In 2002, a young teenager named Ryan Perreault wrote a story entitled "An Author's Nightmare 2: Going Underground," following as a sequel to a story before that of the same name. This story is about the author himself, Ryan Perreault, going into the cartoon world of 'Sonic Underground.' At the time, it was criticized due to its Mary-Sue ethics and over-used violence. It was hailed as the worst of the 'Author's Nightmare' series.

Five years later, Ryan Perreault grew up to be a young legal adult and learned more about his environment. Looking back at his story, he realized all the criticized comments were true. To fix that problem, he decided to re-write the whole story in a version that toned-down the Mary-Sue elements and made it more suitable for all readers. He would not know if it works, but at leased he is giving it a try.

However, the real Ryan Perreault went through some personal changes since the story was written. His dog, Roxy, passed away and he discharged from the Civil Air Patrol with the rank of Technical Sergeant. To make up for those elements, Ryan changed his personality a bit to be older than his true age. At the time of this story-rewrite, he is 21 years old. In this new version of the story, he will be 24 years old in the cartoon world and 21 in his flashbacks. He will keep Roxy in the story as a sign of remembrance.

There is another difference in this story. The occasional flashbacks Ryan had in the original story will be removed and replaced with a second story. This story will take place in two different times. In the present such as when Ryan is in the cartoon world, it will take place when Ryan is 24 years old. Every once in a while, the timeline will shift by going back a few years to the experiences and another fictional story when Ryan was 20. So, you will get two different stories this time.

So, here it is. The fifth anniversary edition of "An Author's Nightmare 2: Going Underground" written by the original author, Ryan Perreault. For those of you who do not know, I am Ryan Perreault. I apologize for writing a crappy story five years ago, but I hope this newer version will be more enjoyable. The story plots and major points will remain the same, but details will change and make more sense. I hope you guys enjoy this newer version of my story. That is all.

Ryan Perreault's



CHAPTER 1: Insurrection


It was a late summer night in the town of Feeding Hills, Massachusetts. Within the suburban neighborhood lived a young 24-year-old man. This young man sat in his living room watching the plasma television set attached to the wall. He is a pale-skinned red-headed Caucasian male, five foot ten inches, with his puffy red hair grown down to the back of his neck and shoulders. His attire consists of American Army camouflaged combat pants bearing the new ACU Digital pattern made to distort eyes, not blend in with the background. The bottoms of his pants are tucked into two khaki tan combat boots. His black T-shirt is tucked into his pants and clipped to the side of his pants strap is a clip-on sidearm holster. Within the holster is a Heckler and Koch USP .45 Standard pistol. Not as powerful as the Tactical version but more accurate than the Compact version. This young man, ever since getting his gun, told himself he would always feel safer with it on him. Luckily, in his line of duty (that only a small select few know about) he is allowed to carry it out into the public without being questioned by a police officer. However, he is on a long vacation after coming home from his horrendous months of hard work he went through, but he loves his job.

This young man is named Ryan Michael Perreault. He is currently watching one of his favorite cartoons right now, "Sonic Underground." That is right; Ryan is a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fan. Although his favorite universe is the modern SEGA Sonic, with Shadow and Rouge, tonight was a Sonic Underground night for him. His parents have gone off to Washington to see their favorite music artist, Dave Matthews, on tour. His little sister, whom he calls a mean and bossy crab, was away with her boyfriend in Connecticut. Ryan remained in the house all to himself, just him and his little Shih Tzu pet named Roxy.

Ryan sat there, enjoying being home alone. Years ago, he would be afraid to be home alone on dark and scary nights. But with his current capabilities, people do not scare him anymore. The only thing that scares him is being bitten by a venomous or rabid animal, but since he is indoors he does not have to worry about that.

Currently, Ryan is watching his favorite Sonic Underground episode, "Six is a Crowd." He always found that episode hilarious with 2 Sonic's, 2 Sonia's, 2 Manic's, and a good Robotnik. Unfortunately, the episode finally came to an end as Queen Aleena's hologram faded away and the triplets sped off.

