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The brunette sighed, trying to calm the rapid beating of his heart. "Really? Who is this someone?"

"Just someone…" A miniscule smile grazed his lips. "If you search the fields of violets you might find my heart buried in there."

"Ask it…it might tell you who this someone is."

Fuji almost shuddered at the memory. Here he is, standing before the rehabilitation center a week after he found out that this was Ryoma's sacred refuge for the past year.

"You have to get in there Syusuke." He bit his lower lip. He's been fighting against his inner demons for the past week. Should he go back and see the freshman once more and hope against hope to patch things up? Or should he just resign to his fate that he will never deserve to speak to the freshman ever again?

'I chose option one.' He quickly told himself as he gathered his wits and courage to face the golden-eyed boy once more. Their meeting last week had ended too early. That one hour silence that he spent sitting beside the boy seemed like a minute to him. 'And you never took the chance to tell him it's you.'

He took one deep breath and took a step closer to the entrance. "Good Syusuke, you can do this." Fuji couldn't believe how fast his heart had been beating against his chest. So hard…that it almost took the breath from his lungs.

He couldn't imagine how undone he became.

"Good morning. Are you here to visit someone?" The woman's voice rang inside his head. He didn't realize that he walked all the way to the front desk. "Excuse me."

Blue eyes snapped back into reality and nodded. "Y-yes." Deftly switching to his smiling mask, "I'm here to see Echizen Ryoma."

The woman smiled sweetly at him. "Do you have an ID?" Fuji handed her one. "One moment please."

Fuji scanned the receiving area. It was Sunday so normally there were a lot of visitors.

"Fuji-kun is it?" The brunette turned around to see Dr. Yoshizawa.

"Good morning Doctor."

"Good morning." Soft blue eyes looked at him questioningly. "You came alone?"

Fuji suddenly became conscious under the man's gaze but thankful that he has his eternal mask on him. "Yes Doctor." He took his visitor's pass.

He and the older man started walking into the center. "I take it that you're here to visit Echizen-kun, correct?"

Fuji forced himself a smile. 'Damn! Can nobody hide anything from this man?'

"I'm glad." The doctor beamed. "The only ones who took the time to visit him throughout the year were his parents and cousin though I'd count that older boy who look just like him who came by a few months ago." Now it was Fuji's turn to look up to him in confusion.

"Really?" Now Ryoma never mentioned anything about this to him.

"I never got the chance to ask his name but he only dropped by once. The two had a heated argument but it ended well." The door pushed the door open and Fuji realized that he was back in that mystical world he entered a week ago.

"Go ahead Fuji-kun." The old man smiled at him. "You'd have to look for him though. Even in his blinded state, Echizen Ryoma is still very much a creature of nature and solitude. You'll find him…"

Fuji noticed the excited glint in the doctor's eyes.

"…if you're patient enough." Fuji slightly gaped at his retreating back.

'Does he know about our past?' Fuji pushed the thought aside and started on the trail. The once-clear sky became clouded, threatening rain.

"I just hope I find you just in time before the rain comes." Fuji took a deep breath. He watched the individuals passing by him. 'But I'll find you. I sure I will.' '


Love is patient

Ryoma may be blind but he could still tell if rain was coming. The scent of the air seemed a little too earthy and became a bit cooler. 'Wow…wonders of nature.' He muttered.


Ryoma looked up to the direction of the sound and saw a shadow almost blocking his very limited sight. If he wasn't been blind for almost a year, he would feel scared right now.

"Shimizu-san." Ryoma leaned back against his chair. "Is there anything wrong?" His fingers reached out and gently caressed the dotted code of the brail book before him.

The librarian sighed and sat beside her blind charge. "You've been here all day. Are you not tired yet?" Her eyes gazed on the brail book in front of Ryoma.

The brunette gave her a wistful smile. "One should never get tired reading the bible, Shimizu-san."

The woman couldn't help but smile. "You've been cooped up in here for almost a week. Give yourself a break ok? Go outside."

Ryoma groaned when she snatched the brail book from his touch. "But it's about to rain."

The librarian stood up and smiled at the pouting boy. "Then go somewhere else. Stay and I won't let you in next time."

"Ch!" Ryoma grabbed his cane and stood up. "Mada mada dane, Shimizu-san."

The woman smiled as she watched the boy exited the library.

'What a fickle woman!' Ryoma groaned inwardly. 'I want to read the passage over and over again and yet she kicked me out.'

A sound of hurried footsteps made him pause.


Ryoma sighed and turned to the direction of the sound. A boy, not older than 9, came into a halt in front of him.

"Kairi, you have leukemia," Ryoma scowled as he listened to the panting of the boy. "You shouldn't run around so much."

"I'm ok Echizen-san." The small brunette chirped. "It's just that Dr. Yoshi said that someone is here to see you and he's been looking all over for you."

