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Chapter 31: New Future.

"Oh, my little brother is here..." Itachi looked at Sasuke, with no emotion. Sakura coughed a few times, still trying to get air.

'Why is he here...?' Sakura thought, slowly sitting up. Sasuke stood there, calmly, but ready to attack.

Sasuke pointed his sword towards Itachi; "Itachi... Finally, I can kill you! Finally, revenge for what you did to our clan!" With that, Sasuke lunged foreword, both of his hand tightly holding the sword.

"But you are still to weak, little brother." Itachi whispered to himself as he saw Sasuke running towards him, his eyes red. Sasuke had activated his Sharingan.

As soon as Sasuke sword touched Itachi's body, Itachi disappears. Some smoke surrounding the tip of sword. Sasuke turned around, his eyes darting everywhere.

"Dammit, Itachi! Don't play with me!" He yelled, as Sakura just watched him.

But she didn't like what she saw.

Hate. Anger. Coldness. She couldn't believe it. Was this really Sasuke? His attitude changed so much from the time Orochimaru had kidnapped her and she became sick. She still had some hope then. But now... that was lost.

"Stop it..." She wanted to get out of here. She wanted to go to Naruto!



A blurred figure, so fast, went toward Kisame. He was in the air, coming down and in his hand a small ball of light, but surrounded by lightening bolds, making sound that would make your ears hurt.

"Oh, oh, oh!" Kisame quickly jumped in the air as the figure stretched his arm out. If Kisame was one second later, he would have been burned to death.

"Heh," Kisame said, as he landed on the ground, grinning. "looks like Konoha's Copy Ninja is saving your ass, Kyuubi."

"K-Kakashi-sensei..." Naruto gasped as he saw the figure standing there, some smoke coming from his hand.

Kakashi quickly turned around to face Naruto, "Naruto! Are you okay?"

"Y-yeah, I think so... But Sakura-chan is...!" Naruto winced as he grabbed his right shoulder while sitting up. Dammit, that was one hard blow.

"Don't worry, Naruto, she's been taken care of." Kakashi said, still facing Naruto.

Naruto sighed a bit of relieve, but that disappeared as Kisame ran towards Kakashi with his sword ready to attack.


"Nice mistake you did there, Copy Ninja!" Kisame laughed as his sword cut through Kakashi, splitting him.

Huh, no blood.

"I can't believe you fell for that one, Akatsuki." Kakashi said, as he appeared behind Kisame from a cloud of dust, giving him a quick kick in the face from the side.

Kisame stumbled a few steps sideways, almost losing his balance. The kick wasn't hard enough to sent Kisame flying; Kakashi knew that much.

"Heh, I should have known it was a bunshin..." Kisame said, as he wiped some blue blood from the side of his mouth. "This is so annoying..." He grumbled. "I thought retrieving the Kyuubi was easy. There always has to be something that gets in our way."

"Rasengan!" Was a scream from behind.

But before Kisame could react, the fast-rotating ball connected to his body. But somehow, his sword took the blow. The bandages flew off and it sharp spikes were revealed. But that didn't stop Kisame's body for being thrown into the air.

"Goddamn brat!" Kisame crursed. How could he have forgotten the kid? He landed on a branch in a tree not too far from Naruto and Kakashi. He grabbed his sword and began inspecting it. "You are not hurt, are you my dear sword?" Although it had a few scratches from the attack, it showed no signs of serious damage.

Naruto breathed hard. His bunshin disappeared from besides him, and he began to sweat. Kakashi came besides him.

"Naruto, we have to get out of here. Although I hate to admit it, but the Akatsuki is too strong for the both of us. We can speak of luck that Itachi isn't with him.

Naruto gritted his teeth, "Dammit..." Naruto didn't wanted to admit it, but he was pretty beat up. Everything was starting to hurt, while Kisame looked like he didn't have a scratch.

"Sakura-chan... Sakura-chan is with Itachi! We have to... We have to get to Sakura!" Naruto yelled, as he grabbed his right shoulder with a wince.

"Naruto!" Kakashi yelled, but with more composure in his voice. "Sakura will be fine. I am not the only one who went this way."

He suddenly pushed Naruto away, as Kisame's sword connected to the ground between them with a hard blow.

"No time to talk, ladies!" Kisame said as he swinged his sword to the side, towards Kakashi. It was a hit, but as soon as the sword connected, there was a poof and a log appeared instead of a cut-open Kakashi.

