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Chapter 1

Looking at the vision before him, Kurama smiled. Dressed in a simple, yet elegant wedding dress, Keiko was beaming with happiness as she smiled across the room at Yusuke. Glancing to his side, Kurama noticed Yusuke's return smile. Only someone as close as they were would see the hint of sadness in the Toushin's eyes. Luckily it didn't appear that Keiko noticed as she turned her beautiful smile to the man beside her, her new husband Nick.

Seeing the concern in Kurama's gaze, Yusuke nudged a shoulder against his. "Relax Fox Boy, I'm okay. Keiko's happy now and that's all that matters. It may have taken us a while to realize it, but she and I are much better friends than we were lovers."

Kurama nodded as he watched Keiko whisper in Nick's ear, then kiss his cheek before hurrying over to them. "Yusuke, Kurama, I'm so glad you came today. It means so much to me to have my friends here today. Where is everyone else?"

Both men kissed and hugged her before Kurama answered her. "Kuwabara went with the girls to get us all drinks. Here they come now."

A moment later Kuwabara returned with Shizuru and Atsuko. The girls all hugged before Keiko gave them an exasperated look. "What's the matter with these idiots? I told all three of them to bring dates."

Taking a sip of her drink, Atsuko laughed. "Maybe they're each others dates."

All three men gaped at her and Shizuru chuckled. "You could be right Atsuko. Kazuma did primp like a school girl getting ready today. The last time he acted like that was last year before Yukina moved back to Makai."

The girls all laughed at the men's discomfort. Kuwabara of course yelled at his sister. "Sis, are you crazy? We're all guys for crying out loud!"

With a wicked gleam in his green eyes Kurama tucked his arm through Kuwabara's and leaned close to purr in his ear. "It's not that crazy Kuwa. Most demons are bisexual."

Blue eyes widened before Kuwabara pulled away from Kurama. "Kurama, quit joking around! Someone might see you! In case you forgot, I'm not a demon."

Joining the fun, Yusuke smirked at him. "How do you know Kuwa? I didn't know I was a demon until a few years ago. Maybe you're a demon too. It'd be okay for you to like guys then wouldn't it?"

No one noticed that Atsuko had managed to drink most of their drinks until she laughed a little too loudly. "Yeah Kazuma, maybe that's why your spirit energy is so high. You could have a demon forefather just like Yusuke."

When everyone but Shizuru laughed, Kurama looked at her curiously. Shooting him a glare to silence him, Shizuru reached for the one remaining drink and downed it. Not sure what had just happened, Kurama chose to honor her silent request and not comment. "Enough teasing our friend here everyone. This is Keiko's wedding reception so lets enjoy the party."

Keiko smiled. "Yes everyone, please enjoy yourselves. The food will be out in a little while, in the mean time there's dancing."

Eyes sparkling mischievously, Kurama held out his hand. "I for one would be honored to hold a Kuwabara in my arms as we dance."

Kuwabara nearly choked. "Kurama!"

Slapping him on the back of the head, Shizuru took Kurama's hand. "He meant me you idiot."

Everyone smiled as Kurama led Shizuru to the dance floor and swept the tall, elegant woman into his arms. Keiko took Yusuke by the arm and leaned close. "Don't they make the most beautiful couple?"

Placing his hand over hers, Yusuke nodded. "Yeah Keiko they do. Too bad Kurama won't ask her out. I don't know what he's waiting for but for some reason he says he's destined to be alone."

Already slightly tipsy, Atsuko grabbed Kuwabara's hand. "Well, I don't plan to be alone forever. Come on Kazuma, hold me in those muscular arms of yours."

Kuwabara gulped as Yusuke's mother dragged him to the dance floor. Rolling his eyes, Yusuke tried not to let Atsuko embarrass him. Beside him Keiko laughed. "Relax Yusuke, Kuwabara knows your mom's just teasing. They'll be fine, it's you I'm worried about. Have you come to terms with your feelings yet?"

Beside her, Yusuke shrugged. "Yeah, but not enough to say anything about it. I already know what the answer would be, so why make a fool of myself?"

Keiko frowned. "He's your friend Yusuke, he wouldn't think you were a fool. Besides, unless you say something, you'll never know if he might just feel the same way. He's alone for a reason, maybe it's because of you."

