Three months had passed. October came to Maine, and soon enough, so did Halloween. Kids from Friendship usually came trick-or-treating at Whipstaff, as they thought it the scariest place in town. In previous years, Casper usually handed out the candy with assistance from Kat, while Dr. Harvey typically was overworked from cases and took the night off. The Trio, who never failed to capitalize on an opportunity to scare, always took the time to do what they did best.

This year, however, was a little different. Kat bundled little Adela up in a light pink fleece jacket, and placed a little ghost-shaped hat on her head, and the new parents took their daughter around town. Everyone commented at how cute she looked, but of course no one was aware of the irony of Casper's child dressing as a ghost for the holiday. Christmas that year was certainly memorable. Casper and Kat were gifted with seemingly limitless baby paraphernalia, but Adela did not take much interest in the festivities, as she slept most of the day.

Months passed, and soon Adela was a year old. Her birthday had been marked by much celebration, and not much had changed about the Harvey's lives in the interim. Everyone still had their same jobs, and went about their day-to-day lives since the baby came. Kat was about to fix that. Later that hot July evening, Casper and Kat lay in bed together, Adela safely asleep in the nursery next door. "You know," Kat began. "I was thinking…"she began. Casper, who had been reading a book on baseball, looked up expectantly at his wife. "That we should make some changes…well, additions," she backtracked. "What d'you mean?" he asked. "Well, I was thinking about a very small addition, maybe…five months from now." Casper stared openmouthed at Kat. "Does that mean…" Kat nodded. "Wow," was all Casper could muster. "Things'll be great," Kat said. "I know they will," replied Casper.

Five months later, in the early morning hours, Kat gave birth to a second child, a son whom Casper and Kat named Conrad James, after both Casper and Kat's fathers, as they coincidentally shared the same first name. Adela was now able to say a few words—her first was "Dada", followed by "Mama" and the ever popular "No". The little girl embraced the idea of having a sibling at first, but was soon disenchanted with the idea when she realized that the new baby got equal, if not more, attention from her parents. Dr. Harvey was perfectly happy to have another grandchild, and doted on the new baby as he had done with Adela.

One evening, Casper and Kat sat in the living room, Adela asleep on Kat's lap, and Conrad asleep in his father's arms. It was the most perfect evening of their lives, and they looked forward to many more.