My name is Isabella Swan, but most people call me Bella. I'm like 5'5 with brown hair and brown eyes and am really, really pale. My big brother Emmett is one of my best friends and I really miss him. I can't wait to see him again. I guess I should get to the story at hand.

My mom and my dad have been separated since before both my brother and I can remember. My dad Charlie lives in Forks, Washington and is the police chef there. My mom couldn't handle it there because of a lot of things but mostly she just felt trapped and she hated the rain.

Did I mention it rains a hell of a lot in Forks? She 'ran away' with us, and we moved to phoenix when I was 1 and Emmett was 2. When my mom got remarried the summer before my freshman year, Emmett and I went to stay with Charlie for a year. Her job also got transferred that year... Guess where I got to live…. Dude I moved to Long Island, you know how weird it is there? I do, and I love it!

But that's when things got bad. Emmett stayed with Charlie but me, I got to go back to mom, and her excuse was I needed her during this time in my life. Bull. I mean I love my mom and all but I hate, HATE her new husband Phil with a fiery passion. He's a complete ass!!

I'll explain why later, but right now I'm just telling you that today was the first day of the rest of my life. Corny right. But still I get to go live back with Charlie and Emmett. Oh god how I missed them. The only thing is, my flight gets in ½ way through football for Emmett I'm just going to meet him at the school. It will look kind of odd with a random, short, pale girl to run into the middle of the field practically tackling the quarterback but I don't care.