Chapter 1: Introductions

Title: All that is mine
Rating: Teen
I Do not own Inu Yasha
Summery: Sesshoumaru needs a new secretary but doesn't want one…until his father introduces him to her…a very feisty human by the name of Kagome. What better way to start off their relationship then to find Kagome insulting his half brother, Inu Yasha?

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I waited for Father in my office. He had told me that he had something important to tell me. So here I was, waiting for father to walk in and explain what was going on. Almost instantly Inu Tashio walked in. He gave me a bright smile, which I easily ignored while raising a brow. When was he going to speak?

"Sesshoumaru you will be getting a new secretary" He announced proudly to me. I glarred in annoyance, why was it his place to get me a new secretary?

"Father I need not a wench that bothers me day and night. If you do not remember correctly, the last secretary you got me was all over Inu yasha" I reminded him for good measure. Honestly, he could not have forgotten about that already. I had hated her. She had no idea what a days work meant. She did nothing but sit around and flirt. She couldn't even make coffee. The only thing she was good for was for distracting my co workers. Not only that but she had managed to be a good screw for Inu yasha.

"Ahhh Kikyo. While I agree with you, I thought you had already knew that I had not chosen her when she arrived here. One of the other company managers did. We mearly gave her a job" He explained to me. It mattered not and I could care less why she had been hired. The simple fact of it was that she should have never been. Period. End of story.

"I don't mean to insult your intelligence Father but I am going to assume you agree with me when I inform you that I do not need a secretary because all they do is disrupt my work or try to screw me. Most of the time it's both" I told him with annoyance in my facial features. Father laughed. Why, I had no idea. I did not think it was funny. Glancing out the window, I remembered hwo the Kikyo bitch had done nothing but distract me from my work load by her feeble attempts to bed me. Not only was she a bitch she was also delusional.

"To be honest with you Sesshoumaru, I don't think that will be a problem" a voice interrupted us suddenly. Glancing up, I already knew who the voice belonged to. Sango. Perhaps the one person who hated the Kikyo bitch as much as I did. Perhaps more, if that was possible. I found her grinning at me. I had to admit, suddenly, I was interesting why she was grinning so happily.

"How may we help you Sango?" Father asked curiously.

"Explain" I said, ignoring father's comment. Father smiled at my sudden curiousity.

"I'm sorry for interuptting but I seemed to have overheard your conversation about the new secretary and felt I should inform you of what I just witnessed. I do believe this secretary might in fact be benificial to you Sesshoumaru." She replied still grinning happily. Why, was the question.

"Why do you say that?" Inu Tashio asked, now as curious as I was.

"Perhaps because at this very moment, if i'm correct, she is busy insulting Inu yasha. Also, might I add she is doing a superb job of it!" Sango replied giggling. I was sure father could see the amusment and curiousity in my eyes. My secretary was insulting the half breed? Perhaps this was not such a bad idea after all.

"Come Sesshoumaru, we will see about your new secretary" Inu Tashio announced. For once, I agreed with him and had no argument to his proposal. Following him, I listened intently for a chance to hear the conversation that was taking place with my secretary and the half breed.

"Explain to me how your even a fucking secretary. There is simply no way you could possibly be one. I mean, first thing you do is spill your coffee on me and you won't even apologize? Wench, who gave you this job!" Inu Yasha screamed at the secretary I was to assume. Why did he have to have such foul language, or be so damn loud? Insolent little pup.

"Inu Yasha? That is your name right? Well then Inu yasha, when you get to the mens will see a sign that says "Gentlemen" pay no heed to it. Go right on in. It obviously does not apply to you" a silky, smooth voice said. I heard a good amount of chuckles. I immediately realized that I found her voice very relaxing. Perhaps I would give this girl a chance. I could not help but smirk at her comment to my brother.

"Well this should be interesting" Father pipped in, it seemed he too was listening. As we entered the break lounge, most of the workers were standing there either snickering or chuckling at the new human female that was insulting the half breed. Normally, I would not allow such waste of time but perhaps this once I could make an exception.

