Chapter 6

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Rory woke up the next morning, not recognizing her surroundings at first. Then she remembered that she was in Tristan's bed. She turned over in the bed to find Tristan not laying next to her.

A few moments later the smell of bacon reached her nose. She smiled and quickly got up from the bed and out of Tristan's room. Rory walked to the kitchen to find Tristan almost done cooking chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

"Good morning Tris. Everything smells really good," Rory said, as she walked over to Tristan.

Tristan smiled as he looked towards Rory. "Good morning to you too Ror." He leaned closer to Rory and kissed her on the lips. Once they both separated from the kiss, they couldn't help but smile.

"The food will be ready in a few moments."

"Okay Tristan. I'll just pour myself a cup of coffee for myself, if thats okay, as we wait."

"Yeah that's fine."

Rory got her coffee as Tristan finished making breakfast. They each put some of the food on their plates and sat down at the small, circular kitchen table. "Thanks for making breakfast. It looks really good. I love chocolate chip pancakes!" Rory said. They both started to eat silently for a few minutes.

Tristan spoke up first. "So Ror, are you sure about us starting to date each other?" Tristan asked, sounding nervous.

Rory smiled slightly; but then her facial expression became serious again before speaking.

"Of course I'm serious Tris. I want to give us a try. I've loved spending time with you as friends. Now I do want us to try to start dating each other. It may be too soon after breaking up with Dean. But truthfully I don't care. I'm realizing now that it was a mistake to ever get back together with him."

"When I think about high school and us, and the last time we saw each other, it sort of makes me sad. I would like to believe something would have changed between us. When you said good-bye to me that night, I realized I didn't like that you had to leave. I think, deep down, I wanted you to kiss me even if Dean was there. After you left, I truthfully thought about you a lot-wondering how you were. And now I'm so glad we've had this chance to meet again. You've changed into a guy I really like. You seem like you've grown up a lot since the last time we saw each other."

As Rory spoke honestly to him, Tristn thought about how lucky he was. Rory was interested in him. It had taken them about four years to get to this point. But it was so worth it. Tristan's dream girl finally wanted to be with him-to give them a shot. He wasn't going to try to screw anything up.

He smiled and took one of her hands in his. But he didn't say anything for a few moments. Rory started to look worried becuase Tristan wasn't saying anything. But then he spoke up.

"I never expected to ever hear you say that you actually wanted to kiss me that night of the play. I know now that I should have kissed you no matter what. I never thought I would see you again, or at least for a long time. I hate that I didn't kiss you. I love knowing that you had wondered about me sometimes. It shows that you actually thought about me and didn't forget about me. I love that we've had another chance at trying to become friends. And now you're giving us a shot at having a real relationship. It makes me so glad that you believe in us, Ror."

Rory just smiled before kissing him lightly on the lips. "Even though I'm giving us a shot, I want to take things kind of slow okay?" Rory asked.

"Okay," he replied, without much hesitation.

"Okay then," she said, surprised slightly that he agreed without much hesitation.

They got up from the table and put their dishes in the sink. Tristan and Rory then walked together to the living room, where they sat down on the couch and cuddled together.

"So Mar, when do you wanna go on our first date together?"

"Doesn't matter Tris. You can pick."

"Okay. How about tomorrow night? 7 o'clock?"

"Yes that's fine. So where are you going to take me on our first date?" she asked curiously.

"Dinner. But I'm not going to tell you what restaurant."



"Please?" Rory asked again, using her puppy dog eyes on him.

"Nope," Tristan said again grinning

"Fine," Rory answered, pouting.

They cuddled for a bit longer as they watched tv together. After awhile though, Tristan and Rory got up from the couch. "Well I better go Tris. I'll go change back into my clothes from yesterday in the bathroom. I'll leave your sweats and t-shirt in the bathroom."


Rory went to change. When she came out of the bathroom, Tristan and Rory kissed goodbye before Rory left through the front door of Tristan's apartment.