"That episode always gives me a laugh," Ryan said to himself. He turned off the television and the DVD player. Ryan stood up to stretch and made his way into the kitchen. Once he reached the kitchen, he was greeted by a spunky and hyperactive Shih Tzu, his pet dog and one of his best friends, Roxy. Whenever Roxy sees Ryan, or anyone for that matter, she can easily be mistaken for her family feeding her sugar cubes in her food dishes.

Ryan game a chuckle seeing the fluffy tiny dog trying to climb up his leg. He bent over and scooped Roxy in his arms. Ryan never really held Roxy like a little puppy. He always held her like a baby, one arm around her body and the other under her butt. Ryan allowed Roxy to lick his face. His family always found that gross, but Ryan never minded Roxy's face-licking at all.

"Ooh, Rock-a-roni. I'm back, how have you been since I've been watching my shows?" Ryan asked happily to his puppy letting her lick him more.


Outside, the entire neighborhood was unaware of a group of shadows slowly approaching the little suburban house with Ryan inside. One of the shadows, seeming to be the leader, halted the rest of the team in their tracks by holding up his arm. The supposed leader took a look at a small PDA in his hand. The screen on the PDA shows a profile picture of Ryan Perreault.

"That must be him," the leader said in a sinister wolf-like voice. "SWAT Bots, stay here until I call you in."

"Wait," another voice sounded. This voice sounded like it came from a largely built individual with a tint of dumb pronunciations. "Why does he want him?"

"You goof, because he's just perfect. The body, the muscle tones, and the abilities this man possesses, he's perfect. Plus, he was listed as someone who knew about Robotropolis."

"But, he's just a simple aircraft mechanic," the dumb-voice spoke.

"I know. That's why we looked heavily into his profile. He's just a simple aircraft mechanic. He may be Army, but he shouldn't be of any resistance whatsoever," the leader said. He stood up and began approaching the house.

"Uh, where are you going?"

"Well, he's just a simple guy. I can handle him myself," the wolf-like guy said as he approached the house with a taser gun in hand. Little did the wolf know was that the profile he got on Ryan was only half true.


Back inside the house, Ryan rolled on the kitchen floor playing with his dog. Soon, it got to the point where his face was too wet and he was getting tired.

"Okay, Rocky, my face is moist enough. Good night," Ryan said giving Roxy a few more pats.

As Roxy gave a nod, she turned and left by going downstairs into Ryan's bedroom. Years ago, Ryan decided to move his bedroom in the basement where it is sound-proof and the light is low. The only natural enemy Ryan has, it is the sunlight which burns him up quite easily.

Ryan walked to the refrigerator and opened it up. He looked inside to find himself a midnight snack, even though midnight is only an hour away.

"Hello, Mr. Chocolate. Fill me up," he said to himself. He pulled out a bottle of chocolate syrup, popped the top, leaned back his head, and squirted the delicious chocolate syrup in his mouth.

Once he was done while keeping some of the syrup in his mouth, he put the syrup back in the fridge and pulled out the carton of milk. He just popped the top and drank about a cup of milk right from the carton. After he finished, he put the lid back on and put the milk back in the fridge.

"Nothing better than a good glass of chocolate milk, minus the glass," Ryan said to himself.

Ryan closed the refrigerator hatch and opened the freezer. He looked around and saw a half eaten chocolate Easter bunny. He picked it up, took a bite, and put it back. He smiled to himself knowing he has the best life in the world as he closed the freezer door. His parents always tell him that he has the good life. All his life, all he cared about was getting his schoolwork done so he does not have any homework. During the summer, Ryan never applied for a job just so he can enjoy his vacation at home where he felt safe. Due to recent years, Ryan now feels safe no matter where he is. Believe it; Ryan has been to more places than imaginable by any world traveler.

