have those seals was his dear friend Arashi. The only other person that knew how to apply them was Jiraiya, and even he wasn't stupid enough to give them to a child, even if that child was a Jinchuriki.

Tsukiyo bowed her head. "I can't tell you Satoshi-sensei, I'm sorry."

Satoshi glared at her. 'Fine, if she wants to play hardball, we'll play.' Pointing at the weights at her feet, he scowled. "Until you tell me who gave you those seals, you are to wear those weights as well. If you don't like it, leave."

"HOW DARE HE? IF I WASN'T TRAPPED IN HERE..." Ryoko was livid, but her temper was cut short by Tsukiyo's voice.

'It's ok, Nee-chan. He is just trying to get me to talk, but I won't. I told Nii-san I wouldn't and I don't go back on my word.' With a sigh, she wrapped her wrists with her bandages and strapped on the weights. "I made a promise not to tell, and I never go back on my word. If this is the price to keep my secret, so be it."

Naruto smiled, she was so much like him it almost scared him. Looking at an enraged Ryoko, he bowed his head and shook it lightly. "Let her do this her way, Ryoko. If you interfere, it would show her you don't have faith in her ability to make her own decisions."

Ryoko rounded on Naruto and he knew he had just volunteered to become her target. "She is only a SEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL! She shouldn't have to do this! Why can't she enjoy her childhood like anyone else?"

Naruto let out a sigh and looked Ryoko straight in the eyes. Ryoko flinched at the amount of pain and sadness behind those eyes. "It is Tsukiyo's choice to make and she made it. She was denied a normal life the second you were sealed within her. Only she has the ability to fight that which will come. I have watched comrades, friends, and people I considered family die right before my eyes. The pain nearly killed me, so I will help her to avoid it any way I can. If this can stop the ones she loves from dying around her, then so be it."

Ryoko was so stunned from the sheer force of the emotions coming off Naruto that she didn't even try and stop him as he left the cottage they shared. He had only shown her a glimpse of what was to come when he let her look at his memories. After some time of just staring at the door that he had left through, she sat in one of the chairs by the fireplace and broke down.

Satoshi honestly didn't want to be mean, but he had to know. He fully expected her to come out with it, and when she nodded and put on the weights, he was surprised. He had given them each ten pounds total, which brought her total to about twenty five pounds. He hoped she wouldn't get hurt, but he wasn't going to back down. At this point, it was a matter of honor. If he backed down, it showed he could be questioned. If she gave in, she would be betraying her beliefs.

With a nod, Satoshi led them through the workshop and showed them what they were to do. "Very well then, both of you are to come here each morning and do the chores I tell you. First, you are to fill the coal bins from the pile outside, then fill the ore bins as well. Next, you are to clean the forge and the workshop, and finally you are to load the forge and light it. Once all of this is done each morning, I will start your training. Once again, if you don't like it you can leave."

Ino was about to start a rant when Tsukiyo spoke up, "Hai, Satoshi-sensei." Before Ino could say anything, Tsukiyo pulled her out to start their work.

As Tsukiyo started to fill a sack with coal, Ino scowled. "Where does he get off making us do his work? He said he would train us, not make us his slaves."

Tsukiyo smiled at her sister. "All things have a price, Ino. Something freely given is much less valuable than something rightfully earned. He is our sensei and we are to do as he says. It's just like he said, 'If you don't like it, you can leave.' If you don't want to do this Ino, you don't have to, but I want to, so I will do as I am told."

Satoshi smiled as he listened to his new students, making sure they didn't notice him. She truly surprised him, and to do that three times in one day was no easy feat. He would have to see just how far he could push the girl, because if he was right, she would be the greatest ninja Konoha had produced since the 'Kiroi Senko', both as a ninja and as a person.

Ino just gave her a defeated pout. "Why do you always have to be the mature one?"

Tsukiyo just gave her a giggle as she started to pull the sack back to the workshop. "Well, one of has to be."

Ino stuck her tongue out at her sister as she started to fill her own bag. By the time they had completed their chores, Ino was practically dead on her feet while even Tsukiyo, with her insane stamina, was showing signs of her exhaustion. When they came to him to tell him they had completed their chores three hours after they had started, he just nodded as he led them outside. Making two kage bunshin, he had his clones start to teach them the basic kata for their chosen weapons while he got to work filling his orders.

