Blossom of Konoha


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Naruto huffed, dragging a limp, unconscious body past the gate of Konoha. The guards greeted him, staring at the body he carried. This body was none other than the body of Uchiha Sasuke. Finally, after a lot of practice, Naruto had managed to beat Sasuke to bring him home to Konoha. He puffed as he made his way towards the Hokage's building.

" You kept us waiting, Sasuke."


Sakura stood behind her sensei, as the door to her office opened.

" Naruto! You're back and-" She stopped, staring at Sasuke, who was blacked out.

" You finally beat him, didn't you, Naruto?" Tsunade rose an eyebrow. "Took you some time. Sakura has been pacing around, waiting for you to bring back Sasuke." Naruto glared at the pink haired Shinobi.

" After all I do for you, you still wait for HIM? Why him?" Naruto whined, but smiled.

" Naruto, I have been worried sick, waiting for you to come home." Laughing slightly, she walked up to Sasuke. "He's alive…right?"

"OF COURSE! I wouldn't kill him! Not even by accident! Never!" Naruto shook Sasuke awake.

" Huh…? Naruto? Sakura?" Sasuke mumbled. Standing up, he looked around. " Is this a dream? 'Cause it sure seems real."

" No it isn't, Sasuke. No it isn't." Sakura smiled sadly. Tsunade looked at her apprentice.

" What's wrong, Sakura?" She asked, eyes filled with concern.

" N-nothing." Sakura ran out of the room. Naruto looked after her.

" Sakura? I thought…" He ran after her, leaving Tsunade to deal with Sasuke.

" You've been away for a very long time."



"Hey, Sakura! What's wrong! I thought you would be happy to see me bring Sasuke back! What's wrong?" Naruto called after Sakura. She turned around, teary eyed.

" I d-don't know!" She grabbed him and sobbed. "I don't know what's wrong, Naruto! Help me, I'm begging you… help me." Naruto softened.

" I guess you're just overwhelmed. C'mon. Let's go back." Sakura nodded, allowing Naruto to lead her.


" Sasuke! Do you know what this dream of yours has done to Sakura?" Tsunade glared at him. " You go off to pursue power and this and that. Do you know what you have done? DO YOU EVEN CARE?"

" Hn."


" Why do you care so much about her?" Sasuke remained unfazed by the woman's outburst.

" She's my apprentice." Sasuke's eyes widened. Sakura, the apprentice to the hokage of the leaf village? Now that ought to be hilarious… Tsunade glared. "Don't you dare treat her wrong." Naruto burst in that very moment.

" Hey everybody! Miss me?" This allowed Sasuke to get a good look at how Sakura had changed. She had gotten curvier, but her hair remained short like last time, and she had grown into her forehead. Her outfit had not changed much. (I think most of you know how Sakura looks like so I won't bother explaining. If you don't know, just tell me or something.)

" Sakura. You…look different." Sasuke stated. Sakura smiled grimly.

" You've missed a lot, Sasuke." She sighed. Sasuke cocked an eyebrow. She didn't call him 'Sasuke-kun.' Yep, she's definitely changed. Naruto noticed this, too.

" Why didn't you start gooning all over him, calling him, 'Sasuke-kun?'" Naruto scratched his head. Sakura bonked him on the head.

" I refuse to be mixed up as a fangirl. Ino, on the other hand, would be more like that." She humphed. Just that minute, Ino burst into the room, with Chouji behind her.

" Sasuke-kunnnnnn!" She squealed. Sasuke groaned.

" Ino." She sqealed again.

" You're back! And though I should be happy…" She straightened up. " You've made Sakura suffer. And of course, she's my best friend, so I got you a present." Ino walked up to the boy and gave him a good whack across the face. It didn't really hurt… Just stang a little.

" Jeez, Ino. What was that for?" Naruto asked. Tsunade sighed.

" Enough. All of you, out!"


" Why isn't Shikamaru with you?" Naruto asked the blonde girl. Ino groaned.

" He keeps running off to Temari, claiming it's the hokage's order and they need to discuss exam matters and stuff. I bet he just wants to make out with her." Ino rolled her eyes.

" You know, he may really have been sent by the hokage sometimes, Ino." Chouji munched on a bag of chips. Sakura stared at Sasuke this whole time.

" Sasuke…" She muttered.

" What?" He snapped, causing Sakura to wince. He noticed this and sighed. " I'm sorry. What?"

" I want to spar with you…" Sakura muttered. Sasuke almost laughed, but being Sasuke…He didn't.

" You? Sure! Don't say it's my fault if you get hurt though…" Sakura glared.

