The Midnight Hero

Chapter 1: The Beginning Of A Hero

Hello my name is Jane Black, my parents used to call me Janey. My life was fine until my parents and I moved from London to New York city. Before I continue my life story I have one thing to say. This is not a Mary Sue. Anyway I was born in London and I went to New York when I was 12 years old. My parents got an apartment and my dad found a job. I worked and cleaned with my mother at home. My parents were both british and of course I am too. Everything was going okay until that night...I remember it clearly. I was in my bed thinking what is happening in London right then but I was interrupted when I heard a gunshot outside my window.I leaped out of bed and ran over to my window. I peered down and saw my father on the ground clutching his stomach. I then saw a person in black holding out a gun and was about to shoot again. I screamed out, "Mother!" I ran downstairs and saw my mother running out the door already yelling out my father's name, "James!" I stopped at the door and watched out my mother ran over to my father. The man in black was about to shoot again, my mother saw this and screamed, "No!!!!" And ran right in front of the bullet...BAM! My mouth was open in shock, there I saw my mother lying on the street, a bullet stuck in her chest blood everywhere. The man in black then turned the gun back to my half sobbing and screaming father. BAM! Once the man shot my father again he fled, probably didn't want to get caught by the cops. I sprinted over to the middle of the street to see if my mother and father were still alive. I bent over my mother first and shook her. I said weakly, "Mum...wake up...wake up!" But she remained still. I rushed over to my father and shook her. "Dad wake up!" No answer. I checked both of their pulse...they weren't breathing...I then felt a burst of anger go threw my body. I screamed, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" All I wanted to do then was to find the mystery killer and kill him, but I was being silly, I was only 12 years old, with no protection. I decided to also flee the scene before the police came. I rushed back in my house and ran into my room. I grabbed a bag threw my things in it quickly, I stopped when I came to a picture of my parents. Tears running down my face I threw it in the bag as well. I didn't want to be found and put in an foster home. I then went into my father's and mother's room and opened a black case near their bed. It revealed a old knife with the letters JB engraved on the handle. My father said when I was old enough I could have it. Well I needed it now, if I'm gonna go off in the streets. I then went over to my mother's dresser and grabbed all the money that my father made. I hurried out of the house looked at my dead parents, "Good bye..." I then looked back at my house. And without another glance at my parents or my house I ran off into the dark streets. And that my friends is where my story begins. That was the moment I became the midnight hero. Ever since then I swore to protect anybody that is in trouble in the night. But the only problem was I didn't know how to fight. So for days I spend on streets killing rats with my knife and eating them. I thought this was the end of my life, that soon someone would find my rotting body in an alley...until he came...A boy who looked like he was nineteen took me in his apartment. His name was Manning. Manning asked me as he first took him in, "Do you need anything?" I requested right away, "I want to learn how to fight." Manning smiled and replied, "Request granted." For weeks Manning trained me like how to throw a good punch, kick, become stronger, how to use a knife like mine and he gave me my very own gun and taught me how to use it. A year later, Manning said, "You have become a great fighter, I am proud of you." I smiled back in reply. Manning continued, "It's time you go back into the streets." I nodded, understanding that it was my only wish to learn how to fight, not a place to stay. The very next day I left Manning and his apartment and back into the mean streets of Brooklyn. First I found a place to stay, spending some of my parents money. I then found a job at a bakery store where I had a nice boss named Mrs. Parker. Mrs. Parker always said, "A child like you shouldn't be alone of the streets, let me take you in." But I refused every time, this was my life and I had to tough it out. I finished work around 8, so I always headed to my apartment. But I remember one night out of the rest of them. It was my first time using my great fighting skills and knife. I was walking home when I heard female screams in an alley. I crept closer to find a man having his way with a woman. I felt angry and yelled, "Hey get away from her!" The man stopped from his actions and turned to me. He laughed evilly and came toward me. I caught a glance at the woman and saw her clouthes ripped. I repeated, "Leave her alone, she didn't do anything to you." The stranger said, "Oh yeah, and what a kid like you is going to stop me?" I raised my fists and replied, "Yeah, in fact I am." That just made the man laugh harder. I was losing my nerve with this guy so I punch him right in the eye. He stumbled back a little. The man yelled, "That's it, I'm gonna kill you and get back to having my way with her." He pointed over to the scared woman. The stranger attacked me, throwing me against a wall. I kicked him in his area. He screamed in pain and pulled out a knife from his pocket. He ran forward at me with it. But I was too quick and I grabbed my gun from my pocket and shot. BAM! I lowered my gun to see the man fall dead. I felt very dizzy then and thought of running for it but I remembered the woman. I put the gun back in my pocket and came toward her. I held out my hand to her and said, "Everything is going to be alright." She didn't move at first, not trusting me but after a few minutes she took my hand and I helped her up. I flung my jacket over her shoulders. I led her to the bakery, and knocked on the door. I heard Mrs. Parker's voice say, "We're closed come back tomorrow." I called to her, "Mrs. Parker it's me Jane!"

An hour later Mrs. Parker took care of the woman. I was about to leave when the woman spoke, "You...are...are...a hero...thank you..." I smiled weakly and said, "I know how it feels to be attacked on the streets at night." With that I was gone into the night. I then knew as I entered my apartment that I would do this for a living, protect the weak and make my parents proud. I thought of the name Midnight Hero. But I must not let anyone know who I am. I searched through my bag and found an long black cloak with a hood. I put it over myself and pulled the hood over my head, I then looked in the mirror. There was two pockets. That was where I could put my gun and my knife. I the picture of my parents and said to them, "I'll make you guys proud, I promise."

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