While going through the katas that she was being shown, Ino had a question. "Shouldn't we be doing this with practice weapons?"

The clone instructing her shook his head. "No, first your body has to become comfortable moving itself before it can move with something else."

By the time lunch came around, both girls were ready to fall into oblivion and never rise again. Satoshi came out with some rice balls and water. "Here, eat this. You have a half hour to rest before you continue. At two o'clock, you may go home. I would suggest you get plenty of rest, because tomorrow will be no easier."

"NARUTO!" the familiar voice called out. What he saw next made his heart drop. There stood Ino, maybe five feet from him, with an arm sticking out of her left breast with a familiar blue crackling glow. "Naru(cough)to, please (cough) run!" Her eyes widened in pain as the hand jerked out of her. He could see the life leave those light blue orbs as she fell.

Sasuke chuckled as he leapt back and inspected his hand before looking at Naruto. "Well Dobe, once again you failed to save your teammates." Fear filled Naruto's eyes as he looked around. Tears fell as he found the bodies of Chouji and Shikamaru, both of them had multiple wounds, but what caught his eye were the matching holes in their chest. Sasuke sneered as he saw the pain fill Naruto's eyes. "Some Hokage you turned out to be. At least Tsunade died before the ones she tried to protect."

Kakashi suddenly appeared between Naruto and Sasuke. "Naruto, run! The village needs you!"

Sasuke grinned. "Why Kakashi-sensei, you saved me the trouble of hunting you down. How thoughtful. Now Naruto will get to see the last of those he holds closest die before Konoha is burnt to the ground." Turning his attention back to the blond, his voice filled with hate. "Only then will I kill you Naruto. You took my vengeance, my reason for living. It's only fair that I do the same."

As Naruto watched Sasuke prepare another Chidori and charge Kakashi, time seemed to stop. He found himself in front of the massive gates of the Kyuubi. Suddenly, the molten blades within the cell stopped and disappeared. "Kyuubi, give me your power, ALL of it, or we die here."

The demon laughed. "That little Uchiha brat can't kill us and you know it!"

Naruto stared at the great beast before him with eyes as cold as the depths of space. "No, but I can."

The Kyuubi glared. "You wouldn't dare." Naruto just continued to stare as he charged his body for the lethal jutsu. For the first time, Naruto saw fear in Kyuubi's eyes, but that soon changed to rage. "FINE, YOU WANT IT, YOU GOT IT!" Kyuubi pushed every bit of power he had into his container. The sheer mass of it could be felt all across the Elemental Countries. If the brat was going to kill them, it might as well be Kyuubi that did the killing, for he fully expected Naruto to explode from the force of the infinite power.

Sasuke stopped his charge as he felt a blast of power come from Naruto. When he looked to his former team-mate, he felt fear for the first time in a very long time. Naruto was hunched over slightly and roaring out in pain and hate. What surprised him was a genjutsu, which even his precious eyes had not seen through, fell from the blond revealing two gray fox ears and five gray fox tails. His surprise turned to horror as Naruto sprouted another tail, then another. When the explosion of power finally stopped, Naruto stood staring at him with eyes filled with a promise of pain and death, while nine gray tails swished about behind him.

Naruto's voice came out in a deep malicious baritone. "We end this now, Teme."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Naruto was brought out of his memories as Tsukiyo sat next to him on the dock in her mindscape.

"Talk about what, squirt?" Naruto just put on his old mask and smiled.

Tsukiyo bowed her head. "I know you are feeling sad and angry. I could feel it all the way outside. What could have happened that could hurt so much?"

Naruto let out a sigh. "Nothing you'll have to live through if I can help it."

Tsukiyo looked out across the lake. "It helps to talk about it. I know, because after I talked about that night with mom and dad, I had less nightmares and it hurt less to think about it."

Naruto let a sad smile form. "Thank you Tsukiyo, but I'm not ready. Maybe some day, but right now it just hurts too much."

