I ran for what could be my last days if I was caught, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get any mercy. I dodged the trees and bushes that came my way and anything that could breath, I would cut down. Though as hard as I was trying it wasn't helping me further myself from the gloomy figure that followed behind me. For an old man with what seemed like a bad back, he sure could run fast. Eventually, I gave up running and decided to face the old man.

Sasori, my 'new master' stood before me, I was ready for whatever came to me. I had no idea exactly what he was like or anything nor did I care, there was no respect in my eyes for him, for he knew nothing of me either. All I knew that was that I would not give into this organization or any of it's needs and wants.

"Don't be a fool..once your in...you don't walk away.." Sasori grumbled in his husky voice.

"I didn't even want to be in this damn organisation!" I spat back, he wasn't offended. I was trying to get away from the organisation Akatsuki, but they just wouldn't let go of me. How did they even know who I was anyways? This question popped in my head several thousand times.

"...If you try to run away again you will be executed," He interrupted my passing thoughts.

"Just stay the fuck away from me, I want to be alone!" I then felt a piercing pain in my shoulder and I fell to my knees. My entire body went into a paralyzed state and slowly my sight, sound and conscious went black.




I awoke on cold ground, again. My body had gone back to normal but I felt weak and numb. Even though, I got up so that I was sitting, and finally to my feet. This was the second time I had got beaten so easily and it made me fume with anger. The first time was when I was forced into the group Akatsuki and now this.

"What kind of art do you call those things if they can't even help in the split second you need them?" I made my eyes adjust quicker to the darkness to see who it was. It couldn't have been Sasori because his voice was scratchy and low. This voice was smooth but dull, the person then came closer.

I could tell that whoever it was, was right next to me, the chakra was enormous but no body heat whatsoever came from the person. And then he lit a fire, I put my arm in front of me for a second because of the bright light, once I was use to it. I lowered my arm to see hand with a small flame coming off it. I was slightly warmed by the fire and then I decided it was time to face its owner.

From the position of the fire the boy, who looked my age or older, looked like a doll. His skin on his face was perfect with no marks but his arms looked wooden and like they were detachable parts. His eyes were a light brown and he had heavy eyelashes. His hair was of an odd reddish color and shaggy, it hung a little over his eyebrows. I flinched at the doll looking boy and backed away. Then I was really freaked out.

"Deidara don't look so scared..your in the Akatsuki now, there are much more mad looking people that your going to have to face," His voice was monotoned except when he said 'much' like he was trying to scare me. It was working a bit, but I didn't show my fear.

"Who are you, un," I asked as sternly as I could.

"Sasori," I felt dumb, I had gotten the impression that Sasori was serious and boring, but this was obviously a joke.

"Yeah, right, un," I got up and faced the puppet boy.

"I wouldn't think you'd believe me," His voice annoyed me greatly and I was actually wishing for the real Sasori to quit playing with me. Another figure came up behind him, It was Sasori.

"You are so funny, yeah," The puppet boy rolled his eyes at me and kicked Sasori in the side, he didn't flinch in fact he seemed dead. Then a hatchet flew open and the puppet boy held the flame closer to Sasori what seemed like 'lifeless' body.

At that moment I was shocked there was nothing in there, I quickly descended backwards away from the empty shell and the puppet boy.

"What's going on?" I asked, my voice a little shaky.

"You think you know what art is?" He asked politely, I cocked my head pondering at what he said. Of course I knew what art was, but he was pointing out something I didn't understand.

"Art Is and eternal beauty that should last forever so that everyone can see," I frowned deeply and my eyebrows joined together in disgust. But before I could say anything he continued to speak.

"That is what my art is, I create human puppets of my victims and turn them into pieces of art. And I'm doing the same with myself...from a young age a began to turn my body into a puppet itself. He unbutton his cloak to show his half human half puppet body. His stomach was still flesh but his chest and just about everything else was a weapon of wood and trickery.

I was impressed to see that someone else had a taste in art, but his view was so wrong. He blinded by whomever started this stupid love for eternal art. I grinned widly. He easily noticed my mad looking face and was confused, I could tell.

"Your view of art is completely wrong!" I cracked a laugh and continued, "Art should be beautiful for a spilt second! Who wants to look at the same thing over and over again, but instead cherish it's first and last moments!"

"Lie. Who would want to look at something for its only seconds of life? Then it has no point, no one could remember-" I cut him off, he was defiantly wrong.

"NO! It's boring to look at something over and over again!" Our fight was starting to heat up, as much as I thought he was wrong, I was enjoying having this fight. He was trying to overcome my obnoxiously loud voice but I wasn't going to stop me. I could hear him getting louder and louder and then I decided that I was going to win this one.

