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Chapter 16

The party to celebrate Yusuke and Kuwabara's mating was a small one but everyone seemed to be having a good time. Shizuru was inside the temple relaying the story of how Kuwabara had become a demon to Keiko. Kazuya and Keiko's husband Nick were outside watching in fascination as Yusuke and Kuwabara wrestled playfully. Pinning Kuwabara to the ground, Yusuke claimed a kiss as his prize. "Sometimes I think you lose on purpose Kitten."

Since they had mated as demon's, both Yusuke and Kuwabara were in their demon forms. "Why would I do that Sparky? The prize would be the same."

To prove his point, Kuwabara leaned up to steal another kiss. Rolling his eyes, Kazuya nudged Nick and laughed as he walked away. "Come on Nick. I think we need another beer."

Sitting on the edge of the porch in his Youko form, Kurama's long legs were stretched out before him, his feet resting on the ground. Beside him, Shiori's toes barely touched the ground as she smiled at the others. "Kazuma looks so cute with his little tiger ears and that long tail. Yusuke looks good too. That beautiful long hair and those sexy tattoos suit him very well."

Looking at her, Kurama grinned. "Mother! You're not supposed to think my friends are sexy."

Shiori giggled. "You don't need to be jealous, Shuu… Kurama. I still think my son is the sexiest of all."

Golden eyes smiled at her gently. "Mother, it's okay if you call me Shuuichi. I…"

Kurama's voice trailed off and his smile faded as he turned to look out into the forest. He didn't even hear his mother calling his name or Yusuke's voice reassuring her. "It's alright Shiori. He just senses Hiei coming."

Eyes wide, Shiori followed Kurama's gaze toward the forest. Sure enough a moment later Hiei appeared through the trees. Silence fell on the group as they watched Hiei. Not even showing the slightest surprise at Shiori sitting beside the silver Youko, Hiei's gaze locked on his mate as he walked towards him.

Kurama's heart raced but he didn't move as he watched Hiei approach. Hiei didn't stop until he was standing between the Youko's knees. He could see the uncertainty in the golden gaze holding his as he reached out to finger a long silver forelock. "I guess this means there's no more secrets, Fox?"

Giving Hiei a hesitant little grin, Kurama shook his head. Nodding, Hiei smirked. "Good."

Not giving Kurama a chance to react, Hiei leaned forward and captured his lips in a passionate kiss. With a little whimper, Kurama wrapped his arms around Hiei and surrendered to the kiss. Sensing Kurama's need, Hiei buried his fingers in Kurama's hair as he deepened the kiss. When his other hand slipped around to rub the Youko's back and scratch at the base of his tail, Kurama moaned.

Wrapped up in each other, neither of them heard the murmurs and giggles of their friends and family as they kissed. When they finally pulled apart, Kurama rested his forehead against Hiei's chest and clutched his cloak as if he were afraid his mate would disappear. Shaking his head, Hiei stroked Kurama's cheek, forcing the Youko to look at him. "Damn it Kurama, you should have told me, both about us being mated and about how you felt."

Sadly, Kurama sighed. "How could I Hiei? You weren't ready for a relationship back then, and I wasn't sure you ever would be… especially with me."

Stroking Kurama's hair, Hiei shook his head. "Stupid Fox."

Leaning in to Hiei's caress, Kurama looked at him hopefully. "Please tell me I was wrong Dragon. Please tell me you're not here out of some ridiculous sense of duty."

With a smirk, Hiei grunted. "Hn. Stupid Fox. I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be. I'm sorry I made you wait so long Kurama. I should never have left you alone."

This time Kurama's smile held more confidence. "Where ever you go, whatever you do Hiei, I will always wait for you."

When they would have kissed again, they were suddenly interrupted by Shiori. "Wait just a minute you two. Did Hiei just say you were mated? When did that happen?"

Two sets of guilty eyes turned to look at Shiori and she had to resist the urge to laugh. With a sigh, Hiei pushed Kurama's hair off his left shoulder. Averting his eyes, Kurama lowered his head to Hiei's chest allowing his mate to expose his marks.

When Hiei's fingers pushed the tunic back, Shiori gasped at what she saw. Curiosity drew the others closer to see the truth for themselves. Kuwabara looked at Yusuke who, having seen the marks before, hung back. "So that's what the scar was we saw in Makai."

