This is my first attempt at a Doctor Who fic. I'm a Yank, so I'll do my best at capturing the English slang and whatnot -- if I use elevator instead of lift, or flashlight instead of torch, please point it out! Here's the teaser...


"We never did get to see Elvis," Rose mentioned, slyly running her hand along the TARDIS's console as she approached him. He was wearing those blocky specs of his and staring intently at some readout of the supernova he'd insisted they orbit. Something about thetawave radiation that was spiking abnormally for this quadrant of the Oaiu galaxy.

She would bet a million pounds he was just transfixed by the colors of the nova. The way his tongue was slightly poking through his lips as he stared at the readout. The twinkle in his eye that would be matched by a curve of the lips when a spike caused a part of the nova to explode into a cacophony of colors. The way that he was completely ignoring her as she sidled up to him until their hips touched.

Even then, he only murmured at the screen. "Fantastic." He looked up briefly, his way of acknowledging her presence, and pointed to series of fluctuating lines on the screen.

"Do you see that, Rose?"

She looked at the screen and settled into position, almost leaning against him, ready for another whirlwind lecture.

"That is a series of quantum irregularities colliding with each other to produce a ripple of antimatter that, quite naturally, explodes with the matter of the supernova almost as instantaneously as it is created, which is producing such an astonishing array of micro-cataclysms that I would wager my TARDIS here that as the irregularities increase in, well, regularity, this entire supernova will explode back into absolute nothingness! Isn't that wild?"

His maniacal grin faltered when he saw her complete lack of expression gazing back at him.

"You see, right there? It's the --"

If looks of boredom could freeze a person into stone, then the Doctor's last expression would be one of utter and complete bewilderment.

"Not even the tiniest bit wild?"

"Do you know what's wild, Doctor?" She asked, bumping his hip with hers.

For the first time it registered in the Doctor's continually brainstorming mind that she was indeed bumping hips with him. He turned slightly to face her, trying to match the seriousness of her expression.

"I apparently do not, Rose Tyler, although I have seen and been wild things in my oh so long of a life. Is there something I've missed out?"

Rose leaned in slightly. With their close quarters already, her nose was scant inches from his. His eyes crossed as he focused on the proximity of that nose.


The Doctor started, then drew himself up indignantly.

"Woodstock? The concert? Well of course I've --"

He stopped and his brow furrowed. He took off his specs when he looked back down at her, his grin cracking across his face.

"I've never been. How in the universe have I never been to the most important musical event in your little planet's history?"

He jumped away and starting fiddling with the knobs and wheels and levers on the console. Rose stepped out of the way as she watched his lithe figure dance about.

"So that means we can go then, yeh? A real rock concert with real singers I've actually heard of? Not some concert in the future where they pump all the music telepathically into your head?"

He paused to consider her.

"What, you didn't like the Mind Warp Tour of 50-alpha-07?"

"A real rock concert, Doctor, a proper one, lets you sit there and just listen to the music. It doesn't take over your body and force you to dance naked in front of the entire congregation of Telusian delegates."

"I told you that was a glitch. You were only supposed to dance." He spun the dial and gripped the final lever. "Why everyone got naked was not their fault."

Rose leaned against the banister and smiled at him.

"Guess it was worth it, tho, just to see you dance around naked, too."

Oh did that maniacal grin look good enough to eat, Rose thought, as he yanked the lever down.

"Then, Rose Tyler, you are going to love Woodstock."