'Feh, again a bunshin...' Kisame became a bit annoyed but the numerous times a bunshin was used. He just wanted to cut Kakashi in pieces, that shouldn't be so hard, right?

Kisame quickly glanced of to Naruto, who was still clenching his right shoulder, and looking really beat up. But that didn't stop Naruto for glaring at Kisame.

'Feh, I can take care of the Kyuubi kid later,' Kisame thought. First, he had to take care of the strongest shinobi here.

And that's Kakashi.

Kisame quickly ran towards the forest, knowing that Kakashi was there, 'hiding'.

"Sasuke... dear brother... When will you learn?" Itachi calmly said, as he easily dodged Sasuke's sword attacks.

"Cut the crap, Itachi!" Sasuke yelled, as he did some quick hand movements. It ended with two fingers pointing up, close to his mouth. His cheeks blew up, as he had eaten to much.

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" A blast of fire emitted from Sasuke's mouth, straight to Itatchi. Since they were standing close to each other, it was a direct hit.

"Dammit, Itachi, stop running away!" Sasuke yelled, as the fire wasn't extinguished yet. But Itachi managed to get away. Sasuke knew. Sasuke could see.

"Sasuke, you are not strong enough," Itachi replied calmly, appearing just a few meters away from him.

But Sasuke didn't want to hear it; he was so enraged. His anger took over.

"Hyaaaa!" Sasuke yelled as he, once again, tried to attack Itachi. Itachi dodged him with ease.

'Orochimaru is teaching him...' Itachi thought to himself. 'Maybe.. if his training his complete, I can finally give it to him.'

With one fast movement, Itachi plunged his fist in Sasuke stomach, which made Sasuke spit out some blood. Sasuke's eyes went wide, as he automatically grabbed his stomach with one of his hands and slumped down on his knees. His other hand was still holding the sword, as this dug into the ground, trying to hold Sasuke up.

Itachi looked at his brother, again with no emotions.

Sakura eventually stood up, and watched in horror. Even though Sasuke was not the old Sasuke anymore, she still didn't wanted to see him get hurt.

Sakura herself was hurt as well; she had some cuts and bruised and hand prints on her neck, which felt like they were burning. She squeezed her eyes shut and she bent her head down.

'Once again... once again I couldn't do anything...' She squeezed her hands so tight, that they started slightly to bleed.

Everything started out so great this one night. The dinner, Naruto being so sweet, Naruto confessing to her...

"Dammit.. Dammit!" Sakura cursed. She was scared, she had to admit. The Akatsuki is just too strong!

"Just relax, Sakura. I'll help you." A soft but stern voice said from behind her. Before Sakura turned around, two hands were placed on her arms and a warm light emitted from them.

She knew exactly who that was; "H-hokage-sama..."

Tsunade smiled, "I'm sorry you had to wait so long, Sakura." Sakura began to feel better by the minute. Even though Sakura knew some medical jutsu, she wasn't nearly as skilled as Tsunade.

"Hokage-sama!" Sakura blurted out as the healing was done. She spun around to face her, "Naruto! Naruto is...!" Sakura was stopped by Tsunade's hand on her shoulder.

Tsunade smiled at her; "Don't worry, Sakura, Naruto is going to be okay. Kakashi is with him."

Sakura felt relieved as she smiled a little. She closed her eyes; "I'm so glad."

They were interrupted by Sasuke's loud coughing. It seems that blow did more damage then was thought.

Itachi noticed Tsunade standing there, and walked towards her. He walked past Sasuke, who noticed this.

"Dammit, Itachi –cough- come... back! –cough cough- I'm not yet done! I'm going to kill you!"

But Itachi didn't listen. His eyes were fixed on Tsunade, who didn't meet his gaze.

"Yes, yes, stop right there, please." A male voice came out if nowhere. Itachi stopped, as a cloud of dust appeared before him. As disappeared as soon as it came, and it revealed the person who stopped Itachi.

"Oh..." Itachi said with some interest. "Just one more and you are complete, Jiraiya-sama."

"Sorry," Jiraiya shrugged. "We broke up a long time ago."

"I see," Itachi said, as he looked from Jiraiya to Tsunade and back. 'This can be a problem.' Itachi admitted to himself.

'I wonder how Kisame is doing...'

But Kisame wasn't doing so great either. It wasn't like he was losing, but he was getting annoyed. Very annoyed.

They only thing Kisame and Kakashi were both attacking a and dodging each other. This was getting them both nowhere.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto yelled. Naruto couldn't help him, he knew that and he hated it. Not being able to help those who need him right in front of him... It pissed him off.