Knowing Hiei and Kurama had more explaining to do, Yusuke just nodded to his mate. Hiei leaned over and nipped at Kurama's neck before looking at Shiori. "Kurama has born my mark for over ten years Shiori, only I didn't remember it. Alone, he has suffered as he waited for me to be ready to be a true mate to him. Well I'm ready now, and I will never let him be alone again."

When Hiei released his hair, Kurama tipped his head up for a tender kiss before looking at his mother. Knowing she would have questions, Kurama waited for her to speak. "Hiei marked you as his demon mate, how does this effect you as Shuuichi?"

Wanting to calm his mother's fears, Kurama raised his energy and changed forms. Thick red air now fanned Hiei's chest where Kurama's head rested against him. Big green eyes looked into red and Hiei quickly stole a kiss before Kurama turned to Shiori. "Actually Mother, Hiei marked me when I was fifteen. I couldn't even take my Youko form back then, so I belong to Hiei in either of my forms."

As if to prove Kurama's point, Hiei kissed him before pulling back his hair collar to expose the mark. Alarmed, Shiori reached out as if to touch it only to gasp and pull back when Hiei growled. When Kurama glared at him, Hiei sighed and explained. "I cannot allow you to do that Shiori. Only I may touch my mate so intimately."

As Kurama and Hiei watched her calmly, Shiori nodded. "I'm sorry. I guess I have a lot to learn about having a demon for a son… and son-in-law. Shuuichi, will you please explain to me how you became mated to a demon when you were a fifteen year old human boy?"

Lifting his head, but staying in the shelter of Hiei's arms, Kurama smiled at her. "Even at fifteen and in a human form, I was still a demon Mother. As you know, Hiei and I met when I was eleven. What you don't know is that Hiei and I became partners in order to train and gain strength. Eventually we partnered in order to break into the Reikai vault in order to steal sacred artifacts that we each desired."

Shiori's eyes widened as everyone listened intently to their conversation. "Shuuichi, why on earth would you need an artifact from the Reikai vault?"

Drawing a breath for courage, Kurama's answer was little more than a whisper. "To save my mother's life."

At Shiori's gasp Kazuya moved to her side and put a reassuring arm around her. As his stepfather held his mother, Kurama continued. "Once you were safe, I turned myself in to Yusuke who was spirit detective at that time. Afraid for Hiei's safety, I offered Yusuke my assistance in capturing him. After we were securely locked up in a cell in Reikai, Hiei marked and claiming me as his mate in order to ensure my eternal loyalty to him. The only problem was, because of his wounds from his fight with Yusuke, he didn't remember any of it."

Stroking Kurama's hair soothingly, Hiei caught Shiori's gaze. "Kurama has shouldered the burden of this secret alone all these years. Now that I know however, he won't have to do that anymore, because I will never leave my mate alone again."

Looking at him, Shiori smiled. "Then my son couldn't have a better mate. Welcome to the family Hiei."

With a big smile, Kurama leaned over to hug his mother. "Thank you mother."

Though Hiei didn't feel deserving of the honor yet he still mumbled a thank you. After that the party became a celebration of both Yusuke and Kuwabara's mating as well as Hiei and Kurama's. It was late when Hiei and Kurama arrived home. Entering the house, Hiei saw that Kurama hesitated about going upstairs. "Go make some tea Fox. I'll set up the chess board."

Even though it was late, Kurama nodded and did as Hiei suggested. Their games of chess had always been their best way to communicate. After brewing them a nice herbal blend that wouldn't keep them up, Kurama joined Hiei in the library. They played in silence for several minutes before Hiei finally spoke. "Are you okay Fox? You've been awfully quiet."

Kurama shrugged. "I'm not sure what to say. After what happened in Makai, I figured I'd let you decide what happens next."

Hiei smirked. "The last few days have been quite enlightening. "You tied up my boss and exposed her plot to manipulate me into mating with her. Then I find out I raped you, marked you and abandon you to bare the burden of not only our mating but also your secret love for me all these years. Of all of it though, that last one is the hardest one for me to comprehend."

With his heart aching, Kurama nodded. "I understand Hiei. I know how intolerant you are of my weakness for caring for those around me. I'll try to maintain better control of my feelings in the future."

Even if he couldn't hear it in the redhead's voice, Kurama's lack of attention to their game told Hiei how upset he really was. Moving his chess piece, Hiei grunted. "Hn. You haven't asked me what happened with Mukuro yet."