Ryoma turned his head to light behind him. He could almost smell the rain. "Fine. I'll go out." he tapped his cane lightly on the boy's head. "You better rest up or you'll have an episode again."

Walking away from the cheerful boy made Ryoma wonder. 'Now who could this be that Dr. Yoshizawa had to send someone to get me?'


"What?" Hurried steps once more. "Here, take an umbrella. It might rain."


Fuji slumped on the bench where he and Ryoma sat last time. 'It's been like two hours and I still couldn't find him.' He resisted the urge to bury his head into his hand. 'That's just great Syusuke. You came here without a plan.'

He sat up and gazed at the spot that Ryoma had occupied last time. Fuji opened his eyes as he could almost imagine Ryoma still sitting there…humming an indistinct tune. He felt a tug in his heart. 'He sat there like the world didn't matter to him…that being blind didn't matter to him.' he slightly jerked when he felt a cool drop on his arm.

"It's raining." That's all he could mutter before the drop turned into a drizzle.


Ryoma gripped the handle of the umbrella tight. He knew it would be dangerous for him to go out under such condition but knowing that someone other than his immediate family came to visit him made him restless.

'I need to know who this person is.' He came to the place where he usually sat. He paused when he made out a shadow of a person sitting on "his" bench…without an umbrella.

"Now who is that idiot?" Ryoma asked himself before walking cautiously towards the figure.


Fuji cursed inwardly and scolded himself for being witless. The rain seemed to be getting stronger and stronger.

"Damn it! I should've brought an umbrella or at least run to the nearest shelter." He wrapped his arms around his body to keep him warm. 'But I'll wait. Sooner or later he'll come here. This is his place.' His icy blue eyes blinked in resolve. To hell with the rain! He'll wait…Dr. Yoshizawa told him that he will be able to find Ryoma if he's patient.

'I'll wait.'

"Hey," That familiar soft voice made him jerk.

He noticed that the rained stopped pouring down on him. He turned around and gaped at the golden-eyed boy standing behind him, holding an umbrella up.

"I heard you earlier and I couldn't agree more." Ryoma paused when that familiar scent came to him once more. "Oh it's you again."

Fuji tried to wrestle his racing heart. He swallowed hard. "I-I've been looking for you."

"Waiting here is not actually looking." Ryoma replied. "But your patience is remarkable."


Atobe stared at his cell phone. He had called Fuji's house to ask where the tensai is and he was told that Fuji went back to the rehab facility.

Atobe gripped the mobile device. "Damn it Syusuke why are you plaguing him again?!" He could vividly recall every bit of reaction the golden-eyed boy had during that fateful day he and Fuji broke up.

He lowered the tinted glass down. "Change of plans. We're going to Kanagawa."

"But Boochama, your appointment with—"

"It can wait!" Atobe snapped at his chauffer. 'I can't let you hurt him again, Fuji. He's too damaged for you to play with once more.'


Love is kind

Fuji never felt so self-conscious in his whole life until now. Ryoma may be blind but he's not deaf. One slip from him and he's identity will be out in the open.

'I'm not ready for the consequences yet.' Fuji frowned a little while watching Ryoma moved about in his room. For a blind person, the boy can be very efficient.

"You shouldn't have stayed out there in the rain, you know." Ryoma muttered as he fumbled in his wardrobe. "Do you realize the diseases that you could acquire from such circumstances?"

Fuji couldn't help but smile at the sound of Ryoma's frustrated sigh. "Need help?" He stood up, clad only in Ryoma's bathrobe which fell passed his knees over his pants.

Ryoma gave up and stepped away from the closet. "You look for something that would fit you. I'll go call the pantry to send something up."

Fuji smirked when he got to Ryoma's closet, seeing that his clothes are neatly folded and arranged. Someone must've been taking good care of him. He noticed his Seigaku jersey stacked at the bottom. Nostalgia took over him once more.

'What a bright future you could've had if I—' He tried to bit back the tears the welled up his eyes. He took his regular's shirt and inhaled the distinct scent that was Ryoma's alone.

"Were you able to find anything that fits you?" The question made Fuji jolt and grabbed a plain black shirt.

"Yeah." Fuji sighed in relief.

"Ok. You can change in the bathroom. The cook's going to send up some warm soup." Ryoma felt for his bed before flopping down on it.

Fuji resisted the urge to smother the boy in his embrace. He looked so relaxed and care-free. "Uhm thanks." He was about to get inside the bathroom when Ryoma raised the dreadful question.

"Hey…I forgot to ask," The boy sat up and faced him. If he's not blind, he would've seen how the tensai paled. "What's your name?"

"Fu—" Fuji bit back his tongue just in time. "Fuyuki. My name is Iida Fuyuki."

