And now, ladies and gentlemen: "Kaiju Wars Episode 3: Death From Above!" No prizes for guessing the Kaiju this time, I'm afraid. You may be pleased to known that "The Nightmare Serpent" can be expected not so very far down the line.

As before, just for the sake of it: "PREVIOUSLY ON GODZILLA: KAIJU WARS: After hatching from an egg recovered from the South Seas, Godzilla imprints on Miki Saegusa and, after a failed capture attempt by the UNXCC, is deemed a grave threat by the JSDF. While Miki is kidnapped by agents of the murderous organisation known as the Red Bamboo, Godzilla battles a new creature, Anguirus, on Odo Island before rescuing her- but the JSDF is preparing to battle the creature after he destroys a warehouse in Tokyo Bay in the process…

Godzilla is © Toho


It started as a quiet rumbling, almost unnoticed by the residents of the village. The sound was barely even registered as they each went about their business, children playing in backyards or in fields, farmers tending to crops or young men and woman heading towards the train station for the daily commute.

Then, a few heads turned to glance up at the long-dormant volcano. Then a few more, and a few more… until almost all heads were turned to the source of the rumbling noise, gasps and concerned whispers spreading from one crowd to another.

Those few who had not yet noticed the sound were jarred to alertness by the sudden, crashing, exploding sound as what looked like the top of a dark-grey mushroom cloud sprouted from the volcano, rising into the air on a long, dense column of smoke.

The voices of sudden fear grew more numerous, as the villagers began to turn in droves away from the volcano. Voices became shouts. Shouts became screams as the rumbling grew, and the thick cloud of ashen smoke drew across the sky to hang over the village.

The ground shook, just for a few seconds. Pots rattled, children struggled to stand, shelves fell from the walls with cluttering smashes.

In the midst of the noise and sudden fear, a great, dark something rose from the mouth of the volcano, obscured by the smoke and ash, like a huge dart shooting up from the volcano like a bullet from a gun.

A wide pair of wings unfolded from the object, the sheer force sending smoke billowing out as, with a low, cackling howl, the flying creature ascended into the air.

Another short opening chapter, as always. Just my style.

As you may have figured out, whenever I finish one of these stories, I'll upload the first part of the next one at the same time. Same with my entries for "Soul of a Monster". Mainly so that nobody misses the sequels.

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