She was pure.

Well, she had been.

Her body had all but resonated of flawlessness and purity. Her ebony locks, down to her piercing sapphire eyes had screamed for it. Screamed to be taken. To be shown what she was missing. What her body had yet to experience. The world of pleasure.

So, he had.

Her moans had been nothing short of magnificent. Or her demands in the form of mews. Hell, even the way her nails had clawed at his back when he had entered her. Again and again. The entire night had consisted of nothing else. Her breathing kept changing with every thrust, all the while releasing moans with the timing of his body. Then there had been kisses on every inch of her body.

Breast, stomach, thighs.

Closing his eyes, he thought back to how her petite body had wiggled under his—demanding to escape. But he had held her there, growling at her in warning. It was far too late to leave. Especially when his fingers hadn't even gotten a chance to explore. And with that thought, he had shown her what she was missing.

Just like that, Sesshoumaru had fucked the daylights out of his secretary.

Who knew that it would be such a monumental decision in his life? Or that it would forever tie him to the beautiful woman that was beneath him? Never once did the taiyoukai paused to consider the implications, or the actions of such a decision. After all, they had both consumed far too much alcohol, but he was all but sure of one thing.

He craved her.

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