Trying to force his mind to concentrate on the chess board, Kurama attempted to smile. "After what I did, I can't imagine I'll be welcome at Alaric any time soon. I hope she's not going to take my actions out on you though."

Hiei waited for Kurama to move his piece before responding. "You don't have to worry about either Kurama. I told you I used the jagon on her. I completely erased her memory of you taking her captive, and since Captain Tran and Vestra are loyal to me, your being welcome at Alaric isn't a problem. With the jagon I discovered she didn't have romantic feelings about me, just that she's not ready to give up power just yet. She thought our mating would satisfy both my and her need for power."

Curiosity peaked, Kurama forgot strategy and took his turn quickly. "Then what's going to happen? You didn't do anything foolish like quitting did you? You're so close to the power you crave Hiei, I don't want to be the cause of you losing it."

Knowing he'd already won the game, Hiei absently moved his piece. "Damn it Fox, you worry too much. I convinced Mukuro that I wasn't in any hurry to take command from her. With the promise to continue my training, even when I'm here, Mukuro agreed that my place for now was with my mate. I will return to Alaric one week a month to train with her but otherwise I intend to remain here with you."

Stunned, the game was forgotten as Kurama stared at Hiei. "Here? With me? Hiei, you hate it here."

Knowing the game was over, Hiei began putting the chess pieces away. "Kurama, look around you. You have made a haven here where the ningen would won't touch me unless I allow it to. A place where my mate and I can live, train and love in peace until we are ready to return home and take our place as lords of Makai."

Daring to hope, Kurama whispered. "You'd do that for me?"

Rising from his chair, Hiei moved to stand beside Kurama. Looking up at Hiei, Kurama was gifted with one of the fire demon's rare smiles. "I would do that for us Kurama."

Leaning down, Hiei kissed his mate before drawing him to his feet. "Let's go to bed Fox. Everything will work itself out so long as we do it together and have no more secrets."

Smiling, Kurama allowed Hiei to lead him upstairs. Upstairs, they quickly stripped off their clothes and crawled into bed together. With a contented sigh, Kurama squeezed his eyes shut as he nestled into Hiei's arms. Holding tightly to Hiei, Kurama drew a deep breath. "Hiei, I lied when I said I could control my feeling. I can't be with you and not tell you and show you how much I love you."

Expecting anger, Kurama was surprised when Hiei chuckled. "I know Kurama. You are a Youko after all. You've already admitted to being 'love struck', so there's a good chance you'll have 'expectations beyond friendship'. If I'm lucky that will include lots of sex because I'm looking forward to being 'stuck' with you for a very long time."

The words that had hurt him so much in the past now warmed Kurama's heart. "Hiei?"

With a "Hn" Hiei briefly kissed Kurama's lips. "Though I never dreamed there could be anything more than friendship between us Kurama, over the years you have wormed your way into my life and my heart. I'm not sure I even know how to love you the way you deserve, but I do know I want to try."

With those words, Hiei found a naked, excited and aroused redhead in his arms. Kurama had never been happier as he kissed any part of Hiei he could reach. "Oh Hiei, I love you. Please Dragon, I need you so much."

Hearing Kurama beg excited Hiei beyond words. Pushing Kurama back onto the bed, Hiei's hands and mouth began exploring. He was pleasantly rewarded with whimpers and moans of pleasure that grew louder with each new area of flesh he touched and tasted. Smirking as Kurama's hips attempted to get his neglected erection some attention, Hiei intentionally ignored it until Kurama's whimpers grew more needy. "Dragon please! I've waited so long for you to touch me. I'm so horny Hiei, I can't take much more."

Giving in to his mate's plea, Hiei wasted no more time tormenting his lover as he took Kurama's hard cock deep in his mouth. Kurama's moans became nothing more than incoherent rambling as Hiei's hot mouth ravished him greedily. The only discernible word was when Kurama thrashed his head and cried out "HIEI!" as he released his passion.

Moving up beside him, Hiei stroked his hair and skin as Kurama's heart beat and breathing began to return to normal. "Gods Hiei, you are so good at that. Give me a minute and I'll return the favor."

At Hiei's brief hesitation, Kurama raised his head and looked at him curiously. Knowing Kurama was waiting for him, Hiei sighed. "I was just wondering if I could make love to you in your Youko form this time?"