Ryoma smiled. Fuji almost melted at the gesture. Imagine how long he had been waiting to see this smile once more.

"Fuyuki." The name was like smooth honey in his mouth. "You know, I really thought you were someone I new."

Fuji froze. 'I'm not ready…oh god I can't—'

"Oh well," Ryoma let out a sigh. "You better change into that before one of the kids burst in. This is a child friendly environment and I have a reputation to take care of." The smirk on his lips made Fuji long for more.

"Ok. Thanks for your kindness, Echizen Ryoma."

"Mada mada dane, Iida-kun."


It does not envy

Atobe resisted the urge to throw his cell phone out of the café's window. Due to the heavy rains, most of the roads leading up to Kanagawa were flooded and there's no way his limousine would survive the possible ordeals ahead.

Atobe sighed. So here he was letting out his pent up frustration on Ohtori. He was the unfortunate one who came upon Atobe's enraged summons.

"Atobe-senpai, don't you think you're just over-reacting?" The tall boy muttered worriedly. Atobe glared at him before settling into sipping his tea.

"Over-reacting? Ore-sama is merely protecting Echizen from another impending doom." He put down his cup before he could crush it. "See what Fuji got him into."

Ohtori drew out a long sigh. "But from what I've gathered from last week, Echizen-kun still loves Fuji-san and Fuji-san is willing to do anything to be forgiven and to be with him again." His soft, chocolate brown eyes challenged Atobe's grey ones.

Atobe shook his head. "You don't understand Ohtori-kun. I know everything about the whole break-up fiasco. It was Fuji who sent the pictures to Echizen's dad. It was him who chose Tezuka over him. It was him who broke—" He gritted his teeth and held his composure. 'He was the one who broke Echizen so bad that the poor brat couldn't even pick his shattered self up.'

Silence lapsed between them for like an eternity. Atobe, still trying to contain his emotions and Ohtori, selecting the right words to say.

"No offense Atobe-senpai," Ohtori took a sip from his cup of tea. "But I think you're just jealous of the fact that despite everything, Echizen-kun remained loyal to Fuji-san."


It does not boast, it is not proud

How he ended up in Ryoma's room, wearing Ryoma's shirt, talking to him like nothing happened and still continue his façade, Fuji can only wonder. He was sitting in front of him, an arm's length away and yet he will never be able to hold him close like he did before.

"So, how did you find out I'm here?" Ryoma brought the steaming mug of soup to his lips. At first, Fuji wondered why he wanted it prepared that way but now he knew why…just a little reminder that Echizen's still blind and he's still the bastard who drove him to his hell.

"Ano…" Fuji stammered. So much for the cool, invisible tensai of Seigaku. "Didn't you know that last year's Kantou junior high tennis players came to visit this facility last week? I was touring the facility as well."

Ryoma went still. Fuji watched him carefully, worried that anytime Echizen will be able to blow his cover.

"T-they came here?" It was the younger boy's turn to stammer. "D-did they see me?"

'I'm in a deep shit.' Fuji bit his lip. "Um kinda. But Dr. Yoshizawa prohibited them from getting close to you." He saw Ryoma's hands trembled. He placed his mug back on the table and groped for Fuji's clammy hands. The instant surge of warmth and sensation mad the tensai shudder.

"W-what did they say? Was Fuji Syusuke a part of your group?"

Fuji noticed the sudden change in the boy's aura. It pained him to see the boy so undone upon stating his name. However, he wouldn't deny the deep pride he felt, knowing that he's still the one who reigns over Ryoma's being.

"Um yes."

Ryoma let out a sigh. "So this means I should be expecting visits from now on then?" He gently let go of Fuji's hand, the latter reluctantly did so, and collapsed back on his bed.

"Why? Did Fuji Syusuke do something bad to you?" There, he said the words.

Ryoma shook his head, a sad smile grazing his lips. "I don't consider what he did as bad."

Fuji gazed into those sightless golden orbs, his chest tightening almost painfully. Pride and pain mixed into an intoxicating brew of emotions.

"He just followed what his heart told him to do." Ryoma clutched his fists tight, until his knuckles turned white.

Fuji struggled to suppress a sob. There was a painful knot in his throat that he dared not to let go. "D-do you still love him?"

Ryoma turned to him; those blank eyes seemed to dig into his soul. Those golden orbs seemed more intimidating now that they're sightless.

"Iida-kun…" They lapsed into an uncomfortable silence.


Ryoma gave him a small smile. "Your soup is getting cold."

For the second time since he saw Ryoma, he was humbled by the boy before him.


Tezuka couldn't believe what he just heard. He just got off the phone with Atobe. He couldn't help but feel proud for his ex-lover for finding the courage to fix the damage he created.

"That's just right, Syusuke." He gingerly touched the fogged up glass of his window. "Fly back to him."


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