" I'm stronger than I look, Uchiha." She ran towards the training grounds.

" Uchiha…?" He followed her.


" Gokakyu no jutsu!" (Is that how you say it? Probably not. No it isn't.) A burst of fire came out of Sasuke's mouth. Sakura easily dodged. Gathering up chakra, She made a shadow clone of herself (Which she learned from Naruto, obviously) And hopped in the other direction. Sasuke threw a dozen shuriken at the clone, which poofed away.

" Not this!" Sasuke sensed the girl's chakra behind him, and turned around, only to be hit by a VERY STRONG fist. Quickly recovering, he hopped away. Sakura looked angry.

" I know you're going easy on me! Now don't!" She pounced to hit him again. He dodged, causing her to knock down about five trees. Sasuke was astounded at her strength.

" I guess she really has learned something." Sasuke muttered. Dodging a kunai, he made a few quick hand seals. "Striking snake technique!" (Okay, PLEASE don't comment on my horrible usage of words) Snakes shot out of his sleeve, and towards the girl. Taking out a kunai, she combined her strength with the blade, and easily cut the snakes away. Gathering more chakra in her hands, she pounded the ground, causing a small earthquake that uprooted the tree Sasuke was standing on. With Sasuke falling to the ground, Sakura quickly pounced on him and held a kunai to his throught.

" That's what you get for going easy on me." Getting of him, she jumped away, towards her house. Sasuke stared after her.

" Now why did I let her beat me…?" Sasuke stared after her.


" Where's Sakura? She said she would meet up with us for lunch!" Naruto whined to Sasuke. Sighing, Sasuke leaned against Ichiraku. (That's probably not how you spell it) "So has she mentioned your punishement?" Naruto asked.

" Yeah. No missions for two months, Blah blah blah, oh. And I'm constantly being secretly followed by anbu." Naruto looked around.

" Since she's not here, we might as well start eating." Suddenly, Sasuke clutched at his chest. "Hey, Sasuke! Are you okay?" Naruto shook the raven haired boy. A hand took Naruto's.

" I'll take care of him." Sakura smiled. Sasuke watched helplessly as Sakura put her hands over him and began healing him. The pain began to cease. "Are you alright, Sasuke?"

" Yeah… I'm pretty sure."


" After what happened, I'm afraid I'm going to have to assign a medic to you." Tsunade told Sasuke. Sakura and Naruto nodded.

" What? But… nothing in particular really happened!" Sasuke groaned. Tsunade sighed.

" You were lucky that Sakura is a medic, or you would probably be in the hospital right now. Because she is your teammate, I am going to assign her to you."

" What?!" Sakura cried out. Sasuke looked at her in surprise. " I can't follow him around! It's horrible!" Tsunade looked at her oddly.

" I thought you would be happy. Come, Sakura. Tell me what happened. In PRIVATE." Sasuke nodded, and left the room, dragging Naruto with him. The second the doors closed, they pressed their ears against the wall, eavesdropping.

---In the office---

" What's wrong with you? I thought you would be happy to see Sasuke!" Tsunade exclaimed. Sakura began to speak in sobs.


" You stay away from Sasuke or else." A girl shoved Sakura against the wall. Sakura cried out in pain. Oh WHY did they have to do this after an extremely long mission? Her chakra was all drained and she could do nothing but let them torture her.

" W-what do you mean?" Sakura choked out, blood dripping out of her mouth.

" We've seen the way you flirted with him. Stay away." Another shove, Sakura was hurt badly.

" What are you talking about? That was over 5 years ago!" Sakura groaned. More blood, and no chakra to heal herself.

" We know that you were the one that made him leave." The girl hissed. " My club is very angry." The girl threw Sakura against the wall and left. Sighing, Sakura dragged herself home.

" Stay away…"

---End Flashback---

" So that's where you got that scar?" Tsunade gestured towards Sakura's back. Sakura let her clothes slide off slightly, showing a long, running scar against her pale skin. Trembling, she nodded. " Alright. From now on, you must stay at Sasuke's house. NEVER leave his sight, got it?" Sakura's eyes widened.

" No! They'll find me! And what if I forget?" Sakura slipped her shirt back on.

" Sasuke! Come in here! I know you've been listening!" Opening the door, Sasuke stepped in.

Tsunade built up chakra and began to wrap imaginary string around both Sakura and Sasuke's wrist.

" W-what are you doing?" Sakura stammered.

" Chakra rope. That way you two can't be far away from each other." Tsunade smiled.

" B-but how are we going to sleep? And get dressed, or-"

" Find that out for yourself." Tsunade said. " Now please go." Sasuke looked at the girl.

" This is going to be a long day."


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