Suddenly, Ryan heard a footstep sound several feet behind him. He did not know who it was. His parents are in Washington, his sister is in Connecticut, and his relatives would have rung the doorbell. In a quick flash, Ryan literally whipped the USP gun out of his holster, spun on his heel, and faced the direction of the footsteps with both hands on his gun.

Once he saw who was at the doorframe of the kitchen, he was shocked. The figure that stood five feet away was not a living being, but a living cartoon! It was like he was staring at a 2-Dimentional bright cardboard cutout, but the shadows on the walls and reflections in the glass shown other angles indicating three-dimensions.

"No, it can't be. You don't exist!" he yelled. Right in front of him was none other than Sonic Underground's own bad guy, Sleet! He was almost as tall as Ryan, but Ryan was still about a hair taller. Sleet stood there, leading on the doorsill with both arms crossed. He is a large wolf wearing a bounty-hunter's gear and purple cape.

"Good evening," Sleet said with a sneer, "by orders of Doctor Robotnik, you are placed under arrest and taken to Mobius for robotosization!"

"What shit did I do?" Ryan asked as his fear turned into his neutral emotion. Ryan glared at Sleet as he kept his gun pointed at him.

"Nothing, we just wanted a human citizen from Earth for first robotosization. Now, come with me," Sleet said as he regained his posture and took a step toward Ryan.

"Don't move!" Ryan shouted in a deep military tone.

That shout froze Sleet right in his tracks. What scared Sleet the most was the determined look in Ryan's eyes as he held the firearm directly at Sleet. Sleet knew this guy was Army, but he never expected Ryan to be truly determined with his weapon. What also scared Sleet was that he looked in Ryan's eyes and saw, not only was Ryan not afraid to use his weapon, but that this is not the first time Ryan ever pointed that gun, or any gun, on someone. If possible, Ryan's eyes also looked like he has actually shot someone before. That could not be possible because Ryan's U.S. Army profile stated that he never fired a weapon since Basic Training, but his eyes tell differently.

Ryan slowly stepped his lead leg in front of him and slid his trailing leg behind him. Sleet was scared now because Ryan has the posture of an expert. He was expecting a tough Army guy, but this guy was almost beyond human.

"Hands up! Let me see your hands! Now!" Ryan shouted. Without question, Sleet threw both of his hands up in the air. "Turn around, on your knees, interlock your fingers behind your head, and cross your ankles." Sleet did as he was told out of fear. He felt his taser sidearm being swiped quickly out of his belt.

For the first time ever, Ryan held onto a cartoon gun. No matter which angle he looked at it, the outlines were all thin black like ink, yet it felt three-dimensional. Ryan shook his head and snapped out of it. He placed the gun on the kitchen counter behind him.

"You have any other weapons on you?" Ryan asked in a harsh tone while keeping his USP fixed on the back of Sleet's head. Sleet shook his head. "You sure? You better not be lying to me."

Ryan used his left hand to pat down Sleet. He patted his sleeves, his belts, his ankles, and any other place where weapons could be stored. It felt weirder touching Sleet than touching the cartoon gun. He was fluffy like his dog, yet he looks flat no matter what angle he is looking at him from. The clothes and hair even reacted and moved by the movement of his hand. Sleet felt even more afraid of this man by the strength of his hand. He felt as if this guy was an expert at what he is doing, has done it hundreds maybe thousands of times, and his touches are quite strong for simple pats. He finally stepped away, bringing both hands on his gun.

"Okay, stand up," Ryan told Sleet. Sleet stood up again, keeping his back facing Ryan. "Kick your boots off." Sleet never got the chance to kick his boots off.

"I'll get him, Sleet!" a familiar dumb-sounding voice yelled. Ryan turned around and to his surprise was Dingo charging at him with Sleet's gun in his hand. Where there was one, there was the other. Dingo must have taken Sleet's gun off the counter while he was not looking. Dingo is also an anthromorphic carton character just like Sleet, only he was tall, orange, and massively muscular. One disadvantage with Dingo was his absent mind. He may be strong, but he is dumb as a rock.