"Ok, but remember, I'll be here when you're ready." Tsukiyo noticed him nod as he stared out across the lake. As she got up, she noticed Ryoko walking over to them. She could still see the redness in her Nee-chan's eyes from when she found her crying earlier. Ryoko had pleaded with her to forgive her, saying it was all her fault that she couldn't have a normal life. It took a long time to calm the demon down and convince her that she liked her life as it was. She had a family with the Yamanaka's, and two people inside her that cared for her very much. With a wave, Tsukiyo left the two alone.

Ryoko stopped about six feet behind Naruto. "Naruto, I, I'm sorry."

Naruto looked back at Ryoko and noticed her tear stained face. Looking back out across the lake, he let out a sigh. "I should be the one apologizing. I had no right to blame any of this on you."

Ryoko moved next to him and took a seat. "No, you were right. Tsukiyo's life was forever changed because I let my rage consume me." Wiping away a fresh tear, she stared out across the lake. After a long silence, she let out a sad sigh. "When I lost my love, all I had left was our son. I devoted my entire being to him, and when he was taken, I couldn't bear it." The tears came down freely. "Just before I reached Konoha, I felt it. Hidama's life had ended. At that moment, I snapped. I didn't care that there were innocent lives within the village. All I cared about was revenge."

Ryoko was crying openly now, so Naruto pulled her against him in a comforting embrace. "We are so much alike. We both have lost those close to us and bear the deep scars of such pain. But maybe, maybe together, with Tsukiyo, we can start to heal and start over." Ryoko smiled as she moved so she was leaning against his chest as his head rested on her shoulder. They stared out in comfortable silence as they enjoyed each others' presence.

Inoichi noticed Tsukiyo smile in complete and utter contentment as she stopped eating for a minute. "You ok, Tsu-chan?"

Tsukiyo looked at her adopted father and nodded. "Never better dad, never better." When she had come to, it was time for dinner. She had just peeked inside her mindscape to check on them and saw them together on the dock in their embrace. She knew they loved each other and just wouldn't admit it, so to see them like that made her really happy.

The sun set behind the lake in Tsukiyo's mindscape, signifying that she was falling asleep. Ryoko and Naruto watched the beautiful colors spread across the sky as a full moon arose. They both smiled seeing this, because the full moon meant that she was happy. It was weird how the symbolism of the place they lived worked, but that was also the reason why they loved it. Soon though, it started to get slightly chilly. They also found themselves astounded by the power of her imagination, for she was able to recreate almost every aspect of the real world in her mind.

As Ryoko felt the cool night breeze, she snuggled closer into Naruto. It was so beautiful, with the moon reflecting off the lake, that she didn't want to leave, but it was getting late and she really didn't want the night to end before she got the answer her heart desired. With a soft voice, she asked the one question that she feared might break her heart. "Naruto, how do you feel, about me?"

Naruto could hear the myriad of emotions in her voice, but the ones most prevalent were both fear and hope. Something told him deep inside that if he lied and hid his feelings, he may lose her forever, so with a heavy heart he started to make that leap, hoping he wouldn't fall. "To be serious, I, I," He could feel her tense as he tried to find the words. He could almost smell her fear rise and hope fall, so he fell back on old ways, which was to be incredibly blunt and to the point. "I'm in love with you, Ryoko. I tried not to fall in love with you, I tried to keep my feelings for you simply as those of a friend, but I failed miserably. You are everything I could want in a woman and so much more."

When Ryoko moved out of his hold he knew she didn't feel the same, so he closed his eyes and let her slip away. He was suddenly surprised when he felt soft lips against his own as she straddled his lap. He moaned as he felt her hands travel up his chest and across his shoulders to wrap around his neck, deepening the kiss. Letting go of all his doubts, he wrapped his strong arms around her waist and pulled her even closer, earning him a moan. He felt her grin as she pulled back, giving them both a chance to breathe.

"I'm glad I'm not the only one then." Pulling him close once again, she nibbled slightly on his ear as she let out a husky whisper. "Please, let me see the real you." When she felt him nod, she pulled back and watched as two gray fox ears and nine gray fox tails came into view. Ryoko smiled as she had her tails interweave with his. "I want you to stay like this from now on, you got that?"

Naruto got slightly worried. "What about Tsukiyo? She doesn't know..."

Ryoko silenced him with a finger to his lips. "You know she won't hold it against you, and I like you better this way."

