Hello reader! Thanks for reading. Welcome to my 7th Harry Potter fanfiction! This fic is inspired on the song "Frost and Front Steps" by Armor for Sleep. Please enjoy!

The gleaming red steam train halted at its usual stopped for Hogwarts. Its hundreds of passengers filed out and entered the huge castle doors. A few hours later, after the feast and the sorting ceremony the students gradually began to leave the hall and head for their House Common Rooms.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting in the arm chairs chatting about their holidays. Harry left to start to unpack and get away from the noise of all the students chatter, leaving Ron and Hermione talking.

"You should come to my house for the next holiday… You could stay in my room." Hermione said with her voice getting quieter as she said it. "If you wanted…" She added on the end catching Ron's expression and turning bright red.

"Erm, well I don't know." Ron muttered looking awkward. Hermione looked offended and pushed her bushy hair back from her face. "I'd have to talk it over with mum…" Ron added seeing Hermione's face. Hermione suddenly stood up sharply and looked down at Ron.

"Don't you realise I'm trying to ask you out?" She said bitterly and Ron didn't answer. Hermione huffed loudly and made a slight growling noise and then stormed off and disappeared into the girls' dormitory.

Ron stared at the door where she disappeared for a few minutes then his eyes wandered the room. There were couples hugging and talking to each other intently all around him, and he was sitting alone. Ron got up and headed out of the portrait and out into the staircase. There was still a bustle of students hurrying about happily seeing all their friends and Ron couldn't stand to be around them. He's feet led him towards the main door in the castle, he pushed one open slightly and peered out. It was empty outside with half light and frost slightly glittering on the grass.

Ron walked outside and the cold air tingled on his cheeks, he walked aimlessly through the grass and it started to crunch under his shoes the further from the castle he got. He decided to head back to the castle since it was getting quite dark now. He reached the front steps and sat down on the cold stone. He looked up to the scenery around him, the Forbidden Forest at the end of the grounds with mountains in the background. He could see Hagrid's little hut down the bottom of the hill with its windows glowing golden.

As he sat he went through the conversation with Hermione, it was going so well and he had to get shy and push her away. He always ends up pushing the people away he cares about.

He could now see the breath emerge from his mouth and then disappear into the air. He's hands were getting numb from the cold and he wrapped his Gryffindor scarf around his neck tighter. He heard the door behind him creak open and close again, and somebody sat down next to him.

"There you are!" Harry said as he settled next to Ron on the cold step. Ron turned to see Harry looking worriedly at him. "I've been looking for about an hour." Harry said looking Ron up and down. "Why are you out here, what's wrong?" Harry asked to absence of Ron's vocals.

Ron sighed at his best friend; this was one thing that sometimes annoyed him. Harry could always tell when there was something wrong with him, even if he didn't want to talk about it. And Harry being Harry wouldn't let him be alone until he had spoken it through with him. Ron just sighed and looked back out to the forest. Harry shuffled closer to Ron and nudged him playfully with an elbow.

"C'mon…" Harry whispered leaning close to Ron's ear. Ron could feel Harry's breath touch his skin and he shivered.

"It's just…" Ron started and looked to Harry. He looked into those emerald eyes and forgot why he was feeling sad.

"Well?" Harry said looking puzzled.

"Err…" Ron snapped back into reality. "I've blown it with Hermione." He said after a second or two. Harry's eyes drifted through the scenery for a minute.

"Why do you think that?" Harry asked.

"Well she invited me to stay in her house… In her room. I froze up and started muttering about asking my mum and she stormed off." Ron said and then Harry smiled and Ron started to laugh too. The air steaming in front of them was a hint that it was time to go inside.

"Come on, let's go in." Harry said as he put a hand on Ron's knee and then he stood up. Harry put a hand out for Ron to help him up.

"Your hands freezing!" Harry said, still holding onto Ron's hand. Their eyes met and for that moment, time stopped. Reality span back and Harry let go of Ron's hand slowly and they entered into the warmth of the castle.

They walked across the floor to the stone staircase. Ron thought Harry seemed to be walking slightly closer to him then usual. Their hands occasionally brushed each others and they would look at each other. They reached the portrait and walked inside to see the common room still full with pupils.

"Hi, Harry." Hermione said as she walked towards them. Hermione deliberately ignored Ron and looked to Harry. "See you tomorrow, I'm going to bed." She said and waved to Harry as she walked to the girls' dormitory. Harry looked awkwardly to Ron, who looked like he had been slapped. Ron looked to the floor and quickly walked up to the boys' dormitory. Harry stood for a second and then followed Ron to the dorm. When Harry walked through the door Ron was laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

Harry sat beside Ron on his bed. "Don't worry about her." Harry said as he turned to look down at Ron. Ron huffed and opened his mouth to say something but decided against it. Harry stared at Ron's expression and put a hand onto his leg, Ron had his arms under his head. Ron's eyes left the ceiling at met Harry's and Harry smiled, moving his hand up Ron's leg to his thigh.

Harry leant down and Ron got onto his elbows, he watched Harry as he's hands felt up his own body. Harry leant further towards Ron and pushed him back down onto his back gently, Ron obeyed and lay down. Harry's hands where on Ron's chest as he touched his lips on Ron's. Ron put one hand through Harry's thick black hair and the other onto Harry's lower back. Harry's tongue felt Ron's and Harry took charge, he pushed down into Ron's body and kissed him deeply.

Harry sat up from Ron, they both were breathing heavily now. Ron sat up and faced Harry and they stared into each others eyes. Ron felt so confused, a little while ago he was feeling really down about the fact that he had blown it with Hermione, but now all these emotions where running through him but they were towards Harry.

"Harry…" Ron began, but the voice didn't really come out. Ron cleared his through and tried again. "Harry." Ron breathed and he leant towards Harry, closing his eyes.

Suddenly the door opened and Neville and Seamus came in, talking loudly. Ron threw himself down onto the bed away from Harry and Harry stood up quickly. Neville and Seamus were still deep in conversation about who is the best Quidditch player to even notice they were in the room.

"Oh hello, Harry, Ron." Neville said as he nearly walked into Harry. Harry nodded and so did Ron but neither spoke. Harry looked at Ron with a longing expression before climbing into his own bed for the night.

Ron turned in his bed and touched his lips with his fingers. He could still taste Harry on his tongue. His heart beat quickened as he recited the memory, butterflies awoke in his stomach as he looked over to Harry's bed. He closed his eyes and slowly fell to sleep with the image of Harry sleeping peacefully in his mind.