Just then Nick joined them with a smile. "Married only a few hours and already my wife is hanging on her ex-boyfriend's arm. Should I be jealous?"

Releasing Yusuke, Keiko wrapped her arms around Nick's neck and kissed him. "You'd know you had nothing to worry about Darling if I were in your arms on the dance floor."

Yusuke grinned at Nick. "You'd better take her to dance Nick, or you'll never hear the end of it."

Nick laughed. "You make it sound like a chore Yusuke. I happen to love dancing with my lovely wife."

After watching Keiko melt into Nick's embrace, Yusuke looked over to the one he wished he were dancing with and despaired that he would ever feel those arms around him. With a sigh he headed to the bar to get them all more drinks.

Driving home, Kurama couldn't help but smile remembering the evening with his friends. So much had changed since their days as spirit detectives. Yusuke and Keiko had broken up less than a year after the Toushin had returned from Makai. They had tried in vain to turn their longtime friendship into love but had eventually given up.

A few months later Keiko met a post graduate student from America named Nick. Nick was a humanities major studying mythology, with a passion for demon mythology. After hearing him debate that demons were real and lived among us, Keiko had been taken with the tall blond man. Surprisingly, Yusuke had liked the man that had won Keiko's heart and he was easily welcomed into their group.

Yusuke had dated a few girls over the last year but none seriously. Kurama was pretty sure Yusuke was just trying to prove that he was alright with Keiko's new relationship. Sensing changes in the Mazaku lately, Kurama suspected that his demon hormones might be leading him down a different path but that Yusuke wasn't quite ready to accept that he was bisexual. Perhaps the next time the Toushin went to Makai, Kurama would accompany him and encourage him to experiment.

Turning his thoughts to the Kuwabara siblings, Kurama frowned. Even after replaying their conversation in his head, Kurama still hadn't figured out what had upset Shizuru. He'd tried to question her about it on the dance floor but to no avail. Kuwabara too had been something of a mystery lately. After being head over heals for Yukina for many years, he'd accepted the Koorime's decision to move back to Makai without an argument.

Like Yusuke, Kuwabara dated occasionally but it seemed to be whenever the group was all going out, as if to prove he could get a date. Otherwise he didn't seem overly interested. For a man that had been girl crazy as a teen his behavior somehow didn't add up.

Turning into his driveway, Kurama sighed as he looked at his home. Preferring solitude to the noisy city, Kurama had bought a country house on the outskirts of town. It had five acres of land and bordered on a national forest, so he had no immediate neighbors. Downstairs was a comfortable living room with a stone fireplace, a gourmet kitchen and a moderate dining area. In the small den Kurama had lined every wall with bookshelves, converting it into a library. The small bedroom and bathroom off the library had been converted into a lab for his plants and experiments.

Upstairs were three more rooms and two bathrooms. Kurama used the smallest room as a home office with an elaborate computer system where he worked for his stepfather. The middle bedroom was simply a guest bedroom. The largest room of course was Kurama's. It held a king sized bed, draped in a soft down comforter and piled high with pillows. The adjoining bath held a large whirlpool tub as well as a shower. Kurama's favorite feature in his home however was the bay window. Even though Hiei's visits were few and far between, that window was usually where he could find his friend when he was graced with his presence.

Parking his car, Kurama smiled. Even if his plants hadn't told him he had a visitor, the warm fire demon energy emanating from upstairs indicated Hiei had finally come to visit. Entering the house, Kurama turned off the porch light and left his shoes and keys by the door before making his way upstairs. It was dark as he pushed open his bedroom door. Since it was late he wasn't surprised to find Hiei tucked in his bed.

A faint scent in the air drew Kurama to Hiei's side of the bed where he gently sat beside his friend and reached out to draw back the sheet. Strong fingers circled his wrist before he could complete his task. "I'm fine Kurama."

With a sigh, Kurama reluctantly withdrew his hand. "I smell blood Hiei. I thought you might need your wounds tended."

In the pale moonlight Kurama could see Hiei hadn't even opened his eyes. "When you weren't here I cleaned and bandaged them myself. You can check them in the morning, just go to bed Fox."

