Little by Little, a Casper fanfic.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This will be chapter one of (probably) four.


Winter had arrived in Maine. Snow dusted the many turreted roof of Whipstaff Manor, owned by the wealthy McFadden family, and a cold wind blew from the sea below the cliff on which the house was precariously perched. The cold associated with this most barren of seasons was not felt by the six inhabitants of the house--three living, three dead.

Inside, perched on a sofa in the parlour of the grand mansion, sat Kathleen (better known as Kat) and Casper McFadden. Kat, with pin-straight chestnut brown hair and soft brown eyes, sat next to Casper, a sandy blonde man with piercing blue eyes, watching a re-run of an old television programme, with Kat's head resting on her husband's shoulder. They had been married six months ago. For average newlywed couples, this event would be utterly unremarkable--if the groom hadn't been a ghost for nearly 100 years. Three years ago, Casper McFadden had been brought back to life after having died at the age of twelve from pneumonia, via his eccentric father J.T. McFadden's resurrection machine, The Lazarus. Once alive, winter had always been a sore subject for the young man. The memories of his death during this season undoubtedly disturbed him.

Kat's father, the famed parapsychologist Dr. James Harvey, a man with greying brown hair and eyes the of the same shade of brown his hair once was, was busy cooking a pot roast in the kitchen. The three of them now lived in Whipstaff Manor, which sat on the outskirts of the tiny town of Friendship. The mansion was commissioned by J.T. once he had made an incredible amount of money on the lobster exporting business, which, to be frank, surprised everyone.

The three non-living residents--that is to say, The Ghostly Trio--were out having fun "scaring fleshies" in town. While the Trio--Stretch, Stinkie, and Fatso-- were normally nowhere to be found during the day, often lurking around the house, there was an ice rink erected every year in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and the Trio took it upon themselves to scare the happy skaters as an early Christmas present.

"Hey, kids," called Dr. Harvey. "We're ready to go in here,". Casper and Kat slowly got up from the sofa, watching Dr. Harvey's retreating back. Kat turned to her husband. "D'you really think we should we tell him tonight?" she inquired, her voice a whisper. "If you're ready, babe," Casper replied, giving her hand a quick squeeze. Kat nodded her confirmation, and the pair went to join the parapsychologist in the kitchen for supper.

There was a strange silence as Dr. Harvey seated himself opposite his daughter and son-in-law. Normally, the three of them would be chatting about how each other's day had gone, or make general small talk about the weather and such. This evening, Dr. Harvey couldn't help but notice his only child seemed…nervous, and had not yet touched any of the food on her plate. Casper was staring out the window, trying hard to fixate on a spider crawling across a pane of leaded glass. "Uh, is there something going on?" inquired Dr. Harvey in a curious sort of tone. This made Kat, who had been taking a sip of water from a glass next to her dinner plate, to nearly drop the glass, while Casper started as if doused with cold water. They glanced at each other, and then at Dr. Harvey. "Well…" began Casper, looking down at his hands. "We…we're…" he attempted. "Pregnant." finished Kat, who was slightly surprised at the words she had just spoken. Kat suddenly felt the urge to vomit, and quickly excused herself from the table, rushing to the nearest toilet.

The two men left in the room sat in silence, until Dr. Harvey let out a low whistle. "So…does this mean I should take up knitting?" he asked sheepishly. Casper laughed.

When Kat returned, looking a little pale, she sat down at her seat, as though she had not broken any monumental, life-changing news. "Well," she started, looking at her father, "What do you think?". "I think you'll be a wonderful mother, maybe even a rival to your own," said Dr. Harvey in all seriousness, though with a smile on his lined face. "Here, here," called Casper, who raised his glass of merlot wine in cheer, and pecked his wife on the cheek. The three of them raised their glasses in a toast to new life. At that moment, The Ghostly Trio arrived, flying through the kitchen. "So," shouted Stretch. "What'd we miss?".