Naruto nodded, but gave her a serious stare. "If Inoichi comes here, I will hide my true appearance."

Ryoko frowned. "Are you that ashamed of what you have become?"

Naruto could hear the slight hurt in her voice. "No, I've accepted the fact of what I've become, but I don't want Tsukiyo to lose what she has with him and his family."

Ryoko smiled as she kissed him. She was so afraid he resented being a demon because that could turn into a resentment of her. She had seen it happen to other demons that took human mates and didn't know if she could take it if he came to hate her. Pulling away again, she looked into his eyes. "I don't think you give him enough credit. They love her just as much as we do. They would never do anything to hurt her."

Before he could protest, she took his lips with hers, but this time her tongue flicked out across his lips asking for entrance. His tongue was soon dancing with hers as they lost themselves in each other. She felt her body pulse with desire as he slid his right hand up her side and gently cupped her bosom as his left slid down to grip her bottom. He grinned as she let out a soft purring sound. Slowly, he led his lips on a journey down the left side of her neck as he slid her silken kimono off her shoulder. She mewled as he scraped his elongated canines across her shoulder while once again kneading her recently freed breast.

Ryoko was lost in the pleasure Naruto was giving her, his every touch, every kiss enflamed her body. Her left hand ran through his thick, fur-like hair as her right shrugged off the rest of her kimono, then wrapped around his broad shoulders. She could feel him move his kisses and nips down across her chest at an almost painfully slow pace. Her insides burned even brighter when she felt him take her right nipple between his teeth, his warm breath washing over her. She could feel him grin as she threw back her head and let loose a loud sensual moan, pulling him to her chest with the hand behind his head.

Removing his hand from Ryoko's smooth posterior, he smirked when she looked down on him and growled. She obviously enjoyed his gentle kneading of her behind but, right now, he was on a mission. He could feel her heart beat nearly double as he pulled off her obi, letting her kimono fall behind her, revealing her to him in all her naked glory. The deed done, the wayward hand went back to its previous endeavors.

Ryoko whined as his skillful ministrations brought her to the edge. She tried to hold back the flood, but when he started to caress the base of her tails, she lost it. Once again her head flew back, but this time she let loose a scream as she was sent into convulsions. As her body was wracked by waves of pleasure, she held on to Naruto tightly, lest she be lost in the sea of bliss. As the storm passed, she looked down at his grinning face and she realized he made her have one of the most powerful orgasms of her life without even touching her womanhood. Her cheeks flared crimson at the knowledge that he seemingly played her like a finely tuned instrument.

Naruto kissed her lightly and pulled back with a knowing smirk. "I take it you enjoyed that." Seeing her blush deepen, he kissed her again, this time longer and deeper. Once again Ryoko's hands went to his chest, but this time they had a goal. With gentle caressing motions, she slid off his cloak. They finally pulled apart as she pulled off his shirt and pushed him back so he lay on the dock.

Seeing her juices covering his crotch, she smirked. Sliding backwards off his lap, she took an almost motherly, but sensuous, tone as she gripped his pants. "We better get these wet clothes off you before you catch a cold." When she pulled down his pants, his member sprang free. After his pants were completely off, she purred as she ran her hands up his calves and along his inner thighs, only to swing out to his hips making sure not to brush his twitching manhood, to finally circle his well defined abs and pecks. She loved the way his muscles would ripple under her delicate fingers.

Naruto rose lightly as he gave her a questioning glare as she seemed to touch and massage everything but his rigid member. "This is payback, isn't it?" Naruto groaned, seeing her smirk before licking her way up his chest starting at his navel, so he fell back and resigned himself to just lose himself in her 'revenge'.

When Ryoko saw him give in so easily, she decided to punish him. She waited until he was completely relaxed and then bit his chest hard enough to draw blood. She heard him growl, but that quickly changed to a groan as she licked the wound, but alas that proved to be her downfall as the taste of his blood drove her to wonder about his other tastes. Figuring she'll just get him back by making him repeat his earlier performance at a later time, she headed back south, still making sure to go real slow.

Naruto was fighting against the urge to just flip her over and take her. As she made her way back down to his raging hardness, he bit back a whimper when she kissed her way up his ten and a half inches. He nearly lost it as she licked the sensitive tip, but held back, settling for letting out a deep groan. She smirked before resting her teeth just under the flair of the head so he wouldn't be able to move as she swirled her tongue around it.