Hearing the slight uncertainty in Hiei's voice, Kurama smiled and quickly changed forms. Long fingers reached up to caress Hiei's cheek as the Youko grinned. "Of course you can Hiei. In effect, you have two lovers, and I will never deny you whichever one of me you want. Just as I hope you will understand if sometimes I want you in one form or the other."

With a growl, Hiei swooped down to kiss the Youko. When the Youko kissed him back hesitantly, Hiei drew back and frowned. Licking his lips, Kurama smiled. "I've tasted myself on a lover's lips before but never as Shuuichi. It's different but not unpleasant. Now, didn't you say you wanted to make love to me?"

Smirking, Hiei began kissed and touched every inch of his lover before settling between his long legs to worship the treat he found there. Throaty moans and growls filled the room as Hiei pleasured his lover. This time however he only brought Kurama to the brink of passion before releasing him to move over him. Bending his knees, Kurama encouraged Hiei to continue. "Please Hiei, take me!"

With one firm thrust, Hiei was sheathed in his lover's body. "Gods Hiei, YES! That big cock of yours feels so good. Please Dragon, MOVE! I want to feel you stroking inside me."

In a frenzy of passion, Hiei began thrusting. Kurama's yips and moans increased with every brush against his secret pleasure spot. Feeling Kurama nearing his release, Hiei slowed down. With a whimper that was half pleasure, half frustration, Kurama adjusted to the new rhythm. Neither knew how much time passed as Hiei pleasured his mate. Only when Kurama was trembling with need did Hiei increase the speed and strength of his thrusts.

Wanting to give Kurama as much pleasure as possible, Hiei gathered the moisture from the tip of his lover's erection and began stroking his length firmly. Crying out at the new assault on his senses, Kurama held on tightly as he reached his peak. With a silent scream, Kurama climaxed bringing Hiei over the edge with him.

Panting, Hiei rolled off to cuddle against the Youko's side. When their breaths evened, they shared a tender kiss before Hiei rested his head on the Youko's shoulder. "Just so we're clear Kurama, you do accept me as your mate now, right?"

With a chuckle, the Youko grinned. "Yes Hiei, I do. I won't fight our mating anymore. In fact, now that we're past all of that you'll find that I'm very protective and get jealous easily. I hope you can handle that."

Hiei smirked. "I can manage if you can. As you already saw, I won't even allow your mother to touch you now that you're mine."

Kurama growled cutely. "Actually, that was kind of a turn on. I love belonging to you Hiei, you don't ever have to worry that I'll even look at another."

When Hiei remained silent, Kurama raised an eyebrow questioningly. "You are my mate Kurama, not my property. I was just thinking that it might be a good idea for you to mark me too. Then our relationship would be on a more even level."

Kurama thought a moment before answering. "I'll think about it Hiei. It's not that I don't want to mark you, it's just that I like things the way they are. I know that sounds strange coming from the mighty Yoko Kurama but it's true. Besides, for me to properly mark you, you'd have to submit to me and I seem to recall you saying that you would never submit to a lover."

Hiei nipped playfully at Kurama's shoulder. "You're not just my lover Kurama, you're my mate. When you're ready to mark me, I will willingly submit to you."

Kurama's eyes widened at the unexpected offer. Making a decision, Kurama changed forms before giving Hiei a beautiful smile. "I love you Hiei. If it's alright with you I'd like to leave things the way they are for now. Why don't we save that for when we return to Makai permanently? It will give us something special to look forward to as a way to celebrate the beginning of our demon life together."

Nodding, Hiei crawled over Kurama and made himself comfortable on the redhead's chest. "Anything you want my Fox. Now let's get some sleep. I'm going to need some rest so I can make love to you again later."

Shivering in anticipation, Kurama wrapped his arms around his mate. "I'm looking forward to it Koi. Not that I'm complaining Hiei, but is there a reason behind you sleeping directly on top of me?"

With a smug grin, Hiei nodded. "With the annoying habit my mate has of disappearing from our bed in the middle of the night, I'll be sleeping right here until I break you of that habit."

Kurama laughed. "You won't here me complaining. I love you Hiei."

In a soft, hesitant voice, Hiei replied. "I love you too Kurama."

Closing his eyes as he tried to gain control of his emotions, Kurama realized he was truly happy for the first time in his life. Unbeknownst to him, above him Hiei had the same thought.