Dingo held out his arms to grab Ryan's gun, but Ryan instantly kicked up his foot ramming it into Dingo's crotch! Dingo bent down on his knees and held his groin in pain. Ryan hammered the back of his gun behind Dingo's head.

Sleet immediately turned heel and charged at Ryan. He grabbed Ryan's arms, but Ryan hooked his arms around Sleet's and head-butted his nose hard. Sleet fell backwards, feeling his nose in pain.

Suddenly, crashing in through the front door are true-to-life Sonic Underground versions of SWAT Bots! They seemed to be about Ryan's height but a hair taller. The bots fired their laser blasts at Ryan. Ryan dove head first behind the kitchen counters to avoid being blasted. When Sleet and Dingo saw Ryan diving behind the counter, he could have been injured in the process, but looked like he would rather be injured than shot.

"Don't shoot at him! We need him alive!" Sleet called.

Ryan placed his back to the counter. With the USP still in his hand, he believed now was the time to use it. He knew there was already a bullet in the chamber, so he used his thumb to pull back the hammer and flip the safety switch off. After a second, the SWAT Bot stopped firing. After a tiny pause, Ryan jumped to his feet, aimed, and squeezed the trigger on his gun bursting a Full Metal Jacket 9 by 19 millimeter bullet at the SWAT Bot. The bullet pierced right through the metal and completely short-circuited the bot.

Two more SWAT Bots appeared coming from the living room windows. Ryan spun on his heel facing them, dropped to his knee, and fired three bullets at them. Two bullets hit one killing it and the other bullet killed the other SWAT Bot.

Next thing Ryan knew, Dingo grabbed Ryan by bear hug from behind.

"I got him, Sleet!" Dingo yelled as Sleet tried to get up.

Ryan quickly dropped his weight a little, bent forward and brought Dingo up and forward, he gripped Dingo's arms tightly, straightened his legs and twisted at the same time, throwing Dingo over his hip and onto the floor.

Ryan spun on his heal and kicked Sleet in the nose again making them both fall on the ground. Sleet felt more pain getting a combat boot kicked to the nose. If the boot was steel-toed, it would have hurt worse. Sleet and Dingo felt more fear, this mission was supposed to be a simple snatch and extract, but it is turning to be a disaster.

Ryan quickly ran into the family room where the exit was. But there were already a few SWAT Bots at the door. Ryan fired three bullets at the Bots. Only two died. Ryan quickly ran the other way to the kitchen only to be stopped by more SWAT Bots! Ryan ran the other way and was face-to-face with a bot.

The bot grabbed Ryan's black T-shirt with its right hand and prepared to fire its laser with the other. Ryan quickly twisted slightly to the right, brought his left arm up and over the top of the bots arm and struck it down with his hand on the bots elbow hinge which pulled the bot down knocking it off balance. Ryan kept his face down and he rammed his elbow in the bots face causing the bot to let Ryan go.

Another bot came from behind it to fire on Ryan. Ryan noticed he was standing right next to the basement door. He grabbed the handle and rammed it open knocking the bot backwards. Ryan ran down and slammed the door behind him. He grabbed the fire extinguisher next to him and lodged it between the door knob and frame, completely holding it in place. However, he knew they would eventually break through. Just to make sure, Ryan burst two more rounds through the door, leaving two holes, and he ran down stairs.

Ryan looked around the basement and noticed there was no way out. He gasped and remembered something.

"Roxy?" Ryan called out. No one answered. "Roxy!" No answer. Ryan did not know that Roxy is hiding in Ryan's little closet scared. The SWAT Bots never found her before the end of the night and Ryan remained scared about her from that point on.


Upstairs, Sleet and Dingo got to their feet. Both are in pain after being thrown to the ground and kicked in the face.