"You are such a massive fucking bitch!" Inu Yasha growled out. Was he honestly that offended? I had called him much worse, why was he so offended by this girl who spoke the truth? Perhaps it was because he expected her to sympothize or be nice to him? Most humans were. Apparently, she was an exception. One that I would more then allow.

"Wow, Inu Yasha. So very classy" The girl said dryly while shaking her head.

"You know, if your attracted to me this isn't the way to make me notice you wench" Inu Yasha said angrily. What he that stupid? This human girl seemed to be anything but attracted to him. What came out of her mouth next, guaranteed her job as my secretary.

"Oh I definitely want you Inu Yasha. I want you to leave me alone" She hissed out with annoyance in her voice. She went back to pouring some coffe calmly. She had not even flinched at Inu Yasha's tone. She was good. While most would have been red from anger because of Inu Yasha's insults, she was calm and collective. She knew how to control her emotions. That was rare to see in humans.

"Inu Yasha, you know what? I did my reasearch on this company before applying for a job. I've read about your family. What stumps me is how you can be such an idiot while the rest of your family are equisit and intellectual. Could you explain to me how that happened?" She asked with curiousity in her tone. Glancing at Father I saw him grinning. I was shocked that he had not stopped the argument yet. Usually he helped Inu yasha with his battles. However, it seemed he was too shocked with this girl to lend Inu Yasha a hand. I was not complaining. Truth be told, this was mildly entertaining.

"Excuse me...Did I hear you right wench!" Inu Yasha growled back. His eyes went in shock with how easily and calmly the girl had insulted him. However she still did not seem intimidated and was not backing down the slightest.

"It's okay Inu Yasha. I understand. I don't hold your behavior against you. I realized it was caused by childhood trauma. I mean, when your parents spanked you because you had fallen on the floor and broke the cement...tsk tsk tsk" She said as a grin appeared on her face. I could see misteif in her saphire blue eyes. She began to grab her folders and papers. She turned around and started to walk out. I knew Inu Yasha would not let her go that easily.

"Are you always a bitch" Inu Yasha asked and I sighed as I realized he could, quite possibly, be turned on by her defience. To Inu Yasha's defense, it was a flaw with our breed. When a women defied us, we had to put them in their place. I hoped this was not what the situation had come to.

"No it's just for you" The secretary replied, not realizing what he was implying. She sat down at a table while sipping some of her coffe. She did now even look at Inu Yasha as she turned her back to him. I began to wonder how long she could hold out.

"What's your name" Inu yasha asked curiously. Yes I wanted to know this too. This was about the only intelligent thing Inu Yasha had managed to say today.

"Kah...Goh...Meh" Kagome said very slowly, as if teaching a child. I almost had to smile at how she knew to push buttons.

"I'm related to Kikyo" She added and everyone in the room suddenly went quiet. She was related to my old secretary skank? Was that even possible? They seemed to be different as night and day. In my opinion, Kagome was much more elegent and beautiful then Kikyo.

"Why would I care!" Inu Yasha spat out. So he was still bitter about what happened with Kikyo.

"Inu yasha dear, you really should go slip into something more comfortable…perhaps a coma? Yes, a coma sounds like the perfect thing. Go on now puppy. I mean, halfpuppy" Kagome said as she turned to face Inu yasha this time with a smirk clearly seen on her mouth. Suddenly something dawned on me. How had she known that he was a half breed? Much less half dog demon? This girl was getting more and more interesting by the moment.

"You're nothing like Kikyo. She was more kind and considerate" Inu Yasha spat back. This could not be the only way he thought he could insult her. Apparently he was still in denial.

"Oh really? Well i'm glad you still care for her. Too bad she doesn't care and is too busy screwing Naraku at this very moment as we speak. Poor doggy lost his bone?" Kagome asked with a fake pout on her face. Her eyes showed a hint of slyness. This girl was amazing. Not your average human.

"Inu Yasha now if you do not mind, I must be getting up to the fifth floor to deliver coffee" Kagome said and with this she got another cup and filled it with coffee. Even through all of this she was still calm. It made me wonder how much it would take to annoy her. Almost immediately I found out.

