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A/N: This is my own fan fiction and some of the characters maybe out of character but that's just how I'm going to write it, so if I get any reviews on how some of it doesn't make sense then… BITE ME!!



I sat in my room tuning my guitar for the hundredth time, making sure it was just right for today after school. Today was the last day of middle school and I was dreading it! I know what you're thinking…. what type of teenager hates the last day of school? And none the less the last day of 8th grade? Well I'm going to hate it because any second my siblings are going to need to take me to school and all my friends are going o find out I'm the younger sibling of the infamous Cullen family. Yeah I know great….. the black sheep of my family is finally noted…. Well anyways back to tuning!

"Fayt. School. Now." yelled Emmett as he knocked down my door. I looked at him like he was insane and went back to my guitar. "Ok then, hard way it is" he came over and picked me up and slung me over his shoulder as he raced downstairs.

"Emmett, put me down now or I swear to god I will kick your ass!!!!" I hollered as I try to get out of his vice grip. He just ignored me and brought me onto the kitchen and put me down on the counter the rest of them looking at me like I was insane. I sat on the counter and crossed my legs in a huff.

" Fayt why don't you ever look more acceptable for school. I mean you could look gorgeous if-." I cut Alice off as, she was about to reach for my hair. I was dressed in my normal attire for school: baggy jeans, tight tank top, my greaser shirt over that, my converse and lots of makeup. My hair was down and I had many bracelets running up and down my arms, and a few necklaces. You could say I defiantly stood out from my siblings.

"Alice, no way am I looking like you guys…. You guys are so preppy," I said gesturing to there clothes. "Its scary,"

As I said I ran upstairs to grab my bag for school. About five seconds I was back and sitting on the counter ready for school. My siblings piled out into Edward's Volvo and I jumped in back and put on my Ipod listening to 'lostprophets'. A few minutes later we arrived in front of my school and jumped out… hoping no one would notice me…. No such luck….


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