NGE: Mornings

There are some people who wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. You see them at the office or in the bus, at the gym or in the park, bouncing along happily as they raced off to metaphorically take on the world.

Misato Katsuragi, on the other hand, was not one of those people.

Misato awoke groggy, laying there as she tried to get her brain going. Slipping free of the covers she left the sleeping figure there, padding nude from the hotel bed and walking over to peek out the window.

"Where...?" Misato murmured, wondering where they were. Feeling a urgent cal from her bladder, Misato walked on, passing the paper covered dresser and nearly tripping over the clothes that were scattered over the floor.

"Mrrow," Misato smirked, turning to the bed and seeing tufts of blonde hair sticking out from the covers, presumedly belonging to her partner in last night's escapade.

Picking up a t-shirt with her foot she slipped it on as she stumbled into the bathroom. Finishing up Misato flushed then headed back to bed, cuddling up to the still sleeping figure laying there. As she relaxed her brain began to work, processing the papers she had seen, the landscape and everything else.

Misato's eyes popped open as she sat up with a gasp, hurrying over to the dresser to peer at the papers scattered on top of the dresser. "Marriage licence?!" Misato blurted.

The figure on the bed sat up, her blonde hair falling into her eyes. "Misato, you're too noisy," Ritsuko Akagi murmured, blinking.

'This is the last time I suggest we go out drinking together,' Misato thought weakly.

Notes: This is almost a word for word riff on Strangers in Paradise #70. Heh. A little present for breaktherules10.