Ok, this is the Epilogue. Pretty short then my last stories. I hope you liked this story, it was a blood thirsty story. Get it? Review please!!

Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jack, Jazz, and Maddie were finally back at Fenton Works along with Amorpho. Jack and Maddie were finishing their tests and ecto samples they needed with Amorpho.

"Ok, you can go now," smiled Maddie.

"Finally," sighed Amorpho as he changed into Danny's ghost half and faced the real Danny.

"I'll be seeing you on the other side ghost boy, or should I say, ghospire boy," waved Amorpho as he disappeared mysteriously.

"I'll just stick with ghost boy," annoyed Danny.

"So you're gonna keep your vampire powers?" Asked Tucker.

"Well yeah, I may drink blood often, but gives me a good advantage of catching more ghosts then I normally do," said Danny.

"But what about the kids at school?" Asked Jack.

"Are you gonna tell the whole world?" Asked Tucker.

"Na, I don't want to spook anyone else anymore then I already did," decided Danny, "it might take some getting used to, but I can deal with ghost and vampire powers."

"I'm glad Danny," smiled Sam.

"You sure you're ok with dating a blood thirsty date?" Asked Danny as Sam gave a kiss on his cheek.

"I don't mind at all," smiled Sam lovingly.

"Yeah, anyway, do you guys want to come to my mansion?" Asked Tucker.

"You have a mansion?" Shocked Danny.

"Duh, whoever is mayor of Amity Park gets to live in a cool looking mansion," grinned Tucker.

"The same one that Vlad lived in?" Asked Sam.

"Correct, and I'm in charge of his old ghost portal, now called the Foley Portal," said Tucker.

"Sweet," smiled Danny as he faced Sam, "you wanna?"

"Why not?" Shrugged Sam as Danny's ghost sense went off again and saw Amorpho still dressed as him.

"Billy, why do I think that I forgot something?" Asked Amorpho as Sam, Tucker, and Danny cocked their eyebrows.


Dash and Paulina were still in the broken down factory and just woke up.

"Wa, what happened?" Wondered Dash, "I had the most horrible nightmare, I dreamt that Fenton was a vampire."

"I dreamt that he was drinking a vampire's blood," said Paulina as they saw Charles still asleep with a puddle of blood in front as the two teens' eyes were wide open.

"Ahh," moaned the teens as they fainted again.