A.N. A yes, the dreaded introduction. Um, hi. I'm the author. This is my first adventure in the Doctor Who universe. I've only see the first season of the new show, so please forgive me for messing up the characters. I treat reviews like precious treasure, but will send all flames to the Daleks (and don't think I'm not serious). Anyway, I own none but the characters I make up (who you'll meet later). The idea's mine (I think). And without further interuption...on with the story.

Something's wrong.

It was the first thought that crossed Rose's mind as she felt the smoothish surface of the control panel slip through her white fingers. A small scream erupted from her as she felt herself fly backwards just over the stairs, and roll painfully down the ramp into the door.

"Doctor," she exclaimed in a low moan. Closing her eyes, she forced down the wave of nasuea threatening to rise.

"A little busy here, Rose," the Doctor replied sharply. A sudden shower of sparks made him leap back with a yelp.

"You alright?" Rose called, sitting up. Another wave of nasuea hit, made worse by the TARDIS shaking. In all the weeks she had been traveling with the Doctor, she had never seen the ship behave this way. As though knowing what she was thinking and feeling, with a sudden jolt the TARDIS turned a complete ninety degrees.

"AH!" shrieked Rose, as she began to slide. Grasping wildly, her hand met a piece of the metal railing.

"Mmph!" she grunted at the sudden stop. A sharp pain erupted from her shoulder, but she ignored it. Grasping on for dear life, she swung her legs around the now vertical beam. Glancing down she saw the Doctor directly below her sprawled over the control panel.

"Doctor?" she called out worriedly.

"I'm alright!" came the reply. Pushing himself up, the Doctor tilted his head back to look at her, "Though you look a bit worse for wear. Planning on hanging there all day?"

"Not if you can help it," Rose called back down, scowling, " Now get me down."

"Right," replied the Doctor, looking back at the control panel, "Just a flick of the switch."

And suddenly, the TARDIS was right side up.

"Oof!" the air rushed out of Rose's lungs as she landed against the floor. Great, she thought grimacing, First my shoulder, now my bum. I'll be all injured before the adventure even begins. Pulling herself to her feet she shuffled slowly back up the ramp to join the doctor. Swinging her arm around a couple times, she judged it was nothing more then a muscle pull.

"So where are we?" she asked, coming up beside the doctor.

"No idea," he said, grinning with uncontained enthusiasm, "Isn't it fantastic!"

Rose was about to reply when a sudden burst of static erupted on the com.

"Roger...-ger. Can y-...ead..."

"Out of the way, Rose," the doctor ordered, jumping to the panel. Rose felt the grin on her face at the Doctor's enthusiasm. Like a kid on Christmas morning.

"Yes, we read you," the Doctor called out, "Just barely. Who are you?"

"...con-tion bad...set-...rd..."

"What did it say?" said Rose, giving the Doctor a questioning look.

Shaking his head, he began to reply, "No..."

Again, the TARDIS jolted. On instinct, both travelers grasped the control panel. A second later the jaring stopped.

"What was that?" exclaimed Rose, slowly letting go. She was in no mood for another suprise. Even if every moment she spent with the Doctor ended up becoming one.

"Like I said, no idea," replied the Doctor. Rose could tell he wasn't joking.

"None at all?" she asked, suprised against her wishes.

"Nope," the grin was back.

Immediately, two resounding thuds echoed throughout the Tardis. Thuds that sounded eerily as someone knocking. Both the Doctor's and Rose's heads snapped at the same time towards the direction of the door.

"Stay here, Rose," said the Doctor. Rose glanced at him and saw the enthusiasm had been quelled by seriousness. Reaching into his pocket, the Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver.

"What good is that gonna do?" exclaimed Rose, "You don't even know what's out there."

The Doctor shot her a warning look that sent all arguement back into her throat.

"Better safe then sorry," he said. Turning back, he quickly crossed to the door. Opening it a crack, he peeked out.

"Doctor," said Rose, after a moment. She slowly approached him, tensing for anything.

Suddenly, the Doctor swung the door all the way open. Jumping back, Rose peered over his shoulder. By the looks of it, a black tunnel had latched itself to the entrance of the TARDIS. In the middle of the Tunnel was a cylinder of silver light. Squinting, Rose realized the light was a body. The body of a female. As her face became more and more clearer, Rose saw it was in the body of a teenage girl in a silver jumpsuit with bright red hair. After fully materializing before there eyes, the girl rose her palm to the pair as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Hi," she said.