He could feel the anger building inside of him. If only he could just...

Use my power, Naruto.

"Oh, hell no." Naruto simply stated. The Kyuubi felt his anger. Shit, he was not supposed to lose his control. Not again.

You can win. You will win if you use my power. You want to, I can feel it. Your anger tells me so.

"I want to win with my own power, not yours!" Naruto retorted, as he watched Kakashi and Kisame attacking and avoiding each other.

You have no choice, Naruto. Use my power!

"Don't give up, Naruto! Don't listen to him!"

'Who...?' Naruto heard a voice from deep inside his belly; where his Kyuubi was staying. It was a woman's voice. Sakura-chan? No... Tsunade-obaachan? No, not that one either.

"Naruto.. It will be okay, relax and keep your mind clear." He didn't know if it was because of the voice, but he felt himself getting calmer. The voice was... soothing. Wait... he... knew that voice, didn't he? That woman... with red hair and a blue dress. She was there as well when he 'died'!

He heard the Kyuubi growling; Damn you, Kus- But before the Kyuubi could finish it, he faded away, only to be locked up again deep inside Naruto.

Naruto smiled; he remembered her. "My guardian angel, right?"

"That's right. Don't give up, Naruto. I'll be here, always." The woman's voice faded away as well, and Naruto felt all calm and collected again.

"Whoever that woman is, she knows how to keep my mind clear. I really owe her..." Naruto whispered as he noticed that Kakashi and Kisame stopped fighting.

Kisame stationed himself on a stump from a tree, as Kakashi stood on the ground looking up. They were both panting slightly.

"Argh, this is annoying!" Kisame sighed, as he threw his sword on his shoulder. This was too much trouble for just one Kyuubi, in his opinion.

Suddenly, a gust of wind appeared besides him and Itachi emerged from the cloud of dust and leaves.

Kakashi clenched his fist. Not good... What happened to Jiraiya, Tsunade and Sakura?

"He's... gone..." Sakura fell to her knees from exhaustion even though just being healed. "Sasuke..." She gasped and looked over to where Sasuke was, still on his knees, tightly holding his sword.

Sakura turned around, looking at Tsunade who was also looking at Sasuke. "Hokage-sama... please, heal him!" Sakura almost begged.

Even though they were, Sakura swallowed hard, enemies, he still didn't deserve this. Tsunade looked at Sakura, with her eyes wide, not believing what she just heard. "Sakura, are you...!"

But Sakura didn't look away; she was sure she wanted him to heal. He can't do much now, anyway.

Tsunade sighed; "Fine, I'll do it. Just this once." She walked towards Sasuke, but not before she stood next to Jiraiya.

"Feh, I thought I came here to fight the Akatsuki." Jiraiya sighed, slightly bummed that he couldn't fight Itachi.

"Oh, shut up, Jiraiya." Tsunade said, annoyed. "Be glad we didn't had to fight. I guess even that Itachi kid realised he was outnumbered."

Jiraiya nodded, "Yes, but I'm worried about what he said before he fled..."

"We will be back again to retrieve the Kyuubi. We will not be stopped next time."

Tsunade heard as well, and focused her gaze on Sasuke while walking towards him. Sasuke was panting heavily. Itachi got him good.

"Even though I don't like this, I'm going to heal you." Tsunade said, some annoyance hear in her stood in front of Sasuke so that she could look him in the eyes, which had returned to normal.

Sasuke glared. Him, being helped by the enemy? Ridiculus.

"That will not be necessary, Tsunade-sama." Kabuto appeared besides Sasuke, picking him up from the ground. Kabuto put one hand on Sasuke's waist while he lead Sasuke's arm around Kabuto's neck for some support.

Sasuke let him; what's the point in struggling? He lost, terribly. He has to train more, he has to become stronger. Much, much stronger.

Kabuto looked at Tsunade and gave a nod. He jumped up and Tsunade made no effort to stop him. They both disappeared into the darkness of the woods.

"Tsunade..." Jiraiya began as he walked towards her. "Why didn't you capture him? He's still a missing nin, right?"

Tsunade sighed and looked up, to the night sky. "I felt like that was not my place..." Was the only thing she said, and Jiriaya understood.

They suddenly heard a gasp and realised that Sakura was standing up again. She looked nervously towards the direction where Naruto went. "Naruto..." Sakura whispered and made a sprint. Tsunade and Jiraiya followed her, both hoping that Naruto and Kakashi were alright.