Without another word, Kurama slowly stood and went to his dresser. He didn't need a light to pull out a t-shirt and pajama pants before going to the bathroom to change. When he came back out he could see that Hiei hadn't moved but could tell he wasn't asleep yet. "What brings you to the Ningenkai Hiei? It's been almost six months since I've seen you. Mukuro had your army working in the northern region of her territory last I heard."

Hiei grunted. "Hn. She sent me after some pain in the ass demon that decided to reek havoc before crossing the border. I had to chase the bastard almost to the city before I killed him. Since this was closer than going home, I came here to let you patch me up. Where the hell were you anyways? I smelled a dozen ningens on your clothes when you came in."

Kurama chuckled as he crawled into bed. "I was at Keiko's wedding Hiei. The ningens you smelled, most of which are our friends, were all at the reception."

Hiei turned towards Kurama. "So she really did it. How'd the detective take his woman mating with another male?"

Turning on his side to face Hiei, Kurama smiled. "He handled it very well actually. We all like Nick a lot. I've been watching Yusuke lately and I think his demon hormones are starting to get to him. I was thinking next time he goes to Makai I'd go with him. It might do him good if we took him out, got him drunk and got him laid."

Hiei chuckled. "You offering to give him relief Fox?"

In the dark Hiei didn't see the hurt look in Kurama's eyes. "No Hiei, I just thought I'd encourage him to experiment with both males and females so he can decide what he likes and start moving on."

Since the night was warm, Hiei tossed back the covers. "You know what he really wants Fox. How is getting him laid in Makai going to help him with that? Everyone he cares about is here in the Ningenkai."

Even in the dim light of the moon Kurama could see that Hiei had stripped naked before getting in the bed. Only an occasional bandage covered his bare skin. Averting his eyes, Kurama kept his voice calm as he answered. "I know what he wants Hiei, and since he's probably going to be disappointed I thought introducing him to other pleasures might distract him. Since he is a demon lord he should try to find a demon mate."

Their conversation fell silent for a moment before Hiei gave a big sigh. "Damn it's hot tonight Fox. How the hell can you wear all those clothes?"

Kurama smiled. "Ningen modesty I suppose Hiei. Wait here, I'll go turn the air conditioner down for you."

It only took Kurama a minute to do as he'd said before he was crawling back into bed. "Ningen modesty Fox? As I recall when we first met you used to laugh at me for being modest while you always paraded around naked. It was only after we met the detective and the oaf that you became modest. I would have thought that the more you became demon the less modest you would become."

Kurama was grateful that the dark hid his eyes from Hiei's gaze. "I did not parade around naked Hiei. Maybe you always yelling at me to put clothes on made me modest. Was I that unattractive back then Hiei?"

Hiei grunted. "Stupid Fox, you know damn good and well that ningen or Youko you are very attractive. Now stop fishing for compliments and let me get some sleep."

When Hiei turned his back on him, Kurama took a moment to admire the demon's bare backside before giving a little laugh. "Good night Hiei. Oh, by the way, nice ass."

Hiei didn't bother to cover himself as he growled. "Touch my ass Fox and you'll lose your hand. Now shut up and go to sleep."

Kurama lay in the dark for some time staring at Hiei's back. As much as Hiei tried to deny it, the two had been best friends since they'd met when Kurama was a child. Even though he would never admit it, Hiei considered where ever Kurama lived to be the closest place, outside of Makai and Alaric, that he would call home. Even when Kurama got this house and had a spare bedroom, Hiei still slept with him in his bed. They weren't lovers, or anything else beyond friends but they had slept together for so long it never dawned on either of them for Hiei to sleep elsewhere.

Other than Hiei's infrequent visits, or the brief time he spent with his family or friends, Kurama preferred to be alone. He lived alone, he worked from home and he didn't date. Shiori worried about him constantly, but had finally had to accept that at twenty six, Kurama would do as he pleased and she couldn't interfere.

Kurama would never let any of them know how lonely he truly was. None of them would ever know that day after day, year after year, he waited in vain for that special someone who could take his loneliness away. Someone he knew he could never have.

With a sad sigh, Kurama closed his eyes and went to sleep.