"Stop standing around, you metal heads, go after him!" Sleet yelled.

The SWAT Bots used all of their strength to break down the door being held shut by the fire extinguisher.

Downstairs, Ryan held his bag open and started filling it with stuff. The bag he used is a military standard one-sling bag with two large pockets in the front and two small ones on both sides. In the large pockets he placed both of his water-filled canteens in them. In the smaller pockets, he loaded in spare USP magazines. In the large bag itself, he stuffed in his instruction manuals, his military books, his other gear including red dot sights for his pistol, a flashlight, night vision goggles, a radio, a baton, a stack of flexi-cuffs, his grandfather's ring he received one summer day, his trademark black boonie hat with a pin on it, and his Heckler and Koch 50 Tactical Fixed Blade knife with holster. He packed all that stuff in his bag and swung it over his shoulder. Ryan grabbed his gun and slowly made his way to the bulkhead door in the back of the laundry room.

Finally, the SWAT Bots were able to break open the door. They saw the fire extinguisher tumble down the stairs and into the basement. The bots slowly made their way down and ended up in Ryan's bedroom. They looked around and noticed the room was empty.

Sleet and Dingo moved on ahead of the group and peered around the room. They led the bots into the laundry room and saw the bulkhead door open leading to the dark outside.

"Uh, Sleet, I don't see the guy," Dingo said. Sleet grew angry knowing it was obvious.

"Oh really, how about you try to find him rather than saying he's gone!" Sleet shouted angrily. Dingo looked around until he saw Ryan's shadow running far away down the street.

"Uh, Sleet, how can that guy's shadow move all by itself?" Dingo asked stupidly.

Sleet noticed Ryan running and grew angry.

"You idiot, that's him! SWAT Bot's seize the boy!" Sleet yelled. The SWAT Bots ran after Ryan using jetpacks.

Ryan ran down the non-busy road as fast as he could, thumping the bag behind him. He looked behind him to see the SWAT Bots coming. Ryan ran to a tree and dove behind it. He rolled over to face the incoming SWAT Bots and aimed his USP at them lying prone. Ryan burst three rounds at the fast-moving SWAT Bots and two of them exploded. As soon as Ryan saw five more coming, he got up and ran back toward another tree.

"Peel one! Peeling, peeling, peeling!" Ryan shouted out loud. He knew he had no team members to tap their shoulders, but that quote came out of him due to habits.

Down the street, Sleet got angry seeing the bots being blown up.

"How can he do all this, Sleet?" Dingo asked.

"I don't know and I don't care, we'll catch him ourselves!" Sleet said. He pulled out his remote, pointed it at Dingo, and fired it. Dingo morphed into a motorcycle. Sleet got on it and drove off in pursuit of Ryan.

At the end of the street, Ryan kept bobbing between the tree lines with the five remaining SWAT Bots in pursuit. Ryan got behind a tree avoiding a laser blast. Once the laser's stopped, Ryan, on his knees, peeked over and burst four rounds at the SWAT Bots. Four exploded, leaving one SWAT Bot as the last one standing. On the fourth round, the gun's slide locked back in place. Ryan pressed his thumb on the magazine release button and the empty magazine ejected out.

Just as Ryan was about to grab another magazine from his bag, he heard the lone SWAT Bot running, approaching him. He had no time to reload, so he holstered his USP and pulled out his H&K 50 knife. Just as the SWAT Bot stood next to him by the tree, Ryan grabbed the bots gun arm, held the bot in a chock hold, and used the knife to cut one of the bots fuel pumps visible in the neck region. Slowly, the bot died down from loss of fuel and power.

Ryan dropped the bot on the ground. He picked up a fresh magazine from his bag and un-holstered his gun. He slid the magazine in the handle and used his thumb to close the slide release. The slide on the gun closed, immediately putting a round in the barrel and having the hammer cocked.

Sleet and motorcycle-Dingo were driving all the way to Ryan at the end of the street. Ryan turned around to see them coming. He aimed his gun at them.