"Art is a Bang, un!" I yelled, screamed more like it, at his face. He was stunned, I could tell.

"Will there be anyway I could show you the right way?" I frowned again but then quickly changed it to a smile.

"I guess you'll have to be my master then and try your hardest to teach me of your ways," I said sarcastically to him.

"Sasori no Danna my new teacher, hm, " I said like I appreciated it. Sasori casted me an evil glared and I smiled sweetly back.

"To be honest I'm a little shit to deal with, but hey you wanted my in this Akatsuki organisation, your own fault, un," He turned away from me and climbed into his shell. I hit his breaking point, good.

"I don't like waiting or making others wait for me..and do respect as an adult...even though I may look your age...my true age is three times yours," His husky voice returned.

"What how?" I was stunned again, I defiantly believed he was a puppet now, always filled with tricks that were too damn annoying.

It was about a week after Sasori died, I haven't felt guilt like this for a while, at least no since Komi's death. I do think that he has shaped me a bit, he was kind of like a douche bag brother that you neither knew you could love or hate. My thoughts were interrupted by my new partner...Tobi.

"Deidara-Senpai?" Tobi asked shyly. This wasn't like him, so I decided not to make eye contact and began fiddling with a small daisy.

"Yes Tobi," I groaned.

"I think we should get to know each other better! So you start and tell me about yourself!" He cheered gleefully, I figured if I gave him a simple answer he'd leave me alone.

"You know my name, I'm from Iwa, art comes first, and your pissing me off," Tobi frowned under that ugly mask, I knew it.

"Aww be a little more talkative! You were always chatting with Sasori-Senpai," My face turned a little pink.

"That was because he had something interesting to say," I spat at him. "Your so worthless! Why don't you actually train so you can be some use to me!"

"I do train!" Tobi shouted. He stood up and turned his back to me.

Tobi's energy went from happy to sad. Any other day I wouldn't have cared to what Tobi's emotions were like. He turned back around and sighed

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked you about your past..you probably wouldn't want to talk about it," I was pretty sure he was trying to make me feel guilt and I easily fell for his worthless trap. It must of been the atmosphere, my thoughts that traveled in my head and my current mood that made me feel sorry.

I stood up and looked up to him and gave him a hug. And it wasn't a short whatever hug, it was long and I think I needed it a ton more than he did. I only came up to his chest which was a little awkward so I broke the hug. My face was bright red when looked up at him and his happy mood was defiantly back. I was really embarrassed and with a long 'uhhh' I walked away. I was even more embarrassed when I figured out that Kisame saw, I defiantly regret doing that now.

The pain that I was in was unbearable, but it was only for a quick second. My body was deformed and crushed together into a tight ball. My skin felt like it was slowly peeling off me. Though I was filled with excitement the entire time because it was a one time only bet and I won. My greatest master piece had been a success and my life had been complete. Even though I didn't get to kill my real enemy, I was able to take myself and his little brat brother with me. He dared not to show any fear through out the battle or fake it at least. But when I told him of my master plan his eyes were filled with the horror of loosing his own life and knowing that there was no limit to achieve my goal. That's how I wanted it to be.

My last words were to Tobi, even though he was annoying, he and Sasori were the only people that never told me a lie. And they didn't hate me because of my gift and curse, in fact Sasori was more fucked up than I was which made me happy to say. At least he hated me for other reasons.

I couldn't feel my body anymore and my memories flashed through and out of my mind. I guess they were right when they said your last moments are of your entire life.

I finally felt my feet swipe some type of ground holding and I immediately decided the let gravity pull me to it, it felt weird sort of hovering in the air.

I heard another pair of footsteps approach me, i turned to them to see a little girl coming towards me.

"Who are you, un..?" She had a peaceful manner to her so I took no precautions.

"You don't recognize me?" She said, her voice was sweet and she was sounding more familiar. "It's Komi" She smiled and I could finally see her, he skin was scarred and burned, she looked just like she did when I killed her. Then my eyes widen as I had finally realized that I had killed her, it's was all my fault.

I ran up to her to try and give her hug, but my arms ran strait through her and I fell behind her. I looked back and she wasn't there.

"Don't feel guilty...I was just glad that we met...I knew that you needed someone like me...it was like I was drawn to the village when I sensed it..." Komi paused for second and continued.

"I'll be right by your side for the rest of your life, I felt so bad at first...but then you met your perfect family, the Akatsuki they cared about your abilities and at least had better reasons to hate you...although now you have me again and you can't touch, or see me...but I'll always keep you company.." Her voice faded. I had no idea what she was saying not that it would matter because then..right now...I finally...




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