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Missing You

Chapter 1

Rory started walking away from her building to hang up the fliers for Professor Fleming's wake.

She saw a group of four guys that seemed to be friends, searching for someone or something nearby to her building. When they came to her building, she spoke up. "Do you need help with something?" Rory asked.

One of the guys looked really familiar to her, and it was driving her crazy that she couldn't think of who it was. Then the guy she thought looked familiar turned around to face her. Once he was staring down into her eyes, she couldn't believe it was him. Tristan Dugray was going to Yale.

He smiled when he could tell who's voice it had been asking them what they needed him with. He couldn't forget her voice.

"Hey Tristan, we're gonna walk around," said Logan.

"Alright," Tristan said nodding.

"Hey Mary," Tristan said, as he turned back around to face Rory again. He continued smiling as he looked down into her eyes again.

Rory couldn't help but smile, and rolled her eyes. "Hello to you too Bible Boy."

"Bible Boy?"

"Yeah it's a nickname my mom made up for you."

"I see."

"Yeah. So I can't believe its you. I never thought we would have the chance to ever see each other again."

"Me neither. Of course I never thought you would want to see me ever again."

"Why would you think that Tristan?"

"Well Mary, I thought you had hated me back then."

"I know I said that Tristan, but I never hated you. I know it was stupid of me, but I just thought it would be the only way for me to get back together with Dean, when he came to see me that day. I'm sorry about what I said back then."

"Well I'm glad you never actually hated me."

"Yeah, I just got very annoyed with you a lot of the time," Rory said, smiling.

"Oh I remember. And I am sorry I gave you such a hard time in high school."

"It's ok Tristan. I'm over it now. So who are your friends?" Rory asked as Logan, Colin, and Finn walked back over to them.

"Well Logan is actually my cousin, and Colin and Finn are two friends of Logan's," Tristan mentioned, as he pointed out who was whom.

"Well its nice to meet you three."

"It's our pleasure," Logan said smiling.

Rory smiled back. "So what were doing at my door before?" she asked Logan.

"Well Finn here had thought this one girl he had met at a party last night lived in your room. But we found that she lives on a different floor of your building."

"I see."

"So what are you doing Mary?" Tristan asked as he looked down at what was in her hands.

"Tris will you ever actually call me by my actual name? You know it. I know you do. Its RORY," Rory said, sounding amused.

"Oh I know Mary," Tristan said, smirking. "I still just enjoy calling you Mary."

"So you're Mary," Logan said smiling.

"Yes I am. I'm guessing Tristan here has mentioned me a lot?"

"He has, yes."

"So Tristan," Rory said, turning towards Tristan again. "Did you ever actually like me for real? I mean I can't tell if I was ever just a game to you now, since you're once again saying sorry for how you treated me back then. I mean as I've already mentioned, you annoyed me to no end. But at times, I really had wanted to be friends."

"But I always screwed up our chances of being friends."

"Yes you did. But that's all in the past now right?"

"Yes. But I did really like you Mary. I've missed you, ya know? Truth is, I've really never stopped thinking about you."

Rory just smiled. "I've actually missed you too. The rest of high school at Chilton just wasn't the same without you there. I mean it wasn't such hell there anymore," she said smirking.

"And now I'm just so glad you're here going to school."

"Yeah. Well I never thought I would see you going to school here. I mean I remember how much you wanted to go to Harvard." Tristan said.

"Well things change sometimes. And I absolutely love it here now. I'm glad I chose here for school instead of Harvard."

"So again I ask, what were you doing before you saw me? I see you have fliers in your hands, and you never said what they were for."

"Well, Professor Fleming died recently. And Paris and I are having a wake for him."

"Wait. Paris and you are actually friends now?" And why was Professor Fleming so important?" he asked as he looked at one of the fliers of the older man.

"Yes. We actually became friends once you left Chilton. And now Paris and I are roommates.

And um, Paris had sort of been dating him."

"Really? Interesting," Tristan said, raising one of his eyebrows."


"Hey Tristan, we probably should go," Logan said.

"Yeah alright," he said, nodding toward Logan, Colin and Finn. "So Rory, its been great seeing you again. This was a complete surprise."

"It has been great see you Tris. And it has been a great surprise. How about we try hanging out sometime soon?"

"Sounds good Rory. Let me have your phone so I can put your number in it."

"Alright," Rory said as she took her phone out of her pocket and handed it to him. "Can I have your phone so I can put my number in it?"

"Yeah sure," Tristan said, as he put his number in her phone. Then he gave her phone back to her. Then he took out his phone and gave it to her, so she could put her number in it. After she did that, she handed his phone back to him.

"Thanks Tristan."

"No problem Mary. Well I'll see you soon."

"Yes you will. Bye Tristan."

"Bye Rory."

"By George, he actually said my name!"

"See I do know it," he said grinning. "As I said before, I just hardly choose to use it."

Rory just rolled her eyes. "See ya soon."

"Yeah see ya," Tristan said. Then he leaned down slightly to give Rory a hug. Then they separated from the hug a few moments later.

"Bye," Rory said giving Tristan a small smile.

"Bye," Tristan said smiling, before he turned around and walked to where the three other guys were standing.