Something Called Home

Chapter 1 – Prologue

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Everyone knows that Gabriella Montez and her mother, Anna, have moved almost every summer. The most memorable place would have to be Albuquerque because they had lived there for four years, longer than any time period they have spent in a home. Before gaining their reputation as movers, they had a pretty stable life.

Anna was a single mother. They were abandoned by Gabriella's father when she was born. They were the only family they had. That made it easier for them to move from place to place. But Albuquerque was different because it had all their friends, the closest thing to family. From favors…


"Gabi, honey, we're just going to go to Auntie Lucy's so she can check your teeth."

Three-year-old Gabriella squeezed her mother's hand tighter. "But, mommy I'm scared. I don't want her to."

"Don't worry." She kissed her forehead before leading her into Lucille Bolton's office. "I'll be back, I love you."

Lucille held Gabriella's hand and helped her get on the seat. "Hi Gabi, how are you?"

Gabriella didn't say anything. She was looked as if she was going to cry as the seat was put into a lying position.

"Sweetie, don't be scared. I'm just going to brush your teeth for you. I know you have such great teeth for a three year old," She tickled her making her giggle. "But we just need to make sure."

Lucille grabbed her utensils and started to put it into her mouth. The buzzing noise frightened Gabriella and tears started to form in her eyes. Lucille frowned and quickly took it out. "Don't cry. Do you want someone to hold your hands? Or maybe a hug?"

Gabriella nodded and she hugged her. "I still don't wanna."

Lucille patted her finger on her mouth as she tried to think. "Ah!" She exclaimed. "I will be just a second! Don't move a muscle."

She came back with a little boy. "Look who's here Gabi. Troy!" The little boy waved at her with a smile. "Hi Gabsiella!" His mom laughed, "Troy, for the millionth time, it's GabRIella."

Gabriella giggled and she and Troy hugged. "What'cha cryin' about?" She pointed to the utensil.

Gabriella was now lying down in the chair as it was lowered. Troy was holding her hand and smiled. "Don't be a baby, it's easy." With that, they did the job.

End Flashback

… To family events.


"Thanks for inviting us to dinner Anna!" Lucille thanks as they hugged.

Jack, her husband, and Troy walked through the door. "Yeah, thanks. It smells great." Jack said as he hugged her with Troy. "Thank you Auntie."

"It's my pleasure! Why don't you guys just go to the table? Gabi's already there."

They all ate. Once it was done, the adults talked amongst themselves while Troy and Gabriella watched T.V. in her room.

-With Gabriella and Troy-

"Why is all your stuff put away?" Troy asked as he played with the tab of the box in front of him.

Gabriella shrugged. "Don't know. Mommy just said we are going to some place else."

"Like vacation? Sounds fun Gabsiella."

"No, not vacation. I don't know what."

-With the adults-

"And they said there's no other way. This is the only way I get to keep my job." Anna sighed.

Jack and Lucille frowned. "You know we are going to miss you so much." Jack added, "Don't forget us. We should keep contact."

They all smiled. "Of course. I can't imagine life without contact with you guys. I'm not worried about that…" She said as she looked through the door to find Gabriella and Troy playing. "I'm worried about her."

"Your right. Troy and Gabi are so close, yet they are so young." Lucille said as she smiled at the thought.

End Flashback

Though Gabriella and Troy had forgotten each other and their families, Anna and the Bolton's have never lost touch.

It had been twelve years since they have been in Albuquerque. Now, they were packing once more.

"Mom, I don't think we should ever unpack. It's too much work for us." Gabriella said as she carried her things into the car.

"I know Gabi, I know. But my job requires me to do this. My boss promised me that this will be our last move." Anna said before starting the car.

Gabriella looked out the window and said, "I hope so…"

It had been hours since they first started driving. Gabriella woke up and they were on an oddly familiar street. "Oh! Mom, I never asked you. Where are we moving to now?"

Anna smiled. "I thought you'd never ask, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait."

"Aww, mom…" She whined.

"Honey, don't worry. You'll love it here!" She stopped the car and pulled out the keys and touched her daughter's cheek and smiled.

Gabriella smiled back and gasped. "You mean… we're here? Now will you tell me? It should be fair enough, we're here already."

They got out of the car and grabbed their things and walked into a house.

"We're in Albuquerque, something I like to call home!"

Gabriella looked confused. "Home? This must be special enough for you to call it that."

"This is where you grew up for four years. Our closet thing to family is here, everything is here!" Anna explained with much excitement.

"Really?" She asked with shock.

Anna nodded, "Mhm. I'll fill you in later; right now let's get our things ready." She started walking and stopped to turn back. "Welcome home."

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