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Humid air ran through quiet village of the Rock. The ground was hard and dry with small patches of semi-green grass placed around the large village. As peaceful as it seemed the people of the village were mostly crude and anti-social. Barely anyone had at least half a heart. It was hard to make friends even if you were just a little different or special.

Deidara sat on the ground by the small semi-patches of green grass. He had no friends, he wasn't avoided, instead he was beaten by older children and even thier parents sometimes, he would much rather be avoided, but he had nothing that could keep them away. He wasnt even sure if his own parents liked him, but he defiantly knew that his older brother hated him. Deidara would think the same thing everytime he came here: why was he different from everyone else in his family? Why did it have to be him? All these disgusting hands would do was draw beatings to him self and make stupid figures with clay that could fly him around. He would hear people say that they were glad that he hadn't figured out the dangers of his hands. He wondered what were the dangers.

Being alone, he wished that they could see how it felt.

"I better get home soon," Deidara snapped out of his question faze and realized that it was getting dark.

He walked towards the village. It seem to glare at him when he looked up at it. It always seems when your walking through the streets that everyone glares at you waiting to attack and it always felt awkward. He always heard good things about the Leaf Village. He wished that he lived there even though they were the reason of the suffering Iwa.

Once again he snapped out of his faze, noticing that he reached his home. It was small and enough for the size of his family. Deidara's older brother was named Inomi and he was the main reason why he was always away. All he did was throw him around and disgrace him infront of others.

"Finally your home, your mother needs help cleaning up dinner," His father was outside on the porch smoking. Deidara found it annoying that he smoked. But apart from that he walked past him without making eye contact.

Deidara came up and started to help washing the dishes. "Oh, your home, I'm sorry but, there's no more dinner left. You'll have to make yourself something," She said softly.


Inomi walked in through the kitchen door with groceries. "Too bad, I forgot that you lived with us so ate as much as I could," He said cruely. He put down the bags and went outside to talk to one of his friends.

Deidara didn't respond. "Be nice to each other, please," Thier mother asked quietly.

"Don't forget we had dinner early becuase of the village's birthday celebretion," Deidara's father walked in at the moment.

Deidara's mother agreed, "Yes, we better get going now."

A large amount of people were walking down to the middle of the Rock village for the Village's Birthhday Celebration. "What are they gonna do?" Deidara asked.

"You'll see," His mother said

They stopped at a small coffee shop to get some warm drinks for the display. When they got there, people were sitting all around a large stage where anouncements were usually made from Tsuchikage or someone important. Most of the people were villagers due to war. "Good evening" a booming voice came from the stage. That caught everyone's attention.

"Even though we are in a tight fix with Konoha, we need to celebrate our village's birthday because it's a very important holiday for me. So! Here is our gift to the village!" the Kage yelled proudly.



Fireworks of every color sprouted into the sky. Deidara stared into them with amazement. "Fireworks, there so powerful and creative." He thought to himself, All he could do was just stared at the colors and explosions. Inomi looked down at his little brother, it was the first time he had ever seen fireworks and it made him to see his little brother smiling. Inomi looked as his cocoa and then he smirk. "I've got it."


"Ahhh! What was that for, that was really hot!" Deidara said rubbing his eyes.

"Stop smirking, Seeing you smile makes me cringe! You don't have the kind of face that's meant to smile!," Inomi waited for him to start crying. Deidara gave him a face that just said -I don't deserve this.- Just the kind of face he was looking for.

"Your such an ass!" Deidara screamed. He looked at Inomi realizing he could get hurt, he scrambled to his feet and made a run for it.

"Why you little-"

His father grabbed Inomi on the shoulder right when he was about get up and chase him" Inomi leave him, "Inomi turned towards his dad and then looked back to the direction where his little brother was running. He had already lost sight of him.

"I know how you feel about your brother but sometimes you take it too far. Just watch the celebration for our village and forget about him," His mother said without looking at him.

Deidara ran towards the gates of the village, it was quiet around here all the house lights were off because everyone was at the show. He finally ran out of breath and slowed, he turned around the fireworks were still going. They still amazed him.

"Even though I'm farther away I can enjoy them now," Deidara told himself. He sat down in the middle of a dirt road and watched them without anyone bothering him.



A little girl walked around not really heading to any particular area, just looking for a town to rest in. She looked up and saw the colorful explosions shooting up into the night sky.

"CIVILIZATION!" She began running towards the fireworks. "Man, I'm Starving!"

Finally she reached the gates of the village. She looked oddly at man who was in a booth right by the gates asleep, he looked drunk too.

"This place is huge!" She thought out loud as she walked through the gates. Then she stopped dead in her tracks to see a little boy the same age as her sitting randomly in the middle of the road.

"Huh...?" The little boy turned his head around, and jumped to see a person behind him. He then got up and stared at her frightened. She raised an eyebrow towards him and blinked a couple of times. The both just stared at each other for a silent minute, finally she broke the silence.

"Can you stop looking at me like that, your creeping me out," She said tonelessly.

"I-Im sorry," Deidara said nervously.

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