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By Auroras-flame

She buckled herself up and put her key in the ignition. As she turned the car on, cool wisps of air flew by her face and she let out a contented sigh. She checked her mirrors and began home from work.

It had been a week since Inuyasha and she destroyed Naraku, and it was possibly the nicest week of Kagome's life… Well… almost the nicest week of her life…

She received quite a scare on the day of the fight when Sango and Miroku revealed to her that Hojou's (unconscious, but alive) body was the only one on Kagome's kitchen floor when they arrived. Somehow, either Kagura and Juromaru woke up or Kanna managed to teleport them away just before the police came. That meant that they were still out there; and possibly wanting revenge for the loss of their leader.

Inuyasha reassured her that the incarnation's attachment to Naraku was most likely just because he had power over them (being the one who made them). He even told her he had seen the Kagura lash out towards Naraku once when he first encountered them all. Still, Kagome couldn't help being slightly worried. Inuyasha also mentioned that Kagura, Kanna, and Juromaru might have actually disappeared along with Naraku. It was clear that they were closely connected, and perhaps, when they're maker dies, they do too. He admitted immediately after, however, that it was just a theory and he had no real idea.

Nonetheless, she and Inuyasha hadn't seen a single trace of them all week. If they did want revenge, they were taking their time. It also might have been because the ring (found in a tiger hole, near a bloody bear trap and a pile of ashes, where Kagome told the police Naraku died) had been claimed by the police for evidence; and, to Kagome's knowledge, was still being kept there. As for the police not finding Naraku's body, Kagome coyly suggested that Kanna might have reclaimed it as well as the unconscious bodies that were in the kitchen. Of course, Miroku and Sango were dubious, but could any better theory possibly be formulated?

Hojou miraculously managed to stay alive with most of his organs and body parts (his brain was still on the lam, though…). She had visited him the hospital. Yeah, he was a sod and a little rotten bastard, but she still felt really sorry for the guy. He was only trying to do what was best, he just happened to go about it the wrong way.

This was where the week really hit a nadir.

When she arrived at the hospital, Hojou was conscience, amazingly. However he seemed to take her presence there as a sign that she forgave him and that they were a couple again. Normally, Kagome might have just been able to let him down easy, and then leave, but Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi were there also. All three of them begged her to forgive him and take him back, even Eri, who had been afraid to talk to Kagome ever since she arrived back from Okinawa.

Kagome tried to remain collected about the whole thing, she really did, but after so much prodding and poking by her friends, she blew up and stormed out of the hospital claiming that she never wanted to see them again, leaving an enraged Yuka, a crying Ayumi, and a frustrated Eri.

Kagome let out a sigh in her car, just remembering the whole fight. Now her only friends were Sango and Miroku…

On the good side, she had barely seen a trace of the otherwise overly persistent Kouga all week. He paid her a little attention the day after Naraku's demise, but the conversation was surprisingly professional and he only expressed the normal amount of relief that she was alright after such an attack. Admittedly, Kouga's lack of interest disturbed her a tiny bit, just because it was so unlike him. She suspected that he was still looking into Inuyasha, but she wasn't too worried about that. He isn't human so he doesn't have a birth certificate or file that Kouga could look up; meaning it would take more than the normal amount of effort to find dirt of any kind on her dog/boyfriend.

Also on the up was Miroku and Sango's relationship. They had already gone on a date, and Sango had told her over the phone that it was wonderful and Miroku hadn't groped her at all. Not once. She almost sounded proud. Kagome couldn't be happier for her. Although Sango complained, it was always clear to Kagome that she fancied Miroku as more than just a partner.

Then there was the true source of all her happiness…

Kagome pulled into the driveway and parked the car. By the time her door was open a beautiful Kishu Inuyasha was staring up at her happily, his tongue lagging out and his tail wagging.

Kagome laughed and kissed his snout, "I'm home."

Inuyasha turned around and rushed inside the house. Kagome got her things out of the car and quickly followed, mischievous grin on her face.

The moment her foot was in the door, Inuyasha planted his lips on hers, greeting her, "Welcome home."

Kagome snickered, "Welcome home indeed."

It was official: she and Inuyasha were now boyfriend/girlfriend, if that was even the right term. Kagome had never experienced a love and life quite like the one she had now with Inuyasha. She never knew that merely seeing someone's face could make smile, and knowing he felt the same made her heart take wing.

In her merry stupor, she suddenly noted Inuyasha's steady focused gaze. He looked unnerved. Kagome frowned, "What's wrong?"

"You received something in the mail today," he said, his ear twitching over to the coffee table.

Kagome broke away from Inuyasha and walked over to it, spotting an unnamed box. Kagome's eyes widened a little in fright. Could it be from Naraku's incarnations? Were they still alive and wanting revenge?

Kagome's head turned anxiously to Inuyasha and asked. He shook his head, "No, it smells like… your boss…"

Kagome gave him a weird look, "Kouga?"

Kagome picked up the little thing and tried to open it with her fingers. When she struggled, Inuyasha lent a claw to help open the box.

The pair peeked inside. Kagome reached within and pulled out a small jewellery holder. It was covered in that blue velvet, and very nearly looked like an engagement ring box.

Kagome blanched at the sight, thoroughly sick of engagement rings, and Inuyasha growled.

She flipped open the box and a small slip of paper floated out. Inuyasha bent down to pick up the paper, and Kagome examined the contents that remain in the box. It was a silver bracelet, with a small moon pendant. Kagome recognized it immediately as the bracelet Kouga tried to give her on his second day of work.

"Kagome," Inuyasha said gravely, "We have a problem."

Kagome turned to Inuyasha, who flashed her the piece of paper. Written, in a familiar scratchy handwriting that she had seen too many times at work was Inuyasha Takahashi?

"Crap," Kagome said.

The phone rang. Inuyasha and Kagome looked up the stairs where it was until the answering machine picked up. There was a beep and it said, "Kagome? It's Hojou. Please Kagome, we need to talk. I'm getting out of the hospital soon, but I would really like it if you would come to me instead of the other way around. I'm just not comfortable with you dating a dog demon!-"

Inuyasha growled as Hojou went on on the answering machine.

The doorbell rang. Kagome walked tentatively over and as soon as she touched the handle, Sango came bursting in a flurry, "Kagome, I need advice! I'm going to meet Miroku's parents tonight and I need to know what to say, what to do, how to act… you're the only girl friend that I have that would have a clue and I've never met the parents of a guy I've dated before, help me!"

Kagome reared away from her pleading friend, and flashed a look over at Inuyasha, who had speedily reverted to his god form. He gave her an innocent look before scooping his clothes in his mouth and tromping away up to her room.

Kagome sighed inwardly. She remembered the days so well, the days her home wasn't a zoo, or rather a doghouse.


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