"Freeze!" Ryan shouted, echoing the whole neighborhood. However, Sleet and Dingo stood their ground and pursued forward, mainly because they were so close to Ryan. Ryan had no choice. Once they got close enough, Ryan stepped aside and swung his arm out at Sleet, causing Sleet to fall back and off his motorcycle-Dingo.

"Uh oh," Dingo said. Dingo, without a driver, fell over and tumbled on the ground.

Ryan stood back and kept his gun fixed on both Sleet and Dingo. Sleet and Dingo slowly got up and they look right at Ryan.

"Don't move!" Ryan shouted. "Do not move! Hands! Show me your hands! Now!"

Sleet and Dingo obediently did as they were told. Somewhere in the confusion, Sleet dropped his laser gun on the ground. Just as Sleet noticed it, Ryan already kicked it away.

"On your knees, both of you!" Ryan ordered. "Interlace your fingers behind your heads and cross your ankles."

Sleet and Dingo did so, both in fear. Their entire SWAT Bot squadron was taken out, destroyed, gone, and wiped. Only those two remain. They thought to themselves how can a simple Army aircraft mechanic do such things?

"Don't fight me or I will kill the both of you," Ryan softly growled. The serious tone in his voice said that he has killed before.

In their experiences as bounty hunters, Sleet and Dingo have killed robots before and felt nothing. In fact, it felt like fun when they blew up two of Robotnik's SWAT Bots once to steal a Chaos Emerald. However, when Sleet and Dingo killed living beings for the first time, they felt cold and froze. In experience of killing, they had no problem doing it again and again. Ryan here, however, the tone of his voice expresses that same kind of experience somehow. They saw him kill their SWAT Bots, but he sounded like he has killed living beings before. Not just animals, he sounded like he has killed humans many times. How can that possibly be possible? Ryan's Army profile says that he just has a simple job as an aircraft mechanic on a local base. No simple soldier can have a tone like this.

Sleet then felt Ryan's strong hand feel all over him again. This time, Ryan felt something clipped underneath Sleet's belt. Ryan reached under his belt and pulled out what looks like a garage door opener. He did not notice it earlier because Ryan forgot to pat down Sleet's belt back at his kitchen.

"What's this?" Ryan asked, holding the device in Sleet's face. "Huh? What is it?"

Sleet shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know—"

"You don't know?" Ryan harshly snapped, causing Sleet to flinch a bit. "Your squad is dead! You ordered your SWAT Bots to not shoot, I'm more valuable alive. And I catch you with this remote thing hidden in an unusually hidden place and you're telling me you don't know what it is? Are you some kind of a dummy or something? What if it was a bomb designed to kill you? Huh? Then what? You carried it with you where it cannot be found and you have no clue what it is? Are you stupid?! Are you fucking stupid?!"

Dingo's eyes widened by that language Ryan just used.

"Hey, watch your language," Dingo said. Ryan responded by snapping his gun aiming at Dingo.

"Did I give you permission to speak?!" Ryan shouted, causing the whole neighborhood to hear. "Huh? Did I give you permission to open your skull on your disgusting fucked-up face? Did I, you dirt bag?! Fuck this shit! You don't seem to know shit and your wolf-faced partner doesn't seem to know what the fuck this fucking device is! Were you supposed to fuck me with it?! Is that it?!"

"It's a Dimensional Matter Displacer!" Dingo confessed loudly. Sleet grunted, and Ryan paused with a grin.

"Alright, now we're finally getting somewhere. So, tell me, what is this Dimensional Matter Displacer used for?" Ryan asked Dingo.

"It's for—" Sleet began.

"I don't remember asking you anything!" Ryan snapped at Sleet. Silence was among them again. Sure, Sleet and Dingo are professional bounty hunters, but the only reason Ryan has them both is because he is the one with the gun and has shown strict expression that he is not afraid to use it to take both of their lives.