"What's up, Itachi?" Kisame asked as Itachi stood next to him.

"We have to pull back." Itachi said calmly.

"What?" Kisame almost yelled, "Why? We are this close!"

Itachi didn't look at him, "Jiraiya-sama and Tsunade-sama are here. And now I see that Kakashi is also here."

"Tsk," Kisame said, growling. "too bad I see your point."

Itachi looked at Kakashi and Naruto, "Do not be mistaken; we will be back to get the Kyuubi, Naruto-kun."

Naruto growled, gripping his right shoulder.

And with that, Kisame and Itachi disappeared, leaving nothing but some falling leaves behind.

Kakashi sighed, his hand rubbing his neck. He turned around, "Are you ok, Naruto?"

Naruto nodded slightly, standing up straight. "Yeah, I'm fine." He looked at Kakashi, "How about you, Kakashi-sensei?"

Kakashi closed his one eye, knowing he was smiling. "Oh, I'm fine. It wasn't much of a fight, though. More like stalling for time."

Naruto smiled. Wait, what about-

"Naruto!" He could hear a voice he knew all to well calling out to him. He looked to his left, seeing Sakura running from the darkness of the forest towards him.

His face lit up; "Sakura-chan!" He took a few steps forward, his body aching. But he didn't care; Sakura was save.

As Sakura came closer and closer, Naruto could see that she was crying, but with a big smile on her face. "Narutooo!"

She leapt forward as she dived into Naruto's arm, embracing him. The sudden force made Naruto stumble backwards and eventually losing his balance. They both fell on the ground with a 'thud' but they never let go of each other.

"Naruto, Naruto!" Sakura cried as she nuzzled his face into his chest. "I'm so glad... you are save!" She hiccuped.

Naruto smiled at the pink-haired girl and began to rub her back. He inhaled her fragrance, which was strawberries. "Yeah, I'm glad you are save too, Sakura-chan..." Naruto softly said.

Sakura shifted a little on his right shoulder, sending a enormous pain jolt through his body. "Ouch. OOOOUUUUCH!" Naruto yelled, which made Sakura jump and quickly went off of him.

"Oh my gosh, Naruto! Are you okay?" She looked so worried, like she was the one who caused those injuries.

Naruto laughed, a few coughs in between. "Don't worry, Sakura-chan, I'm okay. Just a few scratches."

"Dummy! Don't scare me like that!" Sakura said and embraced him again, a but less tight now. Naruto sat up, taking Sakura with him, but she didn't let go.

"Well, some date this was, huh?" Naruto said, slightly laughing.

Sakura softly laughed as well, "And we didn't even got to the best part..." She pulled away, but her hands till around his neck.

Naruto got confused with what she just said, "What are you ta-" But Naruto couldn't finish that sentence, as his lips were occupied by Sakura's lips.

The kiss was soft and nice, very nice, Naruto thought. But wait, Sakura was kissing him!

Although in shock at first, Naruto quickly regained his composure as he closed his eyes, kissing her back. He brought both his hands to Sakura's face, pulling her closer. He never wanted this to end. Finally, he is kissing the girl he was in love with for so many years.

There was a loud cough from behind Sakura and some... snickering?

Both of them quickly pulled away as they turned around, only to see Jiraiya and Tsunade standing there.

Sakura and Naruto blushed like mad; they totally forgot they were there! "Oi, Ero-sennin1 What the hell are you doing? And wipe that grin off your face!" Naruto yelled, his face getting redder.

"Hah, Naruto, don't be embarrassed! This is what a young boy should do! If you want o take the next step, you can always borrow one of my books!" Jiraiya grinned.

"What?" Naruto yelled as Sakura bowed her head in shame.

Kakashi held one hand up; "I already tried that."

Jiraiya looked at Kakashi, "Oh, is that so..." He sounded disappointed. But he quickly had that annoying grin on his face. "Well, we just have to try harder!"

Kakashi showed his thumbs up, "I'm with you, Jiraiya-sama."

"Why you-!" Naruto yelled as he felt a warm light glowing on his body. It was Tsunade. She was healing Naruto.

"Tsunade-obaachan!" Naruto said happily.

"Naruto... I'm glad you are ok." Tsunade said, smiling. She can't have her hope die, now can she?

Naruto was completely healed, standing up again. He looked up, and saw that the sky was getting lighter. The next day had arrived.