"Look at me when your talking bitch" Inu yasha growled and without thinking about it he grabbed her shoulder and brutally turned her around to face him. Hot coffee went all over her shirt. I heard a few gasps but Kagome showed no emotion. She closed her eyes and then opened them. As soon as her eyes opened I felt massive anger radiate off her body.

"Stop being such an insolent pup and leave me alone" She growled. The nice, calm Kagome had suddenly vanished. It was now replaced with a very pissed of women who was glarring daggers at him. Suddenly 'this' Kagome fascinated me much more. Interesting.

"Touch me again Inu Yasha, you'll regret it. I assure you" Kagome said in such an ice cold tone that it sent chills down my spine. Apparently Inu Yasha was too stupid to heed the warning.

"Listen to me you stupid bitch" He yelled angrily. I narrowed my eyes in annoyance.

"Inu Yasha, I do belive the lady said that was more then enough. She had endured more then enough of your idiotic bashing. Perhaps you could give your mouth a rest now. We would all appreciate it greatly" I growled out of no where. Inu Yasha's eyes widened as he noticed that father and I had seen the entire thing.

"Inu yasha this is enough!" Father's voice trembled with anger. At least I was not the only one pissed off at his stupidity. I saw Inu Yasha gulp nervously.

"Father this bitch..." Inu yasha began.

"I do believe the bitch has a name. You would do well to remember it son." Father growled.

"She's a worthless piece of trash" Inu yasha spat out. He had obviously had his ego hurt due to her insults.

"Inu Yash. In my office...this moment." Father said in a serious tone. I had hardly seen him act this way with Inu Yasha.

"She started it" Inu yasha screamed pointing at Kagome. Oh good god. This was why I had always thought of him as a 2 year old. That was exactly how he acted.

"Oh he's right. I totally started it" Kagome pipped in. Father and I glanced at her. She was grinning, ear from ear. She looked more then proud of herself.

"My dear it does not matter who started it, Inu Yasha should have been the mature one and ended it" father said glaring at his youngest son. Kagome smirked in Inu Yasha's direction. Suddenly I realized this girl also had a childishness about her. It was as if she was giving him a look that clearly said 'Na Na Na! I won!'. I almost chuckled.

"Oh but seriously…I just know how to push his buttons" Kagome said and stuck her tongue at him. Had it been any body else I would have found it childish and stupid but when Kagome did it I had to use all of my power not to smile.

Suddenly she walked up to me. Raising a brow in curiousness, I waited for her to say something.

"Your coffe" she said as she handed it to me. So she more then knew who I was. I nodded as I accepted the coffe. Tasted it, I was pleasently surprised. It was delisious.

"I know, it's delisious" She said, as if reading my mind. Shaking my head at her behavior, I smirked.

"How very modest" I replied with smirk on my face.

"I try" She replied simply. This secretary was going to be more then interesting.

"I assume, I did have it coming...Inu yasha's insults" Kagome said to herself, but Father and I heard her. Apparently, so had Inu yasha.

"Damn right you stupid wench" Inu Yasha grumbled. Did he never learn? Or was he just simply oblivious that there was a world besides the one he lived in.

"Inu yasha that is it, you are fired" Father said simply and even I was shocked.

"Over the stupid human wench?" Inu Yasha yelled even more shocked then me.

"If you can not be polite to Sesshoumaru's secretary how can I trust you to be polite to anyone. This is a people business. You know this Inu yasha. How am I supposed to let you be a important part of this business if you can not even be civil?" Inu Tashio asked with a raised brow.

"But…" Inu yasha argued.

"One last chance. Apologize and grow up" Inu tashio growled. I saw Inu Yasha glance at Kagome.

"Sorry" He said but made it obvious he did not mean it.

"It's okay. I understand. You're lack of intelligence can not help but insult me" Kagome said happily. I smirked. I had better get her away from him before another argument started.

"Come Kagome" I said hoping she didn't mind my lack of formalities. I didn't know her last name so for right now Kagome would do.

"After you, Sesshoumaru" She replied simply. I noticed that she did not add any formalities to it. To my shock, I did not mind.