Kimberly hummed softly to herself as she finished unpacking the last of her equipment from the Pan Globals, having finally come to terms with the awful events and her last chance at a medal. It had taken a long time, including several session of intensive therapy, but she'd eventually been able to accept her mother's death. And while it hadn't been easy, she could think about the Pan Globals without tearing up or going into hysterics. It had been a hard fought battle – one that Tommy had been beside her for each step of the way. The meet had been several months ago and in that time, she'd found her place once more. Not as a gymnast, but as a Power Ranger and student. As Kat and Jason's friends as they coped with the loss of their Powers and as Tommy's friend - his equal and partner.

The last thought brought a smile to her lips as she reached into the duffle for the last of her clothing. Her fingers brushed over paper and she stopped, tilting the bag to reveal the two cards that she'd placed there to read at Pan Globals. All of the mail her coach had taken had been opened and letters written to those who no longer lived in Angel Grove.

All but these two.

She settled on the bed, turning them over one at a time. Both looked to be cards of some sort. She opened the first one, unsurprised to find a white card inside a white envelope. Tommy had still been the White Ranger at the time and inclined towards those colors. She slid the card out and turned it over to look at the front. It was a Christmas card, featuring the White Ranger in an aggressive stance and the words "Have a Merry Christmas..." underneath him.

She opened the card and something fell into her lap. She laughed, seeing the completion of the phrase. Tommy had crossed out the pre-printed one - which said "The White Ranger insists!" - and written beneath it "Or I'll come down there and make sure it's one - have a Happy Holiday, beautiful. Your White Ranger, Tommy"

Kimberly closed it, placing it to the side and lifted the item that had dropped into her lap. She read the back - which said "a little something to make you smile" - and turned it around to find a picture that made her laugh. Tommy was dressed as Santa Claus, a bevy of Children surrounding him as he tried to hold three children of varying sizes on his lap. For a man who loved children, he looked harried and overworked. She recognized the children as those from the Orphanage where they'd volunteered before she'd gone away. She placed the picture with the card, determined to tease him about it later, and then turned to the other one.

The flap opened easily under her finger and she felt a sudden stirring of nerves as she pealed the top back and then pulled out the card. It was thick and when she opened it - the front was a picture of a Crane in Flight - and stopped the letter from sliding into her lap. She pulled it out, reading the inside of the card aloud. "For my crane who's learning to spread her wings and fly - and just because I'm always thinking of you. Yours always, Tommy."

She placed the card with the other one before settling her back against the wall and carefully unfolding the letter. She noted that it had been written just days before she'd written and sent him her breakup letter. There had been no reason for him to write her - except his desire to. She silently began to read.


It's been tough having you gone. The guys are good, still socking it to evil like usual. Fortunately it's been pretty quiet, but unfortunately we're fighting new enemy. Rita and Zed have disappeared and we're not exactly certain of the strategies of the new enemy yet. But we're learning. Alpha and Zordon are, as always, full of advice and wisdom and guide us no matter what we do.

But things aren't the same without you.

Katherine is trying hard to fill the void you left, but she's not you. I miss you Kim. I miss you so much I find myself writing this letter simply because I can and I don't want you to doubt how much you still mean to me. I know things aren't easy with this distance between us, but I know you agree with me when I say we share something special that neither time nor distance can change.

It's funny. The guys tease me about you because they know I think about you all the time, but it doesn't bother me. I find myself thinking I should share some of their antics with you, only to remember you're gone. I find myself missing not only my girl, but the best friend and confidant I've ever had.

Crazy, isn't it?

You'd think after all this time apart I'd be getting used to it by now, but the truth is the longer you're gone, the more I want to see you again.

Kimberly stopped reading, closing her eyes against the knowledge that Tommy had sent this - and her reply had been to break up with him. No wonder he'd been so furious with her. He thought she'd completely disregarded his feelings. She refolded the letter without reading the rest and pushed to her feet, heading for Tommy's room. His door was ajar and she could see he was bent over one of his books.

She knocked lightly on the door to gain his attention.

"Hey." A smile crossed his features as his gaze lit upon her, only to stop half-formed as he took in her serious expression. "Something the matter?"

She stepped inside and held out the folded letter. "I found this in the bottom of my bag today."

He accepted it as he searched her face. "Is this what Rocky and Adam wrote you?"

Kimberly shook her head. "It's the last letter you wrote me."

"I-?" He frowned, opening the letter. Watching his face, she caught the small, wistful smile that crossed his lips. He couldn't have read more than the first few lines because he refolded it and handed it back to her. "Did you enjoy it?"

"I haven't finished it."

"How far did you get?"

She blushed. "Something about how the longer I was gone, the more you wanted to see me again."

"Ah. I remember writing it, but I thought I was dreaming."

"Then I wasn't supposed to get it?"

He smiled faintly. "You were. But not until you came home next."

"Do you remember the rest of it?"

"Aren't you going to read it?"

"I'd rather you tell me."

His expression grew serious as she was drawn into his arms and coaxed to sit on his lap. She did, watching him carefully. Tommy brushed a tendril of her hair off her face. "The rest is a promise, Kim. To be faithful and true to you and what we shared. It'd a pledge to do everything I can to make you happy as long as you want me and a vow that, should we be together as we move into our adult years, I'll make you as happy as you'll let me. I've never wanted another woman the way I want you, not then, and not now. You're special, Kim. You always have been, and you're the other half of me." He stopped and exhaled, his tone dropping to an almost whisper. "That's what the rest of the letter says."

"Is that all?"

He shook his head, his cheeks pinkening slightly. "There is one more thing."


"I love you, Kimberly."

She sucked in a sharp breath.

Tommy forged ahead. "I only wish I'd been able to tell you sooner and not in a letter, but I swore I would the next time I saw you."

"And instead I-"

"No, Kim." he placed gentle fingers against her lips, stilling the guilt. "I know now you never saw that letter. I don't hold it against you. How could I where you're here and you're mine again?"

She smiled, kissing his finger tip. "I'm glad I never read that letter until now, Tommy. Because I can tell you I've never loved anyone the way I do you." She closed her hand about his, squeezing it as she leaned forward and brushed the same soft kiss over his lips. "Thank you - for everything."



Author's note: Well, that's it folks. Kim and Tommy are back together. Everyone has an idea of what's in those envelopes and the Rangers are going strong. I had fun with this, going from start to finish, from Anger to love and working their way through it.

Hopefully ya'll had as much fun reading it as I did writing it. Thanks for reading and being such a captive audience when it comes to reviews - they certainly helped spur me on when I considered ending it before this.