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A man in his mid 30's sits in a café, doing his daily routines as usual.

After sipping his brewed coffee, he ritually unfolds his newspaper with his pale hands as he seats along a breakfast table in a small café near the capital. Ignoring the busy people inside and the noisy automobiles just outside his window view, he tries to concentrate not on the paper he's holding but on the stream of images--- bloody images, that was haunting his mind for the past few weeks. He doesn't understand what it meant but for some reason, he felt that he was connected to this pictures, images of a great war; with a great fire across the forest while in the earth the he's stepping at is soaked with a mixture of rain, dirt and blood, seeing cold limbs that dressed like soldiers lying on the ground, images of monstrous beasts and seeing his hands bleeding, images of people crying—suffering—dying.

The bell on the café's front door clanged from which his daydream vanished, and from the door he could see a man, white haired, almost his age, coming to his table.

"Good morning!" His first greeting was like he won a lottery or something. But of course, Oliver replies as short as possible, giving James a weak smile and then he sips again his coffee and return to his newspaper.

After a short greeting, James announces the reason why he was so that morning, and it was because he got a new job. Olivers expression was blank, or you could say, he was dreamy again.

"Is there something wrong?", James was curious. He never have seen his friend so 'out in space' before, maybe he has been way back then, but never in past few years.

Oliver wakes up from his 'daydream' because of James' question. "It's been bothering me from the last few weeks---"

"What is it?" James is now very concerned, and also troubled himself. He was slightly sweating, and felt that his friend is remembering something that he shouldn't.

"These things---daydreams, images of… Ah, never mind! It's no big deal!"

"No, it's a big deal! Please continue!"

"Wow, I didn't know how much you cared? That's thoughtful of you." , he taunted. But then he saw his friend was sweating, as if he's having the problem himself. His eyes were all serious and his fists are gripping on the table cloth.

"Well, if you're really interested. Here it goes---I see images of wars, dead people scattered on the ground. I saw killers, monsters and their victims. And I see myself standing, with blood tainted on my pale hands. The worst part is that I feel like I'm connected to what was all happening, sometimes I even feel that I was there---"

He pause for a moment, he saw his friend was shaken, somewhat he looked like he knew what his story is. Not hesitating, he asked if he knew anything about this nightmares his been having.

"Yes I do, Orochimaru."

Oliver was perplexed, wondering why James called him that. Somehow at the back of his memory, he have heard of that name before…

"I think it's time you know the truth before you figure it for yourself."

"But I can't…."

"Shh…We should talk at a more private place---at your place!" James grabbed his friends arm and dragged him and the two walked all the way to Oliver's place.

It was still morning, and the sun was shining on his window at his room. And the two friends sat, facing one another, and James was getting ready to explain everything while Oliver was trying to be calm as possible, from all the 'bad' things, he thought, he was going to hear.

"I don't know how I'm going to explain this right, but I'll try, ok?" Oliver just nodded back, and then, James started.

"I am Jiraiya, Sannin of Konohagakure, in the Fire nation. And you are Orochimaru, a missing-nin, and a Hokage of Otogakure, in the Rice nation. In short, we are ninjas of different villages---and we are enemies."

James, or Jiraiya, scratches his head while Oliver was blank, he can't even understand what his friend was talking about, he heard some of the places but he can't even remember himself as a ninja, and doesn't even know what a missing-nin or a hokage means.

Jiraiya read his friends mind and tries to explain even further. "Look, I'm sorry if this is all of the sudden, but I have to take precautions--- Geesshh! I wish Tsunade's here to do all the talking!"

"Who the heck is Tsunade?!"

"Uhm, she's you're former teammate---big boobs, yellow hair, red eyes, bad temper? Come on?! You gotta remember her?! You even almost killed her—"

"I've almost killed her!?! Yes, I kind of remember her face--- but why would I kill her?!"

"We were enemies before--- didn't I just told you that!"

"These still doesn't explain anything! Tell me why how did we get to this place, Ashberg, in the first place, if we are ninjas from a place that is still blurry to me?! How did I get I amnesia three years ago!!!"

"Sorry, but that isn't amnesia. It was jutsu that I used to you to forget everything from your past, and amazingly, it did worked, but only for a few years." He chuckled, but still couldn't look straight to Orochimaru.

The room was quite for a minute, then suddenly, the Orochimaru leaped from his seat, with his fist clenched and flying straight to Jiraiya's face. Of course, he easily caught his friend's fist, and tried to calm him down,

"YOU BASTARD!!! All this time you've been lying to me! All that you said years ago about my past is a lie?!! You tricked me and made me believed that everything you said about my life before my 'amnesia' is true! You're an IDIOT!!!"

His eyes were sharp, the ones that the bigger sannin used to be afraid of, that snake eyes, but then he saw these eyes glisten, almost like crying. No, this is not the heartless missing-nin, but my closest friend.

"I know one thing for sure that isn't a lie---"

He held Orochimaru's wrists very tightly to his chest, then he immedietely made his face close to him as possible, and then kissed his confused friend on his thin, pale lips. He tried to hold on to that kiss, but Orochimaru pushed him aside, and said to leave him alone for a minute telling that he was still trying to handle with this whole thing. Jiraiya understood and he was left sitting alone while Orochimaru goes to his bedroom.

Lying alone in his bed, it was noon, and heat was at its toll, which makes him more irritated aside from the fact that he is Orochimaru. He is supposed to be that man but pathetically, he doesn't remember anything about him, well maybe the looks are still the same but still… "I have still many questions to ask to that white-haired idiot!"

He left his bed and went back to Jiraiya, who was waiting on the couch for about half an hour, to interrogate him and to know more about the truth, about his real self.

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