Title: Immortal Cap'n Jack
Author: SimplyKelp
Rating: pg for some violence, and swearing
Pairing: Sparrington
Summary: The Immortal Captain Jack Sparrow; such a lovely ring to it. Some things, however, are more important than immortality. Sparrington. AWE SPOILERS! One-shot
Warning: implied slash; don't like, don't read.
Disclaimer: Me no own, you no sue.
Note: This was inspired by the expression of agonised horror which (I thought) I saw on Jack's face as he looked toward Will's dying body at the end. Kind of my idea of why he gave up his immortality.

The shard of his sword in one hand, and Davy Jones' heart in the other, Jack Sparrow looked at the blade glinting in Will's chest. He really should do something, a voice told him. Who was that? His conscious? Damn, it always showed up at the most inopportune times to ruin his moments.

Jack willed the fragmented blade to pierce the heart, but his hand would not move. Damn! So much for the Immortal Captain Jack Sparrow, he thought bitterly as he stood. Turning briefly, he saw William entangled with Davy Jones; that would give him plenty of time to get the heart to Will.

He lay it on the ground next to Will's nearly unconscious body, but could not bring himself to release it. Elisabeth was sobbing, and embracing Will, her body brushing the sword which rested in her husband's chest. The sword! It looked so familiar. He had known that sword, and it's owner quite well.


James could not be dead. He was a capable swordsman, better than Jack (though Jack would never openly admit it). But surely he would not have let so fine a weapon go without a fight. To the death.

It was suddenly very quiet. Jack watched as blood trickled from the wound. But it was not Will's blood. A naval livery was stained in the blood of Admiral James Norrington. His wig was askew, eyes unfocused, and breathing halted. Jack wanted to touch him, wanted to feel the smooth, ivory skin beneath his calloused fingers, but he couldn't move- wouldn't move.

The vision dissolved around Jack, and he could see Will dying again. The noise of Elisabeth's cries redoubled with a vigour. Jack's hand, on its own accord, released the heart. He placed the shattered sword in Will's limp hand, and, with bated breath, helped plunge it into the cursed heart of Davy Jones.

Immortality really was overrated, Jack thought with a bitter smile.