"Doctor!" cried Rose, jumping out of the TARDIS. Dropping beside him she grasped his wrist, relieved to feel the double beat of his hearts. Behind her, she heard an impatient huff.

"What did you do to him!" exclaimed Rose, whirling around. Only a second after did she realize that Cassandra's weapon might be able to shoot and being outside of the TARDIS was not the safest place to be.

However, Cassandra appeared to neither care or even consider her advantage. In fact, she wasn't even gloating in the same fashion as the Daleks or Slitheen. Instead, she crossed her arms and fixed Rose with a bored expression.

"I stunned him," she replied buntly, "And I'd thank you very much not to make a big deal about it."

That said, she uncrossed her arms and began to approach her sister. Unsure what to do but smart enough not to attack or leave the Doctor, Rose simply moved with Cassandra, keeping herself between the girl and the Doctor. The movement seemed to amuse Cassandra as she smirked before squatting down beside the likewise crumpled Miranda.

"Miri," she cooed in a sing-song voice, "Oh, Miri, it's time to wake up!"

A small groan erupted from the limp silver form. Rose thought she heard a word or two somewhere in the sound, but couldn't be sure. Without meaning to, she lent in to listen closer.

"What was that, Miranda?" asked Cassandra sweetly, bending over her sister's form.

"I...hate...you," Each word was punctuated despite the material of Miranda's sleeve covering her mouth. As she spoke, emerald eyes eyes peaked above the silver material. Cool daggers aimed directly at Cassandra.

Cassandra merely smirked as she straightened and replied, "That's nice. Really, your welcome for saving your life."

Miranda let out a grunt that might have been a snort if she had the energy. Flipping herself over, she layed flat on her back. Her eyes closed.

"Saving my..." she began when her eyes jolted open. Pushing herself up on her elbows, she glared directly at Cassandra.

"What did you do?!" she exclaimed.

Cassandra returned the glare with one of her own. Letting out an annoyed breathe through her nose, she crossed her arms again.

"I stopped him from killing you," she replied angrily.

"Killing her!" exclaimed Rose, finally getting a say in the conversation, "He wasn't..."

"Fine," interrupted Cassandra briskly, "Hostily interrogating her. It doesn't matter. He attacked her, I stopped him."

Rose wasn't aware how furiously appalled her expression was at Cassandra's statement, nor did she care. All she knew was that she had opened her mouth to defend the Doctor when Cassandra added, "Please, don't tell me you wouldn't kick a guy in the nuts for getting a little..."

"Fresh," said Miranda, looking at Cassandra as though the word was her fault.

"...on you," finished Cassandra.

"This is hardly the same thing," replied Rose, casting a worried glance at the Doctor's still limp form, "Now tell me what you did to him?"

Cassandra let out another impatent sigh. Before she could reply, however, a low groan came from the Doctor.

"Doctor," Rose again dropped to his side, "Doctor, are you alright? Can you hear me?"

The Doctor eyes opened blearly. Rose felt relief blossom in her chest as he looked around. Finally, his eyes fell on her.

"Rose!" he exclaimed. Rose let out a breath she hadn't realize she'd been holding. Taking the Doctor's hand, she gave him a bright smile.

"Look at you," she said, "Gave me a good scare, you did."

The Doctor chuckled. Closing his eyes he replied sleeply, "I'm sorry."

"No your not," said Rose, squeezing his hand, "Doctor?"

The Doctor did not respond, however, except to give a small snore.

"Hmm," said Cassandra, watching the exchange, "Apparently I needed a little more charge."

Rose turned her head, glaring furiously. She had completely forgotten the pair. Miranda, likewise, looked angry at her sister. Getting shakily to her feet, the girl approached Cassandra, grasping the hand with the disk. With a quick pull, she took it into her own hand.

"You done enough damage," she said. A look of hurt suprise crossed Cassandra's face.

Turning to Rose, Miranda walked over to her and the Doctor.

"No!" exclaimed Rose, pressing against the Doctor, "You stay away! Don't come near us."

Miranda stopped mid-stride. Opening her mouth in suprise, she put her foot down.

"Can you get the Doctor into your ship?" she asked.

"I'll manage," replied Rose.

Miranda frowned. Raising her left hand, she snapped her fingers. Instantly, a bright light appeared around Rose and the Doctor.

"No! Stop!" Rose exclaimed jumping to her feet.

It was too late, however, as everything vanished in the light. The floor seemed to vanish beneath her feet as a cold wind blew in her face. It seemed to bend, catching up underneath her. A roar filled her ears and then it stopped. The light vanished, to be replace by the familiar golden lighting of the TARDIS. Turning around, Rose saw the Doctor, still asleep or unconcious, laying on the table of the infirmary. Already, the TARDIS was beginning to work.

"Bloody hell," said Rose to no one.

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