The Changes

Chapter 32

Two Years Later

Ron and Tonks and baby Leo stepped through the floo of Harry and Severus' cottage. Leo was only one month old, and had been born with red hair; unfortunately right now it was neon yellow. Matt was two years old and currently driving both his parents mad with his magic and mischievous ways. Harry and Severus though, wouldn't have it any other way; they both realized how lucky they were.

"Hey guys!" grinned Harry happy to see them, "Dinner's almost ready have a set!"

"Hello Harry," said Tonks smiling at him, setting Leo in the mosses basket that was always there for them. Leo was at Harry's house; Ron and Harry were best friends/brothers it was to be expected.

"Hey Harry, hey Matt! How's my wee squirt doing?" said Ron, lifting the two year old up, tickling him causing the two year old to laugh hysterically. Matt had black hair, like his fathers, and his onyx eyes to boot. He had Harry's round face and smile; he looked like a small angel. He was the prefect blend of both his parents, although most people agreed he looked more like Severus.

"Uncle Ron!" he squealed.

"You've got a ring on," said Tonks observing Harry.

"Yes, I'm engaged officially," grinned Harry happily.

"Well it's about time!" said Ron laughing; he and Tonks had gotten engaged before them.

"Will you be my best man?" asked Harry.

"Of course I will! I'd be honoured!" said Ron, "The family is going to be happy! Another thing to celebrate."

Harry laughed; Ginny had settled down and married Dean Thomas, much to Molly's delight. Charlie and Bill had settled down with men of their own, Percy was married to Penelope and they were expecting. Fred and George had girlfriends, Angela and Alisha, to Molly's surprise. Ron though was currently her favourite, since he had given her, her first grandchild.

"I want my son to be the ring bearer, I know it's the job of the best man…but I want Matt to have a part of the wedding," explained Harry.

"I think that's a brilliant idea, when's the wedding?" asked Ron curiously.

"One week," said Harry.

"So soon?" asked Tonks surprised.

"Well we have been together three years, I don't want to wait," said Harry.

"Good for you mate," said Ron.

Together the two families, who had bonded beyond Harry's understanding. He never thought he'd have this kind of life. A family, someone to love him, a child to spoil and a brother to confide in.

"Where's Sev?" asked Tonks.

"Need you ask?" laughed Harry "He's down in his lab again, I warned him about missing dinner."

"Talking about me?" asked Severus, kissing Harry and his son before sitting down ready for dinner himself.

"Yes, so did you manage to make it?" asked Harry.

"No, it just keeps blowing up," sighed Severus disheartened.

"If anyone can do it Sev, it's you nobody loves potions more." said Harry encouragingly.

"What he says," agreed Ron, causing them all to laugh. It seemed over the years; Ron's ability to make them feel better hadn't faded at all.


Everyone was gathered together, everyone close to Harry and Severus that was. The Weasley's, their partners, including Tonks, Minerva, Moody and Zarek. They were all wearing their best robes, as they sat and waited patiently. Severus and Harry was already waiting, at the alter. Everyone stood up to see Matt coming down the small isle with the rings. Watching their son come down as a ring bearer made Harry tear up. He was dressed in stunning white dress robes, that by some miracle they had managed to keep clean.

Everyone awed and ahhed at the beautiful sight he made, and Matt grinned at it eating it up. Ron was right next to him, guiding him down the isle making sure he didn't hurt himself. "Good boy," said Ron, once they were there.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered here today to unite these two souls as one," started the Minister.

Everyone sat down once more; Molly was already blotting her eyes. Tonks was shushing a fussy Leo; smiling at the two men she had become incredibly close and fond off. Who would have though she'd have all this? It was all thanks to the part she played in months coming to the final battle. She couldn't have asked for anything more, even if Ron was a bit younger than her. She was very proud of him; he had successfully become an Auror. Tonks missed being out on the field, but she wouldn't give her job of teaching the next generation of children for anything. She had found her place in the world and was damn proud of it.

"Do you Severus Snape and Harry Potter join us here of your own free will to acknowledge the eternal bond shared by you both?" asked the Minister.

"We do," replied both of them.

There was one thing Severus had asked for, when they were getting married. That was a small service, not filled with romantic words and gestures. To just bond and that Severus hoped it was enough for him. To know that Severus loved him. Severus wasn't a man used to showing his emotions, and even now he wasn't comfortable doing that. Unless it was with very close family, meaning mostly Tonks, Ron, Leo and his own family, Harry and Matt. Harry of course agreed, he knew how Severus was, and he too wasn't used to having these emotions never mind talking about them. He loved them so profoundly it took his breath away still.

"Join hands, Severus, Harry, you may recite your vows and promises to one another," said the Ministry standing in the middle of them, both too busy gazing into each others eyes to notice much of anything. They were finally doing what they had wanted to do for two years; it had taken Severus that long to summon up the courage to ask.

"Severus, I'm blessed to have you in my life, I wouldn't change anything. I couldn't imagine life without you; you and mat are my life. My family, and I never dreamed I would have this…now that I do I want you to know you have my heart, my soul, as long as we both shall live." said Harry softly.

"I've been through a lot over the years, I never expected to survive the war never mind have a family. Now that I have you, I never want to let you go. I love you; you are my heart, my soul and my reason for living. You have my fidelity, loyalty, love and my soul until death and then beyond." said Severus calmly.

Harry's green eyes were swimming with tears, apparently unable to maintain his composure. He had a smug smile on his face, which his son had inherited by the way.

"Here, before witnesses, Severus and Harry have sworn their vows to each other. With the rings they will be bound to their vows." said the Minister.

Ron lifted Matt up, and Matt put out the soft cushion that held the rings on them. Harry took his, sparing a look of complete adoration for his son. Turning back to Severus, he placed the ring on Severus' finger. Severus in turn did the same.

"With the placing of rings I pronounce you partners for life, you may kiss your husband," said the Minister.

And they kissed, passionately in front of everyone.

They completely ignored the Weasley twin's wolf whistles.

Life was good.

Unbeknown to Severus, Harry was pregnant again, this time with twins a boy and girl that was going to make the Weasley twins pale in comparision. Rhys Severus Potter-Snape and Paige Lillian Potter-Snape.

Life just got interesting!