It was agony trying not to buck his hips, knowing that would bring lots of pain. He swore he would get her back for this, but that thought was soon lost to him as she dived forward, taking him down to the entrance of her throat and then suck hard as she pulled back up, only for her teeth to take their prior position. Now he was really going to pay her back... that is, if he didn't expel his entire being through his cock. After she did this a couple more times, he couldn't stop the whimpers as they escaped his control.

When she heard his desperate whimpers, she figured he had had enough torture, so she slowly slid down his length while her tongue danced around him. She had to use her hands to hold him down as he started to buck slightly. She wanted to see if she could take his entire length and didn't want to try while he was jerking about. She took him all the way to the entrance of her throat once again, but this time she relaxed her muscles and continued downward. She gave herself a mental pat on the back when her nose was buried in his thick blond pubes. She brought her head up and down a couple times, but soon the need to breathe tried to take her. It was a subconscious need, but seeing as they were really forms their souls had taken for the convenience of interaction, she was able to suppress it.

Soon, she felt the tell tale signs of Naruto's coming orgasm, so she pulled back to be able to taste the flavor of his release. When it came, he arched his back as much as he could with her holding him down while letting out a savage growl, raking his claws across the wood of the dock, leaving deep gouges. Ryoko consumed his semen greedily, but it just kept flowing, so some managed to escape her mouth and dribble down his shaft. She made sure to save the last bit to savor his taste as she swirled it around her mouth.

When Naruto's vision returned to him, he saw her gulp down his essence before licking the last of it off his still hard cock. This sight only aroused him more as she rose up and straddled his hips. He tried to make a move to take the top position, but Ryoko would not have it. Holding him in place, she looked down on him and he could see the desire, the lust, but most of all he could see her love for him as she slowly sank herself onto him letting out a long sensual purr.

When she had him completely in her, she leaned over him and took his lips in a passionate kiss while they just enjoyed the complete feeling of their union. As she pulled back from the kiss, she looked down into his eyes with a lustful, but deadly serious, expression. "Naruto, will you, now and forever, be my mate? Do you promise to love me, protect me, and cherish me for all of time and beyond?"

As Naruto looked into her eyes, he knew this was not a time for any sort of levity. "Yes Ryoko, now and forever, until the end of time and beyond, I will be your mate, your protector, for you are that which makes my life worth living. Without you, I'm nothing."

Ryoko smiled as she felt a tear of joy roll down her cheek as she whispered into his ear. "Then I take you as my mate." After she said this, she sank her elongated canines into his neck and pushed her chakra deep into his coils.

Naruto felt the blazing fire that was her chakra entering his system, but he would not let it distract him. As soon as she was finished leaving her mark, he whispered back to her. "And I take you as mine." He followed her example and sank his canines into her neck, pushing his chakra into her.

Ryoko felt his cool, calming chakra flow through her, completing the bond between them. After he released his hold on her neck, she rose up to look into his eyes. She loved his eyes; they were the dark blue of the sky before the great storm comes. They were so deep, you felt like you could lose yourself in them if you weren't careful. But most of all, she loved them because they were a gateway to his soul. By looking into his eyes, she could tell exactly how he was feeling, and what she saw now was unbridled happiness drowning in a sea of love. His eyes promised to never leave her, to never hurt her, and to always love her. Closing her eyes, she took his lips and kissed him with all the emotions that were running through her body.

Naruto wrapped his arms around his mate as he felt her tears fall to his cheeks, but he knew these were tears of joy, so he just held her close. Soon they were both caught up in the whirlwind of emotions and started to move in perfect sync, drawing out their pleasure as they made love for the first time. This moment in time would be forever etched into their memories, but like all things it came to an end. Just as they fell over the edge into the infinite depths of pleasure, Ryoko screamed Naruto's name as she arched into an upright position. Naruto too bellowed her name as he arched his back, burying himself as deep as he could to fill her with his essence. They climaxed together, giving their entire beings to each other. As Ryoko collapsed from complete emotional exhaustion, Naruto pulled her tightly against him before following her into a blissfully deep slumber.


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