"It's for traveling through dimensions," Dingo said after the silent pause.

"Dimensions? Like traveling from your world to mine?" Ryan asked. Dingo nodded. "So why are you after me?"

"I don't know," Dingo replied. Ryan looked at Dingo's face and saw the triangle on his forehead between his eyes. No cringed up wrinkles means he is telling the truth. Ryan turned heel and faced Sleet.

"Okay, Sleet, why does Robotnik want me?" Ryan asked him.

"I don't know," Sleet replied. However, Ryan noticed a flinch of a wrinkle form on Sleet's nose when he said 'don't' which means he is lying.

"Don't lie to me. Why does Robotnik want me?" Ryan asked more sternly this time.

"All I know is that he wants a human to be robotosized," Sleet said. "We just wanted a regular random human. We narrowed it down to someone smart, athletic, strong in muscles and head, can control his stress, and very optimistic. That turned out to be you, but we were nervous when we saw you were in the United States Army."

That was when Ryan became nervous. He could not let anybody know about him or what he does in the Army.

"So, we checked your file heavily and all we were able to find out was that you are an aircraft mechanic working out at the 104th Fighter Wing at Barnes Air National Guard Base with no overseas experience," Sleet continued. Upon hearing that, Ryan almost collapsed while letting out a long sigh of pure relief. He smiled happily knowing what they know about him, or what they think they know about him.

"That's it?" Ryan asked getting up.

"Yes," Sleet nodded.

"Okay, I'm going to have to place you two under arrest for breaking and entering, possession of a deadly weapon in a suburban town with intent to use it, and attempted kidnapping of a U.S. Army personnel with knowledge of my profile," Ryan said as he reached in his bag for a flexi-cuff.

Suddenly, Dingo got brave! He jumped up and tacked Ryan! Sleet got up as well and ran to his gun that was kicked across the street.

Instantly, Ryan grabbed both of Dingo's arms and flipped him over before kicking Dingo's legs knocking him off balance. Dingo fell to the ground on his back. In the confusion, Ryan dropped his gun and the strap to his bag slipped off of him.

"Whoa," Sleet said to himself.

Dingo quickly got up and grabbed Ryan's neck. Ryan quickly grabbed Dingo's left arm with his right hand, threw all his weight to the right and brought his arm over both of Dingo's arms breaking him free. Ryan had grip of Dingo's left hand and he twisted the hand joint causing Dingo to scream in pain. Then Ryan kneed Dingo in the face causing Dingo to fall on his stomach.

Sleet was surprised seeing all this.

Dingo got up and faced Ryan again. Dingo began to throw a punch at him. Ryan quickly grabbed it, wrapped his arm around Dingo's arm and he rammed his fist right into Dingo's face. Then Ryan kneed him in the groin knocking him down again.

Sleet was amazed seeing Dingo knocked off his feet three times by someone who was less muscular than him. Dingo quickly crawled back to Sleet.

"Sleet, stun him?" Dingo cried.

Ryan dove head first to grab his USP gun on the ground. Just as he grabbed it and aimed it at Sleet, Sleet already fired a stun-pulse at Ryan, knocking him unconscious.

"There, that was easy," Sleet said. Dingo slowly got up after his pain was gone.

Ryan moaned a bit as his eyes began to slowly open, unable to move. Sleet bent over and picked up the stunned Ryan by his shirt-collar. Dingo grabbed Ryan's bag and gun. He also reached the back of Ryan's pants and removed his H&K 50 knife from its holster.

"Come on, Dingo, let's go," Sleet said. He grabbed his Dimensional Matter Displacer device and shot it directly ahead of them in the street. A large blue portal opened in the middle of the street.

Ryan moved his head and saw they were heading into it.

"No, no. Fuck you, no," Ryan barely said.

Soon, the three stepped in the portal and it disappeared behind them!


In loving memory of Roxy Perreault, my Shih Tzu (1992-2005)