He felt something soft in his hand. It was Sakura's hand, linking their fingers. She smiled at him, while he smiled at here.

"Come on," Tsunade said, breaking the silence. "let's go home."

Naruto looked at her, a bit confused. "Is it okay like this? I mean, They.. will be back. Itachi told me."

Tsunade didn't avoid his gaze, "Yes, I know. That's why, we are gonna train!"

"Huh?" Naruto and Sakura said simultaneously. Naruto felt a big hand on his shoulder which belongs to Jiraiya.

"That's right, kid. You are gonna train with me!" Jiraiya said, giving a wink to Naruto.

"Really?" Naruto said, his blue eyes sparkling. "Now I'll become strong!" Naruto said, almost jumping with joy.

Sakura laughed, "I always thought you were strong, Naruto." At this comment, Naruto blushed and scratched his head.

"And you, Sakura," Tsunade continued, having the attention from Sakura. "will be training with me. You wanna learn about medical jutsu, right?"

Now Sakura's eyes began to sparkle, "Yes, gladly!"

Naruto squeezed her hand softly. "Great job, Sakura-chan." Sakura turned her head to look at him, smiling softy. She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed and quiet sigh. "Thank you, Naruto..."

Naruto blushed once again. It was so strange; He always dreamt about this moment and he is so happy right now. This better not be a dream.

"Well," Tsunade began. "let's all go back home, we should rest up. The training starts next week. Be ready, kids!" As she said that, she, Jiraiya and Kakashi all went ahead, but Naruto and Sakura stood still.

Finally, some peace and quiet.

"Wow," Naruto said as he broke the peaceful silence. "I can't believe this all happened in one night."

Sakura pulled her head from his shoulder and shifted her position so that she could look him in the eyes.

"Yeah, I know..." She squeezed hey hands softly, earning a squeeze back. "But, despite all that happened... This, still, was the best night of my live." She leaned forward, so that her forehead touched Naruto's.

Naruto could only look in her beautiful emerald eyes, not wanting to miss anything. "I guess guardian angels really do exist..." Naruto whispered and he closed his eyes, leaning in.

'Guardian angel...?' Sakura thought. 'That's right! I still have to tell Naruto that I met his mother...' She looked at him, how cute he looks when he has his eyes closed just waiting for the kiss and giggled a bit. 'Oh well, I'm sure next time would be a better time to tell.' She closed her eyes as well, hands on his chest, and locked their lips. Naruto's hands sneaked around her waist, pulling her closer. She loved feeling so secure in his arms; she could stay like that forever.

They pulled away, and Sakura laid her head on his chest. She inhaled deeply, as she smiled; "I love you, Naruto."

-1 week later-

"Please take care of yourself out there."

"Will do, Sakura-chan."

"And don't go do the same as Jiraiya-sama when he's looking at some pretty girls."

"Hey! That's research!"

Naruto laughed, "Of course not, Sakura-chan. You are the most prettiest girl to me."

Sakura giggled, "Oh, stop it..."

"Okay, that's enough talking, you two." Tsunade interrupted, looking annoyed. "We have to get to work, Sakura!" That's right; they have to train. To beat the Akatsuki... and to bring Sasuke back. They haven't heard from Sasuke after that night. It seemed that Orochimaru is training him as well at this very moment.

"Don't worry, Tsunade! When I'll get back, we'll-" But Jiraiya cut off when a piece of rock was thrown at him at full speed, making him fall backwards.

"Damn perv..." Tsunade growled as she wiped of her hands.

Jiraiya quickly stood up, rubbing his forehead which was getting a red bump. "Ouch..." Jiraiya turned around, walking away from the group. "Come on, Naruto! We'll have to get going! We are going to train!"

"Ah, right!" Naruto turned back to Sakura, "Well, see you later, Sakura-chan."

Sakura nodded, gazing in his eyes. "Yeah, be careful, Naruto." They slowly came closer, not really realizing it.

"I will, I promise that on my life, Sakura-chan." Naruto said, grinning.

Sakura giggled. "I know you do." She closed her eyes as she felt his lips on hers, but only for a short time. He pulled away, and began to walk backwards.

"When I get back, I want to eat a lot of strawberries with you, Sakura-chan!" Naruto waved, as he began to walk faster backwards, eventually turning around, running after Jiraiya.

Sakura waved as well, as she laughed; "You're nuts! But I still love you!"

Naruto was getting smaller and smaller into the distance, but the wind carried the most important message Naruto left behind for her.

I love you too!

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